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HEDGER, Lucinda b: ABT 1830 in , Harrison, KY, reportedly
HEDGES, John T b: ABT MAR 1867 in of Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, by 1893 d: 1 FEB 1944 in maybe, Yakima, WA
HEDGES, Ruth Rowe b: 21 DEC 1892 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana d: 13 DEC 1918 in , Yakima, Washington
HEFFNER, Daniel William b: 1926 in maybe, , WA d: 2007 in probably, Kitsap, WA
HEFFNER, Louise E Lula b: 1882 in Ohio, United States d: 1935 in Lima, Allen, Ohio, United States
HEFNER, Edith Ann b: ABT 1857 in of, McClean, Ill., USA d: 1947
HEGI, Mathilde b: ABT 1880 in by 1931 of, El Dorado, CA
HEHNKE, Georgia A b: 11 MAR 1918 in , , Nebraska d: 30 APR 2007 in Golden, Jefferson, CO
HEID, Oswald Ashley "Conrad" World War 2 Bomber Capt. b: 1919 in Davenport, Lincoln, Washington, United States d: 2003 in Washington, United States
HEIL, Henry b: ABT 1875 in maybe of, Union, Oregon
HEIM, Living
HEIM, Living
HEIMBUCH, Dorothy Loriane b: 3 MAR 1935 in Twin Falls, Twin Falls, Idaho, United States d: 29 APR 1990 in Jackson, Oregon, United States
HEIMBUCH, Edward Emanuel b: 31 JAN 1908 in Herreid, Campbell, South Dakota, United States d: 30 JAN 1987 in Lebanon, Linn, Oregon, United States
HEIMBUCH, Richard Wayne b: 6 DEC 1938 in Santa Barbara, California, United States d: 4 AUG 1965 in Kern, California, United States
HEIN, (surname =maybe) b: ABT 1795 in , , , Germany
HEIN, Anna (conjectured possible name?) b: ABT 1820 in by 1856 of, Rzeczenica Poland, West Prussia, Poland now d: AFT 1876 in in Stegers 1877, Rzeczenica Poland, West Prussia, GermanyNOWPoland
HEIN, Anna (unconfirmed) b: ABT 1820 in by 1856 of, Rzeczenica Polnd, West Prussia, Poland now d: AFT 1876 in in Stegers 1877, Rzeczenica Polnd, West Prussia, GermanyNOWPoland
HEINEMANN, (another daughter) b: ABT 1920 in , , WA d: BEF SEP 2013
HEINEMANN, (German ancestor) b: ABT 1800 in , , , Germany
HEINEMANN, (maybe son here?) b: ABT 1860 in of, , WA
HEINEMANN, (siblings) "brothers&sisters" b: ABT 1850 in maybe, , Germany d: in of Ritzville, Adams, WA
HEINEMANN, Alfred Alfrid b: ABT 1890 in by 1916 maybe of either, Lincoln, WA, Adams
HEINEMANN, Anna (niece? not half-sister) b: ABT 1895 in Ritzville, Adams, WA
HEINEMANN, Anna E "Annie" b: 8 JUL 1905 in probably near, Spokane, WA d: 2 OCT 1976 in Spokane, Spokane, WA
HEINEMANN, Bertha G. b: ABT 1900 in by 1906 of Reardan, Spokane, Washington d: BEF 2013
HEINEMANN, Carl W b: ABT 1875 in of, Adams, WA
HEINEMANN, Christiana Tina b: ABT JAN 1895 in either, , WA, IL
HEINEMANN, Emma E b: ABT 1908 in either, , WA.IL d: BEF 2013
HEINEMANN, Fred Frederick b: ABT 1917 in , , WA d: BEF SEP 2013
HEINEMANN, Frederick William "Bill" b: 27 AUG 1890 in of, Cook, IL, ?born Oregon? d: 3 DEC 1960 in Cheney, Spokane, WA
HEINEMANN, Frederick William Fred (RR conductor) b: 1864 in either, Cook, IL, or Germany d: 11 JUN 1933 in or Dec 1920, Adams, WA, of Waukon WA"natural death"
HEINEMANN, George Albert Herbert b: 17 JUL 1892 in or 7 Jul 1892, Cook, IL, Chicago area d: 21 SEP 1939 in Long Lake area, Spokane, WA, suicide
HEINEMANN, Heinrich Henry b: ABT 1830 in , , , Germany d: in son lived 1923 in, Adams, WA
HEINEMANN, Henry b: ABT JAN 1899 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois d: BEF 2013
HEINEMANN, Hildagard Louise Hilda b: 21 JUN 1897 in , Spokane, Washington, of Waukon WA d: 23 JUL 1954 in San Francisco, California, United States
HEINEMANN, Irene b: ABT 1914 in of, , WA d: BEF SEP 2013
HEINEMANN, Lawrence Russell (World War II tank corps) b: 10 MAR 1922 in of, Lincoln, WA, beforeParents md. d: 13 MAR 2001 in Vancouver, Clark, WA, V A Hospital
HEINEMANN, Minnie Wilhelmina b: ABT 1922 in maybe of, Spokane, WA d: BEF SEP 2013 in of Cheney, Spokane, WA
HEINEMANN, Ralph Dean [used 2nd name] b: JUL 1925 in of Waukon, Lincoln, WA, b. 14 or 15 july d: 15 JAN 2006 in Billings, Yellowstone, MT, WSU grad 1950
HEINEMANN, Robert George b: 4 OCT 1926 in of Waukon, Lincoln, WA, of Colville WA d: 17 OCT 1995 in Clarkston, Asotin, WA, FCampbellguard'n
HEINEMANN, Ruth Elaurja Heineman b: 12 MAY 1924 in of Waukon, Lincoln, WA d: 19 AUG 2004 in Lacey, Thurston, WA
HEINEMANN, Wilhelm William b: ABT 1840 in Ruterbach, Prussia, assereted LDS d: in maybe either, , WA, IL
HEINEMANN, William b: ABT MAY 1860 in , , , Germany d: AFT MAR 1923 in then of Ritzville, Adams, WA
HEIPLE, Henry J. b: 22 SEP 1861 in Levan Twp, Jackson, Illinois d: 1 JAN 1928 in Murphysboro, Jackson, Illinois
HEISLER, Ada b: 26 JAN 1884 in , , Oregon d: 7 MAY 1968 in , Wasco, Oregon
HEISLER, Alexander (son Wm & Martha MCCONNELL of PA) b: 12 DEC 1857 in , , Oregon d: AFT MAY 1900 in Dufur, Wasco, Oregon, alive there then
HEISLER, Bruce D b: JUN 1886 in 1900 us census, , Oregon, or 26 Aug 1886 d: 7 FEB 1931 in John Day, Grant, Oregon
HEISLER, Eva N b: 31 OCT 1883 in Prineville, Crook, Oregon d: 18 AUG 1962 in , Wasco, Oregon
HEISLER, John William b: 10 JAN 1889 in Dufur, , Oregon d: 6 SEP 1967 in Quincy, Plumas, CA
HELD, Agatha b: 9 JAN 1828 in Baden, , Germany d: 21 APR 1890 in White Oak Tsp., Warren Co., IA
HELFRICH, Robert R b: 1920 in Illinois, United States d: 1984 in Sierra, New Mexico, United States
HELGEMO, Wayne b: 1 APR 1900 in maybe of, , WA d: BEF NOV 2012
HELLER, Cornelia Elizabeth b: 8 MAR 1858 in Dixon, Scott, IA d: 5 AUG 1935 in St Anthony, Fremont, ID
HELLMAN, George E.
HELM, Living
HELTON, Charles Thomas b: 17 JUN 1873 in Missouri, United States d: 16 JAN 1956 in St. Joseph, Buchanan, Missouri, United States
HELTON, Clara Minnett "Minnie" b: 24 JAN 1898 in Oklahoma, United States d: 7 JUL 1970 in Amarillo, Potter, Texas, United States
HELTON, Georgeann b: ABT 1872 in , , Kentucky d: BEF 1911
HELTON, John W b: 24 AUG 1841 in Crawford, Missouri, United States d: 11 JAN 1915 in Saint David, Cochise, Arizona, United States
HELTON, Miles b: 1822 in Tennessee, United States d: 1846 in Pulaski, Missouri, United States
HELTON, Rosa May W "Rosie" b: JUN 1868 in Kansas, United States d: AFT 1919 in Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona, United States
HEMPHILL, Cassie Ann b: 14 DEC 1861 in Washington, Washington, Pennsylvania d: 25 NOV 1925 in Golden City, Barton, Missouri
HENDERSHOTT, Lucille L (died surnamed MERRITT) b: 16 MAY 1903 in Exline, Appanoose, Iowa, United States d: SEP 1985 in Appanoose, Iowa, United States
HENDERSON, Alexander b: ABT 1730 in probably of, , PA, by 1763
HENDERSON, Charles B b: ABT 1810 in probably of, , KY
HENDERSON, Dorcas b: ABT 1770 in possibly, , VA d: in possibly either, , TN, KY
HENDERSON, Elizabeth Ann b: ABT JAN 1829 in Kentucky, United States d: AFT MAY 1860 in Grant, Kentucky, United States
HENDERSON, Eveline Evelyn Evaline b: 17 DEC 1829 in Helena, Mason, KY d: 8 JAN 1906 in Washington, Washington, IA
HENDERSON, Lura b: 1864 in possibly, , , USA d: 1939
HENDERSON, Mary Jane b: 1821 in Of, Grant, Kentucky, United States d: 4 FEB 1901 in Walton, Boone Co. Kentucky
HENDERSON, Nathaniel b: ABT 1790 in probably of, , KY d: AFT 1834 in Maybe, Grant, Kentucky, United States
HENDERSON, Robert H b: ABT 1820 in of, Grant, KY d: AFT 1850 in Henry Childers Jr's Will, Grant, Kentucky, United States
HENDERSON, Ruth b: ABT 1920 in Of, United States d: BEF OCT 2004
HENDERSON, William L b: ABT 1770 in possibly of, Harrison, KY, bef 1800 d: BEF NOV 1824 in spouse remarried, Preble, OH
HENDRICK, Georgia May b: 12 DEC 1926 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon d: 30 MAR 2011 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon
HENDRICK, Mary (dtrOf Adolphus) b: ABT 1730 in of, Wing William, VA d: AFT 25 JAN 1758 in Will Bk 1: 273-5, Cumberland, VA
HENDRICK, William Lacy sCalvinHENDRICKS b: 13 MAY 1893 in , Meade, KY d: 6 JAN 1952 in Seattle, King, WA
HENDRICKS, Henry Garland b: 14 MAY 1817 in Monroe County, Tennessee, United States d: 26 MAR 1887 in Saylor, Polk County, Iowa
HENDRICKS, Olive Graham "Ollie" b: 7 NOV 1918 in Of, Essex, New Jersey, United States d: 20 MAR 2013 in San Mateo, California, United States
HENDRICKS, Oliver Grant b: 18 JUL 1886 in New York, New York, United States d: 19 MAR 1948 in Manhattan, New York, New York, United States
HENDRICKS, Samuel Elwood b: 22 MAR 1849 in Towamensing, Montgomery, PA d: 28 JUL 1939
HENDRICKSON, Alexander B b: 1820 in Indiana, United States d: ABT 1864
HENDRICKSON, Ezekiel b: ABT 15 JAN 1793 in possibly of, Granville, NC d: ABT 7 AUG 1874 in reportedly, Grandy, MO
HENDRICKSON, Hattie P.Ann Harriet b: APR 1886 in of Trenton, Grundy, MO, or 26 jul 1885 d: 8 DEC 1948 in , Washington, Oregon
HENDRICKSON, Martha Jane b: 31 MAR 1846 in probably, Monroe, Indiana
HENDRICKSON, Mary J b: 1854 in Illinois, United States
HENDRICKSON, Paris Jasper Hardy b: 16 JAN 1857 in Bloomington, Monroe, Indiana, an M. D. d: 17 MAY 1927 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA
HENDRICKSON, Samuel b: MAR 1857 in Jasper, Missouri, United States
HENDRICKSON, Thomas Jasper [used 2nd name] b: ABT FEB 1822 in reportedly, Knox, KY d: JAN 1908 in , Grundy, MO
HENDRIX, Bertrande b: 25 SEP 1890 in California, United States d: 12 JUN 1919 in Maricopa, Arizona, United States
HENDRIX, Cleo M. b: 1882 in California, United States d: 1897 in Maricopa, Arizona, United States
HENDRIX, Edgar Lorin b: 14 OCT 1885 in Cornelius, Washington, Oregon, United States d: 16 JAN 1960 in Los Angeles, California, United States
HENDRIX, Frank b: 1886 in California, United States d: 1895 in Maricopa, Arizona, United States
HENDRIX, Harrison Haines (Rev.) Ore Trail 1852 b: 20 JAN 1823 in Monroe, Tennessee, United States d: 11 AUG 1908 in Elma, Grays Harbor, Washington, United States
HENDRIX, Harry G. b: 7 JUN 1880 in Oakland, Alameda, California, United States d: 20 FEB 1950 in Maricopa, Arizona, United States
HENDRIX, Hazel b: 23 NOV 1887 in Cornelius, Washington, Oregon, United States d: ABT 23 NOV 1887 in Cornelius, Washington, Oregon, United States
HENDRIX, Homer Frank b: AUG 1866 in California d: 1905
HENDRIX, Irene A b: 31 MAR 1916 in Roundup, Musselshell, Montana, United States d: 19 NOV 2005 in Long Beach, Los Angeles, California, United States
HENDRIX, John Franklin b: 27 SEP 1851 in Iowa, United States d: 5 APR 1928 in Maricopa, Arizona, United States
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