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  • Name: Pierre Boucher , Écuyer de Grosbois
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: ABT 1622 in Notre-Dame, Mortagne-au-Perche, Orne, France
  • Note:
    Késsinnimek - Roots - Racines
    Pierre Boucher's Family
    Names of nobility
    by Jacques Dunant


    Pierre Boucher was granted a title of nobility, which was also bestowed to his descendants. Pierre Boucher generally used the title of SIRE/SIEUR DE GROSBOIS, on occasion he also was called SIRE/SIEUR DE BOUCHERVILLE, of which he was officially the Seigneur.
    His eldest son Pierre used the title SIEUR DE BOUCHERVILLE.
    Lambert, the second son took the title of SIEUR DE GRANDPRÉ.
    Ignace, the third son took the title of his father SIEUR DE GROSBOIS.
    Philippe, the fourth son who was a priest, kept his original surname BOUCHER.
    Jean, the fifth son in line, took the title of SIEUR DE MONBRUN; his numerous descendants in the United States modified the spelling to Mumbrun, Monbreun, etc., where as in Canada the spelling was Montbrun (Brown mountain).
    René, the sixth son became the SIEUR DE LA PERRIÈRE, the name of a small village in Perche, Normandy, France.
    Nicolas, the seventh son who became a priest, also kept the name BOUCHER as his brother Philippe did.
    Jacques, the eighth son took the title SIEUR DE MONTIZAMBERT, which is the name of a Provostship of Perche where the château of Montizambert was erected near Tigy, Normandy, France.
    Jean-Baptiste, the ninth and last son, took the title SIEUR De NIVERVILLE.

    Pierre Boucher (1622-1717) son of Gaspard & Nicole Lemaire who is the founder and first lord of Boucherville remains the great unknown one in the history of Canada. This distinction, thou not flattering, is shared with his family in spite of the incontestable contribution of all its members during the difficult period of establishing settlements in Canada. Three examples will briefly illustrate the qualities of his contribution:

    1. The defence of the fort at Trois-Rivières in 1653.
    2. The ambassadorship to king Louis XIV and his minister Colbert in 1661-1662. Pierre explained to the authorities the importance of the colony and the need to defend it against enemy forces.
    3. The establishment by a civilian of the first seignory in the Montérégie region in 1667-1668. We mention that he is a civilian, because he never followed his military career diligently and was never an officier of the marine troops. Thanks to his personal qualities, Pierre Boucher managed to build a remarkable place in our world. His personal qualities are made of faith, courage, constancy and uprightness. One can add steadiness, perseverance, honesty, fidelity, and rectitude. These qualities have slowly disappeared from our modern ways; we are more familiar with cynicism and condescending smiles when we hear them.
    Pierre Boucher is the son of a house carpenter from the Perche area of Normandy. In 1635 he arrived in Quebec with his family; Champlain was still alive. Pierre was thirteen years old. He quickly discovered the riches of this country, which were presented to him. He needed to find a way to exploit them. To the above-mentioned qualities, one must add inquisitiveness, concern, observation and an excellent memory. This new country captivated Pierre Boucher. He married an Amerindian girl, but it was short-lived. Both his wife and son died. But the lost of his loved ones did not deter him from his love of this promising country.

    Just before the arrival of the Gaspard Boucher family, Marin Boucher and his family disembark at Quebec. It is an occasion for some researchers to relate the two families to each other, but nothing allows us to this day to prove this theory.

    The Beginning

    Where do we start? The fur trade is the main local economic factor. Everyone participates, and its prosperity is due to the explorers. The waterways allow access to the country's interior, permitting new discoveries, and alliances with the Indians and to consolidate trade. Conflicts will soon follow.

    The lucrative commerce of furs stimulates the English and the Dutch who are close neighbours, and they quickly realized the importance of Indian alliances. On his arrival Champlain allies himself with the Huron tribes. The Iroquois were allied with the English and did all that was possible to create problems for the French colony by diverting to New England the French canoes carrying furs.

    Two years after his arrival, Gaspard Boucher recommends his son Pierre to the Reverend Fathers, who hire him as a domestic, which permits him to live with the Jesuit missionaries in Huron country. This will enable him to learn their language and customs. It would be helpful to the new governor Louis d'Ailleboust. A few writers cited 1634 as the year of Pierre Boucher's arrival. Pierre Boucher had in fact written that he had arrived in 1635 "I am one of the habitants of New France that has lived here the longest having been brought here in 1635 by my now deceased father." (1)

    He will spend four years with the missionaries. It is the beginning of a life, which is full of new and rare experiences, but so enriching. Pierre Boucher will benefit from this all of his life. On his return from the Huron country, the governor de Montmagny assigns him as a soldier in the Quebec City garrison, where he will rapidly become a corporal, then a sergeant, continuing his role as a translator of the Huron language. Pierre Boucher will quickly participate in many conflicts, and his sons will follow putting their lives at risk. They will not experience the end of New France, leaving this to the members of the third generation.

    Others have said it before me: The history of this family is the history of Canada. Lets hope that we shall never forget it. In 1695 Pierre Boucher wrote in his Mémoires (1) "my family is beautiful... I have nine sons, ... I also have six daughters." Most historians have noted this correctly, but that has not always been the case. Mgr Tanguay (genealogist) was the first to err in writing that the Boucher spouses had a son Joachim born in 1659 and killed in a combat against the Iroquois on July 12th 1692. (2) It is useless to expand on this blunder of Tanguay since the other fifteen children are mentioned. It is the first of many errors done by qualified historians or researchers. I will refer to four more examples of this further down. One must recognize that it is not always easy to follow his descendants. The appearance of new family names and transfer of surnames can add to the discouragement by one who is concerned in doing research on Pierre Boucher's fifteen children.

    The first surname of the family is BOUCHER; this name will slowly disappear to finally be replaced by names of nobility, which became the new surnames applied to various branches of the family as is mentioned below.


    1. Pierre Boucher, son of Gaspard Boucher & of Nicole Lemaire; sieur de (lord of) Grosbois and at times sieur de Boucherville, first lord and founder of Boucherville. (We are of the opinion that Pierre Boucher was rarely given the title of sieur de Boucherville. Pierre Boucher gave this title, to his first son Pierre). Others more qualified than we, wrote a lot about the first lord. Unfortunately, many committed errors in their research. The following are four examples showing this:

    A) The book: VIEUX MANOIRS VIELLES MAISONS, published by the Commission des monuments historiques de la PROVINCE de QUÉBEC Première série, published in 1927 one can read on page 134 La villa LA BROQUERIE, ancien manoir de Pierre Boucher, à Boucherville The given date is 1668, or a little time before this Manoir would have been built close to the Sabrevois river…. One could expect a more thorough research would have been done by this society. A descendant from Pierre Boucher, Montarville Boucher de la Bruère was one of the first to question this text; he found it surprising that Pierre Boucher would have had his first house erected outside of the fortified village. During that period of time the term Manoir (Manor) did not appear in any notaries deeds. Deeds referred to a seigniorial house only. Later on, around 1709, they refer to a seigniorial hostel. Also refer to the research done on the site of la villa LA BROQUERIE by the Public Archives of Canada in 1964 and 1965. The researchers were Jack Richardson and David Lee. Sabrevois river's name occurred only after November 1695, twenty-seven years later when the founder's daughter Jeanne married Jacques-Charles de Sabrevois and they became the owners of this site.
    B) In the Mémoires de la S. G. C.F. Volume 5, No. 2 an article by J.J. Lefebvre on Pierre Boucher's. (1617-1722)? Descendants. The title on this document is sufficient to incite one to pay close attention to the dates. I will leave this as such.
    C) In the Cahiers des Dix published in 1958 an article written by Pierre Georges Roy on Nicolas Daneau de Muy, is doubtful that the marriage contract existed. We have obtained a copy of it from the archives.
    D) Fort Saint Louis and its legend, published in the Annuaire de Ville-Marie in 1878, 3rd edition. Written by Louis Huguet-Latour. The legend rests on one act of the baptism, marriage and burial registers, of the St-Famille parish in Boucherville, dated December 21st 1670. Everything in this act refers to Chambly, beginning with its seigneur and godfather Jacques de Chambly, Jean Péladeau and his wife Jeanne leRoy who is godmother. Pierre de Caumont, missionary priest who states that he is officiating on this day in the parish of fort St-Louis. The history of Boucherville does not mention that a fort Saint-Louis exists there. The legend has survived because the Boucherville people did not question it and also because Mgr. A.A. Taché endorsed it and gave it his blessing eleven years later. Work done by historians on la villa La Broquerie site eventually convinces a few people, but there are still some sceptics who doubt it.
    SECOND GENERATION: (In other words their children)

    1-1 Pierre Boucher de Boucherville, sieur de Boucherville, 1653-1740, second lord of Boucherville, first lord of Montarville. Spouse of Charlotte Denis.
    1-2 Marie-Ursule Boucher, 1655-1733, spouse René Gaultier deVarennes.
    1-3 Lambert Boucher, sieur de Grandpré, 1656-1699, spouse of Marguerite Vauvril de Blason.
    1-4 Ignace Boucher, sieur de Grosbois, 1659-1699, spouse of Marie-Anne Margane de Lavaltrie.
    1-5 Madeleine Boucher, 1661-1739, spouse of Pierre-Noël Le Gardeur de Tilly.
    1-6 Marguerite Boucher, 1663-1698, spouse of Nicolas Daneau de Muy.
    1-7 Philippe Boucher, 1665-1721, priest.
    1-8 Jean Boucher, sieur de Monbrun 1667-1744, his first spouse Françoise- Claire Charest, then Michelle-Françoise Godefroy de Saint-Paul.
    1-9 René Boucher, sieur de La Perrière, 1668-1742, spouse was Marie-Françoise Mailhot.
    1-10 Jeanne Boucher, 1670-1703, twin, spouse de Jacques-Charles Sabrevois de Bleury.
    1-11 Louise Boucher, 1670-1756, twin, single.
    1-12 Nicolas-Michel Boucher, 1672-1733, priest
    1-13 Jacques Boucher, sieur de Montizambert, 1673-1688, twin.
    1-14 Jean-Baptiste Boucher, sieur de Niverville 1673-1740, twin, spouse Marguerite-Thérèse Hertel de la Frenière.
    1-15 Geneviève Boucher, 1676-1766, Ursuline nun.

    From Pierre Boucher, sieur de Boucherville, his descendants:

    de Boucherville, then appear new names of nobility.
    de La Bruère, then de Montarville.
    de La Broquerie, today this lineage no longer exists.
    de Montarville, without descendants. The name switches over to Boucher de La Bruère.
    From Lambert Boucher, sieur de Grandpré his descendants:

    de Grandpré, today this lineage no longer exists
    From Ignace Boucher, sieur de Grosbois his descendants:

    de Grosbois
    de Batilly, without descendants
    de L'îlebonne, without descendants
    From Jean Boucher, sieur de Monbrun his descendants:

    de Monbrun, without descendants
    de Saint-Laurent without descendants
    de Nois without descendants
    de Bon-Accueil without descendants
    de La Soudraye without descendants
    de Monbrun became (Montbrun, Mumbrun, Montbreun)
    From René Boucher, sieur de La Perrière his descendants:

    de La Perrière, today this lineage no longer exists
    From Jean-Baptiste Boucher, sieur de Niverville his descendants:

    de Niverville, then de Montizambert
    The FOURTH GENERATION will be when the first serious separation within the family will occur.
    Louis-René Boucher de Boucherville being in France in 1763 decides to remain in the service of the king of France. He will be sent to the Île de France (Mauritius Island) where he will start a family. His descendants will go to South Africa and to France where today's offspring's are feminine, they carry the following names, Dugas, Neyrand, de Quatrebarbes, etc. They remained very attached to their Canadian roots
    One Boucher de La Bruère will add the word Piedmont to his name.

    The FIFTH GENERATION will see one of de Boucherville descendants have his name preceded by the name Verchères. (Verchères de Boucherville) The male descendants of this family no longer exist. To my knowledge the only names of nobility used today by the descendants of their illustrious ancestor are:

    de Boucherville
    de Grosbois
    de La Bruère
    de Montbrun (spelling varies especially in the USA)
    de Niverville (indirect)
    de Montizambert
    In order to develop this subject, we have adopted a recent or modern spelling. We will also use the abbreviations of René Jetté as follows:

    n. birth/naissance
    b. baptism/baptême
    m. marriage/mariage
    cm. marriage contract/contrat de mariage
    d. death/décès
    s. burial/sépulture
    The list of abbreviations and references are in accord with Article 1-1
    The numbering follows the method of Jacques D'Abboville.

    First marriage in Canada:

    The pioneer and his descendants
    Pierre Boucher is the son of Gaspard Boucher and Nicole Lemaire.

    1- Pierre Boucher, sieur de Grosbois, (1622-1717) b. at Mortagne, France, August 1st 1622 d. at Boucherville April 19th 1717, (R.B) first marriage to Marie Chrétienne (Ouebadinoukoué) January 17th 1649 (cm. of Guillaume Audouart). She gives him a son named Jacques at his baptism on December 11th 1649 in Trois-Rivières (PRDH). The destiny of these two persons is unknown; most of the historians are in agreement to declare that the two of them died shortly after the birth of Jacques, but the parish registers are silent.

    Second marriage:

    1- Pierre Boucher, one must assume that he is widowed, marries on July 9th 1652 Jeanne Crevier, daughter of Christophe and Jeanne Évard (Énard). This marriage took place in Québec City (PRDH), a contract was written on July 5th 1652 before the notary Guillaume Audouart; there is no mention anywhere of Pierre Boucher's first wife, or of his son. From 1653 to 1676, Jeanne Crevier gave birth to fifteen children, of which there were two sets of twins; Pierre Boucher was buried beneath his pew in the Boucherville church on April 21st 1717. Jeanne Crevier was buried on December 11th1727 in Boucherville. (RB)

    Their children:

    1-1 Pierre Boucher de Boucherville (1653?-1740) sieur de Boucherville, lord de Boucherville, from 1717 to 1740 and lord of Montarville from 1710 to 1740, n. (born) August 18th 1653 at (Trois-Rivières) ( L.B.). This birth was not registered at Trois-Rivières. He married in Québec, on October 25th 1683 Charlotte Denis (PRDH), widow of Pierre Dupas, lord Dubraché (3). She is the daughter of Simon Denis, deceased, and of Françoise Dutartre; marriage contract by Gilles Rageot on October 23rd 1683 in Québec. Charlotte Denis born and baptized in Québec, on August 30th 1663 (PRDH), died (date unknown) and was buried on June 7th 1740 in Boucherville (RB). Pierre Boucher de Boucherville is buried in the church of Boucherville, on August 17th 1740 (RB). He survived his wife by two months. The date of his death is unknown. Refer to a biographical notation in Kessinnimek-Roots-Racine dated August and September 2005.
    They had twelve children:

    1-1-1 Marie-Antoinette (1684-1757) a nun of the hospitalières de Saint-Joseph (nurse in Hôtel-Dieu hospital) in Montréal.
    1-1-2 Madeleine-Charlotte (1686-1731) a nun of the hospitalières de Saint- Joseph (nurse in Hôtel-Dieu hospital) in Montréal.
    1-1-3 François-Pierre (1689-1767) 3rd lord (11 children)
    1-1-4 Marie-Jeanne (1691-1692)
    1-1-5 Marie-Anne (1694-1772) Ursuline, nun at Québec, with the name Mother Saint-Ignace
    1-1-6 Joseph (1696) died an infant.
    1-1-7 Marie-Angélique (1697-1721) nun at C. N. D. (Congregation Notre-Dame) with the name Sister Sainte-Monique.
    1-1-8 René (1699-1773) Branch of de La Bruère (13 children) then de Montarville.
    1-1-9 Joseph (1701-1762) Branch of de La Broquerie (8 children)
    1-1-10 Louise (1702-1788) nun at C. N. D. with the name Sister Sainte-Monique. She took her vows after the death of her sister Marie Angélique.
    1-1-11 Charles (1704-1758) de Montarville (no descendants). This name will pass on to the de La Bruère branch.
    1-1-12 Claire-Françoise (1705-1787) Two marriages (7 children)
    1-2 Marie-Ursule Boucher (1655-1733), baptized March 8th 1655 in Trois-Rivières (PRDH). At 12 1/2 years old, she married lieutenant René Gaultier de Varennes in Trois-Rivières. Séverin Ameau dates the contract September 22nd 1667, the marriage took place on September 26th 1667 in Trois-Rivières (PRDH). (One finds in this contract many elements that are useful to study the beginnings of the seignoiry of Boucherville). René Gaultier, born in 1634, died on June 4th 1689 in Trois-Rivières; burial took place the next day. (PRDH) His widow, 34 years old, did not remarry; she died in Montréal on March 13th and was buried on the March 14th 1733. (PRDH) Marie-Ursule Boucher gave birth to thirteen children, unfortunately many are not registered anywhere. Refer to her biographical notation in Kessinnimek-Roots-Racine dated April, June, and July 2005.

    Their children:

    1-2-1 René (1669?) (This René could have been born in Boucherville in 1669 or 1670)
    1-2-2 Jeanne (1671?)
    1-2-3 Louis (1673- around 1710)
    1-2-4 Madeleine (1674-vers 1768)
    1-2-5 Pierre (1675?)
    1-2-6 Jacques-René (1676-1757) 2nd lord of Varennes.
    1-2-7 Jean-Baptiste (1678?-1726) priest.
    1-2-8 Marguerite (1680-after 1734)
    1-2-9 Marie-Renée (1682-1758)
    1-2-10 Anne-Marguerite (1684-1726)
    1-2-11 Pierre (1685-1749) sieur de La Vérendrye.
    1-2-12 Philippe (1687-1688)
    1-2-13 Jean-Baptiste (1688?)
    The descendants of the de Varennes family is impressive, it is made up of many persons which left their mark on the Canadian society, for example Sainte Marguerite d'Youville and Pierre Gaultier de La Vérendrye. Refer to the work of deceased Kathleen Mennie de Varennes.

    1-3 Lambert Boucher (1656-1699), sieur de Grandpré, lord of Grandpré (or of Petit-Yamachiche). Born August 12th 1656 in Trois-Rivières, baptized on November 21st (PRDH). He married on August 13th 1693 in Québec to Marie- Marguerite Vauvril of Blason, (PRDH) daughter of Pierre-Charles, deceased, and Françoise LePellé, born and baptized on June 30th 1672 in Trois-Rivières. (PRDH) Marriage contract signed the day before by Louis Chamballon, in Québec. Lambert Boucher died April 3rd 1699 in Trois-Rivières and was buried the following day; (PRDH) he had three children, one of them was deceased. Marguerite Vauvril will remarry at Sorel on November 13th 1709 to Raymond Blaise of Bergères; (4) (PRDH) this was his third marriage. According to PRDH, a certain Marguerite de Granpré, 57 years old, died on January 7th and was buried on January 8th 1730 in Trois-Rivières. Refer to his biographical notation in Kessinnimek-Roots-Racine dated November 2005.

    Their children:

    1-3-1 Louis (1695-1763) left for Louisiana. His descendants remain in Louisiana. The name Grandpré is no longer in existence..
    1-3-2 Geneviève (1697-1754) two marriages.
    1-3-3 Pierre-Louis (1698)
    1-4 Ignace Boucher (1659-1699), sieur de Grosbois, born on January17th and baptized in Trois-Rivières on January 18th 1659. (PRDH) He married, in Montréal on October 28th 1697 (PRDH) to Marie-Anne Margane de Lavaltrie, daughter of Séraphin and Louise Bissot, born on 19 and baptized on 20th June 1668 in Québec City (PRDH). Antoine Adhémar carried out the marriage contract on the same day in Montréal. Ignace de Grosbois died on October 25th 1699 in Boucherville where he was buried on October 27th (RB). He left five children, one posthumously. His widow did not remarry; she was buried in the church of Sainte-Famille (Holy Family) of Boucherville on October 4th 1744 (RB). Refer to his biographical notation in Kessinnimek-Roots-Racine dated February 2006.

    Their children:

    1-4-1 Marie-Louise (1695-1758)
    1-4-2 Ignace-Séraphin (1696-1697)
    1-4-3 Charles-Séraphin (1698-1772)
    1-4-4 Nicolas (1699-1780)
    1-4-5 Ignace (1700-1761)
    Refer to the article which appears in K.R.R. dated February 2006.
    1-5 Madeleine Boucher (1661?-1739), born and baptized? (in Québec, on March 1st 1661 according to L.B.) On November 24th 1680, she married at Boucherville (RB), Pierre-Noël Le Gardeur of Tilly (5), son of Charles and Geneviève Juchereau and widower of Marguerite Volant with a daughter Geneviève. Marriage contract of Jacques Bourdon of the same date. Madeleine Boucher will give birth to twelve children with this husband. They will leave for Québec in 1691 or 1692, after a stay in Boucherville then in Repentigny where his cousin Jean-Baptiste Le Gardeur had settled. He died after a long illness in 1720 in Québec and is buried at St-Antoine de Tilly on August 13th beneath his pew in the church. (PRDH) She died in Montréal on February 3rd and was buried on February 5th 1739. (PRDH) Refer to her biographical notation in Kessinnimek-Roots-Racine dated April 2006.

    1-5-1 Pierre (1681- ).
    1-5-2 Jeanne (1683-1691).
    1-5-3 Marie-Angélique (1684- ).
    1-5-4 Marie-Charlotte (1686- ).
    1-5-5 Nicolas (1688- ).
    1-5-6 Claude (1691)Bou.
    1-5-7 Charles-Augustin (1692-1731)Que.
    1-5-8 Louis-Marie (1694 )St-Lau.I.O.
    1-5-9 Marie-Charlotte (1695- )Que.
    1-5-10 Catherine-Delphine (1697- )Que.
    1-5-11 Charlotte-Marie (1698-1776)Que.
    1-5-12 Marie-Anne (1699- )Que.
    1-6 Marguerite Boucher (1663-1698), born and baptized on June 26th 1663 in Trois-Rivières; (PRDH) she married Nicolas Daneau de Muy, (6) on May 17th 1687 in Boucherville (RB). The notary Antoine Adhémar wrote a contract on the same day. Marguerite died on June 30th 1698, and was buried on the following day in Boucherville's church. (RB) She gave birth to seven children. Refer to her biographical notation in Kessinnimek-Roots-Racine dated April 2006

    1-6-1 Marguerite-Philippe (1688-1772)
    1-6-2 Angélique (1689-1690)
    1-6-3 Marie-Josette (1690-before 1708)
    1-6-4 Marie-Madeleine (1691- )
    1-6-5 Jacquette-Angélique (1693)
    1-6-6 Marie-Charlotte (1694-1759)
    1-6-7 Jacques-Pierre (1695-1758)

    A study of this family was the subject of two articles in Lustucru, Nos. 6 & 7.
    Refer also to "Les cahiers des Dix, vol. 18. One reads in these "cahiers" that the De Muy settled on the western part of Boucherville, on Prudent Bougret's former property, which Nicolas Daneau De Muy had renovated to accommodate his family.
    1-7 Philippe Boucher (1665-1721), born on December 19th 1665, baptized December 20th 1665 in Trois-Rivières. (PRDH) He was ordained a priest on March 26th 1689 in Québec and died on April 8th 1721 and was buried on April 9th 1721 in Saint- Joseph de la Pointe-de-Lévis. (PRDH)

    1-8 Jean Boucher de Monbrun (1667-1744), sieur de Monbrun; born on February 6th 1667, baptized on February 7th 1667 in Trois-Rivières (PRDH). He married twice, first of all in Saint-Joseph-de-la-Pointe-de-Lévis, where his brother officiated, on November 24th 1692 with Françoise-Claire Charest (PRDH). Marriage contract of Louis Chamballon of Québec on November 16th 1692. She was born on March 4th and baptized on March 11th 1674 in Québec, daughter of Etienne and Catherine Bissot (PRDH).
    Following the death of his wife and burial on December 20th 1725 in Boucherville (RB), he married again in Trois-Rivières on November 10th 1729 with Michelle- Françoise Godefroy de Saint-Paul (PRDH). Pierre Petit wrote the marriage contract on the same day. This wife was the daughter of Amador and Francoise LePelé, born and baptized on August 26th 1683 in Trois-Rivières (PRDH). From the first marriage, he had about 12 children; none from the second. Jean Boucher was buried in the church of Boucherville on October 20th 1744.(RB) Françoise-Michelle Godefroy died on February 4th 1770. She was 88 and a half years old. There were no Boucher members at the ceremony.

    Children, all from the first marriage:

    1-8-1 Jeanne (1693-)
    1-8-2 Catherine (1697-)
    1-8-3 René (1699-), sieur de Monbrun.
    1-8-4 Jean-Baptiste (1700-1747), sieur de Saint-Laurent.
    1-8-5 Françoise
    1-8-6 Pierre-Joseph (1702-1736), sieur de Nois.
    1-8-7 Francois (1704-), sieur de Bonaccueil
    1-8-8 Pierre (1706-)
    1-8-9 Marie-Anne (1708-1737)
    1-8-10 Pierre (1710-), sieur de La Saudray
    1-8-11 Marie-Angélique (1711-)
    1-8-12 Claude (1713)
    1-8-13 Etienne (1714-1773)
    1-9 René Boucher de La Perrière (1668-1742), sieur de La Perrière, baptized on June 18th 1668 in Ville-Marie (Montréal) (PRDH). On December 15th 1705 in Montréal (PRDH), he married Françoise Mailhot, daughter of Jean and Madeleine Marchand; She was baptized on March16th 1689 in Montréal (PRDH); she died four days after having given birth to her second child; she was buried in Montréal on April 26th 1708 (PRDH). René Boucher, widower, died in Boucherville on August 12th 1742 (RB) and was buried in the churc

    Their children:

    1-9-1 Marie-Madeleine(1707-)
    1-9-2 François-Clément(1708-)

    These two children married into the family of Pécaudy of Contrecoeur.
    1-10 Jeanne Boucher (1670-1703), twin to Louise, was born and conditionally baptized on December 5th 1670; she was baptized on April 8th 1671 (RB); her brother Pierre of Boucherville was her godfather; Catherine Primot, wife of Charles Lemoyne, was her godmother. She married Jacques-Charles de Sabrevois (7) on November 16th 1695 in Boucherville (RB). Marriage contract drawn up on November 16th 1695 by Adhémar. Her husband born in 1667 was the son of the deceased Henri and Gabrielle Martin. Jeanne died on July 8th 1703 and was buried on July 9th 1703 in Boucherville (RB). She left behind four children and her husband, who died as a widower and was buried on January 19th 1727 in Montréal (PRDH).

    Their children:

    1-10-1 Marie-Joseph (1696-1777)
    1-10-2 Charles (1697)
    1-10-3 Charles (1699-1774)
    1-10-4 Christophe (1701-after 1763 in France.)
    1-10-5 Clément (1702-1781)
    1-10-6 Anonymous (1703)
    1-11 Louise Boucher, twin to Jeanne Boucher, was born December 5th 1670, conditionally baptized January 1st 1671 in Boucherville (RB); godfather François-Marie Perrot, godmother her sister Marie-Ursule, (1-2) wife of Gaultier de Varennes. She chose to remain celibate, helped to raise her numerous orphaned nephews and nieces. Shed died in Montréal on October 24th 1756, and was buried on October 25th, under the name of Louise Boucher de Montbrun. (PRDH)

    1-12 Nicolas-Michel Boucher, was born on November 14th and baptized on November 15th 1672 in Boucherville (RB). He was ordained a priest on June 6th 1696 in Québec. (J.B.A.A.) He died on July 30th 1733 at the l' Hôtel-Dieu de Québec. (PRDH) Burial was on the following day.

    1-13 Jacques Boucher, sieur de Montizambert, twin to Jean-Baptiste Boucher, was born on December 6th and baptized on December 10th 1673 in Boucherville (RB), killed accidentally during a hunting expedition, on September 10th, he was buried on September 11th 1688 in Boucherville (RB)

    1-14 Jean-Baptiste Boucher, sieur de Niverville, twin to his brother Jacques above, was born on December 6th and baptized December 10th 1673 in Boucherville (RB). He married Marguerite-Thérèse Hertel on February 10th 1710 a contract was signed before the Notary Antoine Adhémar. She was the daughter of François Hertel and Marguerite de Thavenet, born on October 17th and baptized on October 23rd 1690 in Trois-Rivières (PRDH). There were twelve children from this marriage. She died in 1732 and was buried on May 4th 1732. (RB) Jean-Baptiste de Niverville was buried in Boucherville's church on April 1st 1748. (RB)

    Their children:

    1-14-1 Jeanne-Marguerite (1710-1716)
    1-14-2 Charlotte-Ursule (1712-1793)
    1-14-3 Thérèse-Louise (1713-1717)
    1-14-4 Jean-Baptiste-Francois (1714-
    1-14-5 Joseph-Claude (1715- 1804) Chevalier de Niverville
    1-14-6 Thérèse (1717-
    1-14-7 Marie-Madeleine (1720-
    1-14-8 Pierre-Louis (1722-1802) Branch of the family de Montizambert.
    1-14-9 Marie-Françoise (1723-
    1-14-10 Pierre (1725)
    1-14-11 Marie-Marguerite (1726-
    1-14-12 François (1728-1764) Died in France
    1-15 Geneviève Boucher, born and baptized on August 30th 1676 in Boucherville (RB). A Religious sister of the Ursuline order in Québec, Mother Saint-Pierre died in Québec on May 30th 1766. (Louis Pelletier)

    End of the second generation
    Explanations regarding references and cited sources:

    see notes for Jeanne Crevier for ending of this article

    Father: Gaspard Boucher b: ABT 1599 in Mortagne-au-Perche, Orne, France
    Mother: Nicole Lemaire b: ABT 1600 in Montagne, France

    Marriage 1 Jeanne Crevier b: ABT 1636 in Rouen, Seine-Maritime, France
    • Married: 9 JUL 1652 in Quebec, P.Q.
    1. Has No Children Pierre Boucher , Sieur de Boucherville b: 18 AUG 1653 in Trois Rivieres, P.Q.
    2. Has No Children Marie-Ursule Boucher b: ABT 1655
    3. Has No Children Lambert Boucher , Seur de Grandpre b: 12 AUG 1656 in Trois Rivieres, P.Q.
    4. Has No Children Ignace Boucher , Seur de Grosbois b: 17 JAN 1658/59 in Trois Rivieres, P.Q.
    5. Has No Children Madeliene Boucher b: ABT 1661 in Quebec, P.Q.
    6. Has No Children Marguerote Boucher b: 26 JUN 1663 in Trois Rivieres, P.Q.
    7. Has No Children Phillippe Boucher b: 19 DEC 1665 in Trois Rivieres, P.Q.
    8. Has No Children Jean Boucher , deMontbrun b: 6 FEB 1666/67 in Trois Rivieres, P.Q.
    9. Has No Children Rene Boucher , de Laperriere b: 18 JUN 1668 in Montreal, P.Q.
    10. Has No Children Jeanne Boucher b: 5 DEC 1670 in Boucherville, P.Q.
    11. Has No Children Louise Boucher b: 5 DEC 1670 in Boucherville, P.Q.
    12. Has No Children Nicolas Boucher b: 14 NOV 1672 in Boucherville, P.Q.
    13. Has No Children Jacques Boucher , Sieur de Montizambert b: 6 DEC 1673 in Boucherville, P.Q.
    14. Has No Children Jean-Baptiste Boucher , Sieur de Niverville b: 6 DEC 1673 in Boucherville, Montérégie, Québec
    15. Has No Children Geneviève Boucher b: 30 AUG 1676 in Boucherville, P.Q.