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  • ID: I14247
  • Name: Jeanne Boucher
  • Sex: F
  • Birth: 5 DEC 1670 in Boucherville, P.Q.
  • Note:
    1-10 Jeanne Boucher (1670-1703), twin to Louise, was born and conditionally baptized on December 5th 1670; she was baptized on April 8th 1671 (RB); her brother Pierre of Boucherville was her godfather; Catherine Primot, wife of Charles Lemoyne, was her godmother. She married Jacques-Charles de Sabrevois (7) on November 16th 1695 in Boucherville (RB). Marriage contract drawn up on November 16th 1695 by Adhémar. Her husband born in 1667 was the son of the deceased Henri and Gabrielle Martin. Jeanne died on July 8th 1703 and was buried on July 9th 1703 in Boucherville (RB). She left behind four children and her husband, who died as a widower and was buried on January 19th 1727 in Montréal (PRDH).

    Késsinnimek - Roots - Racines
    The Children of Pierre Boucher and of Jeanne Crevier
    by Jacques Dunant


    1-10 JEANNE BOUCHER (1670-1703)
    1-11 LOUISE BOUCHER (1670-1756)

    On this day December 5th 1670 a joyful happening occurred in the Îles Percées. The wife of the seignior Pierre Boucher gave birth to a set of twins. Emotions reached a high point when they realized that the children were close to death. On this same day the priest was urgently called to Jeanne Crevier's bedside to bless and name the child Jeanne. The other child will also be blessed in three weeks time.. Their first winter passed and in the springtime the family proceeded with the baptismal of the twins. (1) Jeanne is the first to be baptized, her godfather will be her eldest brother Pierre Boucher de Boucherville (1) and Catherine Primot, wife of Charles LeMoine will be her godmother..

    Louise's baptismal will follow and her godfather will be François-Marie Perrot, governor of Montréal, her sister Marie-Ursule Boucher is godmother, (1-2) wife of René Gaultier de Varennes. The twins pass a quiet childhood in the Îles Percées, and then go to Québec to follow their education with the Ursulines Sistersfrom May 4th 1679 to May 4th 1680. (2) After their return to the Îles Percées they participate in the parish's activities, for example, Louise is godmother for Jean-Louis Bourgery; his godfather is sieur de Saint-Cirque (Jean-Louis de Jadon) captain of the troops. On November 11th 1687 it is Jeanne who attends the baptismal ceremony of Jean-Martin Martimbos accompanied by her brother Jean Boucher de Monbrun.. (1-8) On December 4th 1688, Louise Boucher accompanied Nicolas Daneau de Muy, captain. They act as godmother and godfather for Nicolas Le Gardeur, son of Pierre Noël Le Gardeur and Madeleine Boucher. (1-5) All of these acts are from the Sainte-Famille registry in Boucherville. On May 21st 1691 Ignace (1-4) and Jeanne (1-10) are godfather and godmother for the first bell of the first church. Baptismals occur nearly every year and different officers accompany the Boucher girls. The local seignior hopes to find someone who will be a good match and provider for his two unwed daughters.

    Jeanne Boucher marries

    On November 16th 1695 she is married to Jacques-Charles Sabrevois in Boucherville. The marriage contract is passed before Antoine Adhémar on the same day. He notes down the attendees as follows: Pierre Boucher (1) and Jeanne Crevier, father and mother, Hector de Callières, governor of Montréal, Nicolas Daneau de Muy, brother-in-law and Marguerite Boucher (1-6) her sister, Jeanne Evard (Enard), her maternal grandmother, Joseph, (is Ignace) Boucher de Grosbois (1-4) her brother, his wife Marie-Anne Marganne de Lavaltrie, sister-in-law, her brothers Jean Boucher de Monbrun (1-8) and René Boucher de Laperrière (1-9), Louise Boucher (1-11) her twin sister, Madeleine Gaultier niece, Marien Tailhandier. Source B.R.H. 31. Jacques-Charles Sabrevois, born around 1667 in Garancières, in Beauce, France, arrived in 1685 as lieutenant in the company of Nicolas Daneau de Muy. He married Jeanne Boucher on November 16th 1695 in Boucherville, she gave him six children who unfortunately do not all survive, Jeanne died on July 8th 1703. Jacques-Charles became a widower and was left with one girl and three boys..

    Officer Jacques-Charles Sabrevois and his family

    He took part in campaigns held at the time under the commandment of Daneau de Muy in 1687 and against Phipps in November 1690 in Québec. Soon after his wedding, he participated in the campaign of 1695-1696, under the commandment of M. Louis Laporte de Louvigny on the peninsula situated between the Saint-Laurent River and the Outaouais River. Snow was falling in abundance and forced them to return to Montréal. During the summer of 1696, he took part in Frontenac's campaign against the Iroquois Tsonnonntouans (Sénécas). Sabrevois is promoted as captain in 1702 and monsieur Rigaud de Vaudreuil qualifies him as an excellent officer and more precisely 'He is one of the best officers that we have here, very assiduous to the service and an excellent choice for the campaigns of this country' (Refer to the Cahiers des dix, 1940, No. 5, by m., F.J. Audet.) Monsieur de Vaudreul seems to be a flatterer and will soon change his opinion. Jeanne Boucher and Jacques-Charles Sabrevois, foot lieutenant in monsieur de Muy's company, are blessed with their first child Marie-Joseph on August 22nd 1696. She is baptized on the next day in Boucherville. The godfather and godmother are Pierre de Boucherville (1-1) and Louise Boucher (1-11) the child's uncle and aunt. Another birth occurs on November 30th 1697. His name is Charles de Sabrevois, son of the lieutenant Jacques-Charles and Jeanne Boucher. During the baptismal the next day it is Claude-Charles Petit de Levilliers and Charlotte Denys who take part in the ceremony. This child will die on December 16th; he was buried in the Boucherville church's cemetery. Present were his father and grandfather.

    On November 15th 1699 a second Charles is born and baptized. The seignior Pierre Boucher and madame de Levilliers, wife of the captain Petit de Levilliers act as godfather and godmother. The de Levilliers live in the Boucherville parish. Jacques-Charles is still lieutenant for captain de Muy. On February 28th 1701 another boy is born. The baptismal ceremony is held on March 8th, godfather is Christophe Dufrost, écuyer, lieutenant and ensign on a ship, the child was named after him, godmother is madame de Varennes. (1-2) On July 16th 1702, it is the birth and baptismal of Clément son of Jacques-Charles Sabrevois, captain. Jean de Monbrun (1-8) is godfather and the godmother is Marie-Anne de Lavaltrie, widow of M. de Grosbois (1-4). June 26th 1703 a last child is born, who remains anonymous, he was blessed by the mid-wife and " buried in the cemetery by me de la Saudrays, priest " All of these acts are in the registry of Saint-Famille in Boucherville.

    Jeanne Boucher's death, wife of Sabrevois

    Jeanne never recuperated from this last birth, she died on July 8th 1703, she was thirty-two years and seven months of age. She was buried the next morning in Sainte Famille de Boucherville church. Present were her father Monsieur Boucher and many priests from nearby areas. Alas, this is how Jeanne Boucher's life ended, wife of captain Jacques-Charles Sabrevois to whom she assured of a line of descendants. Before ending with Jeanne's life one must return to August 11th 1697 when Jeanne received from her father, the seignior Pierre Boucher (1) an arrière-fief of four arpents in width by (deux lieues) in depth of the seigneurie, like her two sisters had previously received.

    Land Grant of arriére- fiefs in Boucherville

    Anything that refers to their Boucherville properties is part of a complex and refined research, which will be published at a later date. The research and transcription of the notary's acts have taken more time to do and are not yet finished, and.. I regret the delay. Monsieur Sabrevois bought a piece of land from Jean Vinet and Jeanne Etienne his wife. Louis Ménard borders this land on one side and the widow of Jean Haudecoeur on the other side. This sale also included an emplacement in the burg that Vinet and his wife occupied with Pierre Seauchet (Chauchet) dit La Rigueur; the total price was eighteen hundred livres (pounds). Sabrevois paid for half of it. The notary's act is by Moreau, dated October 12th 1695. Therefore one month before his marriage. This first land grant measured two arpents frontal (on the St-Laurent River) and twenty-five in depth. The second land grant neighbouring the first one belonged to Jean Haudecoeur. During the following years Haudecoeur does some fur trading and he passed many notary acts with merchants in Montreal for diverse merchandises. Haudecoeur trading expeditions are not as successful as he would wish and his debts accumulate. We learn that later on that he assassinated François Poignet (Pougnet) on November 15th 1689... he is arrested and imprisoned. Before Moreau on April 24th 1690, Madeleine Matou, wife of de Haudecoeur signs a convention with Pierre-Noël le Gardeur for a loan of wheat since her husband is in jail. (3) The Sovereign Council renders their sentence, Haudecoeur must die. A recall to Quebec is automatic. In Quebec the sentence is rendered, he shall only be strangled, that is to say hanged, before having received any blows. His execution took place on May 27th 1690 at seven p.m. after his confession to a priest named Vaillant. It seems that Pierre Boucher although he had some experience and knowledge of the human race never realized everything that Haudecoeur personality could hide. The two transactions that we have referred to took a certain time to be finalized. Lets say to further the cause that Haudecoeur concession shall be auctioned to pay his debts, but unfortunately it will be insufficient to cover the total of his debts. It is Jacques-Charles Sabrevois who bids the highest and he is awarded the land.

    Let's return to the first act of sale, which was passed with Jean Vinet. We know that Sabrevois paid 900 livres up front; the balance 900 livres will be paid from a loan that Sabrevois obtained from his captain Nicolas Daneau de Muy who is also his brother-in-law. Nicolas's wife Marguerite Boucher died on June 3rd 1698, leaving Nicolas with many children. Sabrevois will pay a rent during four years to the de Muy children. It will end on June 25th 1704.

    The second transaction is a bit more complex and it will demand some juridical procedures with which I am not too familiar with. It regards a murder trial. Jean Haudecoeur loses all of his rights and belongings. He leaves a widow named Madeleine Matou who will have to face a hard reality, a total absence of revenue and property, and numerous debtors who one by one came to claim debts owed to them by her deceased husband. But the creditors of Jean Haudecoeur and Madeleine Matou show no mercy to the widow and her four children. The seigniors Pierre Boucher also does not show any sympathy or compassions for Madeleine Matou. Property owned by Jean Haudecoeur is sold in an auction and Sabrevois offers the best bid and receives the concession.. Madeleine Matou must go into exile. Madeleine Matou fights an difficult financial situation and her debts accumulate..

    How can the notary Michel Moreau write that the two concessions have been acquitted since the first one belonging to Jean Vinet is finalized only on June 25th 1704.. As for the other act, one must wait a few years before the quittances have been signed, that is March 7th 1704 and September 24th 1708, before Adhémar. Maybe one day we shall find a solution to this problem.

    Jacques-Charles Sabrevois, suite of his career

    Sabrevois is named commandant in Detroit in 1712, he argues with Vaudreul concerning restrictions on his fur trading. He leaves for France in 1717 to defend his rights, and returns in the summer of 1720 with the St-Louis cross. He is mentioned as a commander in Chambly until November 1724. His disagreements with Vaudreuil are caused by the uncompromising preceding commander Alphonse de Tonty who was sent to Detroit by Vaudreuil for a period of thirty years. And paid Vaudreuil a commission each year.. On September 1722 Sabrevois is in Chambly for the baptismal of Marie-Françoise Besset. His name is mentioned at 11 month old J. Lebeau's burial held on February 5th 1723. He is also at the baptismal of Jean Larose On May 30th 1723; on April 6th 1724 he is godfather for Louis-Charles Lebeau. He is captain, commandant of the fort and chevalier of St-Louis. He assists at the burial of Jean Broche on April 11th 1724 and also for the burial of Françoise Robert on November 1st 1724. Vaudreuil discharges him in 1724 but Sabrevois ends up by being major in Montréal in 1725. This is where he died on January 19th 1727. From 1707 on, he does not seem to have lived on his fief de Sabrevois in Boucherville. He holds a few leases with some people of Boucherville, as an example, some small farms. To Jean Pépin dit Ducardonnet on September 23rd 1697; then on April 11th 1706, April 19th 1709, September 9th 1711 and April 26th 1717. (28) All of his children are baptized in Boucherville, also those who died and where buried including his wife. (29). We shall now write about the twin Louise.

    Note: Mr. Marcel Myre published in September 2006, a volume on the drama that affected Madeleine Matou, wife of Jean Haudecoeur. It is an exhaustive study of the events experienced by these families and a very interesting description of New France at that period of time..

    Published at Septentrion, under the title: Madeleine Matou, la femme du meurtier de Boucherville..
    1-11 LOUISE BOUCHER (1670-1756)

    She is Jeanne's twin, born on December 5th 1670. Being " péril de mort " close to death, the missionary Pierre de Caumont blessed her on January 1st 1671. The baptismal ceremonies were held on April 8th 1671; her godfather was François-Marie Perrot, governor of Montréal and her godmother was Marie-Ursule Boucher, (1-2) her sister, wife of René Gaultier de Varenne

    Louise lived a quiet childhood in the Ïles Percées and participated at some parish activities in Boucherville. On December 12th 1685 she is the godmother for Jean-Louis Bourgery, she is accompanied by the godfather Jean-Louis de Jadon sieur de Saint-Cirque, captain of the troops.

    On December 4th 1688, they proceed with the baptismal of Nicolas Le Gardeur, son of Pierre Noël Le Gardeur and Madeleine Boucher. (1-5) The godfather and godmother are Nicolas Daneau de Muy and Louise Boucher who signed. On January 25th 1689 it is the baptismal of Marie Laporte, daughter of Paul de Laporte and Marie Lussier. The godfather and godmother were Pierre Noël Le Gardeur and Louise Boucher who signed.

    During the summer of 1689, more exactly on June 4th the death of René Gaultier de Varennes occurs. He was governor of Trois-Rivières and husband of Marie-Ursule Boucher, father of nine children who are left with little resources.. The children are aged from four to sixteen years old. It is a shock for Louise who being nineteen years old decides to devote herself in helping the family of her sister. It is a fist step towards a life of self-sacrifice, and an unfailing devotion to the orphaned children of this family. Nine years later, it is Marguerite, Louise's other sister who passes away. She was the wife of Nicolas Daneau de Muy and was the mother of seven children. Nicolas will remain a widower for three years and eight months. Louise who was caring for the de Varennes children, and whom the eldest has just become thirteen years of age, sets her destiny towards the de Muy children who are from three to ten years of age. This is another example of Louise Boucher's life and her devotion to others. She will remain a celibate and in 1708 will again devote herself in acting as a mother of two children aged one and three years old whose parents were Françoise Mailhot deceased wife of René Boucher de Laperière.(1-9)

    Pierre Boucher will say to her in his last goodbyes: Je suis fâché de vous laisser sans que vous soyez pourvue. Dieu aura soin de vous et vous servira de père…(I am sorry to leave you without a husband. God will take care of you and act as your father). Louise will accompany her father to his eternal rest on April 8th 1711. Pierre Boucher who always cared to treat his children equally will give to his daughter Louise, a arrière-fief of four frontal arpents by two leagues in depth. This act by Tailhandier, notary was dated April 8th 1711. During another ten years Louise will enjoy the counselling and experience from her mother Jeanne Crevier to whom it is time that we accord her many thanks for the devotion that she gave to the members of her family. I am brought to believe that Louise's abnegation is a reflection of her mothers qualities. In 1727, Louise lost her mother and sought refuge with her sister Marie-Ursule at Ville-Marie where she was received warmly for many years. Louise died in 1756. She was buried in Montréal under the name of Louise Boucher de Monbrun. Her quiet life left few traces in our archives.

    Prepared by Jacques Dunant in 2006-2007. Translated by Bernice Dunant


    1) Register of Baptismal, Marriage, and Burials in the parish of Sainte-Famille de Boucherville.
    2) Roy, Pierre-Georges À travers l'Histoire des Ursulines de Québec.
    3) Archives Nationales du Québec, Montréal.

    Mathieu, Jacques, La Nouvelle-France, Les presses de l'Université Laval, Québec, 2001.
    Mitchell, Sœur Estelle, s.g.m. Messire Pierre Boucher, Beauchemin 1967.
    Trudel, Marcel, Le terrier du Saint-

    Father: Pierre Boucher , Écuyer de Grosbois b: ABT 1622 in Notre-Dame, Mortagne-au-Perche, Orne, France
    Mother: Jeanne Crevier b: ABT 1636 in Rouen, Seine-Maritime, France
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