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  • ID: I18069
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: ABT 1722 in Hanover County, Virginia
  • Death: BEF 11 DEC 1786 in Winton County, Orangeburg District South Carolina
  • Residence: Manning Collection Vol IX and XV page 19, 265
  • Residence: Listed in NSDAR Patroit Index, b. Va, 1731, d. SC 1789 one wife Katherine Holcomb
  • Note:
    1745: Benjamin Brown, Sr. made the following gifts to male children of his first marriage, Benjamin, Jr., William and Bartlett, 28 May 1745: Louisa County Virginia Deeds. P. 178 – 181. “…for good will of a fatherly love to Bartlett Brown land of quantity unknown in the fork of the Moorman’s River.”


    “North Carolina Patents”: The earliest Carolina lands of Bartlett Brown were surveyed in 1753 and granted in Anson Co NC by NC Gov. Matthew Rowan. The lands, on both sides of the Enoree ( Kings) River, were in a region disputed by the two Carolinas. Following a border survey and agreement in 1772, the region was claimed exclusively by SC. Some, but not all, of the holders of the North Patents filed Memorials in Charlestown in response to this order from the Governor:

    His Excellency the Governour by the advice of the Board Directed that the following minute of this Board of the Twenty first Day of September last should be printed in the form of an advertisement that several copys thereof should be Sent to be distributed among the inhabitants of the Country on this side of the Continued Boundary line between this province & N. Carolina vizt.

    Minute of the County of the 21st September 1772

    The Clerk informed his Excellency & the Board that some of the persons who were settled on the lands on this side of the Boundary line between this province & North Carolina under Grant from North Carolina & Conveyances from original Grantees Who were desireous to Secure their Lands by complying with such forms as this Government should think necessary to direct had applied to him to obtain a mode of obtaining new Grants & he begg'd the Direction of his Excell'y and the Board on that head. It was thereupon observed that it would be reasonable to Ease Such people as were settled under actual and Bone Fide Conveyances of as much Trouble & precaution to prevent Grants being obtained under false pretences & therefore it would be proper that their Titles should be referred to Some fit person to Examine the Same who if they were found to be Compleat might Certifie the Same & then on petition their platts might be ordered to be recorded & Certified by the Survey'r General & Grants prepared by the Secretary which would Save the Expence of a Second actual survey and this method being approved of, It was Ordered by his Excellency with the advice of the board that the Clerk of this Board do Examine all Grants or Conveyances that Shall be brought to him for that purpose and that he do Certifie what titles he shall find upon such Examination to be Clear In order that new Grants may be prepared for the same to the persons Respectively claiming to hold them by such Titles.
    In practice, the formal method of re-issuing grants was avoided by most of the North Patentees; some merely filed a Memorial citing the NC grant, and others ignored the change-of-state completely.

    1753: Bartlett Brown File No. 791 (169); Gr. no. 278; Bk. 10, p. 375 (2, 56). 600 A on S side Pacolet on both sides Kings River...11 May 1753. Matt. Rowan.

    1753: Bartlett Brown File no. 792 (170); Gr. no. 280; Bk. 10, p. 376 (2, 57). 400 A on S side Pacolet on Kings River...adj. his lower survey...11 May 1753. Matt. Rowan.

    1753: Bartlett Brown File no. 793 (171); Gr. no. 280; Bk. 10, p. 376 (2, 57). 600 A on both sides Kings River below Samuel Gilkeys land...11 May 1753. Matt. Rowan.

    Transfer of title to South Carolina:
    SC Memorial Book 13: 15 Sept. 1774 – 6 July 1775:
    Bartlett Brown, 3 Nov. 1774: 600 acres, when runout in Anson County, N. Carolina on both sides of Kings River, now Enoree River, below Saml. Gilkey. Originally granted 11 May 1753 to the memorialist by Mathew Rowan, Esq., but, by a late resurvey, now falls in S. Carolina, in Craven County. Bartlet Brown. [13-82:1]

    1755: Thomas Erwin File no. 2125 (354); Gr. no. 70; Bk. 16, p. 5 (2, 118). Warrant: Unto Thomas Ervine 600 A on the Golden Grove above Saml Bakers Landing...11 May 1753. Matt. Rowan. Plat: Decemr 17th 1754, Survd. for Thomas Erwine, 600 A on the No. Bank of Enoree at the upper end of the fork Shoal about four or five Miles Below Bartlet Browns Land...Saml Young D. Sur. Bartlet Brown, Saml. Gilkey, Chain carriers. Iss. 26 Mar 1755.


    24 Oct 1754. Louisa Co VA Deed Book P, 89-90. Bartlett Brown of Barkley [Berkeley] Co., Colony of S. Carolina, to Benjamin Brown of Fredericksville Par., Louisa Co., in VA, £100 curr. money; 480 acres in Fredericksville Par. on the south side Doyles River joining the lands of said Benj. Brown, Lucy Eagle and Benjamin Thurmond. Bartlett Brown. Wit: Lucy Eagle, Ben Smith, Ben Brown Jr. No date of recording. [The date of the deed implies that Bartlett Brown was physically-present in Louisa Co VA in 1754 when he sold the land, despite his current residence in Berkeley Co SC.]

    1756: 6 Jul 1756 William Scott, merchant, filed a judgment roll lawsuit against “Bartelott Brown, Indian Trader”, for debts amounting to £815.14.0, owed in Berkeley County SC since 14 Jun 1754. He filed again on 12 Oct 1756, having received no response to the first subpoena.

    1762: Petitions for land in SC Council Journals, Meeting of Tuesday A.M. 2 November 1762: Bartlet Brown 700 [sic] on Enoree River Plat: Bartlet Brown, plat for 500 acres in Berkley County, surveyed on 7 Jan 1763 by D.S. Isaac Perry, both sides of Enoree River, in the forks of Broad and Saluda Rivers, adj. Abraham Penington on the NW, and adj. lands granted to said Brown by the governor of North Carolina. The plat was not processed into a grant to Bartlet Brown; it was certified to John McQueen on 8 Feb 1773.

    1764: Petitions for land in SC Council Journals, Meeting of Tuesday 11 September 1764: Bartlet Brown 500 acres Savannah River near the Red Bluff Plat: Bartlet Brown, plat for 500 acres in Granville County on Savannah River near the Red Bluff, surveyed on 18 Oct 1764 by D.S. Isaac Perry, bounded W SW on Savannah River, NE and NW on Edwd. Kirkland, Cowpen Branch across northern end. The plat elapsed when its time limit had expired, so Bartlet Brown petitioned on 4 April 1769 to have his lapsed plat certified. The grant was issued on 2 Jun 1769, Memorial filed on 9 Sep 1769. [The Red Bluff is on the Savannah River, ~2 miles west of Matthews Bluff which formed the boundary between old Orangeburgh and Beaufort Districts from 1768.]

    1765; SC Deed Book M-5, 375-376: South Carolina, Granville County. 3 Aug 1765, Christ Bear otherwise called Christian Bare of said province, planter, to Bartlet Brown, planter of said province, for £1000 SC money, 200 acres in Granville County on Savannah River adj. land surveyed for John Higdon, granted to Christian Bear 18 Jan 1765. Christian Bare (LS), Wit: George Hicconbottom, James Clark, John Higdon (I). Proved by the oath of James Clark 4 Aug 1765 before John Govan, J.P. Recorded 21 Feb 1785.

    1771: 28 Oct 1771: The King vs. Bartelot Brown for stealing a heifer, bonds given for continuance. [Bondsman was William Brown.]

    1772: 24 Jan 1772: The King vs. William Westberry; vs George Keabler; vs Bartlet Brown; and vs James Vessels for various crimes, discharged from recognizances. [Charges indexed as assault and battery, livestock theft, and receiving stolen goods, in that order. The case of livestock theft against Bartlett Brown was presumably settled by Jan 1772, since he was released from his recognizance bond.]

    1773: Petitions for land in SC Council Journals, Meeting of Tuesday 6 April 1773: The name of Bartlett Brown was omitted from a very-lengthy list of petitioners on that date, but a warrant of survey for 550 acres was issued on the same day. The land around the forks of Neds Branch and Steels Creek was surveyed on 25 Apr 1773, granted on 26 Aug 1774. The Brown survey completely enclosed a tract of 150 acres surveyed for John Shilling on 19 May 1768, and granted on 6 Dec 1768. Brown purchased the Shilling land (deed not recorded):

    1774: SC Memorial Book 13: 15 Sept. 1774 – 6 July 1775:
    Bartlett Brown, 10 Feb. 1774: 550 acres in Granville County on fork of Steels Creek, waters of Savannah River. Bounded SE and NE on John Clayton; NW on Christain Karline; other sides vacant. Survey certified 25 Apr. 1773; granted 26 Aug. 1774. Quit rent in 2 years. Isaac Perry, DS. Delivered 11 May 1775 to Bartlett Brown. [13-303:4]

    1775: Winton (Barnwell) Deed Book 1, pp. 246-251: 10 & 11 Jan 1775, Christian Bare to Bartlett Brown Junr & James Brown his brother, sons of Bartlett Brown, for £1000...200 acres granted to Christian Bear, 18 Jan 1765 at the mouth of Fishing Creek [on the Savannah River, per Christian Bear plat], adj. John Higdon, William Gambell...Christian Bare (LS), Wit: James Garvey, Bartlett Brown Senr. Proved by Bartlett Brown before John Chisholm, J.P., 26 Jan 1775. Recorded 1 Jan 1791.

    [N.B.: Property owned by Bartlett Brown at the time of his death would automatically be inherited by his oldest son Benjamin, given that the SC intestacy law did not abolish primogeniture until 1792. However, a purchase by the two minor sons of Bartlett Brown (apparently a decade following the first purchase) would remain in their hands. The very late recording of the deed, jointly with the recording of the sale from heir-Benjamin Brown to brothers Bartlett and James, provides some grounds for suspecting a fraudulent document. The plat of William Gamble was surveyed on 17 Jun 1775, and was not adjacent to the Christian Bear plat at the time of its survey on 25 Nov 1762. The legal description of the Christian Bear plat could not have included the name of the owner of a plat surveyed more than a decade later; in particular, a survey of June 1775 could not have been referenced in a legitimate sale dated January 1775.

    1782: SC Deed Book M-5, 135-137: 20 Aug 1782, Bartlett Brown of Orangeburgh District to William Parker and Edward Blake, Commissioners of the Treasury, by bond dated 15 Aug 1782 in the penal sum of £250 currency for the payment of £125, mortgage of tract of 250 acres being part of barony late the property of Lt. Governor Irwin and known by no. 11 in the general plat of said barony, also tract of land on Savannah River, 200 acres adj. land of Capt. John Weekly, Josiah Murdock, John Grant. Bartlett Brown (LS), Wit: Tho's Waring Sen'r, James O'Hear. Proved in Charleston District by the oath of James O'Hear 5 Oct 1784 before Dl. Mazyck, J.P. Recorded 3 Oct 1784. Mortgage satisfied 19 Dec 1786.

    Pp. 243-246: South Carolina, Granville County: 8 & 9 Oct 1783, Leven Collins, planter, of county aforesaid, to Richard Vince of same, planter, for L 50... 100 acres on old Three Runs, granted to said Collins, 2 Sept 1773, adj. Lazarus Brown, Andrew Collens... Leven Collins (Seal), Wit: Joseph Harley, Bartlett Brown. Proved by Joseph Harley before W. Dunbar, J. P., 9 Sept 1783. Recorded I Jan 1791.

    1778 Jury List, Orangeburgh District:
    Grand Jurors Between the South Fork of Edisto and Savannah River:
    Bartlet Brown
    Petit Jurors Between the South of Edisto and Savannah River:
    Bartled Brown [repeat of Grand Juror listings; all Grand Jurors were also Petit Jurors]
    Petit Jurors to Savannah River:
    Bartlet Brown Jun'r [separate listing; son of William Brown who was not listed]

    Petit Jurors to Savannah River:
    Bartlet Brown Jun'r [separate listing; son of William Brown who was not listed]

    1783 Jury List, Orangeburgh District:
    Grand Juror:
    Bartw [sic] Brown
    Petit Jurors:
    Bartilette Brown Senr. [repeat of “Bartw” as transcribed in Grand Jury list]
    John Brown [son of Bartlett]
    Tallen Brown [sic: Tarlton, son of William, decd.]
    William Brown [son of Bartlett]

    The South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research
    SCMAR, Volume III
    Number 1, Winter, 1975
    1784 Tax Returns

    SCMAR, Vol. III, Winter 1975, No. 1, p.27
    Bartlett Brown (26)
    SCMAR, Vol. III, Winter 1975, No. 1, p.27
    Stephen Boyd (27)
    SCMAR, Vol. III, Winter 1975, No. 1, p.27
    Alexr Newman (27)
    SCMAR, Vol. III, Winter 1975, No. 1, p.27
    Joseph Garrett (28)
    SCMAR, Vol. III, Winter 1975, No. 1, p.27
    John Collins (29)
    SCMAR, Vol. III, Winter 1975, No. 1, p.27
    Jacob Swaccerd (29)
    SCMAR, Vol. III, Winter 1975, No. 1, p.27
    Joseph Turner (30)
    SCMAR, Vol. III, Winter 1975, No. 1, p.27
    Charles Carter (31)
    1. Made no return, suit commenced pr Bill of Discovery.

    1784: SC Deed Book L-5, 337-341: Lease and release, 3 & 4 Aug 1784, Bartlet Brown of Orangeburg District to William Dunbar and Robert Lark of same, for £200 SC money, two tracts: 550 acres granted 26 Aug 1774 granted to Bartlett Brown and 150 acres granted to John Shilling of an older date, both on Steel Creek waters of Savannah River. Bartlett Brown (LS). Wit: John Parkinson, A. Robinson. Proved in Orangeburgh District by the oath of John Parkinson 6 Aug 1784 before Wm. Robison, J.Q. Recorded 16 Aug 1784.

    1784: SC Deed Book L-5, 341-347: Lease and release, 3 & 4 Aug 1784, John Collins of Orangeburgh District to William Dunbar and Robert Lark of same, for £500 SC money, tract of 200 acres on Savannah River on the upper [i.e., northwest] side of Steel Creek. John Collins (LS), Wit: John Parkinson, A. Robison. Proved in Orangeburgh District by the oath of John Parkinson 6 Aug 1784 before Bartlett Brown, J.P. Recorded 16 Aug 1784. Barbara, wife of John Collins, relinquished dower 6 Aug 1784 before Wm. Robison, J.Q

    1785: Laurens Co SC Deed Book A, 298-299: 14 Oct 1785. Benjamin Brown the Legal Heirs (sic) of Bartlet Brown dec. (Berk Co., GA) to Abraham Gray (Ninety six Dist., Laurens Co.) for £60 Sterling sold all that Tract of land on South side of Enoree river formerly called Kings River, being part of a 600 acre Tract of North Patent land granted to Bartlet Brown, 11 May 1753, by Matthew Rowan Gov. of No. Carolina. Enrolled in Auditor Genl. Office 12 May 1753. Richd. Lyon Pro. Aud. and Recorded in Book No. R 11 May 1753, Jas. Munay Sec. Bounding N on said River, W by 40 acre Tract of John Lindsey purchased of said Brown being part of original grant, E by 100 acres of Andrew Cuningham also part of said Grant, S by line of old Tract. Being 160 acres of original grant. Witness Andrew Cuningham, John Lindsey, Henry Hambleton [Hammilton in one ref.]. Signed Benjamin Brown. Rec. 13 July 1786.

    1785: Laurens Co SC Deed Book A, 300-301: 14 Oct 1785. Benjamin Brown the Real [sic: Legal?] Heir of Bartlet Brown dec. (Berk Co., GA) to John Lindsey (Ninety Six Dist., Laurens Co.), for £20 Sterling sold all that Tract of land containing 40 acres, being a part of a 600 acre Survey North Patent, on south side of Enoree River. Border: said River, old line. Being the upper end of sd. Survey. And 15 acres of another Survey of 400 acres North Patent land, joining with the said 600 [acres] and bordering Enoree River formerly Kings River. Granted to Bartlet Brown by Matthew Rowan Governor of North Carolina 11 May 1753. Enrolled in the Auditor Genl. Office 12 May 1758. Witness Andrew Cuningham, Abraham Gray, Henry Hamilton. Signed Benjamin Brown. Rec. 13 July 1786.

    Pp. 251-254: South Carolina, Edgefield County: 11 & 12 Dec 1786, Benjamin Brown of Burk County, Georgia, to Bartlett & James Brown, brothers to said Benjamin Brown, for L 100... 540 acres in Winton County, near Matthews Bluff, adj. James Moore, the district line that divides Beaufort from Orangeburgh, granted to Bartlett Brown, 21 Jan 1785, who dying intestate, fell to his oldest son Benjamin Brown... Benjn Brown (LS), Wit: Jno Addison, Willm Brown. Proved by William Brown before W. Buford, J.P., Recorded 1 Jan 1791.


    Compiled by Elizabeth Willis DeHuff, 1964: In the Revolutionary Indents, Archives, Columbia, South Carolina is "Barlett Brown Sr. 10 days duty under Lieut Jacob Baxter at 10 shillings per day, October 7th 1776. #3894 "h"--Mr. Barlett, Brown 10 days Military Duty."

    In the Revolutionary Indents is an order signed by Barlett Brown stating: "Gentleman Please to deliver to Mr. John Priesley all the Indents Belonging to My Dec'd father Barlett. I having them for Value Rec:d this 15 day of May 1790. To John Edward and William Hart Esqs. Treasurers."




    SpouseNumber Name



    Compiled by Elizabeth Willis DeHuff, 1964

    Many things point strongly to the fact that James Wilson, of Orangeburgh Dist., South Carolina, died August 1784, married Sarah Brown, daughter of Bartlett Brown, about 1765:

    1, Bartlett Brown settled at Matthews Bluff "two miles below the mouth of the Three Runs" in 1762 with several children--in .1767, when. asking for a land in Georgia, he stated that he had 5 children and 11 slaves,,, and the father of James Wilson owned land on the Three Runs near the Savannah river, adjacent to land of Alexander Shaw, so James Wilson and Sarah Brown were near neighbors;

    2. James WiIson. owned land that orignally belonged to William Brown son of Bartlett Brown and recorded no deed of purchase;

    3. Bartlett Brown's mother was named Sarah;

    4. Bartlett Brown. was granted land on Brier Creek, Richmond County, Georgia in 1767 and in 1770 James Wilson owned a mill together with Stephen Smith--on nearby Beaver Dam Creek, without any record of how James Wilson acquired the land upon which the mill was erected; the son of James and Sarah Wilson married an O'Bannon, as did Tarleton Brown; as did James Jennings Wilson "cousin-ed" certain members of the Brown descendants, to whom he could not have been kin, unless the grandmother of James Jennings Wilson was a Brown. I am convinced that the Widow.:: Sarah Wilson whose husband James Wilson died in August 1784, was originally Sarah Brown, daughter of Bartlett Brown. The name Wilson Brown appears in several deeds In Barnwell County and in a list of names in the, Equity files in 1818. In Barnwell Plat Book 2, P 383 is the plot of a grnt to Sarah Way...warrant from Wilson Beown Esq. Commissioner of locations 5 August 1816; 438 acres on Indian Grave Branch and Pen Branch waters of Savannah river, bounded NW by land of Geo. R. Dunbar and "land said to be surveyed.for Stephen Smith;" SW by land belonging to Amos Way; SE by William Griffin and NE by Pen branch. All neighbors of James and Sarah Wilson.

    I shall quote extensively from the notes of the late Mrs, Harry Gordon, of Aiken, S.C., who was a descendant of Bartlett Brown and who spent years in research on her Brown ancestry. She found in Mrs. Nugent's "Cavaliers and, Pioneers," p 129: John Brown given land in Acconack Co. in 1642 for transporting self, wife Ursula, William Heath and wife. John Brown was in Northampton in 1652.

    She quotes from "The Browns of Albemarle Co., Virginia," by Lucy Brown McCrum assisted by Virginia Spotswood Licon: "See Dabnet's (Dabney) Library Universal Knowledge, Vol. XIII, p 826 (reprint of last Edinburg and London Edition): John Brown and his wife Miss Wilson were born in England and she probably died there as there is no record of her after he came to America." (Was not this a different John Brown from the one with wife Ursula?, E.DeH.)

    She corresponded in 1942 with John R. Brown, of Kokomo, Indiana, who was descended from Benjamin Brown, of Albemarle Co., Virginia, through Benjamin's son Bernis and Bernis' son Benjamin Thompson Brown. He gave the following as his family records; Ben jamin Brown married Sarah Thompson, daughter of Robert Thompson, and they had the following children:
    I. Benjamin, Jr. m Miss Jarmin
    2. William m Mary Ann Jarmin
    3. Bartlett moved to North Carolina
    4. Agnes never married
    5. Barzilla went to Kentucky
    6. Benajah m Mary Frances Jarmin
    7. Bernard m Mary Elizabeth Dabney (parents of
    Dr. Chas. Brown)
    8. Bernis m Henrietta Rhodes
    9. Bazaleel m Polly (Mary) Thompson
    10. Brightberry m Susan Thompson
    11, Elizabeth m John Price
    12. Lucretia m. Robert Harris

    In the records given above, of Mr. John Brown, of Kokono, Indiana, he states that Bartlett Brown moved to North Carolina from Albemarle Co., Virginia." Evidently, Barlett Brown did stop in North Carolina enroute to his final settlelment on the Savannah river, where he owned larnd on both sides of the river, in Burke County, Georgia, and in Barnwell County,South Carolina. This is shown by the following deed, dated in 1785:

    Benjamin Brown, grantor to Abraham Gray grantee: Conveyance by the "legal heirs of Barlett Brown, of the State of Georgia Berk (sic) county" to Abraham Gray of 96th District, Laurens County, South Carolina, covering 600 acres of land which was originally granted to Bartlett Brown, by Mathew Rowan Governor of North Carolina, situata on the South Side of Enore River, formerly called "King's River This conveyance, made in 1785. (Recorded in. Deed Book A, p 298, Office of Mesne Conveyances; Larens South Carolina,)

    Mrs. Cordon also found a tradition that "John Brown and his son Benjamin Brown came from England to Hanover County, Virginia, about 1700." (This seems to be another of the many instances in family traditions where several generations were skipped. E.DeH.).

    From my own findings: In Fleet's NORTHUMBRIA COLLECTINEA, Vol. I, P 71: Northumberland County,Orders #5. 1678-1713, Mr: George Eskridge granted 1000 acres for transporting Alexr. Browne, William Browne, Elizabeth Woole, Margaret Murfy and others
    From Mrs. Gordon's notes: Land was given in York County, July 1647, for transporting William Brown, Eliza Brown and Debora Brown ("Cavaliers & Pioneers", P. 169).

    King George County was cut from Richmond County In 1721 and also in 1721 Hanover County was cut from New Kent County'.

    In his will recorded in Richmond County, Virginia, March 12, 1676, William Browne names three sons: Willian, John and Maxfield and mentions the "rest of my children." Witnesses: Mallachy Peale and Peter (P) Butler. (Old Rappahannock Records, P31)

    In Index to Marriages of Old Rappahannock and Essex Counties (Virginia State Library) p 39 is listed: 1684, Elizabeth Brown Relict of William Brown ,married Evan Morgan, 0, 1, 53. The north part of Old Rappahannock County became Richmond County,Virginia. Page 9, 1689, John Armistead married Mary Brown, 0, 2, p 187. "O" stands for court Orders.

    The land of William Moss, in Richmond County, to be divided into two parts. First choice of 200 acres to be given to William Brown "as marrying, the eldest daughter of William Moss dec'd," l693. (Fleet Vol. 16, p 33, from Richmond Co., Va. Deed Bk. 2, P I)

    William Brown was a close neighbor of William and John Jennings in Richmond Co.

    John Browne, of Richmond Co., Va., on 10 Feby 1692/3, deeded to "my Brother William Browne" 30 acres of land, "being my part of a larger quantity purchased by my father William Browne from Adam Woffendall and John Phillips lying upon the main branch of Chingateague and binding upon the line of my Father Browne." Signed with "B" Witnesses: James Taylor and Sarah. (X) Berry. (Richmond Co., Bk. 1, p 72, from Fleet Vol. 16, p 23. This John was evidently a grandson of the Willian Browne who died in 1676 and son of Williarm Browne 2nd, since his "Father Brown" had, a (Iand) line in 1693. Hence William Browne 2nd had sons William 3rd and John Browne. This sale of land suggests that John moved elsewhere.

    Adam Woffendall "(Richmond Co. Deed Bk. 2, p. 142) deeded 100 acres in freshes of Rappa river" and in the deed reference is made to "Adam Woffendall and his wife Honoria,"
    1 March 1694/5. Honor was a daughter of John and Margaret Pryor Jennings. (See Jennings family)

    Adam Woffendall "of Richmond County" deeded to William Powell, on December, 29,1692 50 acres adjoining main branch of Chingateague " above John Easters plantation the line of William Marshall the line of Mr. Fran: Slaughter, Along the path of William Browne's corner tree." (Fleet Vol. 16, p 36, from Deed Bk. 2, p 12). One witness was James Taylor.

    On 3 April 1694,William Browne "of Richmond County." deeded to John Suttle, for 8000 lbs. of tobacco, 165 acres of land in St. Mary's Parish, part of a a tract of 744 acres formerly granted to my Father William Browne dec'd and to David White and William Balthrop, patent dated 3 March 1664. Daniel White sold his share to William Browne 20 August 1668 and the said 744 acres was patented by my Father Browne and Wm. Balthrop) patent 7 August 1669. The said Balthrop acknowled 495 acres of the sd 744 unto me the aforesaid William Browne & my brotherJohn Browne and my Brother Maxfield Browne The sd 165 acre being my proportional share, on East side of Chingateague swamp in the Parish and County aforesaid. The deed refers to William Brown's wife, but does not give her name. (Fleet, p 41, from Deed Bk. 2 p37). Witnesses: James Tayler & Adam Woffendall. Recorded 28june 1694, Signed William Brown.


    Series Number:
    S213184 Volume:
    00332 Item:

    Date: 1763/01/07




    Type: PLAT/

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    Father: BENJAMIN BROWN b: ABT 1695 in New Kent County, Virginia
    Mother: MISS HESCOTT b: ABT 1710

    Marriage 1 CATHERINE b: ABT 1726 in Virginia
    • Married: ABT 1754 in Albemarle County, Virginia
    1. Has Children Benjamin Brown b: 27 JAN 1756 in South Carolina
    2. Has No Children William Brown b: 5 OCT 1757 in South Carolina
    3. Has Children Bartlett Brown , Jr. b: ABT 1761 in South Carolina
    4. Has No Children John Brown b: ABT 1763 in South Carolina
    5. Has Children JAMES BROWN , Jr b: 23 SEP 1767 in South Carolina
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