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  • ID: I1
  • Name: Isham GRISSOM
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 1780 in South Carolina 1 1 2 3
  • Death: After 1860 in Lauderdale County, MS
  • Burial: 4
  • Note:
    DEATH: No record has been found showing the burial place for Ishan Gresham. It is only assumed that he is buried in the area of his last known residence.

    ] 1780
    Isham Gresham born [Craven Dist. South carolina. Father thought to be GreshamDavid David Gresham b. 1755 in Halifax County Virginia. Information regarding David's birth given by David in his application for a Revolutionary Was Pension.

    [David Gresham Rev. War Papers S16393.
    Published in GAWYSI vol 10 #2 pp52_55 Apr 1995]

    [2] 1790
    Census for David not found. Estimated census based on census of 1800'
    [Estimation by compiler Phyllis Grissom]

    1 male 16-35..........David Gresham Sr.
    1 male 0-6............ GreshamIsham Isham Gresham [Grissom]
    1 male 0-6............ GreshamJohn John Gresham
    1 male 0-6............ GreshamJames James Gresham
    1 male 10-16........ Gresham.David .David Gresham
    1 female 10-35
    1 female 0-6

    [This list is mere speculation. There is some doubt that David had a son named David. Some researchers believe that Isham is the oldest son. He would be the male 10_16 in 1790 Isham tells us he was born in 1780. Names for the sons were taken from the summary attached to the Rev. War Papers. See 1780 entry above.]

    1 male 26-45……….David Gresham Sr.
    1 male 16-26……….David Gresham Jr. {?}
    1 male 10-16……….Isham Gresham
    1 male 10-16……….John Gresham
    1 male 10-16……….James Gresham
    1 female 26-45……..unknown [believed to be the wife of David Gresham]
    I female 10-16
    1 female under 10
    1 female under 10
    1 female under 10

    [The names supplied are mere suppositions. The 1800 Census did not supply the names of children or of spouses. Other researchers believe that Isham Gresham was the eldest child born into this family]

    [4] 1810
    1809-1811 Jones County [Georgia] 1811
    Publisher. R. J. Taylor Jr. Foundation
    The Reprint Co. Spartanburg, South Carolina 1986

    Gresham David……….BA/wa……….1810……….308*
    Gresham Isham………. SA/wa……….1810……….308*

    NOTE David Gresham has moved from South Carolina to Baldwin County Georgia [later Baldwin County becomes Jasper County Georgia] sometime between 1800 and 1810. The above 1810 entry is the first known appearance of Isham Gresham. {There may be earlier entries but they have yet to be found by this group of researchers.} If David is born 1755, then he would have been between 45 and 55 when he made this move.
    Isham having been born around 1780 would have been 25 to 30 years old. This entry seems to tell us that at this time. Isham is living in the household of David Gresham. It also suggests a strong family tie between the two men. This groups of researchers strongly suspect that Isham Is David’s son.

    [5] 1812
    Robert Gresham born in South Carolina.
    He is found with his wife and children in a family cluster on the 1850 Kemper County Mississippi Census.
    He is born prior to Isham Gresham’s marriage to Elizabeth Marrasonne.

    [6] 1812
    Isham Gresham Ensign 357th District Co “C” [20 June 1812]
    1557 St. Joseph Ave.
    East point Ga. 3344

    NOTE: no other Isham Gresham has been found in this time frame. The cousins believe that this entry refers to The Isham Gresham of this timetable. In addition, they have found 4 references to an Isham Gresham having served in the War of, 1812. He is listed in THE INDEX TO THE GEORGIA VOLUNTEERS OF THE WAR OF 1812. He is listed not only as a Gresham but as Grissom as well. It is so noted in the document .

    [7] 1816
    Isham Gresham marries Elizabeth “Betsy” Merrosanne 4 July 1816. Richard Kennan J.P.
    JASPER COUNTY [GEORGIA] MARRIAGE BOOK pp343-328NOTE; If the birth date is correct, Isham Gresham is 36 years old at the time of this marriage. Could this have been a second marriage for Isham?

    [8] 1817
    7 Feb 1817 called to appear before superior court over minor differences: Isham Gresham,; James Gresham; BentonJonathan Jonathan Benton, and McClean.Allen Allen Maclean. Defendant Mclane Allen Allen Mclane and also served John Gresham, David Gresham.

    [9] 181721 July 1817-=between James Gresham of Jasper County [Georgia] and PowerFrancis Francis Power of same….for $267.50, ¼ tract of 202 ½ acres, part of lot 45 on waters of Murder Creek, wit: Isham Gresham, PowerRobert Robert Power, signed James Gresham LS…rec. 1817 4 Aug. John Willis, J.P .jasper county Georgia deed books Drawer 36, Boxes 26-28 8/57

    10] 1817
    An Isham Gresham was in Wilkes County Georgia. Notation was found on a loose sheet in the Gregg papers. No source was found for this entry.

    [11] 1817
    David Gresham is born. He is found living near Isham Gresham in Mississippi. Naming patterns suggest that this David is named for Isham’s father. [If indeed David Gresham b 1755 is Isham’s father.]

    [12] 1818
    James Gresham is born. This James is the great-grand father of Royce Stringer and Cecil Grissom. Royce and Cecil are two of the cousins who are putting together a history of the descendants of Isham Gresham. They have reason to believe that this James is a son of Isham Gresham.[See biography and time line for James Grissom]

    [13 1818

    “not endowed with happy intellect to son William support for life”
    Friends named in this will were; James Brown, Gilbert Hay and Isham Gresham.
    Will book 1818 – 1819 p78
    EARLY RECORDS OF GEORGIA Vol. 1 Wilkes County p96
    Abstracted Grace Gillian Davidson [Mrs. John Lee]
    Published 1933 Reprinted by Rev. Lucas 1968

    [14] 1819
    William Gresham is born. This William is the great grand father of Katherine Grissom Gregg who with her brothers began the search for the roots of this branch of the Grissom family. Katherine has opened her files to her cousins Royce Stringer and Cecil Grissom

    [15] 1820
    Jasper County Georgia Census for 1820
    Page 256

    John Gresham……….over 40
    Isham Gresham over 26 under 45
    [Isham Gresham would be about 40 at this time.
    1 male ………………..over 10 under 16……….David Grissom [b 1817]
    1 male over 10 under 16………James Grissom [b 1818
    1 male over 10 under 16 William Grissom [ b 1819]
    I female over 26 under 45 Elizabeth Marrasonne
    NOTE The Census of 1820 did not contain any name other than the head of the household. By comparing dates on later census records , the birth order for these children can be estimated. Notice David Grissom was born in 1817 . He would have been about three years old at this time, He would have been listed as under 10. James Grissom being born in 1818 should also have been listed as under 10. The same is true for William Grissom. He is born in 1819 William is listed as being born in 1819 on his tomb stone. If this date is correct, then William is not the 3rd child listed. Could it be that Robert is the first child followed by David and James. Their birth order appears to be correct.. It would seem that these 3 sons should all be listed as under 10 rather than over 10. The marriage date for Isham and Elizabeth is 1 July 1816. It would seem that no child would be over 10 unless from a previous marriage.

    1820 Census Continuedp242
    1 male over 16 under 45……….James Gresham p196
    1 male over 26 under 45 John Gresham Jr.p214
    1 male over 45 David Gresham
    NOTE Since no other David Gresham has been found in this time frame. It is assumed that this David is the Revolutionary War veteran, the David Gresham believed to be the father of Isham Gresham Isham Gresham and Isham Grissom are assumed to be the same person
    [16] 1820
    Land Lottery of 1820 Jasper County Georgia

    Name military district lot Section county

    David Gresham Bentleys 19 3 Habersham
    David Gresham Bartlets 189 10 Irwin
    Isham Gresham Bartlets 105 4 Walton

    Robert Scott David

    NOTE WAYFARERS IN WALTON “History of Walton County, Georgia 1818-1967 by Anita B Sams also lists Isham Gresham. The entry reads
    “.....In the 1820 lottery drawing for land in the newly formed county named Walton, these were distributed 250 acre lots” The lot number Is 105 [see above] Isham’s residence is shown as Jasper County. The land was granted 24 Jan 1821. David Gresham’s two parcels are not mentioned in this entry..

    [17] 1822
    Arena Gresham, is the first daughter born into this family. She will marry Joshua Hammond Hinton . He will appear on the 1839 Tax Rolls f or Lauderdale County Mississippi. He appears with Isham / Arena’s older brother James Gresham will marry Joshua Hammond Hinton’s sister, Sarah Hinton. Arena Gresham is a great aunt of the three cousins; Royce Stringer, Catherine Gregg and Cecil Grissom.

    [18] 1822
    27 Aug. between David Grisham and Chas. Eagerton, both of Jasper County Georgia….$1000…….100acres on Murder Creek, adj. Land of Benj. Lockhart, Carmichael and Wm. Grisham. Wm. Pearson, 15th dist. Wit:…Isham Gresham, Mat Whitfield, JIC signed David Gresham [his mark]

    [19] 1825
    John Gresham is born. He appears on the 1850 Lauderdale County Mississippi Census. Very little is known about him. He is reported living with someone named Tippee Carue [sp. not certain] If this is an Indian name, John may have acquired an Indian wife. He may have moved westward into Indian Territory. There are family tales of an Indian connection

    [20] 1829
    Adeline Gresham in born. The family is still in Georgia. Adeline appears on the 1850 Kemper County Mississippi Census.

    NOTE In the 1820 Census, this family is in Jasper County Georgia. By 1830 The family has moved to Troup County Georgia. Both Isham and David make this move.. In his deposition [5 16393] David declares
    “……………from thence to Jasper County [Ga.]
    from thence to Pike County [Ga.]
    and from thence to Troup County [Ga.]
    David does not move directly to Troup County from Jasper County. It is not known if Isham made all of the same moves. Isham may have move to Pike County with David or gone ahead To Troup County. There may be records in Pike County circa 1822-1830 for either David [Sr.] or his son [?] Isham Gresham there appears to be a very strong bond between David and Isham Gresham. A bit of folklore that has passed down through the generation, sadly told, “The family had to leave the 3 old folks behind for they wee too old for the long trip to Mississippi.”…Told by Isham Gresham’s great grand son William “Bill” Grissom [b1880]There may be another reason for the members of the family fleeing Troup County Georgia. A daughter of David’s appears to have been committed to an insane asylum. This incident may go far explaining why David returns to Pike County and Isham moves to Mississippi..[seeWilliam son of David]

    [21] 1830

    Captain Pipers DistrictPage 54
    1 male……….over 30 under 40…….…[Isham Gresham b 1780 age 50]
    1 male……….over 10 under 15….……[.David Gresham b 1817 age 13]
    1 male……….over 10 under 15….……[James Gresham b 1818 age 14]
    1 male……….over 6 under 10……….[William Gresham b 1819 age 09]
    1 male……….under 5…………………[John Gresham b 1825 age 4or 6]
    1 female…….over 30 under 40………..[Elizabeth Marrasonne age unknown]
    1 female…….over 10 under 15………. [Arena Gresham b 1822 age 8]
    1 female…….under 5………..…….…. [Elizabeth “Betsy” b 1831 age 9]
    1 female…….under 5………..…….…..[Adeline b 1829 age 5]

    Birthrate designation in this Census does not always agree with ages given in later Census data. The Birth designation of “under” for Elizabeth and Adeline Gresham need further verification. This could have been a mistake in listing the girls in the wrong column.
    The TALBERT LETTER give an 1831 birth date for Amanda . If the date is correct Amanda was born after the Census was taken in August.
    The names added to this chart did not appear on the Census Roll. The only name recorded in 1830 was Isham Gresham as head of house hold. Phyllis Grissom added the other names. She used data taken from later Census records.

    David and his wife are not living in the same dwelling as Isham. They are close by.
    1 male……….over 70 under 80……..[David Gresham b 1755 age 80]
    1 female…….over 60 under 70………[unknown wife of David’s]
    1 female…….under 5……………… ..[ This child is unknown]

    Loose sheets in the Gregg files place a Hinton Family in the 180th District Wilkes County Georgia Census pp317-318. This may be the Hinton Family that is related to the Isham Gresham Family.

    22] 1773-1833
    Isom Grisham’s name appears in print briefly in a Wilkes County Georgia document. The document is undated. It could be earlier than 1810. Baldwin County Georgia reference taxes assessed cited earlier.[See Entry # 1810 The current reference could be pinpointed with further research/
    [Isom Grisham, this is our Isham Gresham] signed a petition to the Governor [of Ga.] along with several dozen other persons. ”That fines be refunded to Robert Mills and Elijah Clark. That prosecutor’s witness was unreliable” [the exact nature of the fines in not spelled out in the book]

    [23] 1831
    Elizabeth “Betsy” Gresham is born. The family apparently is still living in Troup County Georgia.. Her birth place is given as Georgia in later Census records. She appears on the 1850 KEMPER COUNTY MISSISSIPPI CENSUS living in a Gresham household with her mother, Elizabeth and her sisters Adeline.
    Elizabeth Marrasonne [Gresham] will be found in later records living in the homes of both Elizabeth Grissom [Murray] and Arena Grissom [Hinton] and other of her children near by.

    [24] 1832
    Amanda Gresham [Coats] is born in Georgia. She appears on the 1850 LAUDERDALE COUNTY MISSISSIPPI CENSUS in the household #703, the home of Joshua Hinton and Arena Gresham. In 1850 Amanda was 19 years old.

    [25] 1837 Sarah Ann Grisham [Brown] is born in Georgia. She appears in the household of her brother William Grisham. In the 1850 LAUDERDALE COUNTY MISSISSIPPI CENSUS. ROLL #375 [l24 no house number] Sarah Ann is listed as 12 years old
    The letter to Katherine Greg Nov3, 1986 from Mary S. Talbert confirms Amanda and Sarah Ann as daughters of Isham and Elizabeth. Elisabeth’s surname has been translated into Maloney.

    [26] 1838
    Isham Grisham appears for the 1st time in the Mississippi records. He is found on the LAUDERDALE COUNTY MISSISSIPPI TAX ROLLS for 1838 “one poll tax .371/2”.It would seem that Isham had been in the State for a period of time.

    27] 1839sham Grisham appears again on the LAUDERDALE COUNTY MISSISSIPPI TAX ROLLS for the nest year of 1839. This is at the least, the second year that Isham has been residing in Mississippi. This time he is taxed for “one poll” David Grison and Joshua Hinton also appear.

    The above David is thought to be Isham Gresham’s son [see the entry for David Grissom]. Joshua Hinton is the husband of Arena Grisham. [see the entry for Arena Grissom]

    [28] 1840
    David Grissom appears on the LAUDERDALE COUNTY MISSISSIPPI TAX ROLLS for the year 1840. No notation for Isham Gresham by any spelling was found. There is no notation for Joshua Hinton to be found either. Perhaps these two have gone back to Georgia, leaving David to look after things
    [29] 1841 Elison Grissom is born in Ms. He is found on the 1850 KEMPER COUNTY MISSISSIPPI CENSUS . It lists an Elison Grissom as 9 yeas old in 1850. His birth place is given as Mississippi. If Elizabeth Marrasonne is his mother, she was in her early 50s around the time of his birth .If Isham Gresham is his father, he was in or nearing his 60s when Elison came along. Elison fades from the records. He may have died young or he may belong back in Georgia.
    NOTE there follow3s tax records for David, William, and James Grissom. No further tax notations have been found for Isham Grissom

    [30] 1846-1852

    Isham Grissom is listed on page 571
    Isham Grissom is listed on page 552

    Royce Stringer is researching these entries and the many other citations for other family members.
    Isham’s appearance on the records place him in Mississippi during the 1840. Elision’s birth given as 1841 suggests that other members of the family had moved to Mississippi by this date.

    31] 1850

    Dwelling 6 Robert Grisham…..38 b South Carolina [and his family]
    Dwelling 7 James Grissom……32 b Georgia…[and his family]
    Dwelling 8 John Gresham 65 b Georgia
    Elizabeth . 60 b Georgia
    Adeline……………21 b Georgia
    Elizabeth………….19. b Georgia
    Elison………………9 b Mississippi

    The birth date of this john and this Elizabeth seem to correspond to the birth years of Isham and Elizabeth Marrasonne. The two girls Adeline and Elizabeth appear with Elizabeth [age60] in later records. There is an Elizabeth who is living with her children in Smith and Jones Counties in Mississippi. No other record is found for a John Gresham of this age and in this family cluster

    [32] 1850-1860
    During this 10 year span, 5 children of Isham and Elizabeth depart the Kemper-Lauderdale County area and settle near each other in the Tri-county [Jasper, Jones and Smith Counties ] area of Mississippi. Other children remain . Isham also stays behind.

    [33] 1860
    Lauderdale County Mississippi Census for 1860 finds Isham Gresham living beside David Grissom. Isham is 80 yrs old [325/321 & 334/320
    Comparing the census records for 1850 and 1860 in Kemper, Lauderdale, and the Tri-County area of Jasper, Jones and Smith counties the movement of the family can be seen.

    1850 CENSUS 1860
    [1] Robert Grissom* *
    [2] David Grisso
    m * *
    [3] James Grisso
    m *
    [4] William Grisso
    m *
    [5] Arena Grisso
    m *
    [6] John Grissom* *
    [7] Adeline Grisso
    m *
    [8] Elizabeth Grisso
    m * *
    [9] Amanda Grissom * *
    [10] Sarah Grissom * *

    [12] Elison Grissom*
    [*] Isham Gresha
    m *
    [*] Elizabeth his wif
    e * * 5
  • Reference Number: 1 6 6

    Father: David GRESHAM b: 15 Jun 1755 in County Of Halifax, VA.
    Mother: Elizabeth

    Marriage 1 Elizabeth MERRASONE (MALONEY?) b: Abt 1795 in GA, USA
    • Married: 4 Jul 1816 in Jasper Co GA
    1. Has Children Robert GRISSOM b: 1812
    2. Has Children David GRISSOM b: 1817 in Jasper Co GA
    3. Has Children James GRISSOM b: Abt 1818 in GA, USA
    4. Has Children William GRISSOM b: 7 Dec 1819 in GA, USA
    5. Has Children Arena GRISSOM b: 1822 in GA, USA
    6. Has No Children John GRISSOM b: 1825 in GA, USA
    7. Has No Children Adeline GRISSOM b: 1829 in GA, USA
    8. Has Children Elizabeth GRISSOM b: 1831 in GA, USA
    9. Has Children Amamda GRISSOM b: 1 Aug 1831 in GA, USA
    10. Has No Children Sarah GRESHAM b: 1837 in GA, USA
    11. Has No Children Ellison GRISSOM b: 1842

    1. Abbrev: www://
      Title: www://
      Author: Mary jane Steinhagen
      The David mention above had issue. It is believed that Isham Gresham was his son. Isham left Ga and migrated to Ms,[tax rolls 1838] He is found both in Kemper Co. and Lauderdale Co,
      Note: lits Isham as a probable child of David.
    2. Abbrev: GAWYSI Vol X 1995
      Title: GAWYSI Vol X 1995
      Author: Carol Grisham Byrom
      • Abbrev: GAWYSI vol X #2 1995 pp52-66
        Title: GAWYSI vol X #2 1995 pp52-66
        Author: Carol Gresham Byrom
        Publication: newsletter Vol X #2 1995
        Isham Gresham appears to have been the son of David Gresham. He is found living with or near by David until he departs Ga and moves to Kemper county Ms.
        • Abbrev: 1880 Lauderdale Co Ms. Census
          Title: 1880 Lauderdale Co Ms. Census
          Note: There is no listing for an Isham Grissom It is assumed that he passed away
        • Abbrev: A Grissom Family History
          Author: phyllis norman grissom
        • Abbrev: 1860 Lauderdale Co Ms Census
          Title: 1860 Lauderdale Co Ms Census
          Isham Grissom is found living beside David Grissom. Isham is 80 years old. The entry shows the two households as 335/321 and 334/320. David's age est abt 63
          Note: Gives age as abt 80 years old

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