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  • ID: I2589
  • Name: John MOULDER
  • Given Name: John
  • Surname: Moulder
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 1733 in ,Prussia
  • Death: 27 MAR 1810 in Maynardsville,Union,Tennessee,USA
  • Burial: ,Union,Tennessee,USA
  • Ancestral File #: S3KH-PG
  • LDS Baptism: 8 SEP 1984 Temple: NUKUA
  • Endowment: 31 OCT 1984 Temple: NUKUA
  • Sealing Child: 16 MAR 1994 Temple: BOISE
  • Note:
    !BIRTH-DEATH: Family records of Eleanor Burt, Kansas City, MO.[Death month:Mar]
    MARRIAGE:Tennessee Grainger Co Marriage Bonds, by B.W. Kennerly; p
    10.[FILE: DOC. MOL 2]
    BIRTH-MARRIAGE-DEATH-BURIAL: Ancestral File 4.13 [Death month: May.]
    BIRTH-MARRIAGE: IGI 3.02--Germany; Individual & Marriage Searchs; LDS
    ORDINANCES: B. & E. & SS; Batch #F846672; Film #1395759; Sheet #21; NUKUA Tem.
    BIRTH: IGI Addendum 3.04--Germany; Individual Search; LDS Ordinances: SP; Film
    #1903870; BOISE Temple.
    NOTE: IGI 3.02 has MARRIAGE date as 1733 and place as Germany.
    (Must have confused marriage date with birth date in 1733.)
    Ancestral File has MARRIAGE date as 1755.

    RESIDENCES: Prussia/Germany; PA; NC; TN. (E. Burt)

    John; Johannes.

    ADDRESS: Eleanor Burt; 11403 Norton; Kansas City, MO; 64137.
    Georgene Humphries; 616 E Ave C; Jerome, ID; 83338. [Ancestral File

    OCCUPATION: Saddler; Cobbler. [Eleanor Burt]
    NOTE: He may have been born in Corsica. (Ibid.)

    NOTE: John was either of German or Teutonic origin and spoke English poorly. He
    came to America 1740-50 and settled near Philadelphia. Before the Revolutionary
    War he migrated to NC and settled on Yadkin River in Rowan County. His father
    may have been named "Henry Mohler."
    Family Group Sheet sources, Eleanor Burt
    [FILE: DOC. MOL 1]

    NOTE: Iva Hill; Springfield, Missouri says he died in Grainger Co, TN,
    [FILE: DOC. PEN 11, page 1]

    NOTE: Source for the Moulder family: MOULDER'S RECORD OF THE MOULDER FAMILY OF
    AMERICA, written and published by George Chester Moulder; Lebanon, Missouri;
    1933. FHLC Microfiche #6017757. Excerpts (7 pages) from this book in FILE:
    [DOC. MOL 8] Fiche in Caldwell Family History Center, Caldwell, Idaho.

    From the above mentioned source by George Chester Moulder I quote the

    "...preparation of this book would not have been possible without
    the...cooperation of George B. Moulder of Nashville, Tenn, and the many other
    descendants of the Moulder family.
    "We start this work with the birth of John Moulder 1733, he came to America
    about 1740 or 1750, with his brothers Lewis and Valentine, first settling near
    Philadelphia, Pa. His wife was Susannah (Susa) Swingle. She and her sister when
    children were decoyed into a ship and brought across the Ocean, and she was
    sold to John Moulder for her passage. She could sholder a two bushel bag of
    wheat and she had no trouble in catching and overpowering her husband John,
    when he came mome intoxicated and un-ruly. John emigrated from Pennsylvania
    with his brothe Valentine and settled in Rowan County, North Carolina, before
    the Revolutionary War. Here raised a family of eight children all whom married
    there. John sold his farm in Rowan County, North Carolina to Vincent Gardner in
    1795, and moved with his son Felta to Granger (now Union) County, Tenn., he
    died May 17 1810. His grave is located on what is not the Jesse Butcher farm
    three miles North of Maynardsville, Union County, Tenn., gravestone and markers
    well preserved. His wife Susannah died in 1833. She is buried by her husband
    John. Their descendants are listed through the following pages.
    Geo. C. Moulder"

    The Moulder Family, by George Chester Moulder

    "The genealogy and record of the Moulder, Moler, Molder, Muller family is not
    complete buy is made up mostly from family records. George B. Moulder of
    Nashville, Tenn, in his younger days took a great interest in our family
    history and I believe ran it back as far as it will ever ho in authentic
    history, without a great lot of hard work and expense. I have spent no little
    time and money in trying to connect our family with the Moulder families of
    Pennsylvania and Ohio, but up to the present time have been unsuccessful, but I
    believe we are all related and are of the same tribe.
    "I have a record of Conrad Moulder who was born in Germany and came to
    America in 1855, settling in northern Ohio near Cleveland. This family have no
    record of any other member of the family coming with him. They say their name
    was originally spelled Molder. This family knows very little concerning their
    " The Pennsylvania branch of the Moulder family came to America in the early
    seventeen hundreds. Descendants of this family say that as frar back as they
    have been able to go in family history, the name has always been spelled
    Moulder. They sat the supposition is that their descent was either Welch or
    German. This branch of the Moulder family homed for generations in and around
    Markus Hook, Penn. They have only been able to go back in family history to
    William H. Moulder of 1798. They have a record of Benjamin and William Moulder
    living about Chester, Penn in 1774 and they think one of them is the father of
    William Moulder of 1798. Geo. Turner of Omaha, Nebr., a grandson of William H.
    Moulder of 1798, says 'that he remembers hearing his grandfather Moulder say
    his father's name was Benjamin and that, in the genealogy of the Turner family,
    there is mentioned a Benjamin Moulder in connection with the settlement of the
    estate of Paul Stern in 1772. [George Turner is a descendent of the Stern
    family on his mother's side] and believes that the Benjamin Moulder shown on
    the old Robert Moulder record on page 8 A, (the grandson Benjamin of Robert) is
    the father of Wm H. Moulder 1798. If this proves to be correct, the
    Pennsylvania branch of the Moulder family will be able to trace their ancestors
    back to the 16th century.
    "As to the Origin of the Moulder family, I have nothing more to offer other
    than what George B. Moulder of Nashville, Tenn., has to sat. The following
    paragraph taken from his family tree of which he is the author. 'As to the
    Origen of the Moulder family, the best authority I have is vested in some old
    letters now in my possession. One was written in 1883, by Geo. W. Moulder of
    Missouri, born 1799, the first grandson of the Original John by Felta. The
    letter in part says" you inquire after the origin of our people. I can only
    speak from what I reccolect hearing the Old Folks concerning their native
    Country. On father's side Grandfather (John) was a Prussian, and Grandmother
    was a Swiss.They came to this country when children." Another letter by the
    same writer says Grandfather (John) claimed he was born on the island of
    Corsica in the Mediterranean Sea. He called himself a Corsican or Corsac. I
    think he was of Russian or Italian origin" I also have a letter written in 1885
    by John Moulder (born 1801) of Indiana. He was the first grandson of the
    original John by Jacob. The letter says, "My grandfathers name was John Moulder;
    his wife's name was Susannah. They were born in Germany."
    "I will also quote what Jacob Moulder of 1838 the father of Geo. B. Moulder
    of 1869 has to say concerning the genealogy of the Moulder family. This was
    written by him May 7, 1897.
    The Moulders are of teutonic descent the ancient orthography being Muller,
    Mohlar, Molder and then Moulder. John Moulder and his wife Susan crossed the
    Ocean about 1760. He leaving behind his sister Meta whose romantic adventures
    with the great musician Chrofstock has found a place in history. One of the
    brothers Otford Muller who was a great musician remained in Germany. As already
    stated, John and Susan crossed the water settled first in North Carolina and
    finally in Tenn., twenty four miles north of Knoxville and died there. His
    widow Susan survived him many years and my uncle David Evans remembers her very
    distinctly. They are now sleeping side by side at the old family burying place
    at the farm now owned my Nelson Yeadon near Traswell, Tenn. They had sons
    Jacob, Felta or Valentine, and Henry. The family of Jacob migrated northward
    through Ohio and Indiana. I have never seen any of his descendants. Henry
    crossed the Mississippi at or near Memphis and peopled Arkansas. I have seen
    three disticnt branches of his family. Samuel having settled near Carthage,
    Tenn. They are just like the Moulders in feature and faculyt. Felta or
    Valentine remained near the old homestead was a Justice of the Peace for forty
    years and a very popular Baptist preacher "see his name in Benedicts history of
    the Baptists 1848." He was drowned in the Clinch River Tenn., in 1826. He was
    in the water lodged upon a grape-vine still alive for twelve days before the
    body was found and was buried at the high water mark in obenience to the then
    Eistenge law.
    " In 1878 I made a pilgrimage to fatherland and saw the graves of John and
    his wife Susan also that of my Grandfather Felta at Sharps Chapel, Tenn.,
    Grandfather Felta's wife, Levina, was a Penn. She servived he husband twenty
    seven years but her agony of suspense ofer the loss of her husband demented her
    mind and she remained partially through harmlessly deranged until her death.
    She was not buried beside her husband but at the cemetry "now a very large one"
    at the old homestead of Valentine Moulder, three miles North of Maynardsville,
    Tenn., A State road runs over my grandfathers grave. Mrs. Sharp who knew the
    location came very near failing to find it. I found both grave stones, that of
    the foot being six inches below the surface while the head stone was invisible.
    I did not replace but I set a stone four feet high at the head with his name
    roughly carved on it. Grandfather Felta's wife, Levina, was a direct descendant
    of William Penn. They left twelve children six girls, Sallie, Polly, Susan,
    Vina, Bettie, and Sallie six boys George W, Felta, John, Rufus, my father,
    Jacob and Silas. The first second fourth and sixth migrated to Camden County,
    Missouri in an early day where they propogated a numerous progeny many of which
    being of wealth and influence. All the girls married in Tenn., We have a swarm
    of relatives there who are able and are willing to entertain relations and who
    are proud of their noble ancestry."
    "George B. Moulder of Nashville Tenn., who is authority on the Moulder
    family, has expressed the opinion that from the information available Valentine
    Moulder of 1735 a brother of John our ancestor died without issue. But I find a
    Valentine Moulder listed in the 1790 census of North Carolina, and the list is
    as follows: Salisbury district, Surrey County. Valentine Moler as follows: One
    male over sixteen, two males under sixteen, one female. This census also shows
    Henry Molder the oldest son of John Moulder of 1733 and the family of John
    Moulder our ancestor. John of 1733 and his sons John and Henry were in this
    district with Valentine of 1735 at this time. From the above information
    Valentine Moulder must have had a family. We understand that Valentine Moulder
    of 1735 was killed while riding a horse race near Salisbury N.C.
    "Lewis Moulder a brother of John of 1733 and Valentine of 1735 was left in
    Penn., when John and Valentine emigrated from there to North Carolina, and
    communication with him was lost.

    "Our name has been spelled many different ways until in the fall of 1816 when
    Jacob Moulder of 1775 migrated from North Carolina to Indiana. He stopped two
    weeks in Tenn., to visit his brothers Henry and Felta at that time the name
    MOULDER was definitely adopted. This information came from George B. Moulder of
    Nashville, Tenn., in a letter which in part says ' I corresponded with the
    family of Facob of Indiana for a year or two but could never claim kin. So, in
    1897 I went to see them. There was a large family boasting their ancestry and
    anxious to take me in, but nobody knew how. They claimed to hail from North
    Carolina and knew nothing about the Tenn., Moulders. Then I had to trace our
    family back to North Carolina, I finally went to see an old man at Russiaville
    Indiana. I knew as soon as I saw him that he was pure stock. His name was John
    Moulder and he was past ninety years old. Said his father's name was Jacob
    Moulder and his Grandfather was John Moulder, a German. That he was born in
    Orange County North Carolina in 1805 and migrated with his father in a covered
    wagon to Orange County Indiana in 1816. As they passed over the mountains in
    East Tenn., they camped several days in the woods while his father went to
    visit his people how had moved from North Carolina, some years before. When his
    father returned to camp two men came with him and staid several days. Their
    names he could not remember but thought that it was Felta and John. From
    information this old man gave and from facts I gathered in East Tenn., I am
    convinced that at this reunion in 1816 the name Moulder was definitely adopted
    by those present.
    "Previously the name had been spelled in different ways. Henry the older
    brother had already moved away never to return. That accounts for his family
    never spelling the name like the rest of us. John was also gone and I believe
    his family spelled the name Moler.
    "In another paragraph of this same letter he also says that he located grave
    of Felta and also the grave of old John. The inscription on the tomb or rather
    limestone slab reads: John Mohllar Sr. died in 1810 in the 77th year of his
    age. He learned that the tombstone was put there by Geo. W. Moulder who took
    care of the old folks in their last days and later moved to Missouri in 1837.
    "The writer believes from the information given by Geo. B. Moulder and by
    talking with people that personally knew Geo. W. Moulder I am satisfied that
    the inscription there on the stone as Geo. B. Moulder found it (Mohllar) must
    have been the original way our name was spelled. George W. Moulder was a man
    who did everything with the utmost care and exactness. Therefore I believe the
    inscription as found and placed there by George W. Moulder to be correct."
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    Father: Benjamin MOULDER b: ABT 1708 in Of,Prussia
    Mother: Mrs Benjamin MOULDER b: ABT 1712 in Of,Prussia

    Marriage 1 Susannah SWINGLE b: ABT 1737 in ,Prussia
    • Married: ABT 1763 in ,Pennsylvania,USA
    • Sealing Spouse: 2 MAR 1983 in PROVO
    1. Has Children John MOULDER b: ABT 1766 in ,Rowan,North Carolina,USA
    2. Has Children Henry MOULDER b: 1768 in ,Rowan,North Carolina,USA
    3. Has No Children Susan MOULDER b: ABT 1769 in ,Rowan,North Carolina,USA
    4. Has No Children Elizabeth MOULDER b: ABT 1770 in ,Rowan,North Carolina,USA
    5. Has No Children Mary MOULDER b: ABT 1771 in ,Rowan,North Carolina,USA
    6. Has Children Catherine MOULDER b: ABT 1772 in ,Rowan,North Carolina,USA
    7. Has Children Jacob MOULDER b: 2 APR 1775 in Salem,Rowan,North Carolina,USA
    8. Has Children Valentine Felta MOULDER b: 25 OCT 1776 in Salem,Orange,North Carolina,USA
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