Tate, Taylor, and Southern Families

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  • ID: I09400
  • Name: Abraham Taylor
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: ABT 1638 in England
  • Death: ABT DEC 1692 in Accomack Co VA
  • Note:
    In Oct 1664, Capt. Edmund Bowman was awarded 1200 acres in Accomack Co for the transportation of 24 people to the colony of Virginia. Among this group were "Abra. Taylour and Deborah Catchmee." (Nugent, 455) Patents were often awarded several years after the arrival of the transported persons. This entry shows that Abraham and Deborah arrived prior to Oct 1664 and that they probably knew each other back in England. There is also a record of the transportation of Abraham Taylour by John Ellsey by 1660. (Nugent, 405) This may be Abraham arriving earlier before a trip back to England to get Deborah.

    There is a christening record for a Deborah Catchmie, daugther of Thomas Catchmie, on Aug 26 1644 at Bishops Cannings parish in Wiltshire. With such a unique name and with a christening date so close to an estimated birth year of c1642 for the Deborah in Virginia, it is very possible that the christening record in England is for the Deborah who married and lived in Virginia. (IGI, Batch P014381)

    At this time, Northampton County included all of present day Accomack County. Abraham Taylor and Deborah Ketchme married at Hungar's Parish in Northampton County in 1660. (Marshall, 68) So, they actually arrived in Virginia prior to Nov 1660. There are 4 known sons in the family, but no known daughters. However, it would have been unusual for the couple to have only 4 children, so perhaps there were daughters whose names we do not know. The ages of the sons are known because they gave depositions with their ages in 1688.

    In 1663, Accomack County was separated from Northampton County and the family records are found in the new county.

    Where did Abraham and Deborah live from 1660 until 1674 when Abraham bought his first land? Perhaps they were tenants, renting land. In 1663, Abraham was included in the list of tithables with 4 tithes. (McKey, Vol 1, 39) Since his sons were too young to be taxed, this means that he had adult working men in his household. At the Nov 10 1663 Accomack County Court, "William Browne confessed to stealing from Abraham Taylor." The Court ordered that Brown "be committed to the custody of the sheriff and have 25 lashes well applied upon his naked shoulders." (McKey, Vol 1, 42)

    Abraham was not included in the 1664 tithable list, but he was included in the Dec 1664 list of men who were fined for failing to provide powder and shot for the militia. (McKey, Vol 1, 106-107) Abraham does appear again in the 1665 tithe list as "Abram Taylor" with 2 tithables. (McKey, Vol 1, 128)

    In May 1669, Abraham served on a jury. (McKey, Vol 2, 161) At the same Court, Abraham admitted that he owed Thomas Teackle 270 lb of tobacco with the court ordering the payment plus court costs. The Court also found that "Abram Tayler" had sold Thomas Teackle "a piece of cloth that proved rotten," so Taylor was ordered to take the cloth back and pay court costs. (McKey, Vol 2, 162, 164, 165)

    In July 1671, Abraham served on a jury. (McKey, Vol 3, 4) He was included in the 1671 tithe list with 1 tithe. (McKey, Vol 3, 23)

    In 1674, Abraham Taylor bought 250 acres in A33 in Accomack Co VA from John and Jane Brookes. (Whitelaw, 698; McKey, Vol 4, 84) Abraham was included in the 1674 tithe list with 1 tithe. (McKey, Vol 4, 71) In January 1674/5, Abraham was appointed as one of the appraisers for the cattle of Nicholas Rogers. (McKey, Vol 4, 87) Abraham had one tithe in the 1675 tithe list. (McKey, Vol 4, 140)

    In July 1676, Abraham served on a jury and had one tithe in the 1676 tithe list. (McKey, Vol 5, 10, 14, 27) The 1677 tithe list shows Abraham still with one tithe. (McKey, Vol 5, 49)

    In April 1677, Deborah gave evidence in Court. (McKey, Vol 5, 38) Sometime after this date but before 1686, Deborah died. Abraham and Deborah had 4 sons who are known from the court records. Probably there were also daughters whose names are unknown. In Nov 1677, Abraham made a deposition about an incident concerning Jane Willis and Ann Ewell. (McKey, Vol 5, 62) In Jan 1678, Abraham served on a jury. (McKey, Vol 5, 81)

    At the August 1678 Court, Abraham Taylor gave his age as "about 40 years" and made a deposition which he signed with a circle with a vertical mark through it. (McKey, Vol 6, 6) Abraham is listed in 1678 with one tithe. (McKey, Vol 6, 11)

    In 1678, Abraham bought 374 acres in A34 from William White. (Whitelaw, 699) In March 1679, Taylor and Bartholomew Mears were among the appraisers of the estate of John Devenish. (McKey, Vol 6, 41) In May 1679, Abraham's name was mentioned concerning the estate of Francis Gunby. (McKey, Vol 6, 50) Abraham served on the grand jury for 1679. (McKey, Vol 6, 62) Abraham was a tithable again in 1679. (McKey, Vol 6, 68)

    In July 1681, the estate of Francis Gunby brought suit against Abraham. (McKey, Vol 6, 166) This suit about the sale of a horse was continued to August 1681, November 1681, December 168, February 1682, March 1682, May 1682. (McKey, Vol 6, 172, 187, 188, 192, 202, 207, 209) Finally, in June 1682, the suit was dismissed because Taylor did not appear. (McKey, Vol 6, 216) At this same court, Taylor was ordered to be fined because he did not appear to serve on a jury. (McKey, Vol 6, 218) Later, at that court, Abraham petitioned for no fine and "convinced the court that it was not contempt." The fine was dismissed though Abraham had to pay court costs. (McKey, Vol 6, 219)

    In June 1683, Taylor served as a juror. (McKey, Vol 7, 19) At the August 1683 Court, Abraham's house was mentioned. (McKey, Vol 7, 32)

    In January 1685, Abraham Taylor Sr was included in a list of men who did not appear for muster. (McKey, Vol 7, 98) In Jan 1685, Taylor filed a suit against Henry Read. (McKey, Vol 7, 97) At the April 1685 Court, Read stated that he had spoken out of passion and was sorry. Read was ordered to pay costs and charges. (McKey, Vol 7, 101, 108) Read then filed suit against Taylor for 1250 clapboards, but Abraham did not appear. (McKey, Vol 7, 99)

    In Feb 1686, Abraham admitted several debts in court and paid them: 396 lb tobacco to Robert Hutchinson and 568 lb tobacco to William Jerman. (McKey, Vol 7, 140) At the December 1686 Court, Taylor posted a bond of L20 for the appearance of Martha Barom at the next court. (McKey, Vol 7, 176)

    Sometime before 1686, Abraham's first wife Deborah died and he married Bridgett. Her maiden name is unknown. They do not seem to have had any children, so, perhaps she was a widow who was close to Abraham's age.

    In 1686, Abraham gave 50 acres of the west end of this property to son John. He also gave his (second) wife Bridget 170 acres for her life and then to "their son or sons but if none, then to Abraham's youngest son Thomas." (Whitelaw, 699) In 1686, Abraham sold his A33 tract to Thomas Teackle. (Whitelaw, 698) Abraham served as a juror in Feb 1686. (McKey, Vol 7, 142)

    In Jan 1687, Abraham admitted a debt of 440 lb tobacco to Nathaniel Bradford which he was ordered to pay along with costs. (McKey, Vol 7, 184) At the Feb 1687 Court, Abraham Taylor Sr brought a suit against William Pilcher, but it was dismissed. (McKey, Vol 7, 190) At the same Court, Abraham brought suit against Richard Hovington "who could not be found," so Taylor received an attachment against Hovington's estate for 485 lb tobacco. (McKey, Vol 7, 193) Abraham also served as a juror at the Feb Court. (McKey, Vol 7, 194) In Jun 1687, Abraham Taylor Sr was appointed as a constable. (McKey, Vol 7, 205)

    In Jun 1688, "Abraham Taylor's sons" were mentioned in a case about a horse. (McKey, Vol 7, 238) In their depositions, they gave their ages: Abraham about 26 years old, William about 20 years old, Thomas about 16 years old.

    In 1688, Abraham gave 50 acres of A34 to his son William (who sold this to his brother John in 1691). In 1689, Abraham gave 50 acres to son Abraham (who sold this to his brother William in 1691). (Whitelaw, 699)

    In Sep 1689, Abraham Sr and Abraham Jr were included in a list of property owners consenting to a new road "by Roger's plantation in Nandua going down that neck." (McKey, Vol 7, 281) The list includes familiar names: Robert Hutchinson, John Lecat, Thomas Middleton, John Taylor, and William Wale.

    In Nov 1690, Abraham Taylor Sr petitioned the court to be paid by Thomas Middleton 320 lb tobacco for 8 days attendance in court. (McKey, Vol 8, 5) Abraham was taxed on one tithe in 1690. His sons Abraham Jr and John were listed immediately next to him in the list. (McKey, Vol 7, 323)

    In Feb 1691, a suit by Lt. Col. John West against Abraham Taylor Sr was deferred until the next court. (McKey, Vol 8, 25) In 1691, Abraham was taxed on 1 tithe. His son John was listed next to him in the tithe list. (McKey, Vol 7, 340)

    In March 1692, Col. Daniel Jenifer sued Abraham Taylor Sr for 617 lb tobo, but Taylor did not appear. (McKey, Vol 8, 71)

    Abraham died without a will before December 20 1692. At the Dec 20 1692 Court, his sons Abraham, John, William, and Thomas petitioned the Court for administration of his estate. Robert Hutchinson and John Rowles were ordered to appraise the estate. (McKey, Vol 8, 96) His land in A34 went to his second wife Bridget but was inherited by son Thomas. (Whitelaw, 699)

    In Feb 1693, Abraham's land was mentioned in a request by John Lecatt to limit his precinct. (McKey, Vol 8, 105)

    The ages of the sons match with the order of their names in the Dec 20 1692 petition to the court. Therefore, I believe their approximate birth years are fairly accurate.

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    Researched and written by Ann Blomquist. 12/2002; rev 1/2003
    This narrative is copyrighted material and may not be posted or published except by the author.

    Marriage 1 Deborah Catchme b: ABT 26 AUG 1644 in Bishops Cannings, Wiltshire, England
    • Married: 3 NOV 1660 in Northampton Co VA
    1. Has Children Abraham Taylor b: ABT 1661 in Northampton Co VA
    2. Has No Children Bartholomew Taylor b: ABT 1663 in Accomack Co VA
    3. Has Children John Taylor b: ABT 1665 in Accomack Co VA
    4. Has No Children William Taylor b: ABT 1668 in Accomack Co VA
    5. Has Children Thomas Taylor , Cordwainer b: ABT 1672 in Accomack Co VA
    6. Has No Children daughters? Taylor b: in Accomack Co VA

    Marriage 2 Bridgett
    • Married: BEF 1686 in prob Accomack Co VA
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