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  • ID: I8854
  • Name: Edward Ketcham 1 2 3
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: ABT 1590 in Kent, England
  • MAP:
  • LATI: N51.2204
  • LONG: E0.8901
  • Event: Emigrant 3 JUL 1630 to Massachusetts Bay Colony (Massachusetts); on the ship "Hopewell
  • Religion: Puritan
  • Death: BEF 9 JUN 1655 in Stratford, (Fairfield Co), Colony of Connecticut
  • Note:
    Ketcham Genealogy Website
    Descendants of Edward Ketcham

    1. Edward1 Ketcham; reportedly born at County Kent, England;1 marrie d Mary Hall 22 Aug 1619 at Church of St Andrew the Great, Cambridge, E ngland;2,3 married Sarah Salmon at Southold, Suffolk Co, New York;4 di ed before 9 Jun 1655 at Stratford, (Fairfield Co), Colony of Connectic ut (Connecticut);5 died 19 Jun 1655 at Stratford, (Fairfield Co), Colo ny of Connecticut (Connecticut).6

    There is an unsubstantiated story that he resided before 1619 at Ipswi ch, County Suffolk, England.7 He resided between 1619 and 1628 at Camb ridge, England.8 Edward Ketcham has not been found on any ship's manif est, and the date of his arrival is variously reported. He immigrate d in 1629 to Massachusetts Bay Colony (Massachusetts); on the ship "Ho pewell."9 He immigrated on 3 Jul 1630 to Massachusetts Bay Colony (Mas sachusetts); on board the ship "Hopewell."10,11 He immigrated in 1631/ 32 to Massachusetts Bay Colony; on ship "Lyon."12 He immigrated in 163 5 to Massachusetts Bay Colony; on board ship "Nector," Captain Willia m Moore.13 He resided between 1635 and 1640 at Ipswich, Massachusett s Bay Colony (Massachusetts). He was according to some, present whe n a group from Antiqua, West Indies, made an agreement to establis h a settlement on Hashamomuck Neck on the eastern tip of Long Island i n the south hold of the New Haven Colony (now Southold, Suffolk Co, Ne w York) in 1636 at Long Island, New York.14 He took the oath to becom e a Freeman on 9 Mar 1636/37 at Ipswich, Massachusetts Bay Colony (Mas sachusetts). The Oath of a Freemen agreed upon att the Genall Court, M ay 14th, 1634. "I, A B, etc., being by Gods pvidence an inhabitant & f freeman within the jurisdiccon of this comon weale, doe ffreely acknow ledge my selfe to be subiect to the goument thereof, & therefore doe h ere sweare by the greate and dreadfull name of the euer lyveing God th at I wilbe true & faithful to the same, & will accordinly yeild assita nce & support therevnto, with my pson & estate, as in equitie I am bou nd, & will also truely indeavr to mayntaine & preserue all the liberti es & previlidges thereof, submitting my selfe to the wholesom lawes ma de & established by the same ; and further, that I will not plott or p ractise any euill against it, nor consent to any that shall soe doe, b ut will tymely discouer & reveale the same to lawfull aucthority now e here established for the speedy preventing thereof. Moreouer, I do e solemnly bind my selfe in the sight of God, that when I shalbe calle d to giue my voyce touching any such matter of this state, wherein ffr eemen are to deale, I will giue my vote & suffrage as I shall in my ow ne conscience iudge best to conduce & tend to the publique weale of th e body, without respect of psons or favr of any man. Soe helpe me Go d in the Lord Jesus Christ."15,16 He and 56 other men of Ipswich signe d a remonstrance against the departure of John Winthrop Jr on 21 Jun 1 637 from Ipswich, Massachusetts Bay Colony (Massachusetts).17 He was s hown as a landowner and cattleowner on 20 Dec 1638 at Ipswich, Massach usetts Bay Colony (Massachusetts).18,19 He was shown as a cattle owne r on 30 Jun 1639 at Ipswich, Massachusetts Bay Colony (Massachusetts) . He was listed as cattle owner on 13 Jan 1640 at Ipswich, Massachuset ts Bay Colony (Massachusetts).20,21,22 He was a witness when John Wool ridge and Hester Ketcham were "Hester Ketcham is freed from her servic e wth her mr, John Woolrige, & the said mr enjoyned to give ^ Ketcha m 20shs charges, & the said mr, John Woolrige, is bound to his good be havior, & enjoyned to appear at the Court the 7th m next, & to put i n sufficient caution for the good behavior & appearance./" on 3 Mar 16 39/40 at Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony.23,24 He resided before 165 0 at Hashamomuck Neck, the southold (Southold), (Suffolk Co), New Have n Colony (New York), when he was listed as land owner.25 He left a wil l on 9 Jun 1655 at Stratford, (Fairfield Co), Colony of Connecticut (C onnecticut); inventory taken, amounted to 90/11/6.26

    Children of Edward1 Ketcham and Mary Hall were as follows:

    2 i. Mary2 Ketcham; baptized 7 May 1620 at Church of St. Andrew the Gr eat, Cambridge, England.27,28,29

    + 3 ii. John Ketcham, christened 8 Sep 1622 at St. Andrews Church, Cam bridge, England; married Susan Payne; married Bethiah Richardson.

    4 iii. Hester Ketcham; baptized 10 Apr 1626 at Holy Trinity Church, Ca mbridge, England.30,31,32
    He was present on 3 Mar 1639/40 at Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony, f or the hearing when his daughter Hester was freed from service to Joh n Woolrige. "Hester Ketcham is freed from her service wth her mr, Joh n Woolrige, & the said mr enjoyned to give ^ Ketcham 20shs charges , & the said mr, John Woolrige, is bound to his good behavior, & enjoy ned to appear at the Court the 7th m next, & to put in sufficient caut ion for the good behavior & appearance./."33,34 She was living in 1655 .35

    5 iv. Hannah Ketcham; baptized 19 Oct 1628 at St. Michael's Church, Ca mbridge, England.36,37,38
    She also went by the name of Ann.

    Children of Edward1 Ketcham and Sarah Salmon were as follows:

    + 6 i. Sarah2 Ketcham, born between 1640 and 1650 at Huntington, Suffo lk Co, New York; married Joseph Whitman.

    + 7 ii. Rebecca Ketcham, born circa 1647 at Norwalk, Connecticut; marr ied Thomas Taylor.

    + 8 iii. Joseph Ketcham, born circa 1650 at Southold, Suffolk Co, Ne w York; married Mercy Lindall; married Sarah Jagger.

    Edward Ketcham in England.

    Edward Ketcham is first found in Cambridge, England from 1619 to 1628 , where his marriage to Mary Hall on 22 Aug 1619 is recorded in the re cords of the Church of Saint Andrew the Great, as well as the birth o f his children Mary (bapt. 7 May 1620), John (bapt. 8 Sep 1622), Heste r (bapt. 10 Apr 1626), and Ann (bapt. 19 Oct 1628). No other records o f Edward or other Ketchams are found in Cambridge. (Thanks to Steve K etcham for the link to the Round Church at St. Andrew the Great.)

    Immigration to America.
    Edward Ketcham is next found in Ipswich in the Massachusetts Bay Colon y in 1635. He may have arrived in 1630 on the Winthrop fleet or in 163 3 on the Ipswich. By 1637 Edward was reportedly on the Board of Freem en, the town council of Ipswich.

    Edward Ketcham's homestead in Ipswich.
    Ginger Stork reports that an early deed shows that Samuel Boreman purc hased property from Edward Ketcham in 1640, and that Boreman sold to F rancis Jordan.1 If so, Edward Ketcham's home in Ipswich is no longe r standing.2 Jordan's lot is located on the corner of East Street an d Brook Street.3 The house currently standing on the lot, however, i s much later than the 1640s.4

    His moves.
    Sometime after January 1640 Edward moved from Ipswich to Hashamommock , later Southold, Long Island, where in 1651 the first record of him i s found. Sometime later Edward moved to Stratford, Connecticut.

    Edward Ketcham's will.
    Edward's will was made 8 June 1655 at Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connec ticut. While damaged in places and missing sections which apparentl y contained the names of some of his children, it does list the follow ing children: John, Mary, Hannah (an alternate spelling of "Anna"), an d Hester. These four children are the same as those of the Edward Ketc ham of Cambridge, England. Edward's estate was valued at 90 pounds , 11 shillings, 6 pence.

    His children.
    James F. Morton, who wrote a genealogy column for the Boston Transcrip t under the penname Amiko, noted that there are almost as many version s of the family of Edward Ketcham as writers on the subject.5 Edward' s four children whose baptismal records have been found in Cambridge , England (Mary, John, Hester, and Ann/Hannah) are certain. All fou r children were most likely with Edward's first wife, Mary Hall. Th e evidence indicates that Edward married a Sarah Salman of Southold, L ong Island. The differences arise over as many as five purported chil dren, Edward, Samuel, Sarah, Rebecca, and Joseph. Interestingly, Edwa rd's will, deteriorated and with significant lacunae, contains only th e names Mary, John, Hester, and Ann/Hannah. The names of the other ch ildren, most Ketcham genealogists assume, were to be found in the lacu nae. The writers do not address the probability that Edward's will de teriorated in such a way that only the names of the children that ar e known from other sources remained. At this point, I believe Herber t Furman Seversmith is correct that Edward had no sons Edward or Samue l.6 The events attributed to Edward's purported sons Edward and Samue l are better attributed to Edward's grandsons of the same names, son s of Edward's son John.7 One wonders about the remaining three child ren attributed to Edward, Sarah, Rebecca, and Joseph. Thus, Edward' s children were as follows (asterisks indicate the children known fro m the Cambridge baptismal records and Edward's will):
    *Mary (b. 1620)
    *John (b. 1622)
    *Hester (b. 1626)
    *Ann (Hannah) (b. 1628)
    Sarah (b. c. 1639)
    Rebecca (b. c. 1645)
    Joseph (b. 1650)

    Edward Ketcham's ancestry.
    Edward Ketcham's ancestry has not been established. Among the possibil ities, two of the more likely are reported in Ginger Stork's The Know n Descendants of Edward Ketcham/Catchum/Cetcham - Puritan (Davison, MI : G.K. Stork, 1995), v.

    (1) James Chetham of Cromsall, County Lancashire, England. The Visita tion of Suffolke (England), by William Hervey, contains the pedigree o f a James Chetham (the spelling "Cheetham/Chetham" was used for Edwar d in Cambridge in the 1620s). In 1635 James Chetham, then about 69 ye ars old, recalled his personal pedigree. His children: Edward, George , Henrie, Edmund, James, Humfrey, Edmund, Jane, and Isabell. Signific antly, a Henry Ketcham appears in Ipswich in 1635, in addition to Edwa rd (see below).

    (2) Sir Robert Kytchen, Mayor of Bristol. An unsigned manuscipt repor tedly located in the New York City Library states: "Edward Ketcham wa s the son or grandson of Sir Robert, Alderman of Bristol, England wh o died 19 June 1594", and, a few pages later, "Edward son of Abel an d grandson of Sir Robert, Mayor of Bristol. In the days of Sir Rober t and his father the name was given as Kytchen." The Gloucester Archa eology Society has stated that the name "Ketcham" was given in later p eriods as "Kitchin" or "Kytchin." Richard Kitchin and son Robert wer e residents of Temple, Bristol County, England, in 1585, and Robert' s effigy lies in St Stephen Church in Temple.

    Obviously, James Chetham's children fit with the "mysterious" Henry Ke tcham found in Ipswich. Without any further information, the unsigne d manuscript in the New York City Library appears much less probable . That it was even included as a possibility is a result of the tende ncy to claim noble or royal background, if only a city mayor here. A s Seversmith noted regarding the purported ancestor "Sir Rowland Ketch am, Knight of Wales," Aut Caesar, aut nihil!.

    In sum, Edward Ketcham's ancestry remains unproven, but further work s hould be done in investigating James Chetham of Cromsall, County Lanca shire, England.

    Edward Ketcham: The Progenitor of all Ketchams? (Herein also of Henr y Ketcham.)
    It is probable that Edward Ketcham is the progenitor of all Ketchams i n America (with the exception of rumors of a native American Ketcham l ine).

    While likely, it is only probable because two caveats have been noted : the mysterious Henry Ketcham and the so-called "Scottish Ketchams."

    A Henry Ketcham is found in Ipswich, Massachusetts, in 1638. (Savage 1 990, vol. 3, p. 14.) According to the published genealogies, we know n othing further of Henry Ketcham or his descendants (are there any ou t there?). While the presence of Henry Ketcham is troubling for a def initive answer to the question, Henry Ketcham could very well be rela ted to Edward Ketcham. If Henry is not Edward's son, they could be br others (as being more likely than two unrelated Ketchams would be foun d in Ipswich together in 1635). If that is the case, the progenitor o f all Ketchams (assuming Henry's descendants are in fact among us), i s Edward's and Henry's father -- an as yet unnamed "Ketcham" who is th e progenitor of us all!

    Some of the Ketcham genealogies also allege the existence of Scottis h "Ketchams," a Scottish clan whose name (in Gaelic) is spelled differ ently than "Ketcham" but which sounds similar. None of the books giv e any further information, or the source of this story.

    Without further evidence that Henry Ketcham left descendants and is no t Edward's son, we may conclude that Edward Ketcham is in fact the fat her of us all. If not Edward, the progenitor of all Ketchams -- at le ast before 19th century immigration -- would be Edward's father.

    Bibliography and further reading.
    The single best (and only?) published work on Edward Ketcham, other th an those in the family genealogies, is John Insley Coddington's "Edwar d Ketcham of Cambridge, Co. Cambridge, and Elsewhere in England, Late r of Ipswich, Mass., Southold, L.I., and Stratford, Conn.," The Americ an Genealogist 30, no. 1 (January 1954), 2-6. Of the family genealogie s, the most complete is Ginger (Ketchum) Stork's The Known Descendant s of Edward Ketcham/Catchum/Cetcham - Puritan (Davison, Mich.: G. K. S tork, 1995). Similar material can be found in the earlier Ketcham Kab les.

    Edward Ketcham is mentioned in James Savage's A Genealogical Dictionar y of The First Settlers of New England (Baltimore: Genealogical Publis hing Co., 1965-1990).

    In June 1637, 56 men of Ipswich signed a petition requesting that th e younger John Winthrop be allowed to remain in Ipswich instead of bei ng sent to govern Castle Island in Boston harbor. Edward Ketcham sign ed the petition (spelling his name as "Katcham"). A photograph of th e petition and Edward Ketcham's signature may be found in Thomas F. Wa ters, Ipswich in the Massachusetts Bay Colony (Ipswich, Mass.: Ipswic h Historical Society, 1901). Edward's signature is on the second pag e of the petition (be prepared to hunt!).

    The primary source for the Massachusetts Bay Colony, John Winthrop's j ournal, has recently been reprinted in an excellent edition by Richar d S. Dunn and Laetitia Yeandle, The Journal of John Winthrop, 1630-164 9 (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1996), an unabridged, o ld-spelling edition. An abridged, modern-spelling edition in paperbac k containing 40% of the text of the unabridged edition is also availab le: Richard S. Dunn and Laetitia Yeandle, The Journal of John Winthrop , 1630-1649, abr. ed. (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 199 6).

    Edward Ketcham was a Puritan. Among the many excellent resources avail able on the Puritans, one work will put you in touch with how Edward K etcham lived, David Hackett Fischer's Albion's Seed: Four British Folk ways in America (New York: Oxford Univ. Press, 1989), pp. 13-205. A n excellent web-site on a well-known group of Puritans, the Pilgrims : Mayflower Web Pages.

    For a fascinating history of the ships on which Edward may have travel led, the Winthrop fleet, see Charles Edward Banks, The Winthrop Flee t of 1630, An Account of the Vessels, the Voyage, the Passengers and t heir English Homes from the Original Authorities (Boston: The Riversid e Press, 1930).

    For an example of a 17th century Ipswich colonial architecture, visi t the Ipswich Historical Society's page on the John Whipple House.

    1 Stork, Known Descendants, p. viii (citing a "Massachusetts Colonia l Record").

    2 Contrary to the impression given in Ginger (Ketchum) Stork, The Know n Descendants of Edward Ketcham/Catchum/Cetcham - Puritan), p. viii, a nd reported elsewhere. In addition, according to Waters the town-whip per was Jeffry Snelling, a subsequent owner, not Jordan as reported b y Stork. Thomas Franklin Waters, Ipswich in the Massachusetts Bay Col ony, vol. 1 (Ipswich, Mass.: Ipswich Historical Society, 1905), p. 395 .

    3 Thomas Franklin Waters, Ipswich in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, vol . 1 (Ipswich, Mass.: Ipswich Historical Society, 1905), p. 395.

    4 Ibid. Waters states that the house standing on the lot in 1905 mus t have been built after 1708. In addition, Steve Ketcham of Marlboro , Massachusetts, visited Ipswich in the fall of 1997 and confirmed tha t the house is much later than the 1630s.

    5 Boston Transcript, November 16, 1940 (Note 3136, Part. 5).

    6 Herbert Furman Seversmith, Colonial Families of Long Island, New Yor k and Connecticut, Being the Ancestry & Kindred of Herbert Furtman Sev ersmith (N.p.: Washington, 1953), p. 1,716.

    7 I propose that Ockham's razor, non sunt multiplicanda entia praete r necessitatem, should be applied in genealogy: without sufficient evi dence one should not needlessly create individuals.

    You can help us locate the "primary" sources, or the closest secondar y sources on Edward Ketcham. For example, a copy of the transcriptio n of Edward Ketcham's will in Winifred Lovering Holman, Ancestry of Co lonel John Harrington, Stevens and his wife Frances Helen Miller (1949 ), p. 511, or Donald Lines Jacobus, History and Genealogy of the Famil ies of Old Fairfield, Connecticut, vol. 1 (1930), p. 359.

    We need proper bibliographic citations to the following:

    William Hervey, The Visitation of Suffolke containing the pedigree o f James Chetham
    Schoefield, Ancient Records of the Town of Ipswich (1899).
    Does anyone know the location of the notes compiled by John Insley Cod dington in researching "Edward Ketcham of Cambridge, Co. Cambridge, an d Elsewhere in England, Later of Ipswich, Mass., Southold, L.I., and S tratford, Conn."?

    We now have proper citations to the following:

    Thanks to Steve Ketcham, Massachusetts, for:

    Jacobus, Donald Lines. Families of Old Fairfield, vol. 1. New Haven , Conn.: The Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor Company, 1930-[31?], p. 359 [r eprinted Baltimore: The Genealogical Publishing Co., 1976].
    Waters, Thomas Franklin. Ipswich in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, 2 v ols. Ipswich, Mass.: The Ipswich Historical Society, 1905-17.
    Pope, Charles Henry. The Pioneers of Massachusetts: A Descriptive Lis t, Drawn from Records of the Colonies, Towns and Churches, and Other C ontemporaneous Documents. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 196 5 [1900].
    Thanks to Ron Mahurin, Terre Haute, Indiana, for:

    Phillimore, W. P. W., and Young, Evelyn. Cambridgeshire Parish Registe rs: Marriages, vol. 5. London: Phillimore & Co., Ltd., 1912, p. 6.

    Lineage: Hannah3, Joseph2, Edward1 | Sarah2, Edward1 | Susannah3, John 2, Edward1

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------

    KETCHAM, c.1590-aft.1729 Related Families: Hall | Salmon | Whitney | R ichardson
    | Mead | Brush | Whitman | Lindall | Olmstead

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------

    Migration: England>Ipswich, MA>Southold, Long Island, NY>Stratford, C T>Hungtington, Long Island, NY>Norwalk, CT

    (1) Edward Ketcham is considered the common ancestor of all by the nam e in America. He was born about 1590 in England and died in 1655 in St ratford, New Haven County, Connecticut. His estate inventory was take n 19 June 1655. The earliest record of Edward is of his marriage on 2 2 August 1619 to Mary Hall in the Church of St. Andrew the Great in Ca mbridge, England. He was declared a freeman in Ipswich, Massachusett s Bay Colony, on 9 March 1636/1637 and a proprietor of the same in 163 8.
    He married his second wife Sarah Salmon in Southold, the oldest town o n Long Island, where records of his land are recorded as early as 1653 . Sarah was the daughter of Christopher Salmon of St. Botolph?s Paris h in London, England. After Edward?s death, Sarah married the widowe r Henry Whitney, but they had no children.

    Children of Edward Ketcham and Mary Hall:

    Mary, baptized 7 May 1620 St. Andrews the Great, Cambridge, England
    John Ketcham, mentioned below
    Hester ?Chattcham?, baptized 10 April 1626, Holy Trinity Church
    Ann/Hannah ?Cetham?, baptized 19 October 1628, St. Michael?s
    Children of Edward Ketcham and Sarah Salmon:
    Sarah Ketcham, born about 1640?s; married Joseph Whitman of Huntington , Long Island, New York.
    Rebecca, born about 1645, lived in Danbury, Fairfield Co., Connecticut .
    Joseph Ketcham was born circa 1650 at Southold, New York. He marrie d Mercy Lindall, daughter of Deacon Henry Lindall, on 13 April 1679 a t Norwalk, Connecticut. He died in 1730 at Norwalk, Connecticut. H e married second Sarah before 4 May 1730, the date he left a will. Th ere were no children from their union.
    Children of Joseph and Mercy:
    Nathaniel, born 23 January 1679/1680 at Norwalk, Connecticut; marrie d Sarah Wakelee
    Sarah, born 19 February 1681/1682 at Norwalk, Connecticut, died befor e 1730
    Hannah Ketcham, born 9 May 1683; married Daniel Olmstead
    Elizabeth; married Thomas Gregory; married second Moses Fountain on 1 3 August 1719
    Joseph, born 1686; married Elizabeth Raymond
    John, married Ann, born 1689
    Samuel, married Sarah Hurlbutt, born 1694
    Deborah; married Samuel Clugston, died 1751

    (2) John Ketcham, christened 8 September 1622 at St. Andrews Church, C ambridge, England, died in Newtown, Queens Co., New York, before 17 Ma y 1696; married about 1646, Susan Payne, daughter of William Payne.
    John immigrated to Ipswich, Massachusetts Bay Colony, from England. H e was "made free at the 2d Session of Salem Cort, the 28: 12 m, 42" o n 28 February 1642/1643 at Salem, Massachusetts. In 1646, he purchase d several utensils at an auction sale of the estate of Michael Carthri ck for 17s at Ipswich. In 1647, he possessed land at Ipswich adjoinin g on the west a grant to his father-in-law, William Payne. In 1648, h e subscribed to Major Denison's
    Compensation at Ipswich, and he was representative from Ipswich to th e Massachusetts Bay General Court at Boston.
    He immigrated before June 1653 to Hashamomack, (later called Southold) , Suffolk Co., New York, where on 4 June 1653, he purchased a house an d land for 20 pounds from Steven Goodyear of New Haven. In 1657, he wa s appraiser of the estate of William Salmon, along with William Well s and Barnabus Wines Sr. He immigrated before 1 December 1659 to Seta uket (Brookhaven), Suffolk Co., New York. At a town meeting on 1 Dece mber 1659 at Setauket, a "home lot" was made over to John "Chachum. " He was granted a six acre lot in the "Old Field" and a four acre lo t in Setauket in 1661, the same year he was elected Constable.
    On 31 July 1663, he was in a court dispute as follows:

    "Action between William Alburtis pltf and John Citcham defendant. Defe ndant swears that 'hee to the best of his Memmory he never Gave John a lburtis order to winter two swine that was Thomas Martens'"
    John and Susan Payne sold their place at Southold, New York, to Thoma s Moore, Sr., on 29 September 1666.
    John was named Patentee of Huntington on 30 November 1666. He immigra ted in 1668 to Newtown, Queens Co., New York, where he was elected Con stable in April 1669. He served as Overseer with Robert Field betwee n April 1672 and August 1673.
    In 1673, England and Holland declared won on one another, and on 30 Ju ly 1673 the Dutch captured the colony at New York City. John was on e of two Deputies, along with John Burroughes, sent as representative s of the town of Newtown to the meeting called by Colonial Gov. Richar d Nicholls. They presented themselves in the fort at New York to "th e lords, commanders, and the noble military council" bearing the Engis h colors and a constable's staff in token of the town's submission t o the Dutch States General, and petitioned for the uninterrupted enjoy ment of their privileges. They were told that they would be allowed th e same immunities as subjects of the Dutch nation, and were directed t o notify the town of "Middleburg" to nominate six persons, from whom t he court would select three for magistrates, and also to appoint two d eputies to unite with others of "Rustdorp, Heemstede, Vlissingen, an d Oyster Bay," to present three nominess for the office of scout (sher iff), and three for secretary, which latter officers were to have auth ority over these five named towns to be united in one jurisdiction o n 22 August 1673 at New York City. John was selected by the inhabitan ts as one of the six persons, along with Gershom Moore, Richard Betts , Jonathan Hazard, Ralph Hunt, and John Burroughes, from whom the Dutc h court would select three as magistrates. The court selected Betts , Hazard, and Hunt, who were sworn into office in August or Septembe r at Newtown, New York.
    John served as Overseer with Robert Field between November 1674 and 16 75 at Newtown, New York, and he was elected town clerk in 1675 at Newt own.
    John's wife, Susan, died before 1676 at Newtown, Queens Co., New York . John and Bethia Richardson, daughter of John Richardson and Martha M ead obtained a marriage license on 26 February 1676/1677 at New York , and they were married 14 March 1676/1677 at West Farms, Westcheste r Co., New York.
    He was taken to court in "Thomas Stevenson v. John Ketcham," under act ion to recover damages to Stevenson's horse between 5 June 1677 an d 6 June 1677.
    On 17 May 1697 John Ketcham's will was probated and letters of adminis tration granted to widow Bethiah.
    Children of John Ketcham and Susan Payne:

    Samuel, born about 1646 at Ipswich, Massachusetts; married Mary
    Hester, born about 1648; married John Wicks.
    Edward; married first Else; married second Mercy Harcourt.
    John; married first Mary; married second Elizabeth Weeks.
    Phillip; married Martha Betts; married second Charity Smith.
    John, born about 1650; married Elizabeth Wicks
    Children of John Ketcham and Bethiah Richardson:
    Bethiah, born between 1680 and 1689; married 20 June 1710 at the Firs t Presbyterian Church of Newtown, Suffolk Co., New York, Joshiah Reade r; married second in 1717 at Newtown, George Reynolds.
    Nathaniel, born between 1680 and 1689, died April 1732 at West Farms , Westchester Co., New York. Letters of administration on Nathaniel' s estate were granted to his brother Joseph on 25 April 1732 at West F arms.
    Theophilus, born 1683; married Elizabeth Reeder.
    Joseph, born about 1685 at Newtown, Suffolk Co., New York; married Mar tha Phillips.
    Jane; married 20 October 1710 at First Presbyterian Church of Newtown , Suffolk Co., New York, David Rogers of Huntington, Long Island, so n of Johnathan and Rebecca Rogers.
    Susannah Ketcham; married 20 October 1710 Thomas Brush of Huntington , Long Island.

    Marriage 1 Mary Hall b: in England
    • Married: 22 AUG 1619 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England
    1. Has No Children Mary Ketcham b: ABT MAY 1620 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England
    2. Has Children John Ketcham b: ABT 1622 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England
    3. Has No Children Hester Ketcham b: ABT APR 1626 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England
    4. Has No Children Hannah Ketcham b: ABT OCT 1628 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England

    Marriage 2 Sarah Salmon
    • Married: in Southold, Suffolk Co, New York
    • Note:
      Children of Edward1 Ketcham and Sarah Salmon were as follows:

      + 6 i. Sarah2 Ketcham, born between 1640 and 1650 at Huntington, Suffo lk Co, New York; married Joseph Whitman.

      + 7 ii. Rebecca Ketcham, born circa 1647 at Norwalk, Connecticut; marr ied Thomas Taylor.

      + 8 iii. Joseph Ketcham, born circa 1650 at Southold, Suffolk Co, Ne w York; married Mercy Lindall; married Sarah Jagger.
    1. Has No Children Sarah Ketcham b: BET 1640 AND 1650 in Huntington, Suffolk, New York, USA
    2. Has No Children Rebecca Ketcham b: ABT 1647 in Norwalk, Connecticut
    3. Has No Children Joseph Ketcham b: ABT 1650 in Southold, Suffolk Co, New York

    1. Author: John M. Ketcham, web master
      Title: Ketcham Genealogy website, Eight Generations of the Descendants of Edw ard Ketcham

      Source Medium: Internet
    2. Author:
      Title: Legends
      Publication: Name:;
      Source Medium: Internet
    3. Author: Alton Rogers
      Title: Mayflower Pilgrims & Passengers
        Name: cham%2C+Samuel

      Source Medium: Internet
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