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  • ID: I117
  • Name: Stephen TURNER
  • Surname: Turner
  • Given Name: Stephen
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: ABT 1757 in Of Bedford Co., VA
  • Death: 1807 in Lincoln Co., KY
  • _UID: E543EFA4457BD511AA2944455354000064BB
  • Note:
    Stephen was possibly born in Bedford Co., VA of unknown parents. Suggested parents are Natha n Turner and Agnes Phelps; or Rev. James Turner and Mary Admire.

    During the Revolutionary War Stephen enlisted 26 May 1777 in the 15th Virginia Battalion unde r Capt. Thomas Edmunds and Commander James Innes. On 7 July 1777 he was sick at Morris Town , also 10 July 1777 (2nd muster). He was sick 1 Sep 1777 at Concord, 14 Oct at Trentown, an d he was sick for a long time at Yellow Springs. As of 3 Feb 1778 he was still in the 15th, b ut under Commander Gustavus B. Wallace. As of 13 July 1778 his Capt was John Gregory (15th) a nd Lt Col Cropper who was over the 15th and 11th Regiments. As of 1 Sep 1778 his commander wa s Col Daniel Morgan (11th & 15th). As of 30 Nov 1778 he was under Captain John Gregory and Co l. Daniel Morgan. As of 13 Jan 1779 his commander was Col Abraham Buford, his Capt still Joh n Gregory. John Webb became his captain under Commander Wm Russell. Here it seems to have cha nged to the 5th and 11th Regiment. Stephen Turner was absent because of sickness 20 of his 3 1 months of service including hospitalization from 4 Jun 1779 until his discharge. Because h e had less than three years of service he was not allowed a bonus nor bounty, although had hi s wife lived till 1832 she could have received a bonus because Stephen served over 2 years ( A new law went into effect). Molly Turner is listed as his wife in DAR Patriot Index vol III , and she is also listed in Saffell`s list, p 267.

    Stephen paid taxes for horses and cattle in Bedford Co., VA, recorded from 1783 to 1794. In t he Bedford Co., VA Deed Book 15, page 323, 15 Nov 1796: Stephen Turner and Molly, his wife o f Lincoln Co., KY to Julius Saunders of Bedford Co., VA 200 acres of Bedford Co.,VA land on L ittle Otter River bounded at Meads Corner: Witnesses: Joseph Hobbs, John Neal, and David Saun ders.

    Stephen is listed on 1787 Property Tax list for Bedford Co., VA with one Black slave under 16 , 3 horses, and 5 head of cattle. The only other Turner in the county was James with 3 Blac k slaves over 16, 6 Black slaves under 16, 7 horses, and 10 head of cattle.

    Stephen and family moved to Lincoln Co., KY in about 1793 to 100 acres in the Jackman Surve y on the Dix River. In July 1793 in Lincoln Co., Stephen was paid 2 shillings and 1 penny b y Jesse Gooch for one days attendance as a witness for him against Humphrey Posey; Gooch wa s awarded 3 pounds, 11 shillings, 3 pence and court costs. Stephen paid taxes there from 179 5 to 1807. In 1796, an indenture from Dudley Roundtree to Stephen Turner was proved by Willia m Buford and Daniel McLaughlin, witnesses. Stephen is listed in the 1800 census for Lincoln C o.

    "On motion A. Man [Alexander Mann], ordered that Finis Ewing, Joshua Cates and Peter Ferguso n be appointed Commissioners who with the heirs of Charles Man deceased do make a deed of con veyance of fifty acres of land in Lincoln County, Kentucky on the waters of Dicks River to St ephen Turner in compliance with an obligation given by said Charles Man deceased to said Turn er." Court Order, Christian Co., KY, Book B, page 126, dated 10 Nov 1806.

    Stephen died in 1807 in Lincoln Co. The estate (intestate) was recorded 12 Oct 1807. Administ ration of the estate of Stephen Turner, deceased, was granted to Molly Turner, widow and reli ct, who executed her bond of $800.00 with James Sutton and Joseph Colvin as her sureties. Jos eph Helm, Jeol Noel, Simon Engleman and James Hickman, or any three of them, are to make appr aisal of the personal estate of Stephen Turner, deceased. Inventory included six horses, 3 so ws, 3 head of cattle, furniture, beds, pickling pot and such sundries.

    After Stephen died, Mary appears on the tax rolls of Lincoln Co. from 1808 through 1811, at w hich time 65 acres was added to the original 100. She continues until 1823 when son Edmund ap pears in the tax list.

    Listing of County Records related to Turners in chronological order, with LDS film numbers:
    1782 (Film#30,592) Bedford VA = Stephen Turner md Mary Roundtree (16 Jul). 1783-1790 (#29,289 ) Bedrord VA = taxed for horses & cattle 1791 (#192,238) Lincoln, KY = Thos Hutchings fr Rich `d Jackman 114 a, 100#. 1795 - 1796 (#8,114) " " = Stephen Turner taxes horses & cattle. 179 6 (#192,240)(#30,560) = Stephen & Molly bought & sold 200 a Little Otter Cr (Bedford?) at 16 0 pounds profit. 1797 - 1807 (#8,114) Lincoln KY = Stephen taxed for 100-114 acres, horse s & cattle. 1803 (#192,241) " " = Dudley Roundtree fr Wilson 65 acres. 1805 (# " ) bk E p 165 = Stephen T. fr Thos Hutchings 100 a for 100 pounds. 1807 (Oct) Estate of Stephen Turner dec` d, John S Higgins not doing duty as admr. 1808 - 1823 (#8,114)(#8,115) Mary/Molly taxed for 1 00-114 a, horses & cattle. 1812 (#192,242) bk G p 250 = Dudley Roundtree 65 a to Molly Turner . 1815 (#855,032) bk E p 112 = Stephen Turner appraisement. 1817 - 1825 (# " ) Bk I p 215 = G odlip Schmick appraisement & sale 1823 (#192,256) p 216 = Edmond D Turner letter of adm estat e of Mary Turner. 1824 (# " ) vol 9 p 25 = Jphn S Higgins apointed gdn Turner heirs, GodlipSc hmick one of two securities. 1824 (# " ) bk H p 189 = Mary Turner appraisement & sale. 182 4 - 1825 (#8,115) Edmond Turner taxed for 114 acres. 1825 (#192,256) p 62 = David Schmick apo inted adm estate of Godlip Schmick dec`d Mary Turner one of securities. 1825 (# " ) p 73 = in ven & appraisement Godlip Schmick estate. 1825 - 1826 (#855,032) bk I p 216 = Elizabeth Turne r sale. 1825 - 1830 (# " ) vol 2 p 9 = Settlement with adm of heirs (Higgins) sold Eliz. Turn er prop. Buyers, amounts, expenses named. 1826 - 1831 (#192,244) bk N p 272 = 63 a Turner pro p sold to Pope for $554.47 to be distributed to heirs of Jabez T dec`d . Stephen A Turner i n index. 1832 (# " ) bk N p 304 = 117 a Turner prop to Thos Terrell, who defaulted, then to J uab Moberly, then to John S Higgins. S A Turner in index. 1832 (855,032) vol 2 p 24 = Edward( Edmond) Turner for Mary Turner 1839 (# " ) bk P? = Jno S Higgins gdn for Mary Turner, Susan ( Turner) Stutzman, Stephen Turner, Jabez Turner, heirs of Jabez Turner dec`d, amounts listed . David Schmick atty for Mary & Susan. 1840 (#192,246) bk O p 140 = Elijah & Paschal Colvin f r Higgins 117 acres. 1848 (#855,032) bk P p 168 = Gdn James (John) S Higgins for Mary Turner , Susan Turner, Stephen & Judy (Jabez) (transcription errors) 1849 (# " ) bk Q? = Turner, Jab ez settlement. (Youngest of orphans) 1857 (#192,237) L & Prop index = Paschal & Elijah Colvi n 117 acres Dix R. 1860 (#192,251) #2-501 = Edward Colvin sold his interest in the undivide d estate of Elijah Colvin dec`d , buyer Wm Terril (Terrell?) ($300)

    Possible relatives:
    The 18th Century Turners of Bedford County, Virginia The earliest record of the Turner famil y in Bedford County, Virginia is 27 May 1754. James Turner and others are granted leave to cl ear a road from Goos(sic) Creek down to falling mountains. By December of the same year, bot h James and Richard Turner are serving as jurors in Bedford County. In January 1755, James Tu rner Jr. is granted a deed of memorial by John and Eliza Eckols. In February 1755, John Turne r serves on a jury. In March 1756, Ezekiel Turner makes his first appearance in the court rec ords in a group of men clearing a road. Ezekiel does not appear in court records thereafter . Initially, Richard Turner associated with the Quaker faith. In 1757, by petition of John Ec cles and other letters, seven Quakers were appointed to visit the frontier community near Goo se Creek and ascertain the wisdom of setting up a Monthly Meeting. In April of 1757, this gro up breakfasted at the home of Richard Turner. They boarded at the home of Peter Holland. Th e South River Monthly Meeting was established. Richard Turner was the first clerk of the Goos e Creek Meeting. Mary Turner, the wife of James Turner Sr. was received into the South Rive r Monthly Meeting in December 1757. However, Richard Turner and John Hampton quickly fell int o disfavor. A certificate against them was recorded. In July 1764, Richard was disowned for " having betaking himself to the vain fashion and customs of the World." And there ended the Tu rner connection with Quaker records. As young men come of age, they can be seen in the cour t records. Following are the first appearance of Turner males in Bedford Co., Virginia Cour t of Common Pleas. As noted above, John Turner appears in 1755. There appears to be two Joh n Turners by 1787. In 1794, there appears John Turner Sr and Jr in the tax lists of Bedford C ounty. Elijah (aka Elisha) Turner appears in November 1759. His wife, Sarah, is identified i n August 1775. Ben Turner first appears as a juror in June 1761. Nathan Turner first appear s in March 1762. He is married by August 1769 when his wife is mentioned. Admiah (aka Admire ) Turner is first mentioned in August 1768. He appears on all tax lists 1782 through 1795. Ad mire is the administrator of the estate of James Turner in June 1793. Andrew Turner first app ears in July 1764 as a juror. He appears regularly through Mar 1778. Isaiah (aka Isaak) Turne r appears in September 1769 when he is sworn in as a constable. He clears a road with Admir e Turner and James Turner Sr. in 1772. He pays tax for 1782 and 1783. Jesse Turner appears i n November 1777 when his estate is probated. James Turner is the administrator. Jesse had tw o children, James and Ann Turner who chose David Wright as guardian. Lewis Turner appears o n the tax lists of Bedford County 1781-1791. He was also an ensign in the militia and a milit ia officer in the 10th Regiment. Stephen Turner appears on the tax lists for 1783 to 1794. Th ereafter, he is listed on the tax lists of Lincoln County, Kentucky. Martin Turner first appe ars on the tax list in 1792. Although the Turners appear frequently in the Court of Common Pl eas, the records give little family data. Eighteenth Century marriages of Turners in Bedfor d County, Virginia show as follows: Mary Turner married Augustine Leftwich Jr. 12 Feb 1765 Ma ry is the daughter of Richard Turner. Nancy Turner married David Wright 8 Nov 1770 Nancy is t he widow of Richard Turner. James Turner married Sally Leftwich 24 Aug 1778. She is the daugh ter of Major Leftwich. Stephen Turner married Mary Roundtree 26 July 1782. She is the daughte r of Dudley Roundtree. Josiah Turner married Milly Key 26 Nov 1783. George Key was surety. Rh oda Turner married Farthing Hix 20 Mar 1784 She is the daughter of Isaiah Turner. Tabitha Tur ner married Henry Haynes 17 May 1784. Elijah Turner is the surety. Sally Turner married Drur y Holland 26 Dec 1785. Sally is the daughter of Elijah Turner. William Turner married Betse y Hix 23 Jan 1788. She is the daughter of John Hix. Mary Ann Turner married John Stratton 2 9 Jan 1788. Admire Turner was surety. Benjamin Turner married Elizabeth Shrewsbury 8 Nov 1791 . She is the daughter of Elizabeth. Richard Turner married Rachel Ayers 11 Dec 1792. They ha d consent of James Ayres. Wilson Turner married Elizabeth Doss 12 April 1796. Azariah Doss wa s surety. Nancy Turner married Moses Mayhew 27 Dec 1796. John Gordon was surety. Milly Turne r married James Leftwich 2 Aug 1797. Consent of Admire Turner and Augustine Leftwich. Stockle y Turner married Patsey Holt 25 Sep 1799. Patsey is the daughter of Lucy Holt. Theodosia Turn er married John Murphy Jr. 30 Dec 1799 Theodosia was daughter of Elijah Turner. In the book , Leftwich-Turner Families of Virginia, part of the Turner family are detailed. The author id entifies James Turner as the patriarch and lists his children: 1. Ruth Turner married Moses H urt. His Bedford County will dated Feb 1802 lists heirs: Wife, Ruth; sons, James, Elisha, Nat han, William and Littlebury Hurt; daughters, Mary Hurt and Apphire and Bethsheba Stone. 2. Ma ry Turner married John Hampton. 3. Isaiah Turner 4. Admire Turner's Bedford County will date d Aug 1818 names wife, Sally; daughters, Lucy and Frances Chewning, Mary Ann Stratton, Mill y Leftwich, Sally Grigsby; sons, Benjamin, Lewis, Admire, George and Jubal. 5. Elijah Turne r Sr. left a Bedford County, Virginia will 15 May 1820. Mentioned were his wife, Sarah; daugh ter, Tabitha Haynes, Sally Holland, Dosha Murphy, Rebecca Ore and sons, Richard, Elijah, Wils on, Jesse and Meador. 6. Nathan Turner 7. James Turner 8. Richard Turner married Nancy Johns . From land records in Bedford County, it is apparent that Nathan Turner was married to Agnes . The will of John Phelps in Apr 1772 names "my daughter Aggey and her heirs". The heirs in t his will also include John Phelps, James Turner Junior and Nathan Turner. Richard Turner, lis ted as child no. 8 in the book, was probably the oldest son. He was born about 1730 and die d in 1769. He married Nancy Johnson about 1757. Richard was still associated with the Quaker s at this time. His marriage did not appear in the South River MM. It may yet be located in a nother Monthly Meeting record. Their children were: 1. Mary Turner married Augustine Leftwic h Jr. 2. James Turner (1759-1828) married Sally Leftwich. 3. Jesse Turner 4. Prudence Turne r married James Wright. 5. Ann Turner married Joel Leftwich. The book, Leftwich-Turner Famili es of Virginia gives additional information on the descendants of Richard Turner. Other sourc es for information on this family include the Ancestral File and the International Genealogic al Index. These are available through the Family History Centers of the Church of Jesus Chris t of Latter-Day Saints. Caution is advised. Compare dates on the Ancestral File against appea rances of the same individuals in primary source records. It is hoped that readers will shar e their sources and information on the Bedford County, Virginia Turners. Despite the wealth o f Turner appearances in the primary records, little of it documents relationship. There remai ns much work to be done. The earliest mention of any TURNER in my Bedford Co. VA collection i s to JAMES TURNER named in a suit re Talbot vs. Hawkins, January of 1755. James Turner was o n jury to decide to whom damages should be awarded, etc. That is from (Court) Order Book 1 o f Bedford. (I assume a man on jury 1755 was born by 1733 or so) The other Turner names whic h appear to 1761 are Ben, Elijah, Elisha, James, James Jr., John, and Richard. James & Richar d also appear in the first Deed Book for Bedford ca 1761. Several other Turner names also. N o Joseph I could find. Considering Bedford wasn't formed until 1754 you might want to place q ueries in Albemarle, Brunswick, Halifax, & Lunenburg counties - any of which might have bee n home to your clan of Turners before Bedford due to county formations &/or migration. Ther e are three James Turners in 18th Century Bedford Co., Va. James Turner Sr. and his male chil dren (including James Turner Jr.) all are in the Southern District of the Bedford Co., Va Rea l Property Tax Rolls. And they remain in the Southern District at least through 1813. In 1787 , when each of the two tax districts have separate lists, the third James Turner appears in t he Northern District. With the exception of Stephen Turner who begins appears on the real pro perty tax lists in the Northern District in 1793, there is no other Turner appearing in the N orthern Tax District from the inception of the district lists (1787) through 1813(the end o f this microfilm reel) This James Turner consistenly holds 400 acres of land on the Little Ot ter River from 1782.
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    Marriage 1 Mary (Molly) ROUNDTREE b: 1762/1764 in Cumberland or Bedford Co., VA
    • Married: 16 Jul 1782 in Bedford Co., VA
    1. Has Children Jabez (Jobe, Jabas, Jabes, Jabaz) TURNER b: ABT 1786 in Bedford Co., VA
    2. Has Children Nancy TURNER b: 1 Apr 1788 in Bedford Co., VA
    3. Has Children John D. TURNER b: 1793/1794 in VA
    4. Has Children Susannah (Susan) TURNER b: 1794/1795 in KY
    5. Has Children Martha Jane (Patsy) TURNER b: 1795/1796 in Lincoln Co., KY
    6. Has Children Paschal TURNER b: 16 Feb 1798 in Lincoln Co., KY
    7. Has No Children Mary TURNER b: 1800/1801 in Lincoln Co., KY
    8. Has Children Edmund David TURNER b: 29 Sep 1802 in Lincoln Co., KY
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