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  • ID: I770
  • Name: John SENTENY
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: ABT 1730 in (Neuwied, Rheinland, Preussen?)
  • Note: (or Goch or Krefeld, Rheinland, Preussen?)
  • Death: APR 1785 in Hillsborough Township, Somerset, New Jersey
  • Note: probably on Cruser Brook
  • Occupation: Carpenter (1766); yeoman (1767); miller (1767); miller (1769); millwright and miller
  • Religion: Anabaptist (Mennonite)
  • Note:


    CAUTION: It is virtually certain that John Senteny's great-grandparents were Jacob Sentzenich and Juditha Kreij. They will be found in the Mennonite records of Neuwied, which can be seen on LDS microfilm 555797. One of their sons, Wilhelm, Jacob, Heinerich, or Johannes Sentzenich will have been his grandfather. His father was almost certainly Jacob Sentzenich.
    John Senteny's father "should be" named "Jacob," because John's first son was "Jacob." Also, it is likely that John was a Mennonite, and came from Krefeld or Neuwied, because these had active Mennonite communities, and had been focal points for Mennonite emigration out of Germany already for decades before John Senteny's birth. Both the names "Sentenie" and "Sinsenich" in Europe are very rare.
    On the other hand, John Senteny's baptism has not been found (not surprising, because Mennonites did not baptize until the person was about 18 years old), and a supposed first marriage for Jacob Sinsenich of Neuwied, Krefeld, and Goch also has not been found. So, the intervening generations listed here between John Senteny of New Jersey and Jacob Sentzenich and Juditha Kreij of Neuwied are not quite certain at this time.
    See notes below, and also the notes under his supposed father, Jacob Sinsenich (Sentzenich).
    Althouth the surname has been spelled in many ways, within the Mennonite records of Neuwied, the spelling is in all cases shown as "Sentzenich."


    John Senteny was probably baptized as "Johannes."


    John Senteny was naturalized in New Jersey in 1755. To New York or New Jersey before 1748. Documents below show that he was born in "Germany," and was an Anabaptist (Mennonite).

    In his naturalization petition (shown below), he signed his name "John Senteny."

    John Senteny died intestate in April 1785. There were eleven children, seven of whom were between the age of two and twelve. Administration of his estate granted 26 February 1786 to Jane Senteney, widow, and Samuel Stout.

    The name Senteney is listed in an extensive Dutch naming dictionary under "Sentenie." According to the dictionary, it derived from the masculine name "Sent" or "Cent" (also sometimes "Sint") in the same way that the names Arnold and Rudolf sometimes evolved into the last names "Arnoldi" and "Rudolfi." (However, this explanation is probably incorrect.)

    There is a man named Dirk Sentenie, who baptized children in the Roman Catholic registers of Ilpendam, Netherlands (just north of Amsterdam). This Dirk Sentenie was about the right age to have been John Senteney?s father, but, unfortunately, no son named "Jan" has been located. Dirk Sentenie has descendants living in the Netherlands today, in Alkmaar and other places. I think it is unlikely that he was the father of John, because among the sons of John, there are none called Dirk or Richard (the usual English translation of Dirk). However, Dirk Sentenie married three times, each time to a widow. Perhaps one of these widows had a son named "Jan" from her prior husband, and after coming to New Jersey, this supposed "Jan" needed a last name, so he took the name of his stepfather. Many people in the Netherlands at this time were still not using fixed surnames. However, see below.

    If John Senteney?s father was using only patronymic names, he (the father) may have been "Sent Jans" or "Sent Jacobs" or some other combination where the first name was "Sent" and the second name was something else. If this is true, there was a Jacob Jans Centen in Wouw (in the Province of Noord Brabant) that is worth looking at. They were as follows:

    Jacob Jans Centen married 6 Dec 1722 in Wouw, Noort Brabant, Netherlands to
    Joanna Cuijpers

    Their children (all baptized in Wouw):

    Elisabetha bp 15 Mar 1723
    Petrus bp 16 Aug 1723
    Aldegundis bp 12 Sep 1728
    Joannes bp 3 Nov 1730 (this is the possibility for John Senteney of New Jersey)
    Anna bp 4 Jan 1733
    Jacobus bp 8 Sep 1734
    Cornelius bp 2 Feb 1735
    Adrianus bp 22 Feb 1738
    Franciscus bp 31 Mar 1740

    "Sent" is also a name used in Germany. A few of these families turned this into a family name by Latinizing it, as described in the Dutch naming dictionary. In consulting the LDS International Genealogical Index (IGI) under Germany and under the name "Sand," a few of these instances can be seen with the last name "Zentini," which I believe is the same as "Sentenie." For some reason, they cannot be called up directly in the IGI under the name "Zentini," but instead, must be accessed first under "Sand" and then found by sorting through all the listings. These "Zentinis" are in various locations, centered near the town of Menden (also sometimes called Sauerland), which is just east of the Ruhr. John Senteney of New Jersey is known to have had land near "Sowerland Mountain," a physical feature that still bears the same name. Perhaps there were some Germans from the Menden area who later lived in New Jersey and named this mountain for the Sauerland Mountains in their homeland. Menden is located just at the beginning of the Sauerland Mountains. (As the LDS website has been updated in 2012, and the IGI has been folded into this update, now the name "Zentini" can be accessed directly.) A Dutch origin for John Senteny is now thought to be not correct; Goch or Krefeld in Germany is more likely.

    Because John Senteny was naturalized in New Jersey in 1755, he was not coming from the British Isles. Descendants also remembered that he did not speak English very well. See "The Senteney-Haney Family" by Blanch Stepler. This genealogy of the Senteney family reports a coat of arms under this name, but I have not been able to verify that this actually existed. I did locate a crest for the "Sindenigg" family "of Germany" in a French book. The name "Sindenigg" could plausibly have become "Senteney."

    It appears that all Senteneys in the United States today descend from John Senteney.

    The name Charity as the wife of John Senteney appears in a mortgage in 1766. The assignment of children to Charity, first wife of John Senteny has recently been established; see notes under Charity C Hyde. Notice that John Senteny's wife's signature was shown on the 1766 mortgage (below), but the 1767 mortgages and the 1769 mortgage do not show his wife's signature. Was this because he was a widower in 1767.1768 abd 1769?


    To His Excellency Jonathan Belcher Esqr Captain General & Governor of His Majestys Colony of New Jersey
    To the Hon:ble His Majestys Council & the Honble Genl Assembly of the same.
    The Humble Petition of us the subscribers all Foreign Protestants humbly sheweth That your Petitioners are by the blessings of Providence on their Industry Enabled to purchase Lands & improve the same but being disqualifyed by the Law of the Land to hold real Estates in fee they pray Your Excellency & Honours to extend your favour to them as you have before done to Foreign Protestants born as your Petitioners were under the Allegiance of Princes in Germany in Alliance to the Crown of Great Britain By Naturalizing them by Act of General Assembly undre the same Regulations as are contained in the Acts of the General Assembly formerly passed on such occasions And your Petitioners as in duty bound shall Ever pray (signatures:)
    Johannes Bristals (foreman?) Henrich Landis Pitre Yagaar Andrew Trimmer Vallentine Ent Pitter Wurtz William Eckers Henrich Warner Andres Ridig Abraham Lashee Justus Rantzel John Senteny

    I Charles Read do humbly Certify that the Petitioners John Becclesheimer, Henry Landis, Peter Yager, Andrew Trimmer, Valentine Ent, Peter Werts, William Ecker, Henry Warner, Andrew Redick, Abraham Lashee, Justus Ranzell, John Sentiny, professing the Anabaptist Religion & conscienciously scrupling to take an Oath & having all resided for seven years in His Majestys Colonies abroad without being absent two months at one time, make & subscribed the Declaration of Fidelity & took & Affirmed the Effect of the Abjuration Oath appointed by Law - Agreable to an Act of Parliament passed in the twentieth year of His Present Majestys reign before me by Virtue of aded Potestatem -
    August 11th 1755 Cha Read Jr

    Laws of the Royal Colony of New Jersey 1746 - 1760 (printed source document)
    An Act for naturalizing John Becclesheimer, and others.
    Whereas John Becclesheimer, and others herein after named, by their humble Petitions have set forth, that they were born under the Dominion of foreign Powers in Amity with Great Britain, but are now settled within this Province of New Jersey, and are desirous of enjoying the Priviledges of his Majesty's natural free born Subjects thereini; and as they profess the Protestant Religion, and have given Testimony of their Duty, Loyalty and Affection to his Majesty King George the Second, and the Succession of the Crown in the Protestant Line, according to , and in such Manner and Form, as is prescribed by an act of Parliament passed in the Twentieth Year of his present Majesty's Reign; and in Confidence of their conforming themselves in all dutiful Manner to the Laws and Customs of this Colony.
    Be it therefore enacted by the Governor, Council and General Assembly, and it is hereby enacted by the Authority of the same, that the said John Becclesheimer, Henry Landis, Peter Yager, Andrew Trinmer, Valentine Ent, Peter Werts, William Ecker, Henry Warner, Andrew Redick, Abraham Lashee, Justus Ranzell, and John Sentiny, shall be from henceforeh deemed, taken and esteemed to be as his Majesty's natural free born Subjects within this Province; and they, and each of them, and their and each of their Heirs, shall enjoy and are entitled unto the same Laws, Liberties, Rights and Priviledges, as any of his Majesty's natural free born Subjects can or ought to enjoy within the same; any Act, Ordinance, Usage or Custom to the Contrary in any wise notwithstanding.
    Provided Always, and it is hereby enacted and declared, that nothing in this Act contained, shall be construed or taken to enable the said John Becclesheimer, Henry Landis, Peter Yager, Andrew Trinmer, Valentine Ent, Peter Werts, William Ecker, Henry Warner, Andrew Redick, Abraham Lashee, Justus Ranzell and John Sentiny, or either of them, to be of his Majesty's Council or of the General Assembly, or to hold or enjoy any Post or Office of Trust or Profit within this Province; any Thing herein contained to the Contrary notwithstanding. (Reference Bradford (1755) 19:5, PP. 61-62.)

    (The above naturalization documents show that John Senteny was in New Jersey from at least 1748, was born in Germany, was of the Protestant faith, and was an Anabaptist (Mennonite). "Germany" broadly construed may have included the Netherlands at that time. It is possible that perhaps the group of men who were naturalized at the same time all came from the same place. From other researchers, it is known that Henry Landis was born in Markirch, in Alsace-Lorraine; now Markirch is called Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines.)

    Jotn Sentony was taxed in Hillsborough Township, Somerset County, New Jersey in 1779. At that time, he was shown with 48 acres of improved land, 3 horses, 9 cattle, 12 hogs, and 1 grist mill. The abbreviation for his first name is a bit hard to read, and looks like "Jotn" which has been read by others as "Jonathan." His near neighbors included Bennija Stout, Safety Stout, Johas Ditmars, Joseph Hegeman, among others. In 1784, he was shown in possession of 73 acres, 5 horses, 10 cattle, 1 saw mill, and 1 grist mill; in Hillsborough Township.

    Printed source:
    26: John Senteny to Peter Schenk (mortgage)
    p 41. 1 August 1766 - John Senteny and Charity his wife of Sowerland Mountains Carpenter & Peter Schenk of Millstone Mercht Land (note 1) at Sowerland Mountain being part of a large Tract of Land formerly purchased of Peter Sunnimon (note 2) Known by the Name of the 9000 Acre Tract (note 3) being the Rear of the Lotts No 14 & 15 in the small Division (note 4) Begining at a Stone planted in the South line of Lott No 16 being land now belonging to Johanes Witeknaght to the North Line of Lott No 13 formerly Mr Governeurs (note 5) Containing 30 Acres of Land bounded Easterly by Land of Dowe Ditmarse Southerly by Land of Denice Hegeman Northerwesterly by the Rear of New Shannack Lots (Neshanic, my note) & Northerly by Lands of said Johanes Witeknaght Together with a Saw Mill Standing on the said premises signed: John Sentey, Charity C Senteney, her mark witnesses: Jacob Bergen Junr, Bennijah Stout proved before Benjn Thomson 17 October 1766 Recorded 17 October 1766 May 20th 1773 this Mortgage brought to me Cancelled by the Seal being takin Off - James Hude DCl
    Notes: Note 1 same property as described in mortgage on 27 April 1767; see p 75 Note 2 Peter Sonmans (1667-1734), Chief Proprietor of East New Jersey and an extensive landholder Note 3 also called the Harlingen Tract situated in Hillsborough and Montgomery Townships (which in 1766, were jointly known as the Western Preciinct); see "Snell," p 776 Note 4 also referred to as "the small division of the Sowerland Lotts;" see p 75 Note 5 this is Isaac Governeur; see p 312.
    My note: from this description, and from reference to an old map of the "Harlingen Tract," it is virtually certain that John Senteny's 30 acres were just west of Harlingen, and just southwest of Plainville; since there was a mill, the land was most likely on Cruser Brook. All of this is on the east side of Sowerland Mountain. Although this is presently just within the boundary of Montgomery Township, John and later Jane Senteney were taxed in Hillsborough Township, so, possibly, there has been a slight boundary adjustment between the two townships at some later time.

    55: John Senteny to Johanes van Arsdalen (Mortgage)
    p 75. 27 April 1767 - John Senteny of Sowerland Mountains Yeoman & Johanes Van Arsdalen of Connewago in York County and province of Pennsylvania Yeoman Land at Sowerlands Mountains in the small Division of the Sowerland Lotts and in part of Lotts No 14 & No 15 containing 30 Acres More or less bounded Easterly by Land of Dowe Ditmarse Southerly by Land of Denice Hegeman North Easterly by New Shanneck Lotts & Northerly by Land of Johannes Witeknaght signed: John Senteny witnesses: Nicklaes Amerman, Peter Stryker Acknowledged 13 May 1767 before Benj Thomson recorded 26 May 1767 May 20th 1773 this Mortgage brought to me Cancelled by the seal being taken off James Hude DClk

    p 154 21 May 1767 John Senteny of the County of Somerset Miller & Walter Vanpelt of the same County Farmer Land in the County of Somerset Begining in the line of the Nine Thousand Acre Tract containing by Computation 18 Acres Bounded on the south by the Nine Thousand Acre Tract on the West by Harp Peterson & on the north by Harp Peterson & on the East by Garabrant Peterson signed: John Senteny witnesses: Garret Vanpelt Leah + Nese her mark Acknowledged 20 January 1769 before John Berrien Esqr & Recorded 20 January 1769 This mortgage is Cancelled & Receipt on the Back 15 May 1769 5 June 1769 James Hude DClk

    p 176 15 May 1769 John Sentiney of the County of Somerset Miller & Roeleff Van Dike of the same County Yeoman Land in the County of Somerset begining at a Black Oak Tree Standing in the Line of the 9000 Acres Tract containing by Computation 18 Acres Bounded on the South by the 9000 Acre Tract on the West by Harp Peterson & North by Harp Peterson on the East by Garbrant Peterson signed: John Senteny witnesses: Garret Voorhees, Hendks Van Dike Acknowledged 22 May 1769 before John Berrien Esqr & Recorded 5 June 1769

    Petition of Jane Senteney admx of Samuel Stout decd for sale of Lands about 40 acres to be sold - make out the order John Senteney (note: admx of Samuel Stout decd appears to be an error, should be admx of John Senteney decd)
    To the Honourable the Judges of the Orphan Cort
    The petition of Jane Sentiney admx & widdow of John Sentiney decd and Samuel Stout admr to the said Sentineys Estate
    Humbly sheweth that John Sentiney of the County of Somerset died sometime in the month of April 1785 intestate, and did leave 11 Children, 7 of wich are from 2 to 12 years old; and your petitioners have caused an Inventory of all the said Senteneys personal Estate to be taken, and have sold such parts thereof as the family could spare, and from the best calculations made there on there Will be upwards of Eighty pounds wanting to discharge the Just debts of sd Estate -
    And as the said Senteney did have lands to the amount of 109 acres together with a saw & Grist mill thereon, your petitioners pray the Cort Will order & direct Such parts thereof to be sold as may be sufficient to pay the debts of sd Estate agreeable to an act of assembly made for that purpose, and your petitioners Will Ever pray
    16th April 1786 Jane Sentiney Admx Samuel Stout Admr

    Note: the inventory of the estate is available at the New Jersey State Archives. The appraisers were Joseph D Hageman and Johannes Ditmars. Included in the estate file is the following:
    To the Honourable Court of Common Pleas for the County of Somerset
    We the under Subscribers do Hereby agree to Leave a Certain Dispute Now undecided in Said Court To John Herdenbergh Esqr Capt Philip Vanarsdalen & Capt abm Van Nest and wish a Rule of Reference may be ordered By the Said Court for that Purpose Witness our hands this 21st Day of June 1786 Jns Wertman Folkert (- - - ) Peter Perrine Archibald Campbell
    (This document appears to have been put in the estate file by mistake - not clear how it would connect with John Senteny)

    Typewritten document:
    Senting, John. Received certificate No. 223, dated May 10, 1784, for 0 pounds 3 shillings 6 pence for the depreciation of his continiental pay in the Somerset County Militia. (Indents, Rev. War, page 121.) WSP:W 5-2-33
    (Not clear if this refers to John Senteny, but it is possible from it that he did service in the Somerset Militia. This might also refer to John Senteney Jr, born 1765.)

    Summary of Somerset County, New Jersey, deeds, as read for "Senteney" name references by John F Vallentine (himself a Senteney descendant), and passed on to me in a letter from Provo, Utah, dated 17 September 1984:
    D:261 - Lewis Senteny of Mason Co Ky to his brother Job H Senteney of Hunterdon Co NJ; power of atty to obtain legacy due me from my father John Senteney Esqr dec of NJ 24 Jan 1804
    D:388 - Wm Senteney of Hillsborough Township and wife Rebekah to Morris Diltz of same 9 May 1805, recorded 28 June 1805 tract bought from Ephraim Carle & wife Ruth on 2 May 1803 - 23 acres in Hillsborough Township
    F:202 - Jobe Senteny from Elijah Stout and wife Jane (all of Hillsborough Township) 25 June 1810, recorded 22 September 810 7 1/4 acres in same Levi & John Stout, witnesses
    G:49 - Andrew Sentney of Mason county, Ky appointes Job H Senteney of Somerset Co NJ - power of atty to obtain interest in a tract of land in Somerset Co of which my father John Sentney seized he being one of ten heirs at law 15 June 1812
    H:154 - Job H Sentiny & wife Elizabeth of Hillsborough Township to Charles and Aaron Morgan of same 1 March 1814 2 lots in Hillsborough Township 7 & 32 acres
    My Note: These deeds seem to show that Elijah Stout had married Jane, widow of John Senteney; also that one or two of John Senteney's eleven children had died before 15 June 1812. The heirs-at-law in 1785 would have been the eleven children, plus the widow, Jane, making twelve heirs. By 15 June 1812, there were still ten heirs-at-law.
    Jane Senteney, widow of John, apparently last appears on the Hillsborough Township, Somerset County tax lists on September 1790. A careful check of these lists after that date should show if Elijah Stout was not taxed on a saw/grist mill in 1790, but was taxed on them after that date; if so, that would show that he had married Jane. Elijah Stout was the brother of Benijah Stout; Benijah Stout was the husband of Elizabeth Hyde, sister of Mary Jane Hyde (second wife of John Senteny).

    From the New Jersey Calendar of Wills - 1786-1790:
    1786, Feb. 28, Senteny, John, of Hillsborough, Somerset Co Int. Adm'rs - Samuel Stout and Jane Senteny; said Samuel being of Hunterdon Co. Fellowbondsman - Joseph Hageman, of Somerset Co. Witness - William Maxwell.
    1786, Feb 27. Inventory, 213 pounds 18 shillings 8 pence, made by Joseph Hageman and Johanes Ditmars. Lib. 29, p. 196

    From the "History of Coles County, Illinois" published in 1887:
    Thomas Senteney has been a resident of Coles County for more than thirty years. His estate, located on section 27, North Okaw Township, contains eighty acres of choice land. He was born May 16, 1819, near Maysville, Ky, and is the son of Joab and Elizabeth (Doing) Senteney. His great-grandfather, John Senteney, was of German parentage, although born in the United States. He married Miss Mary Hyde, a native of England, and they made their home in the East, dying in the vicinity of New York City.
    His grandfather, John Senteney, was born in 1761, in New Jersey, and his marriage to Miss Elizabeth Houghton took place there. She was likewise a native of New Jersey. In the year 1790 he moved West with his young wife, and purchasing land near Maysville, Ky, made his permanent home there. After a long life of usefulness his death occurred in 1835 at a ripe old age. His widow survived him several years, and passed away in 1845. Both are buried in the Lawrence Creek Cemetery, near Maysville. Their family consisted of seven children - - Thomas, Joab, Nancy, Catherine, Charity, Mary and Elijah, all of whom attained maturity and married. John Senteney and his wife were, during their lifetime, members of the Baptist Church, and were actively engaged in promoting its interests and building up the cause of Christ.
    Joab Senteney was born in 1794, near Maysville, Ky. At that early day the educational advantages of the West were very limited, and he had little opportunity for mental cultivation. Business affairs required his father's absence from home most of the time, and at the age of twenty-one Joab took charge of the farm and remained on the homestead until his father's death. His marriage to Miss Elizabeth Doing took place in the year 1816. Mrs Senteney was the daughter of Thomas Doing, and was born in Virginia.
    At the time of his father's death Joab Sentency was forty-four years of age, and taking his share of the estate, went to Franklin County, Ind, where he purchased eighty acres of timber land, which he cleared and cultivated for about five years. He then disposed of his interests in Indiana and removed to Morgan County, Ill. Renting land near Jacksonville he carried on a successful farming business there for about fourteen years, and in the autumn of 1855 removed to that part of Coles County which is now included in Douglas. He there entered forty acres, which he imiproved and cultivated, making that place his home for life. Mr Senteney was active and industrious in business, and successfully passed through the hardships and privations incident to pioneer life, in two different States. He was retiring in disposition, and devoted to the interests of his home, never desiring to mingle in public affairs. With his wife he was a member of the Christian Church. Having finished his life work he died in 1863. His widow survivied him several years and died in 1875, and they both lie at rest in the old Humbolt burying-ground.
    The parental family consisted of nine children: John, deceased, was married to Elizabeth Bobbet; Thomas, the subject of this sketch; Elizabeth, the wife of Oliver Huckstep; Nancy died at the age of sixteen; Robert married Miss Jane Fleming, and resides in Guthrie County, Iowa; William married Miss Minerva Christman, and both died, leaving a family of six children; Jacob married Miss Elizabeth McNealy, and both also died, leaving a family of four children; Peter G, deceased, was married to Miss Ellen Hostetler; Mary is the wife of Martin Lathrop, and resides in this State.
    Thomas Senteney attended the subscription schools in the early days, which afforded but meager advantages for education. He was a bright, intelligent boy, and possessed a natural talent for mechanical work. He had often worked with his grandfather in his shop, and became very skillful in the use of tools. Circumstances, however, led him to follow the occupation of agriculture rather than mechanics, and he remained on the homestead assisting his father on the farm until his marriage with Miss Ann Fleming, which took place April 27, 1842. Mrs Senteney was born Sept 8 1824, in Parke County, Ind, and is the daughter of Stephen and Jane (Kerr) Fleming. After his marriage, Mr Senteney removed to Morgan County, Ill, and engaged in farming on rented land until 1847, when he purchased forty-seven acres in that township. In the autumn of that same year he accidentally cut his foot while chopping wood, inflicting a severe wound, which has ever since disabled him to some extent. In 1853 he disposed of his property in Morgan County, and entered eighty acres in North Okaw Township, on the day after Franklin Pierce was elected to the Presidency. He took possession of the place with his family the February following, and has since made his home here. He also owns a small tract of timber land.
    Mr and Mrs Senteney have a family of eleven children, recorded as follows: George W, born in July, 1843, enlisted in 1864 for 100 days' service in the Civil War, and was stricken down with the measles during his absence, and died Nov 9, 1865, soon after reaching home; Melissa died in infancy; John T married Miss Louisa Kelly, and resides in Humbolt County, Cal; Martha died in infancy; Sarah is the wife of William Beatty, and a resident of Douglas County, Ill; Mark married Miss Martha A Trout, and resides on the homestead, managing his father's farm; Joab died in infancy; James L married Miss Ida Walker, and resides in this county; Julia, Samuel and Emma all reside at home.
    Mr Senteney's farm is well improved, and mostly fenced in ten-acre lots. His farm is considered one of the best in the State. He has some tiling on the place and a substantial frame residence with good farm buildings. With his wife he has been throughout life a consistent member of the Christian Church. In politics Mr Senteney is a Republican, and is active in sustaining the principles of that party. He is interested in educational affairs, and has been School Trustee for ten years; he is also serving his second term as School Director, and has been Assessor one term.

    Cash Account of Joseph Inslee, Contractor of Hunterdon County, June 1780-May 1782 (including):
    John Sentony for beef 7 pounds 14 shillings 0 1/2 pence (provisions supplied to for the Continental Army)

    Note: the name "Senteney" has been spelled in many different ways, both in the surviving public records, and by the people themselves who carried the name. Possibilities include: Senteny (the way John, the immigrant, signed his name in his own lifetime); Senteney; Sentenay; Sentenny; Sentney; Sentne; Sentinne, etc. It appears, however, that until about 1900, all Senteneys in the United States were descended from John, the immigrant, who was born about 1730, and died in New Jersey in April 1785. As Senteney was also not a name that a record-keeper was likely to have heard before, the number of spelling variants was likely to multiply. In the descendancy shown here, one standard spelling, "Senteney," has been chosen for all, without regard to whether or not this was the spelling in the public records as they were examined. "Senteny" is used for John the immigrant, and "Sentenny" and "Sentney" are each used once, in an effort to show these alternate spellings in the index, in hopes of connecting with other researchers who are still trying to assemble data on the various family members.


    A surname distribution website for Germany shows that there are currently 36 telephone listings for "Sinzenich," and most of these are in Rhein-Erf-Kreis (8); Köln (5); Düren (1) (these locations are from Köln and moving west), and Bonn (2). These locations, except Bonn, are just north of the village of Sinzenich, which was likely the origin of the name. It is estimated that there are about 96 people in Germany with this surname. For the name "Zentini," there are 13 telephone listings, with a concentration in Ennepe-Ruhr-Kries (1), Soest (1), and Hochsauerlandkreis (1). These locations are just east of the Ruhr. It is estimated that there are about 34 people with this surname. So, it continues to be a very rare name.

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  • Change Date: 9 APR 2012

    Father: Johannes or Jacob SENTZENICH b: ABT 1695
    Mother: (Maria ?) UNKNOWN b: ABT 1707

    Marriage 1 Charity C HYDE b: 27 or 28 Nov 1742 in Hopewell, Hunterdon County, New Jersey
    • Married: ABT 1762 in New Jersey
    1. Has No Children Jacob SENTENEY b: ABT 1763 in New Jersey
    2. Has Children John SENTENEY b: 20 DEC 1765 in New Jersey
    3. Has Children Charity SENTENEY b: 3 or 17 Mar 1770
    4. Has Children Mary Ann SENTENEY b: 8 DEC 1770 in Hillsborough Township, Somerset County, New Jersey
    5. Has Children Benjamin SENTENNY b: ABT 1772

    Marriage 2 Jane (HYDE) b: 25 AUG 1752
    • Married: ABT 1773 in New Jersey
    1. Has Children Lewis SENTENEY b: ABT 1774 in Hillsborough Township, Somerset County, New Jersey
    2. Has Children Rachel SENTENEY b: 1775 in Hillsborough Township, Somerset County, New Jersey
    3. Has Children Joab Houghton "Job H" SENTENEY b: 1778 or 1779 in Hillsborough Township, Somerset County, New Jersey
    4. Has Children William SENTENEY b: 15 SEP 1780 in Hillsborough Township, Somerset County, New Jersey
    5. Has No Children (Phebe or Jane) SENTNEY b: ABT 1782 in Hillsborough Township, Somerset County, New Jersey
    6. Has Children Andrew J SENTENEY b: 17 APR 1784 in Hillsborough Township, Somerset County, New Jersey
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