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  • ID: I185
  • Name: William JACKSON
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 1780 in VA
  • Death: Abt 1862 in Knox CO TN
  • Note:
    By 1803 he purchased land in Knox Co., TN and lived on land that adjoined his father in Law Ausgutus Wilson and his mother in law Anna Rice Wilson.

    By 1805 William and Themy are living in Tn. In 1819 he purchased land in Knox Co Tn. William's father could have perhaps been Henry Jackson from Va.

    L. Siewert, on May 8, 2001 e-mailed the following information:

    Cemetery where William Jackson, Thomas G. Jackson, Julia Foust Jackson, and James Jackson are buried is on Old Washington Pike, situated about 100 feet from the road with about 100 graves but only stones on about 25. The cemetery is about 1 mile north of the school at Ritta. This area is NE of Knoxville, Julia Foust was Presbyterian but the records of Washington Pike Presbyterian are gone. Believe that the Jackson lived about 8 miles from Ritta.


    The last will and testament of William Jackson of the County of Knox and the State of Tennessee considering the uncertainly of life and being of sound mind and memory do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form as follows, that is to say:
    I give and bequeath to my wife, Ann Jackson, my daughter Fanny Jackson, and my daughter Mariah A. Jackson, all the household and kitchen furniture of every description and also all the perishable and other property belonging to me except the blacksmith tools to be equally divided between said Ann Jackson my wife and Fanny Jackson, Mariah Jackson, and Levina (Jackson) Ramsey, my daughter.

    Also will to my daughter, Rhoda (Jackson) Crow, the sum of six dollars paid to her at my death or her heirs. I will to the heirs of my son, James Jackson, one dollar, he having been heretofore provided for. I also will to Michael Jackson, my son, the sum of twelve dollars and also to my son H.L. Jackson, I will the sum of twelve dollars these amounts to be paid out of my land by my son, Thomas G Jackson and my son, John Jackson, at my death.

    I also will to my wife, Ann Jackson and my daughters, Fanny Jackson and Mariah Jackson five acres of land including the house where my son Thomas G Jackson now lives the said Ann Jackson, my wife, and Fanny and Mariah Jackson, my daughters to have and hold the said land during their natural life and after their death, I will that it go to my son John Jackson or his heirs, the said Thomas G. Jackson is to have the house in as good repair as it now is they are to have timber of the farm sufficient to keep up the repairs of said 5 acres of land and also to have their fire wood.

    I also will my blacksmith tools to my son, John Jackson, I will to my sons Thomas G Jackson and John Jackson all my land estate consisting of two hundred acres more or less lying in District No 3*, Knox County, East Tennessee and bounded as follows by John G. Edmundson on the West and by an entry made by (John crossed out) W. L. Jackson on the north and by Louis Luttrell on the East and S. D. Cole on the south to be equally divided between Thomas G. Jackson and John Jackson, my sons.

    The before named property descent to each one of my heirs as named at my death. And lastly if I should be at the time of my death possessed of any money it is my will that my wife Ann Jackson and my daughters, Fanny and Mariah Jackson, to have each twelve dollars and the rest be equally divided between my wife Ann Jackson and my daughters, Lavina Ramsey and my daughters Fanny and Mariah Jackson.

    I hereby appoint S. D. Cole executor of my last will and testament. In witness whereof I set my hand and seal Jan'y 1st 1859.

    S. D. COLE
    I. L. Wilson William Jackson (His mark)

    *District No 3 was a newly designed district in East Tennessee, 1850 census states he lived in one of two subdivisions in the county of Knox. The two subdivisions were 15th and 31st.

    William Jackson was born in Virginia from family records and U. S. Census. We know that William was not an immigrant. Robert Jackson offers the following information in post #3896 on Jackson Genforum. It is dated August 25, 1999:

    Over half of the Jackson-surnamed families were concentrated in "lower Virginia" centered around Amelia and Dinwiddie Counties. It has been claimed -- fairly accurately, I think -- that most of these families descended from a small number of mid-seventeenth century settlers, most prominently John and Ambrose Jackson of Surry County and Ralph Jackson of Henrico County. Apart from the big group in lower Virginia, there were two other concentrations: Northern Virginia, around Culpeper and Prince William Counties; and the tidewater area, around Middlesex and Richmond Counties. Apart from these three areas, there were just a few scattered families. Over half of the Virginia counties had no Jackson's at all.

    First appearance of William Jackson in Knox County through land conveyances:

    William Jackson states he is from Knox County when he purchased land November 23, 1803, date filed is January 24, 1806 from William Snodgrass for 82 acres. William Snodgrass deed to William Jackson, Warranty Deed L vol. 1, page 144-145, 1806, states that William Jackson is of the County of Knox (TN) and it does not mention children. However, this property is near "Augusta Wilson's " line. His deed states, "Augusta Wilson of North Carolina." (Side note - William Snodgrass married Rachel White, March 4, 1797)

    #154 William Snodgrass and William Jackson 82 Acres:

    This Indenture made this 23rd day of November in the year one thousand eight hundred and three between William Snodgrass of the County of Knox and State of Tennessee of the one part and William Jackson of the County and state as former of the other party. Withtoforth the said William Snodgrass for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred and thirty three dollars to him in hand joined the receipt of is hearby acknowledged hath and by hath thee promised doth grant bargain sell alien interoff and confirm unto the said William Jackson his heirs afringe forever a certain tract or parcel of land containing eighty two acres lying and being at 8 post oak Augustin Wilson line, thence by the division line south forty five East ninety two poles to a pine then south forty five West by Augustin Wilson land and hundred and fifty five poles to a red oak thence North forty five West eighty poles to then take and from thence to the beginning being part of a tract of land granted to Augustin Wilson from North Carolina in Book page 2 and 8 as doth aforsaid. With all singular the woods, water, water courses, for of it commodities heridtiments and interannces whatsoever to the said tract of land belonging or aforents and divisions estate title interest property claim and demand of him the said William Snodgrass and heirs there in the same or in part or equity to have and to hold the eighty two acres aforsign to William Jackson and his heirs aforsign against the lawful claiming of these present In Witness of whereof the said William Snodgrass hath hereunto set his hand or seal the day and year written sealed in the presents of us
    Test John Grantham X
    Israel Eliot Isaac Boley his mark William Snodgrass

    State of Tennessee Knox County April Session 1805:

    The Execution of the written deed of conveyance was forever in April court by the oath of Israel Eliott a subscribing witness thereto and admitted to record
    Let it be registered Chas McClung
    Clerk of Knox County
    Registered and confirmed Jan 24th AD 1806

    Deed Volume C1, page 32, Joseph Beaird to Augusta Wilson, 400 acres head of White's Creek, 1794, indicates that Augusta Wilson is a very early settler of Knox County, TN. William Jackson may have married a Themy Wilson; this could be a connection? An early William Jackson and Themy Wilson marriage may have taken place in North Carolina (Washington, Hawkins or Greene, Tennessee Counties before 1796).

    From the Campbell County Historical Society (June 29, 2003):

    10 Oct 1810
    William Jackson enters 25 acres in Knox County, TN south of Black Oak Ridge adjacent to James Routh and Lewis Luttrell. Part of Cert #157 for 250 acres issued by Edward Scott Pegistry East TN. Entered 9 March 1822 William Jackson Registered 5th Survey District of TN 1816-1823 Grants #1601-2558

    William Jackson appears in Knox County, TN when he purchases land 82 acres S Black Oak Ridge from Joseph Smith. Date of this warranty deed is November 28, 1818.

    William Jackson also purchased land from Lee M. Bullen date of deed is May 1, 1856 and was filed August 27, 1857. This land was described as 100 acres on Chestnut Ridge.

    William Jackson deeds to John H. Jackson, his son, 40 Acres of Chestnut Ridge between 1859-1860.

    (Note: from Knox County US Gen website comes the following description of William's land, " Lying between Beaver and Black Oak Ridges is the section of a valley known as Hind's Valley, the lower half of which is watered by Hickory Creek, a tributary of the Clinch. The soil of this valley is generally light and thin, but is well adapted to grass, and is capable of improvement. The fertile section bounded by Black Oak and Webb's Ridge is known as Grassy Valley. It, unlike the others, does not slope gradually from northeast to southwest, but is crossed transversely by small ridges and depression. Black Oak Ridge constitutes the watershed between the waters of the Tennessee and the Clinch."

    ***In the 1870 Census, John Harry, Christinanna, Julia Ann, and Thomas G. Jackson are living in this 3rd district on Knox County which is known as "White's Creek in Grassy Valley."

    About two years ago Lyla Jensen posted a message on Genforum for John Edmondson-neighbor to William Jackson born 1780 VA.

    May 2002- On Monday she had a reply from a relative of John Edmondson, Hugh Crawford. His grandfather had done a lot of research and he had also about 10 years ago. He is now trying to add to his information online and saw this post.

    To refresh your memory, William mentions several neighbors -which his land adjoins in his will. I. L. Wilson and S. D. Cole witnessed the will. John Edmondson, S. D. Cole, and a W. L. Jackson (John Crossed out) bordered his land. Here was the post on Genforum:

    Dear Lyla,

    This is a reply to a notice of a couple of years ago. I am a descendant of John Edmondson who married Polly Crawford. I have relatively extensive information on both families, including some on S.D. Cole. He was married three times, interestingly to a first cousin relation of mine each time. I do not have much on the other Edmondson's. You can e-mail me, or contact me by phone at (623) 210-1087. I check my e-mail about once a week at the library; I'm not connected at home. But, that is where I have my computer and all my files.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Ken Edmondson

    It just so happens I recognized the area code and Ken lives here in metro Phoenix area and so I gave him a call. We had a nice visit and he then wanted to check his information and call back. Yesterday afternoon he returned my call and found some very interesting information. Ken is from Knoxville area. He told me that a group, including Crawford's, Edmondson's, Cole's, came to Knox County in early 1800 and settled in this area. They were from Rockbridge area. Rockbridge County, VA was once part of Augusta County, VA where Lou Ann and I are concentrating our research. This time frame certainly fits close to the 1803 land conveyance for William buying land that adjoined Augustus Wilson and Anna Rice.

    Luckily, Ken has some letters written by Hugh Crawford in April and October 1834 in which he is telling about what has happened in the neighborhood. He found references to our Jackson family:

    1. June 2 1832: There has been some deaths in our neighborhood, John Sawyer, Sheldon Claiborne, Peter Burnhart, Hamilton Scott's wife and William Jackson. (I wonder if this could refer to William's (b 1780) father. If this William was born in about 1755-60 it seems reasonable? Another puzzle!)

    2. 23 April 1834: (can't remember who was having the baby) but he states that the baby was coming quick and Mrs. Jackson and her daughter came to deliver the baby. (This would be Themy and perhaps Fanny, then 17, since Rhoda and Lavina were married. So it appears that Themy may have been a mid-wife in the neighborhood.)

    3. Oct 26, 1834: John Jackson is now lying in with the fever. (Probably John Harry Jackson about 22 years old at the time.)

    4. Ken also mentioned Thomas Jackson buying items in the estate settlement of one of the neighbors.

    I will be getting together with Ken next week and he is going to make copies of his letters for me. It will be an interesting "get -together." In his paperwork perhaps I will be able to find more information on our Jackson's. This does give us some insight to our family.

    Ken also mentioned an Isaac Anderson, who is related, that was a Presbyterian minister and started a school for ministers in Maryville. I wonder if he might have trained William Scott Ramsey, Lavina's husband. Interesting...

    1830 census Knox County- has no date of when it was taken (#25 and 26)
    William Jackson Of 50 but under 60
    2 sons of five but under 10
    1 son of 10 and under 15
    1 son of 15 and under 20

    Themy: Of 40 but under 50
    1 daughter under five years of age
    1 daughter of ten and under 15
    2 daughters of 15 but under 20
    So Themy is alive in 1830
    Michael, Rhoda, James are married.
    Thomas G. is about 5 later census do reflect differently and who is the
    other boy? John Harry and Hugh L. fit the category for the other two sons
    Lavina and Fanny fit category of 15-20
    Mariah fits category of either 15 or 5 (we haven't any census on her)
    Who is the other daughter?
    Total in household is 10

    1840 Census: Knox County #66-
    First off Thomas Crow and Rhoda have two children one is John but Rebecca is
    not born yet so apparently they lost a daughter between 1840 and 1850 census.
    James and Hugh L. are enumerated separately from William, but on the same page.

    William Jackson (#108 & 109)
    William Jackson of 50-60 years of age
    Themy listed as 60-70 (I figure that she is about the same age as William but it
    was put in the wrong column in 1830, or her birthdate fell to fit in the other
    One son 15-20
    One son 20-30
    One daughter 10-15
    One daughter 15-20
    One daughter 20-30

    Also states in the 1840 Census that 5 in the household engaged in agriculture and 1 in manufacturing and trade.

    So we have another son and daughter to account for somewhere. Was one of these sons Henry? Was he or John "out of the house" in 1840? John H. did not marry until 1841. Henry had purchased land but if single might not of been enumerated because he was not a head of a family?

    William Jackson is listed on the 1850 Census living in the 15th Subdivision Knox County. In this census he appears as follows:
    William Jackson Age 70 born in Virginia
    Anna his wife age 50
    Fanny Age 33
    Thomas G. Age 23.
    Value of property he lists as $1000.00; Occupation is farmer.

    Listed in the 1860 Census in Knox County, TN. Third District is where "White's Creek in Grassy Valley" is located in North Knox County.

    Will proven March Term 1862 Knox County Estate Settlement Book 13 Page 572.Settlement date is August Term 1864. Found William in 1850 and 1860 census living in Knox County with Ann, his wife, and Fanny. Michael is the only Michael Jackson in Anderson County, TN which borders Knox County in 1850 and 1860 census. From the information in census and a quick claim deed (dated August 28, 1847) from Michael and others when settling the estate of Henry Jackson it states he is living in Anderson County. I concluded that this is indeed Michael's father. William owned land in Knox County. I conclude that this is his second wife, legal name was Anna Moony.

    L. Siewert, on May 8, 2001 e-mailed me the following information:

    Cemetery where William Jackson, Thomas G. Jackson, Julia Foust Jackson, and James Jackson are buried is on Old Washington Pike, situated about 100 feet from the road with about 100 graves but only stones on about 25. The cemetery is about 1 mile north of the school at Ritta. This area is NE of Knoxville, Julia Foust was Presbyterian but the records of Washington Pike Presbyterian are gone. Believe that the Jackson lived about 8 miles from Ritta.

    The settlement of William Jackson Estate (August Term1864)
    1 Loom John Maltock 50
    8 Head Geese M Thompson "51.cts 408
    1 cutting knife Thomas Parham 25
    9 Head Fowls Saml Thompson 450
    80 Dozen Oats Jason Fergerson 66cts per day 5280
    1 Lot Wheat 1050
    1 Lot Salt 1200
    4 Bu Corn 800
    1 Lot Flour 350
    1 Lot of Bacon 1770
    Total of $113.83

    Notes on hand at the time of Administration:

    1 note against A. Bishop due October 23, 1862 for $162.49 in Gold or Silver
    1 note against J. Bishop due August 8, 1862 for $49.00
    1 note against James Fergerson due October 7, 1862 for $49.50
    1 Account against Martin L. Reynolds at the death of Nancy Turner due for $20.00

    Sworn to before me
    August 1, 1864
    William Craig, Clerk his mark: Henry Holloway

    On settlement with John H Jackson Adm with the will amount of Wm Jackson due. I find as follows to wit
    By Receipt of ______ Ramsey $17.50
    By Receipt of Anna M Jackson $17.50
    By Receipt of Rhoda Crow $17.50
    By Receipt of Fanny Jackson $17.50
    By Receipt of Wm Craig Clk for fees $ 5.50
    To amount of sale of personal property not disposed of in will of William Jackson: $70.00
    Bal due Adm---- $5.50

    William Craig, Clerk

    It should be noted that in the settlement of William Jackson's estate there is no allocation of funds or property to Michael Jackson, James Jackson, H.L. Jackson or Thomas G. Jackson, mentioned in the terms of William's will. Could these men have left the state of Tennessee or deceased? It should be also noted that this time frame is inclusive to the Civil War 1860-1865.

    In the census of 1850 images from the Familytreemaker website I found the following information:

    The individual's listed in his will with land that borders William's. They are all listed in the 15th Subdivision. On the same Roll 886 as William.
    John Edmundson Age 48- Farmer
    Sampson D Cole Age 33- Saddler,
    Louis Lutrell Age 62- Farmer

    Leora wrote on October 31 2001:

    You have mentioned the following settlement: "It should be noted that in the settlement of William Jackson's estate there is no allocation of funds or property to Michael Jackson, James Jackson, H.L. Jackson or Thomas G. Jackson, mentioned in the terms of William's will. Could these men have left the state of Tennessee or deceased? It should be also noted that this time frame is inclusive to the Civil War 1860-1865."

    They were not mentioned in the settlement because they were provided for in the will with land or house and/or money. The settlement was for the balance of his estate and that was to be left to his wife and daughters Lavina, Fanny and Mariah. Rhoda was willed $6.00, she was not included in " the rest be equally divided between my wife Ann Jackson and my daughters, Lavina Ramsey and my daughters Fanny and Mariah Jackson." So I wonder why she got $17.50 and not Mariah.

    I think James died before January 1, 1859 because of the way his heirs (not James) were mentioned in the will of William Jackson, his father. The mention was " I will to the heirs of my son, James Jackson, one dollar, he having been heretofore provided for."

    With information I received from a descendant of Louis Lutrell ( the land was located just east of Knoxville in an area referred to as the community of Ritta.

    Another Luttrell descendant, Aileen Irvin Tarver ( states that this land is located near Beverly. She has a copy of the census that was taken by location and the roads are marked on the census.

    In the census of 1850 I also found most of William's children living in the 15th subdivision, excluding Michael Jackson who lived in Anderson County, TN. In the 1850 census of Knox County there were two subdivisions, 15th Subdivision and 31st Subdivision. In about 1860, the county was divided into about 19 civil districts.

    From the information gathered we know that James Jackson probably died about 1855 and Thomas G. Jackson stayed in Tennessee and both are buried with William. Hugh L. Jackson and his family went to Missouri and settled in Barry County by 1853. John H. Jackson and his wife went to Greene County, where his son's were farming in about 1870 and are buried there. Michael's whereabouts are not certain. We do find several of his daughters and a son in Barry and Lawrence Counties, Missouri by the 1880 census. Michael's wife is living with the youngest daughter, Levina Elizabeth Jackson Munday. It appears that Michael is probably deceased by 1864. From the 1870 census Levina and Elizabeth (single, age 20) are living in a separate household from Susan and her husband and from Hugh L. Jackson the uncle/brother-in-law. By the birthplaces of Susan's two eldest children it appears they might have moved to Missouri from Tennessee in 1864. I believe that Lavina and her youngest and single daughter moved with them. Most of these Jackson's farmed in the Ozark area of Missouri. Michael's oldest daughter settled in Boone County, Missouri.

    The Ancestry and Posterity of the Lyles, Pioneer Settlers in Virginia, Page 221
    ex 178, Cumberland Presbyterian Minister, Knoxville, Tenn., b1808, d1873, m1833, Vina Jackson, b1817, d1877, dau' William K. Jackson, m "Themy" Wilson. Issue: Isabella

    Burial: off Old Washington Pike, near Ritta School, Knox County, TN
    Census of 1830: Knox County, TN
    Census of 1840: Knox County, TN
    Census of 1850: Knox County, TN (Roll 866, Page 124)
    Census on-line: 1850, Images Web site FTM Page 1271
    Occupation: 1850, Census lists as Farmer
    Property: 1850, Value $1000.00
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    Marriage 1 Mattheny WILSON b: 1780 in NC
    • Married: Abt 1799 in TN
    1. Has No Children Henry JACKSON b: Abt 1800 in TN
    2. Has Children Michael JACKSON b: Abt 1805
    3. Has Children Rhoda JACKSON b: Abt 1805
    4. Has Children James JACKSON b: Abt 1808
    5. Has Children John Haney JACKSON b: 8 JUN 1812 in Knox County,TN
    6. Has Children Levina JACKSON b: Abt 1813
    7. Has No Children Hugh Lawson JACKSON b: 1814
    8. Has No Children Fanny JACKSON b: 1817 in Knox County,TN
    9. Has No Children Mariah JACKSON b: Abt 1820 in Knox County,TN
    10. Has No Children Thomas JACKSON b: 1827 in TN

    Marriage 2 Ann MOONEY b: 1800 in VA
    • Married: 15 NOV 1842 in Knox Co.,TN
    • Note:
      Event: Married by in Aaron Armstrong, Justice of the Peace
      Event: Bondsman in Henry Shipe