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  • ID: I1499
  • Name: Wyatt Smith
  • Given Name: Wyatt
  • Surname: Smith
  • Sex: M
  • Note:
    The parents of Wyatt Smith are unknown, but it is believed that theyare not Andrew/Andreas Smidt and Sarah Gregg. I was the person whooriginally posted this information as a theory but I now feel that itis untrue. It appears that several people accepted this theory andposted it on If anyone has this information on yourdatabase I would be happy to discuss with you why I feel the theory isunlikely.
    Notes include records for Wyatt Smith, some of which are clearly thisWyatt and some of which are probable. There are a few which are notedbut there is less probability that they are for this Wyatt Smith.

    The birthplace of Wyatt Smith could be either South or North Carolina.The 1850 census of Overton Co., Tennessee lists South Carolina as thebirthplace of both Wyatt and his wife Peggy. However, there is muchthat is wrong with that census as far as the ages of those listed. Thecensus of Wyatt's son Larkin in Overton County, 1880 states thatLarkin's parents were both in North Carolina.
    John Curtis applied for his Revolutionary pension in Nov l833 andhe was a resident of Bledsoe County, Tennessee. He stated that heentered service in Dinwiddie Co., VA as a substitute for his cousin,Drewry Thrift; was drafted for 18 months...and was discharged at PineyFork on the James River.
    John Curtis says that he was born in Dinwiddie or Sussex Co. Va in1759 or 1760. His father died while he was quite young and his motherdied while he was in the War. After the war he migrated to ORANGECOUNTY N.C.; lived there and in CHATHAM CO., NC for 20 years and whilein North Carolina he married Dolly Honeycutt. Later he moved toSUMNER (Co, TN?) for another two years and in WHITE COUNTY (TN?) for15 years, and has been in Bledsoe Co. for eight years. He acquiredgrant #2310 in the Mountain District of Tennessee for 250 acres in1832.
    John Dalton, Clergyman, John Bridgman and Joseph McDowell certifygood character of John Curtis. On November 7, 1833 WYATT SMITHtestified that he knew well Isham and Drewry Thrift, brothers, andknew of John Curtis' service in the War; knew John after the close ofWar; had heard from Thrifts and from neighbors of above service. (Thisplaces Wyatt in the Orange Co., N.C. area as Isham Thrift died thereand did not live in Bledsoe Co. Orange Co. borderes Chatham Co. N.C.where Wyatt Smith and his siblings sold a piece of land in 1805. Thisland on Price's Creek was very near the border of Orange Co.)
    John Curtis received his pension (Rev. War Pension File No.R2599)....Dolly Curtis applied for pension in McMinn County, on May13, 1848. She says she is 78 years old and she married John Curtis onOctober 10, 1793; he died on August 7, 1844...WYATT SMITH and MARGARETSMITH, of BRADLEY COUNTY, TN aged respectively 90 and 85 years,certify to marriage of John Curtis and Dolly Honeycutt in ChathamCounty, NC in October 1793...Dolly says their first child was born inFebruary 1796. (The marriage records of Orange Co. N.C. state thatJohn Curtis and Dolly Honeycut married 17 Nov. 1803.The 1800 census ofOrange Co., N.C. lists John Curtis: 00010-01010. John and his wifeare both 26-44 and there was a female 10-15. (From Sequatchie ValleyRevolutionary War Soldiers, Compiled by James L. Douthat)
    This information tells us that Wyatt was in Orange Co./ChathamCo. (border counties) in 1793 at the time several members of theBrackin family lived there. Since Wyatt and Peggy named a son WilliamBrackin Smith it is believed that Peggy's maiden name may have beenBrackin. However, Dr. Henry Brackin, author of " The Brackin Family inthe Southeastern United States" has found no Margaret Brackin whocould be Peggy Smith born about 1770.
    The information also suggests that there may have been arelationship between John Curtis and Wyatt. Wyatt "knew well" theThrift brothers who were cousins of Curtis. Wyatt Smith was found ona tax list in Sumner Co., TN for 1809 and 1810, about the same timethat John Curtis reported that he lived in Sumner Co. for two years.Wyatt was a witness for John Curtis in 1833 and then again for hiswidow in 1848 McMinn Co. It also tells us that Wyatt lived inBradley Co., TN in 1848. This is the Co where his son William BrackinSmith lived at about the same time, as Brackin's signature is foundon a petition there in 1845. (Bradley Co and McMinn Co. are bordercounties.) (The relationship of Wyatt and John Curtis should beexplored to determine if Peggy Smith and Dolly Honeycutt Curtis mayhave been related).
    4 September, 1805--Chatham Co., N.C.--Wiat Smith, Isham Smith, JordanSmith, Zadock Smith, Wiley Smith, Merrel Smith, Elizabeth Smith, andJohn Bilbery and his wife Holly sold a tract of land situated onPrices Creek consisting of 132 acres to John Fearington for the sum of132 pounds in lawful money to them in hand paid. Book M, p. 658 (Thisis believed to be Bledsoe/Overton Co. Wyatt Smith and his siblingsselling land of perhaps their deceased parents. The reason for thisassumption is the later marriage relationships between the Smith andBilbrey families. (History, TN, My People and Me. The Johnny BilbreyStory). Traditional accounts in the Bilbrey family state that JohnnieBilbrey married his first cousin and many Bilbrey descendents believethat to be Holly Smith. The following deed also confirms
    that Holly Bilbrey was born a Smith.

    Chatham County Court minutes 1805-1811 p. 85 15 May 1806 "Deed fromIsham Smith, Jordan Smith, Zadock Smith, Wiat Smith, Willie Smith,Merrill Smith, Elizabeth Smith and John Bilberry to John Fearingtonwas duly proved in open court by oath of Daniel Burnitt, witness, anddecreed to be registered."
    NORTH CAROLINA, CHATHAM COUNTY – Deed Book M, pages 658-659

    Smiths to John Fearington – 1805

    This Indenture made this twenty fourth day of September one thousandEight hundred and five Between ISHAM SMITH, JORDAN SMITH, ZADOCKSMITH, WYAT SMITH, JOHN [crossed out], WILEY SMITH, ELIZABETH SMITH[crossed out], MERREL SMITH, ELIZABETH SMITH, JOHN BILBERRY & HOLLEYhis wife of the County of Chatham and State of North Carolina of theone part and JOHN FEARINGTON of the County and State aforesaid of theother part. Witnesseth that the said SMITHs and BILBERRYs for and inconsideration of the sum of one hundred and thirty two pounds sterlingin hand paid by the said FEARINGTON before the Sealing and Deliveringof these presents the receipt whereof they do hereby acknowledge havegranted bargained and sold and by these presents doth grant bargainand sell unto the said JOHN FEARINGTON his heirs and assigns for evera Certain tract or parcel of Land situate lying and being in theCounty aforesaid on the waters of Prices Creek and bounded as followsviz. Begining(sic) at an ash in the County line said JORDAN SMITHscorner of a new Survey runing(sic) East with the County line onehundred and forty two pole to the Ridge Branch thence up the same tothe head there of and up the Hollow that forms the Branch to the headthence a Direct Course with DANIELs line to JAMES POWELLs cornerformerly MYRICKs corner thence west with POWELLs line seventy pole toa Black Jack an Original Corner thence North with the old line twohundred and seven pole to the first station Containing one hundred andthirty two acres be the same more or less. To Have and to hold thesaid bargained land and premises with its appurtenances and the saidSMITHs and BILBERRYs for themselves their heirs Executors Admintr. andassigns Doth Covenant and grant unto the said JOHN FEARINGTON hisheirs and assigns forever the land and premises above mentioned withevery part and parcel there of [page 659] warranting and defending theTitle of the same against the lawful claims or inCumbrances(sic) ofany person or person whatever. In Witness whereof the said SMITHs andBILBERRYs Doth hereunto set their hands and affix their seals the Dayand year first above written.
    ISAM his Xmark SMITH
    Signed Sealed and Delivered JORDAN SMITH
    in presence of ZADOCK his X markSMITH
    Test JOEL C[blotted]MBOW(?) WILEY his X mark SMITH
    MERREL hisX mark SMITH
    JOHN his Xmark BILBERRY

    Chatham County May Sessions 1806

    The Execution of the Deed was Duly proved in open Court by the oath ofDANIEL BURNITT witness and ordered to be Registered.
    Chatham County Court minutes 1805-1811 p. 85 15 May 1806

    "Deed from Isham Smith, Jordan Smith, Zadock Smith, Wiat Smith, WillieSmith, Merrill Smith, Elizabeth Smith and John Bilberry to JohnFearington was duly proved in open court by oath of Daniel Burnitt,witness, and decreed to be registered."

    John Ferrington who bought the Smith land had numerous deeds inChatham Co., N.C. In 1787 he bought land bordering Patterson's line.In 1786 there was a deed for land on Sugar Tree Branch of Haws River.On 3 Oct., 1786 there was a deed for Dry Creek in which James Smithwas a witness.
    1809, Sumner Co., TN tax list--Wyet, Jourdan, Merrel and Zadock Smithwere listed together in the Company of Capt., Montgomery. Wyet wasin the same Company in 1810 and 1811. In 1810 he was with his brotherMerrel and in 1811 he was with his brother Zadick.

    1812 War--Wyett Smith served as a Private in Colonel Robert DyersRegiment of Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry and Mounted Gunman. HisCaptain was William Mitchell who commanded the Spies Regiment of theCavalry. His date of appointment was 10 Dec., 1813 and his dischargewas 26 Dec., 1813 (NARA) Wyett was paid at the rate of $1 per monthfor his service. He was also give $.40 per day for the service of hishorse and $.25 per day for feeding his horse. This unit was formed inRutherford County, Tennessee and was one of the units which wasformed to deal with the Creek Indians, who sided with the British.(Rutherford Co. is near Sumner Co. where Bledsoe/Overton Wyatt Smithwas living in 1809-1811).


    One of two regiments which Dyer commanded at different times of thewar, this regiment was part of General John Coffee's cavalry brigadethroughout most of the Creek War. The unit participated in most of thebattles of the war, including Talladega (9 November 1813), where theyformed the reserves, and Horseshoe Bend (27 March 1814). There wereseveral companies of "spies" in the regiment: companies of cavalrythat were sent on reconnaissance patrols and usually took the lead inthe line of march for Jackson's army. (Talladega took place in Alabamaand Horseshoe Bend took place in Tallapoosa Co. Alabama). (The NARArecord for Wyatt's service only lists the Dec. 10 to Dec. 26 1813 PayRoll. It is unclear if this is a complete record of his service. Hemay not have served in the Talladega and Horseshoe Bend battles).
    1814 tax list of Grainger Co., TN--Wiatt Smith has 16 acres and islisted near Jordon, Merrie and Willie or Willis Smith. These men arein the Militia Company of Captain Samuel Richardson.
    1815 tax list of Grainger Co., TN--Wiatt Smith has 16 acres and islisted near Mirrid, Willie, Jordan and Willis Smith. These men are inCapt George Monroe's Co.
    Aug., 1815--Grainger Co., TN Court of Pleas and QuarterSessions--Wyett Smith vs. James Conn for the use of Winsor Hickmann.
    25 Aug., 1815--Grainger Co., TN--Wyatt Smith is on a jury. (Ibid)
    1815--Grainger Co., TN--Wiatt Smith and Willis Smith are on a jury.(Ibid)
    Bledsoe County, Tennessee deed, Charles Love to Wyatt Smith ,164acres, Whereas Henry Love did in March, 1823 execute to Wyatt Smith ofthe county of Bledsoe and state of Tennessee his certain bona in whichhe bound himself on the payment of the purchase money to convey to thesaid Smith a certain tract or parcel of land situate lying in the saidCounty of Bledsoe, in Lot # 2, bounded as follows: (The descriptionmentions that the land bordered the tract of William Brown and SamuelWorthington and Hankins. Wyatt paid $578.00 for the land. Henry Loveis now dead and Charles Love is his Executor. The deed was provedMarch 20, 1837 and registered March 23, 1840. Witnesses were WilliamLowery, Sr and James A. Whiteside, Sr. Wyatt Smith appears on the1830 and 1840 census of Bledsoe County.

    Wyatt sold this same land (164 acres in District #4, metes and boundsthe same) to Peter Swafford for $975. (Peter Swafford was hisdaughter Warney's brother-in-law). This sale took place 2 October,1849. Wyatt then appears on the 1850 census of Overton County,Tennessee. Wyatt also sold to the same Peter J. Swafford 50 acres onCumberland Mountain for $25.00
    1823, Bledsoe Co., TN: Wyatt Smith served as a sworn chain bearer ontwo surveys for neighbors. Sworn chain bearers or sworn chain carrierswere neighbors and kinsmen and were used as witnesses to deeds toprove in the courts the claims of persons when disputes arose.
    Survey No 2076--William Brown, 5 acres on the waters of SequacheeCreek including a spring at the SW fork of a ridge and the dwellingwhere ______ Swafford lives. Surveyed 26 May, 1823 by M. Rawlings.WYATT SMITH and Henry Sullivan sworn chain bearers.

    Survey No 1082--Henry Sullivan, 8 acres at the foot of Cumberland Mt,on a branch that empties into Sequatchie Creek on the north sidethereof. Including said Sullivan's dwelling house and grist mill.Surveyed 26 May, 1823 by M. Rawlings. WYATT SMITH and William Brownsworn chain carriers.

    Source: TN 4th Surveyors District Land Surveys 1814-1824, Compiledand Indexed by Robt L Bailey.

    1830 census of Bledsoe County, Tennessee, p. 274- Wyatt Smith is nearBrachel Smith, John Smith and Jonathan Crawford. 000021001-011010001Son Eathel E. (Etheldred, Dred, etc) is one of the males, 20-29. SonWilliam Brackin could be one of the males in Wyatt's household or hecould be in his own household and his name written as Brackel. WilliamBrackin Smith was called Brackin. Son Larkin Smith could be the maleage 30-39. Daughter Neoma Smith was the wife of Jonathan Crawford.Jonathan Crawford was living
    near Wyatt Smith.

    1840 census of Bledsoe County, Tennessee- Wyatt Smith0000010001-0000000001 The only child still living at home is a son,30-39. Wyatt is living next to his son Eathel Eldridge who is hereusing the name Dresdon Smith. William B. Smith is living next toDresdon. Daughter Neoma is now living in Jackson County, Tennesseewith husband Jonathan Crawford. The son living at home is probablyLarkin but he may have been older than given here. Later censusdocuments list Larkin as b. about 1790, probably the oldest son. JaneSmith, who is probably a daughter, is the head of her own household inBledsoe Co.

    1850 census of Overton County, Tennessee, 5th District: Wyat Smith,82, b. S.C. ; Peggy, 80, b. Unk; Jane, 50; Larkin, 35; Arnena, 25(These b. S.C.); Lucinda, 5, b. TN. (The relationship of Jane, Larkin,Arnena and Lucinda are not known, but it is likely that Jane is adaughter of Wyatt. Larkin is probably a son and his age is mucholder than 35. Larkin Smith moved to Overton County, as did Wyatt andPeggy. He is the head of household in 1860 and his reported age is 70.Larkin could have been the son living at home (30-40) in 1840. Hecould also have been in Wyatt's household in 1830. Arnena, appearson the 1860 census of Neoma Crawford and her name is reported asOrlenia Smith, age 40. Her daughter Lucinda, 14, is listed after her.If Arnena/Orlena had an actual birthdate of 1815 or before, she couldbe a daughter of Wyatt and Peggy. She would also fit as a daughter onthe 1840 census of Jane Smith in Bledsoe County. That would make her agranddaughter of Wyatt and Peggy and a niece of Neoma.

    1850 farm census of Overton Co., TN: Wayat Smith has 30 improved acresand 220 unimproved acres. The value of his land is given as $1,000.He has $50 in farm implements and machinery and $230 in livestock.
    Wyatt's estate inventory (Oct. 5, 1857) includes a judgement of$200.00 on Larkin Smith, which is doubtful. Larkin Smith, 35, was onthe 1850 census of Overton County in the household of Wyatt Smith, 82.This Larkin is probably the same man as the older Larkin who appearedon the 1860, 1870 and 1880 census of Overton County, TN. His age wasjust reported incorrectly in 1850. He is probably a son of Wyatt.Jesse Eldridge was the Administrator of Wyatt's estate.

    The Court records of Overton County has an entry for 23 June, 1858,Jesse Eldridge vs. Larkin Smith, motion to condemn land:

    "This day the following papers was duly filed in county court.
    State of Tennessee, Overton County: To the sheriff and constable ofOverton County. I commend you to summon Larkin Smith to appear beforesame Justice of the peace of said State and County to answer thecomplaint of Jesse Eldridge, Administrator of Wyatt Smith, deceased,of a plea of debt due for land given under my hand and seal this 4thMay, l857.

    Executed and returned for trial before John Kendall Esq June, 1857.
    I give judgement in favor of the plaintiff vs. defendant for twohundred and eleven dollars and all costs of this suit for whichexecution may issue this 1st June, l857- John Kendall

    State of Tennessee, Overton County. To any lawful officer, You arehereby commanded that if the goods and chattels, lands and ----- ofLarkin Smith is to be found in your county you make the sum of $211with interest and all costs to satisfy a judgement that JesseEldridge, Adm of Wiatt Smith, 6th day of June, l857. Given under myhand this l5th of June, l857. John Kendall.

    15 June, l857 this property sold and brought $91 on the l4th of June,l857. I advertised the said property for sale at the house of JesseEldridge after advertising according to law when Jesse Eldridge becamethe purchaser of the ----- at $40 he being the highest bidder for thesame and there being no other personal property of the defendant to befound in the county I levy the ballance of this execution and tract ofland of the ---- lying in the county of Overton, Dist. No 5 on thewaters of Oreck? where Ahi Deck formerly lived adjoining the land ofJohn Oakley. And on motion the land so levied upon is condemned andordered to be sold to satisy the plaintiff debt and costs and thecosts of this motion and order of sale."

    Wyatt Smith purchased land from Ahi Deck when he moved from Bledsoe toOverton County. On July 18, 1856 Ahi Deck sells 350 acres in the 5thDistrict to Larkin Smith for $700. This land was bounded by the heirsof Reuben Finley, down the mountain. The Enoch Bilbrey Tract was alsomentioned.
    The book "Granny Lindy" by Margaret Killiffer Harris and S.R. Leestates on p. 14 that Larkin Smith bought his land from Ahi Larkin.The authors probably knew that it was Ahi Deck who sold the land asthere was no Ahi Larkin in Overton Co. at that time. However, theymay not have know that Wyatt Smith bought the land from Ahi Deck. Onp. 13 of the book it is stated that the land had a good spring and amill on it.

    Estate sale of Wyatt Smith in Overton County, TN--I hereby certifythat I made as Administrator of Wyatt Smith, dec'd the following saleof property belonging to him at his late residence on the ------- dayof ---------- 1857 (dates left blank).

    Buyers were Jackson Swafford. (22 items, about 2/3 of the estate waspurchased by son-in-law Jackson); James T. Postin, James Postin(could be the same person); Lorenzo Swafford; Sally Bilbrey, MartinPhillips and James Mattiny (?) bought the remainder of the estate. Itwas primarily household items and included no livestock. Wyatt had$19.00 cash on hand and held a note for $500.00 on John Matthews aswell as the doubtful note on son Larkin Smith for $200.00. Peggy Smithwas not present at the sale, so presumed deceased. The sale wasrecorded 5 October, 1857.
    Wyatt had sold his land in Overton County to John Matthews beforehis death, hence the $500.00 note. Possibly Wyatt had loaned his sonLarkin $200.00 to buy land of his own.

    The following notes for a Wyatt Smith are not believed to be thisWyatt. They are listed because they are the only other Wyatt Smithrecords which were found. They may be for someone related to thisWyatt Smith.
    A Wyatt Smith was living in Claiborne Co., TN in 1808. There are alsorecords for Larkin Smith in Claiborne for the same year.
    FHC microfilm #1730834 Index to Deeds and Claiborne County CountMinutes. The section on court minutes 1806-1808 gives, p. 221, A billof sale from Wiet Smith to James Roddy for a Negro called Bob isproven in open court by Harman Evans and Ruben Greening subscribingwitnesses thereto. Ordered that the same be registered and recorded.August Term 1808. (This was Col James Roddye who in his will mentionedland in Claiborne County on Powell's River. James Roddye died 1822 inRussellville, Hamblen Co., TN)
    This Bill of Sale is actually on p. 8 of Deed Book B:" AugustTerm, 1808, This Bill of Sale from Wiet Smith to James Roddye isproven in open court by Harman Evans and Reuben Greening subscribingwitnesses thereto, let it be recorded and registered, Walter Evans,Clerk.
    Be it well remembered that on the twenty first day of March 1808that I Wiet Smith of the County of Claiborne and State of Tennesseehave bargained and sold unto James Roddye of Claiborne County andstate aforesaid one Negro man by the name of Bob of yellow cast, whichNegro I have sold in plain & open market, the Negro being about 23years old. I hereby do warrant and defend the title of said Negro toJames Roddye to be good against me, my heirs, Executors, Etc. to JamesRoddy his heirs, Executors, etc. on the just claim of any other personwhatsoever for the sum of 500 dollars paid in hand to me., Wiet Smith,whereunto I have here assigned my hand & affixed my seal the dateabove written.
    Wiet Smith (seal)
    Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of us
    John Smith
    Harmon Evans
    Reuben x Greening
    Registered 27 September, 1808
    Walter Evans, Clerk

    The Claiborne Tn Deed Index gives--Wyast Smith to John Rogers, 1808,Book B. p. 8--$500. (It is possible that the Wyatt of the ClaiborneCo. deeds is the same Wyatt who was listed as an orphan on the 1804tax list of Grainger Co. TN. It is doubtful that the Wyatt Smith wholater lived in Bledsoe and Overton counties would have been selling aslave and land in Claiborne Co. in 1808. Also, Bledsoe/Overton WyattSmith could not sign his name.)
    The Court Minutes above has two records for Larkin Smith. p. 234:Larkin Smith is ordered to work on a road crew from Old Garrison to------- Springs. Aaron Hurst, overseer. Other hands, Richard Harper,John Harper, William Weaver & Wm Jinans (probably Jennings). November,1808.
    p. 236--Larking Smith is on a road crew for Straight Creek Road fromTazewell to John Brancomb's. Other hands, John Stone, AlexanderCabbage, John Cardwell, Thos & Ruben Stone, Jonnathan Wilson, ThosMarkum, Isom and Geo Jinens. November, 1808.
    There were no deeds for Larkin.
  • Birth: 1768 in South Carolina or North Carolina
  • Death: BEF 4 MAY 1857 in Overton County, Tennessee

    Father: Unknown (possibly Elias or William) Smith
    Mother: Unknown Unknown

    Marriage 1 Peggy\Margaret Unknown b: ABT 1770 in South Carolina or North Carolina
    • Note: Jane, age 50, appears on the 1850 census of Wyatt and Peggy Smith Shecould be a widowed daughter-in-law. In 1840 she is the head of herown household: 0102001. These people are all females and there areno males in the household. She may have three daughter at this time.In 1830 Jane could be in Wyatt's household (20-under 30) being perhaps29. Her two oldest daughters in 1840 would then match the youngestfemales in Wyatt's 1830 household. It must be considered that Jane isa daughter of Wyatt who never married.
    • Married:
    1. Has Children Larkin L. Smith b: BET 1790 AND 1815 in N.C. or S.C.
    2. Has Children Neoma (Oma?) C. Sarah Smith b: 1794 in North Carolina
    3. Has No Children Jane (possibly) Smith b: 1800 in South Carolina (?)
    4. Has Children Eathel Eldridge (Dred or Ethel or Dresdon) Smith b: BET 1805 AND 1809 in North Carolina or Virginia
    5. Has No Children Arnena\Orlenia (possibly) Smith b: 1810 in Tennessee
    6. Has Children William Brackin (Brackin or Brack) Smith b: 1812 in Tennessee
    7. Has Children Warney\Warnie Smith b: BET 1813 AND 1816 in Tennessee
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