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  • ID: I05451
  • Name: Thomas "Trader" PAYNE , Sr., *
  • Sex: M
  • ALIA: Peign //
  • Birth: 21 OCT 1721 in Hanover Co. VA?
  • Death: ABT 1811 in Franklin Co GA or Pendleton Dist. SC
  • Event: Kinship Carol Shrader<wi4kinva@gmail.com>
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  • Note:
    These are the Payne's (various spellings) that took the Oath of Allegience in 1777 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia:
    Thomas Peyne, Green Wood Payne, Reuben Payne, David Payne, Edmd. Payne, Robert Payne, Reuben Pain, Edmund Pain, Philemon Pain, John Payne, John Payne, John Payne, Poyndexter Payne, Robert Payne, Reuben Payne, Esq., Abraham Payne, John Payne, Josiah Payne, Leonard Payne, Thomas Payne, William Payne

    The below quote from "The History of Fanklin County, Georgia" is wrong because "Trader" Payne didn't marry a Cherokee, and none of his children was raised in GA. All were born, raised and married in VA. His first wife was born and died in VA most likely Pomunkey or Monocan. This was a folklore tale told by someone that didn't know about our family. DSPayne
    This is a direct quote from "The History of Fanklin County, Georgia". No source is offered.
    Page 34: Payne's Creek - in Old King's Bench of original Franklin County was one of the first streams to be named for a white settler or trader. The creek is short as creeks go in Northeast Georgia, but its source was a large spring which was the trading post and fort of Trader Payne, one of the first traders in the Franklin County area. One of his descendents, an offspring of his Cherokee marriage, later married Moses Ayers whose descendents still live in the county. Gene Madden who was raised not far from the spring remembered that a part of the old fort survived into this century and remembered the carved stone where one drank at the springs.

    From: Barbara McCreary <barbara.k.mccreary@boeing.com>
    "We have recently discovered amongst Col. Payne's papers in the Virginia Library striking (and almost indisputable evidence) that Thomas Payne married to Yanaka did not descend down from the Ralph line of Essex as was originally thought and therefore, did not have a brother named John. His only brother appears to have been William who married Ruth, whose Will was dated 1771 in Pittsylvania County, VA. Instead, it appears that Thomas Payne m. Yanaka descended from the Westmoreland Group whose progenitor was John Payne d. abt 1669 m. Millicent and resided in Westmoreland County VA."

    1. Thomas (Payne) with wife Yanake/Anica who first appears in Hx Co in 1760 where he , William Payne and Nathaniel AYERS laid a road. Yanake's maiden name was Ayers. Thomas moved to Wilkes Co [NC, I think, but maybe GA] in 1778. Will of Nathaniel Ayers of Halifax Co 1777 mentions Daughter Yanake Payne.

    Please note names Shrewsbury and Poindexter and refer to Elizabeth Poindexter Payne Shrewsbury in genealogy above of family of John Payne of We Co. It's my thought that William Sr.[with Ruth] , John and Thomas [with Yanake] were brothers and sons of Wiliam Payne and Elizabeth Poindexter of Hanover Co. (From Elaine Paine)

    Halifax County, Virginia Deeds - 1767-1772
    p. 134. Mar. 14, 1768 from William Payne of H to Thomas Payne of H, 50 L, branches of Dan River, about 328 acres, bounded by Read, Colwell.
    Signed - William Payne Wit: none Rec may 19, 1768
    p. 516. Dec. 15, 1772 from John Payne of H to Richard Pass of H, 20 L, on the branches of upper Double Cr., it being the land whereon Benjamine Staten lately lived, about 100 acres, bounded by Byrd.
    Signed - John Payne Wit: William (W his mark) Payne, Poindexter Payne, John (J his mark) Hancock. Rec. Dec 17, 1772.
    Halifax County, Virginia Deed Book 10 - 1775-1778
    Page 65 - Jan 8, 1776 from Thomas Payne and Pendexter Payne, executors of William Payne, dec'd, of H, to Fleming Bates Jr and John Moore Jr of H for 50 L, all that tract of land willed by the above named William Payne dec'd to John Owen, blacksmith, on the upper Double Cr in H, containing about 50 acres booounded by Garrott Gross, Ayres, Byrd's old line.
    Signed Thomas (T his mark) Payne, Pendexter Payne
    Wit: Jas Bates, Thomas Hendrick, Charles Wall, Jacob (X his mark) Light Rec Apr 18, 1776
    Page 179. Nov 23 1776 from John Lewis (Mountain) of Granville County, North Carolina, to Howell Lewis of H, for 3000 L, one certain tract of land in H and Pittsylvania County and on the north side of the Dan River, and bounded by by Charles Kennon, Byrd, John Lewis, James Roberts Sr on the west, Gabriel Richards, Moses Ayers and Thomas Payne on the NW, John and Allen Caldwell on the NE, land bought of Samuel Jones on Dan River on the south; containing about 1728 acres. . .
    Signed: John Lewis
    Wit: Charles Kennon, Howell Lewis Jr, John Lewis Jr Mo. (sic). Rec May 15, 1777
    Halifax County, Virginia Deeds - 1778-1784
    Page 135. Mar 13, 1778 from Thomas Payne and Yanniker, his wife of H, to John Lewis of H, for 328 L, about 328 acres in H, and bounded by John Caldwell, said John Lewis, and Thomas Layn near Dan River, John Caldwell, Air's line.
    Signed Thomas (T his mark) Payne
    Wit: Charles Kennon, William Richardson, Mary Kennon, Wn Peters Martin Rec Oct 15 1778.
    Page 421. Dec. 23, 1778 from Thomas Payne of Wilks County, North Carolina, to Michael Ozbrooks of Pittsylvania County, for 150 L, about 150 acres in H, and bounded on the south by Col. John Lewis, on the west by Moses Ayres, on the south by Fleming Bates, and on the east by John Lewis jr.
    Signed: Thomas (T his mark) Payne
    Wit: John Lewis Jr, Thomas Merriwether Jr., Richard (R his mark) Smith Rec Mar 16, 1780.

    Ayers, Moses, 7 June 1780, Pittsylvania County, 304 acres on the branches of Sandy River adjoining the land of Roberts, Hard, Payne and c., Book A, p. 357
    Ayres, Moses, 1 Feby 1781, Pittsylvania County, 260 acres on the branches of Double Creek adjoining Bird, Payne, Scott and c., Grant Book D., p. 395
    Note: This is the brother of Yanaka/Anica Ayers who married Thomas Payne. Moses Ayers was the husband of Abigale Payne, d/of Thomas Payne. Notice that the Bird and Payne mentioned are the same in the WILLIAM PAYNE grant of 6 April 1769. This land obviously bordered that of William Payne.

    Page 680-681: Sept. 1, 1780, Thomas Payne paid 25 shillings sterling, granted by Thomas Jefferson 240 acres in Pittsylvania County adjoining David Haley and Reuben Payne.
    I have a copy of this deed. DSPayne.

    Payne, Thomas, Pittslyvania County, 13 March 1785, 25 acres on Mill Creek of White Thorn adjoining Selton and WILLIAM PAYNES land. Grant Book P. p. 454
    Note: believe this to be same Thomas Payne as grant of 1 Sept 1780. Notice that the land adjoined that of William Payne of the 6 April 1769 deed also. I believe this to be Thomas "Trader" Payne and husband of Yanaka Ayers. Obviously, they left Virginia much later than we had at first thought and implies that they went straight from Virginia to Franklin County Georgia rather than stopping off in North Carolina. Son John "Redbank" Payne and a few others must have gone alone to North Carolina.

    Shortly after 1800 Moses, [Ayers] Sr. moved with his family from NC to Franklin Co., GA, where his brothers, Daniel and Baker, and sister, Yanake AYERS Payne, had already been for several years. In 1805 Moses purchased 233 acres of land along the Tugaloo River in Franklin Co., GA for $400 from Thomas Payne and his wife Yanake. This old deed, (I have a copy) was witnessed by Zebediah Payne and Cleveland Payne, sons of Thomas PAYNE and Yanake AYERS Payne.
    TUGALOO: The land was probably bought by Moses, Sr., a brother of Yanake and then about 58 years old.
    Note: New data from Pat Hoffman says that HOLLANDs and GUEST signed a deed to a tract on Tugaloo River in Pendledton Dist., SC in 1818. Was this part of Pendleton, SC once Franklin Co., GA - early on? I know that GA encompassed Oconee, Pickens and Anderson Counties in SC at one time. The Tugaloo River separated SC from Franklin Co., GA.

    New data from internet on family of an Abigail Payne, daughter of Thomas Payne and wife Euncie (Payne). This Thomas had Richard, Robert, Samuel, Emma, Abigail (who marr. Greenleaf). Their children were born between 1720 and 1762. Perhaps Greenleaf died and this Abigail marr. Ayers? Food for thought only.

    INDEX TO THE HEADRIGHT & BOUNTY GRANTS OF GEORGIA 1756-1900 located in Gville Library.
    Payne, Thos. Sr., Franklin Co., book III, Page 308, 400 acres in 1785, and Page 362, 287.5 acres in 1785. In Wilkes Co. book UUU, page 135, he was granted 200 acres in 1790.

    Wilkes County, North Carolina, Deed Book D, p. 116. Thomas Payne of Franklin County, Georgia, sold 200 acres and 290 acres on Obids Creek, Wilkes County, North Carolina, for 100 and 150, respectively, to David Hickerson on December 15, 1796.

    " Abstracts of Georgia Grants in So.Carolina Archives" by Brent Holcomb.
    pp23-24: Warrant under hand of Jesse Walton...land court 7 Nov 1785...surv. for William Cleveland, who actually resides in this state, 100A on Tougallo River adj. to sd. River...Sur. 7 Dec 1785.Cert. By John Gorham, Thomas PAYNE, Dep.Sur. T. McCall, S. Genl. Issued 24 May 1787, G. Matthews (LMS) Ga. Bk, MMM, fo. 310, 26 May 1787. Rec. S.C. 19 Nov 1787..
    pp 49-50 Warrant under hand of John Gorham, 5 Aug 1785... Sur. for Thomas PAYNE, who actually resides in this state, 400A on Tougallo River adj. Lee Allen, William Hays... Sur. 8 Aug 1785. Cert. John Gorham, T. McCall, Sur. Genl. Iss, 4 Feb 1786, Edwd Telfair(LMS), Ga. Bk KKK, fo. 53, 10 Feb 1786. (No SC date).

    Deed Bk. RRR
    Pg. 41, 10/5/1805: Power of Attorney from Thomas Payne of Franklin Co. to Reuben Payne of same place; to empower the latter to recover sums owing to him from the executors or admrs. of John Payne of Pittysylvania Co. VA: Wit: Swann Hardin, J.P. Jeursha Hardin. Recorded 10/8/1808
    Pg. 42, 10/5/1805: Power of Attorney, some parties as in last instrument above, empowering Reuben Payne to recover. ("Could this be our Thomas Trader?" DSP)

    "The will of Thomas Payne, Jr., May 15, l786/June I, 1787, in Franklin County, Ga., named his brothers Nathaniel, Moses (perhaps the one in the Jackson County deed), Champness, Shrewsbury, Zedediah, Poyndexter and Cleveland and his sister Ruth, and his mother Yamaky. Executors were John Gardner (?), William Cawthorn and Richard White. Witnesses were John Walters, Matthew McBee and Claborn Cawthorn."
    "One Thomas Payne married Sept. 6, 1812 in Franklin County, Ga., Elizabeth Dobbs. Other names found in early Franklin County records are David and Martin Payne, and in 1827, there were David, John Sr., John W. and Samuel T. Payne. The 1820 census showed Edward Paine in Clarke County; Thomas in Habersham County; and various others over the state. In 1827, Calvin, Lott, Lindsey, Charles's orphans, and the widow Rhody were in Hall County."

    From Anderson Co. SC Courthouse: Book M-129 John McMillan [Shff] to Thomas Payne 7/26/1813 32A Georges Creek

    May 19, 1763 Thomas Payne bought 328 acres in Halifax Co., VA, on branches of Dan River, by Moses Ayers' land.
    1765 Thomas Payne cared for Milly Harris in exchange for 450 lbs of tobacco from Antrim Parish, Halifax Co., VA.
    November 30, 1767 Thomas Payne cared for Mary Hogan in exchange for 1920 lbs of tobacco from Antrim Parish, Halifax Co., VA.
    March 19, 1767 Thomas Payne bought 280 acres in Halifax Co., VA, on branches of Dan River.
    March 14, 1768 William Payne sold 328 acres in Halifax Co., VA, on branches of Dan River, to Thomas Payne.
    1771 Thomas Payne and John Payne named in Halifax Co., VA, Tithables List, along with Ruth Payne (widow of William) and Poindexter Payne.
    January 8, 1776 Thomas Payne and Poindexter Payne, executors of William Payne of Halifax Co., VA, transferred 50 acres to John Owen per will.
    July 4, 1776 Declaration of Independence was signed.
    1777 Thomas Payne acquired 3 grants in Wilkes Co., NC, on Obids Creek and Peak Creek.
    December 1, 1777 A Thomas Payne joined the Continental 2nd Georgia Brigade as a Lieutenant from the state of Virginia.
    March 13, 1778 Thomas Payne and Yanniker, of Halifax Co., VA, sold 328 acres near Dan River on Ayers' line to John Lewis.
    December 23, 1778 Thomas Payne, of Wilkes Co., NC, sold 150 acres in Halifax Co., VA, bounded on west by Moses Ayers' land.

    "Deed dated 18 Mar. 1789, rec. 20 Oct. 1789, Thomas Payne and wife, Yamky to Thomas White for consid. of 30 L, conveys 106 acres in Franklin Co. on said Payne's Creek, lying above the mouth of the second branch on the east side of said Payne's Creek bounded by Payne's land (with plat).
    Wit: John Payne, J.P.

    December 15, 1796 Thomas Payne, of Franklin Co., GA, sold 200 acres on Obids Creek, Wilkes Co., NC.
    December 15, 1796 Thomas Payne, of Franklin Co., GA, sold 290 acres on Obids Creek, Wilkes Co., NC.

    Deeds of Franklin County, Georgia 1784-1826
    Abstracted and Compiled by Martha Walters Acker DEED BOOK T, Page 9
    DEED dated Franklin Co. 10 Jan. 1809, rec. 29 Dec. 1809, from BARZILLAI HARRISON of Franklin Co. to THOMAS PAYNE of same. In cons. of $200, conveys 91 ac. in Franklin Co. on Paynes Crk. adj. said Payne. Wit. George Knox, J.P., Robert Thompson

    The below Paynes were of the group that settled in Greenville Co. SC and different DNA lineage. DSPayne
    GONE TO GEORGIA No. 30 Jackson and Gwinnett Counties and their Neighbors in the Western Migration
    By William C. Stewart, page 73-74
    310. James Paine 1820 Jackson Co. GA Census 000101-01201-0
    "Moses Payne witnessed May 2, 1797, a deed of James R. Whitney of Franklin County to John Blasingame of South Carolina for 2871/2 acres surveyed for Benjamin Dalley Aug. 4, 1784. (Blasingame was probably of Pendleton District, where James and Elizabeth Lindsay sold Aug. 16, 1796, land on the Saluda River, to Thomas Blassingame. The Lindsays moved to Jackson County, Ga., and then sold more land to Thomas Nov. 9, 1797.) Edmond Payne was listed in the 1805 Jackson lottery. (Edmund and Philemon Pain were called for service in Pittsylvania County, Va., May 23, 1781 and Edmond was in the 1782 Pittsylvania tax list, along with Phill, Reuben and Robert. (See pension papers of Moses, NC, S11191; Edmund, NC., Va., S 3624; Ledford, Va., Jane, S 1242, BLWt 97540-160-55; Nehemiah, N.C., S32433, and others). Moses Peayne was in Pendleton District, S.C., Ledford in Abbeville District; Nehemiah and others in Greenville District in 1790; and in 1800, Ledford was in Pendleton along with George, Moses (11010-41100-00), Archibald and Lindsay. (See Hall County, Ga., below). John Payne, a single man from South Carolina, took land on Little River at Samuel Payne's Ford, Oct. 12, 1773 and he is found subsequently in Wilkes County, Ga., records; Samuel Payn was brother of Daniel, who died about Dec. 26, 1781. The estate of John Edwards in Wilkes County, which mentioned John and Rebecca Hogan (above) also referred to a note given by Edwards to Thomas Payne, Dec. 6, 1785, although it is not clear whether Payne was living in Georgia or perhaps in Montgomery County, N.C."

    "The 1782 tax list of Bedford County, Va., showed Flail, Joseph, John (5), Thomas and William Payne. Flayl's will in 1784 named his wife Sarah, and children Thomas, William, Nancy and Martha. A Flail Payne married in Oglethorpe County, Ga., Jan. 24, 1815 Doratha Colwell; Abner Paine married there Jan. 4, 1813, Elizabeth Colwell, and Thomas married Jane Nichols, Dec. 21, 1825. Flail was enumerated in Oglethorpe in 1820 and his name was in the 1827 Monroe County lottery list along with John Payne."

    Father: William PAYNE , II, * b: ABT 1690 in Westmoreland Co. VA
    Mother: Elizabeth POINDEXTER , * b: 14 FEB 1700 in New Kent Co. VA St. Peter's Parish

    Marriage 1 Unknown Native AMERICAN? , * b: ABT 1735 in VA
    • Married: ABT 1751
    1. Has Children William PAYNE , Sr.* b: 1752 in VA
    2. Has Children John "Red Bank" PAYNE b: 24 FEB 1754 in Halafax, VA
    3. Has Children Nancy PAYNE b: 1756 in Hanover Co. VA
    4. Has Children Abigail PAYNE b: 1757 in VA

    Marriage 2 Yanakee (Anica) AYERS b: 1742 in Pittsylvania Co. Va
    • Married: ABT 1760 in Halifax Co. VA, later Pittsylvania?
    1. Has No Children Thomas PAYNE , Jr. b: ABT 1761
    2. Has Children Nathaniel PAYNE , Sr. b: 1763 in VA
    3. Has No Children Moses PAYNE b: 1764
    4. Has Children Champness S. PAYNE b: ABT 1765
    5. Has Children Shrewsbury PAYNE b: 1769 in Halifax Co. VA
    6. Has No Children Ruth (Ruty) PAYNE b: 1773
    7. Has Children Poindexter PAYNE b: 1775 in VA
    8. Has Children Zebediah PAYNE b: 1782 in Wilkes Co. NC
    9. Has Children Cleveland PAYNE b: 1783 in Wilkes Co. NC
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