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  • ID: I24604
  • Name: Paulser Ingle
  • Surname: Ingle
  • Given Name: Paulser
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 1735 in Germany
  • Death: BEF 5 Dec 1823 in Tuscalosa, AL
  • Burial: Perhaps Old Ingle Cemtery, Blk Water Cr Bottoms, Winston Co., AL
  • _UID: E2AB0DC2B95CD711BE2500C0267EFAB04ABD
  • Note:
    Paul Ingle State: SC Year: 1790
    County: Pendleton Roll: M637_11
    Township: Unknown Township Page: 83
    Image: 0018
    2 free white males of 16 years and upward, including heads of family
    5 free white males under 16 years
    3 free white females including head of family
    0 all other free persons
    0 slaves

    INGLE, POLSIR 01001-20001-00
    State: SC Year: 1800
    County: Pendleton District Record Type: Federal Population Schedule
    Township: 01001-20001-00 Page: 39
    Database: SC 1800 Federal Census Index

    ID: I11208
    Name: Paulser Or Polser INGLE
    Sex: M
    Birth: ABT. 1735 in Germany
    Death: 1823 in Tuscaloosa Co, AL
    NATI: German
    Military Service: Revolutionary War
    Immigration: ABT. 1776 Arrived in Colonies

    Paulser Ingle, a German Immigrant, joined the Col. Clark, Commanding, First Regiment, NC Continental Forces (Militia) on 23 June 1780. He lived on Gunpowder Creek, Lower Creek area, Burke Co, NC. Records of him on Gunpowder Creek, were as early as the Fall of 1778. Military records of his, and many others, were in England from circa 1781 to 1981, a two hundred year time span. There is a muster roll on which he appears in Guilford Co, but no date is found on the roll. Only one muster roll has been found. Legend says that he was at the Battle of Cowpens, SC. He died bef 5 Dec 1823, in Tuscaloosa Co, AL. Copies of his enlistment papers extant.

    Signed X

    GunPowder Cr, NC. 1778; Same 1780: 1790 SC, Georgetown Dist, All

    Saints Parish(p81), 96th Dist, Pendleton Co; 1802 - 18007 in

    Franklin Co, GA; believe in Lcn Co TN. 1821-5 Dec 1823,

    Tuscaloosa Co, AL.

    Misc Notes - Paulser Ingle, et alPaulser Ingle has been found in the records of the NorthCarolina Continental forces, from the records which have been inEngland since the Revolutionary War until 1981.. He joined theFirst Division, North Carolina Continental forces, on 23 Jun1780, when he lived on "Lower Creek" which runs s/sw out ofCaldwell Co, NC into Burke County, all the way into the CATAWARIVER not far from the Dam which created the lake. In otherdocuments recorded elsewhere in these records, he lived on GunPowder Creek, Burke Co, NC. I am now convinced that he lived inBurke County, on Lower Creek. Because, his land locations in1778, 1779, were in Burke Co. Paulser is next found in SC, 96thDist, 1790 and 1800. In 1790, his name is given as Paul Ingle.He lived in the Georgetown Dist, All Saints Parish, 96thDistrict, Pendleton County, SC, when the 1790 Census was taken.The 1790 Census for Paulser Ingle:Paulser Ingle - Head of House2 free white males age 16 & upwards includes Paulser; free whitemales under 16 years of age 5; free white females, includingheads of families 3.In 1800, his name was spelled Polsir. It is spelled variousways. However, since his records in NC on 23 Jun 1780, at timeof enlistment in First Division, North Carolina forces, spellshis name as Pualser (Paulser), and his estate records showsPaulser Ingle, as does his realestate dealings in Tuscaloosa Co,AL, 1821-1824, my records henceforce will show him as Paulser.We have not found him in the 1810, nor 1820 Census records inany state. I question where he was in those years. Here is thebelief of most of the family: The Census records 1790 - 1840did not require anyone except the "heads of households" to benamed. In 1850, the names of all members were given. His wifeapparently died after the 1800 census in either SC or GA.The possibility exists in one document that he may have had awife in 1805. That is in the 1805 land lottery of Franklin Co,GA. It showed two draws. That might indicate a single child(under age) and Paulser or it could indicate a wife to meet therequirements for two draws.Where were the Ingle families in 1810 and 1820? No records ofthem in the Census records have been found thus far in thoseyears. We know that Polly Ingle was in Lincoln Co, TN, as earlyas 1811, based upon land records. We know that Jacob Ingle diedbefore 22 Feb 1813, as that was the date on which Polly Ingle,Executrix, reported an Inventory of the Estate to the court.Peter Ingle received land in 1815 in the Mulberry area. GeorgeIngle received land there in 1818. We have no records to date ofPaulser Ingle in Lincoln Co, TN. FHLPaulser and George were dealing in real estate in Tuscaloosa Co,AL, as early as 1821. Tuscaloosa Co comprised all the land area now covered by Walker, Winston and about 1/3 of Cullman Counties in 1821, and part of Marion Co. . In Dec 1824, Walker County was carved from Tuscaloosa, then in 1850, Hancock County was carved from Walker. It was first named Hancock County, then changed to Winston in 1858.Where was Paulser Ingle when other members of his family livedin Tennessee? He could have been living with some member of his family Documents may surface to resolve the mystery. Newly found doucuments confirm that Paulser was in NC 1778 andearlier; in 1790 and 1800, SC. The next time we have documentation of his whereabouts is 1802, Franklin Co, GA,and1821, Tuscaloosa in land transactions.On 5 Dec 1823, his estate is advertised in the Huntsville Republican. (See that elsewhere in this document)The question asks many times is: Where was he buried? So far, no one knows. He could possibly have been buried in the originalIngle Cemetery, located just south of the old Peter Ingle home on Blackwater Creek, near where I grew up. Some believe that he lived with his son George and may have died near Tuscaloosa, Alabama. (We may never know). Keep in mind that they, Peter, Peter's two oldest sons - William, b.1805, and George, b. 1807,and Peter's brother George, all lived upon Blackwater Creek inthe 1830 Census of Walker Co, AL. (This compiler knows where each lived, except Peter's George. Bill Ingle believes, or so stated to me, that he lived on the east side of Blackwater on which side Peter lived. He based that upon the fact that the page of the 1830 Census on which they were listed, shows 1)Peter Ingle, 2) George Ingle ,,,,,,,,,,,13) William Ingle, 14)George. The latter two could be transposed, if so, the reverse would be true. I am going on memory.Thus, the life and legend of Paulser is summarized, as we now believe, in the short history of him herein contained. He didnot leave a complete paper trail. He did, however, leave literally thousands of descendants for whom we have been searching for years, yes, years!! Speaking with the voice of experience, he passed on some brains to most all his relatives. As Superintendent of Education of Walker County, Alabama, said as I walked into an education conference in Birmingham, manyyears ago, "I never saw a dumb 'Angle' ". That was hispronunciation of the name Ingle. Most of the Ingle family members took the attitude regarding their superior intelligenceas "so what?" FHLawson For the record, Charleston fell to the British, during the Revolutionary War, 12 May 1780, and prisoners were taken. The Americans lost the First, Second, & Third Regiments of the North Carolina Continental Line. Note that Paulser Ingle did not"inlist" until 23 Jun 1780, which was about a month after the fall of Charleston. In the POW barracks on 11 Feb 1781, were listed 174 men who enlisted in the British Army, but no country of orgin or height was given. People from UNSTATED PLACES IN HOLLAND AND GERMANY. p.411. Just a note for future use. WILLIAM PENN, and the DUTCH QUAKER MIGRATION TO PENNSYLVANIA, by William I Hull, Ph.D., F.R.. HistS. of Swarthmore College, Gen.Pub.Co., p. 412, shows: 1)JACOB ENGELL, son of Paul; PAUL ENGELL, naturalized 1698. Since the Ingle & Tune families intermarried, on p 418, AbrahamTunes was assessed 50 4 taxed 2. On 7 Mar 1691, Thomas Lloyd, Deputy Governor of Pennsylvania, granted "naturalization" to 62 Germans. It appears that Jacob Engell and son, Paul, were naturalized in 1709, p.421 This maynot have anything to do with our Paulser Ingle, and his son Jacob. All could be coincidental, but it is of interest. Since we have never found the ship on which they were transported, it is of more interest. It needs further study.See Isaac Norris the Norris records; Abraham Tunes in Tunefamily, J. Logan in Logan family. FHLawsonThere was a Henry Ingle, of Gainesville, Tex., b. Greensboro,NC, enlisted in Confederate Army 2 May 1861, private, Co "M",11th NC Infantry, Trimble's Brigade, Ewell's Division, Army ofNorthern Virginia. W.L. Scott, Captain and W.W.Kirk, 1stColonel. In Spring of 1862, the Regiment was changed to theTwenty-First North Carolina; wounded at Winchester, VA, 25 May1862; in 23 battles and ten skirmishes, the last fight was on Friday before Lee's surrender in 1865; battles: Winchester,Cross Keys, Gaines Farm, Malvern Hill, Second Manassas,Gettysburg and Sharpsburg, and many others. Source:REMINISCENCES OF THE BOYS IN GRAY, 1861-1865, p. 372.From The Arkansas Family Historian, Vol 20, #2 June 1982, Pulaski -Saline Co Line, by the side of the Landmark BaptistChurch, Row 8, is Claude E Ingle, 1908-1958, wife Alma R Ingle1910-ndd. Row 23, Clyde Henry Ingle, B. 20 Jul 1913, d 31 Oct1969, wife Dorothy Kerr Ingle, b. Jan 25, 1916.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------From MARRIAGE INDEX OF MD, NC, VA 1624-1915:Ingle, Adam m. Sally Keener 4 May 1857 Ingle, David m. Caroline Abernathy on 18 Oct 1856Ingle, Ephriam m. Martha Clemmer 15 Mar 1861Ingle, Jacob m Fanny Childers 22 Apr 1828Ingle, Levi m. Mary Liggins 24 Jul 1857 Ingle, Martin m Elizabeth Troutman 5 Sep 1798Ingle, Michael m Betsy Troughbach 20 Dec 1812 Ingle, Michael m. Rebecca Stiles 6 May 1824Ingle, Michael m. Sarah Sponce 26 Oct 1852 Ingle, Peter m. Margaret Wilson 3 Dec 1843In Lincoln County, TN Sec III, Ch 56Ingle, Harrison m Precilla Wilson 11 Aug 1854 Ingle, Isaac m Polly PhoenixIngle, R.H., m Adeline Deweese 4 Oct 1865 Sec III, Ch 58, Madison, NC Ingle, Henry C. m. Elender Smith, 27 Feb 1851Sec II, Ch 60, McDowell, NC Ingle, Peter m. Amelia Wiliamson, 31 Aug 1861Sec m, Ch 61, Mecklenburg, NC Ingle, David m. Polly Tickle, 18 Nov 1824Sec III, ch 68, Orange, NC Ingle, Henry m. Elizabeth Richardson 13 Feb 1823 Sec II, ch 76 Randolph, NCIngle Samuel m. Mary Stuart 3 Jan 1787Sec III, ch 82, Rowan, NC Engel, William J.L., m. Margaret M. Saunders, 1 Apr 1854 Sec III, ch 96, Wake, NCIngles, John m Courtney Holdcroft, 11 Nov 1803 Sec III, ch 96, Wake Co, NC Ingle, Daniel, m Elizabeth MacDaniel, 16 Sep 1860Ingle, Simpson, m Martha C. Troud 14 Feb 1867Sec III, ch 101, Wilkes, NC Engles, Hiram m. Amelia Groves, 28 Aug 1824Sec IV, Ch 1, Unkn VA Ingles, Crockett m Emeline M. Lewis 5 Jun 1821 Ingle, Henry m Sarah Hanson, 8 May 1793Ingle, Mathias m. Barbara Weaver 30 May 1797Sec IV, Ch 8, Botetourt, VAIngles, John m Elizabeth Saunders, 27 Jan 1814Sec IV, Ch 20, Franklin, VAIngle, Joseph, m. Eleanor Perkins, 7 Aug 1795Sec IV, Ch 21 Fredrick, VA]Ingle, Philip m Margaret Steele 21 Sep 1786Sec IV, Ch 21 Fredrick, VAIngle, Hiram m. Amelia Groves 28 Aug 1824Sec IV, Ch 59, Wythe, VAIngle, John m. Margaret Crockett 21 Ap 1794Sec IV, ch 59, Wythe, VaMarrage Index : MD, VA, 1624-1915The following from Bob Ingle, of Hawaii, a descendant of GeorgeIngle, who may be a brother to Paulser?????:-----Original Message-----From: <>To: <>; <>Date: Sunday, February 21, 1999 9:45 PMSubject: Re: FW: Paulsir INGLE>Hi Julia & Floyd>George Ingle born abt 1735 Germany; Naturalized 22 Mar 1763 inRowan County NC>age 28; Wrote will 17 Sep 1797 in Guilford Co, NC age 62; Diedbef 1800 in>Guilford Co, NC age 65; Probate Feb 1801 in Guilford Co, NC agewould have>been 66.>>Salisbury District Court 1756 -1770>March 22, 1763 - This day came into Open Court the followingpersons and>produced Certificates of their Receiving the Sacrament of theLord's Supper>and was Naturalized according to the Law. John Graves, PeterNoe, etc & George>Ingle. and more.>>Thought you might want this info.>Bob Ingle>Re: George Ingle's Naturalization, Guiliford Co, NCSalisbury District Court 1756 -1770>March 22, 1763 - This day came into Open Court the followingpersons and>produced Certificates of their Receiving the Sacrament of theLord's Supper>and was Naturalized according to the Law. John Graves, PeterNoe, etc & George>Ingle. and more.For the RECORD:From GenForum, posted by Steve Madison. Subject:John Ingle SC/TN, Ingle Family Genealogy Forum, in search ofJohn Ingle, Cocke Co, TN 1850 census, b. 1814, shows: JohnIngle, 36; Celia 29, Jane 12, Sarah, 11, William 9 James 7,Fanny 6, Rufus 2/12 SC SC Co-155-709.Paulser Ingle's son, Joseph Ingle, had daughter, Elizabeth, whomarried Reuben Butler Logan. The following for therecord:Source: Early Court records of Lincoln Co, Tn. Sale ofJacob Ingle's estate to Reuben Butler Logan in 1835. It was inthis document that the children of Jacob Ingle and Mary wereidentified as Fanny Ingle, b. 1809, and Palser (Paul) Ingle, b.1812, Rebecca, Berry or Rebecca Ingle and Berry Ingle. ???. LcnCo. TN. Also, it showed that Mary Ingle had married a Martin,(Daniel Martin).For the record the following:Mary Martin, B.H.Berry & Others} This indenture made thisTo deed } 17th day ofJanuary 1835,Reuben Logan } between MaryMartin, for-mer wife of Jacob Ingle,decd. B. H. Berry, and Fanny Berry , his wife, and Paul Ingle,heirs and legatees of Jacob Ingle, deceased, all of the countyof Lincoln and State of Tennessee. of the one part, and ReubenLogan, of the county and state aforseaid, of the other part;Witnesseth that the said heirs for and in consideration of thesum of two hundred dollars to them in had paid by the saidReuben Logan, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, hathgiven, granted, bargained sold, conveyed and confirmed unto thesaid Reuben Logan, all their right, title,claims and interest,in and to a certain tract, or parcel of land, situated, lying inthe County and State, aforementioned, little? west fork ofMulberry Creek, a branch of Elk River, and bounded as follows,to wit: (viz). Beginning at an ash white walnut and whit oak ina section line at the South East corner of Entry numbers ninetytwo originally in the name of George Wm Robinson. Campbell forsix hundred and forty acres, running from the East, with thisSection Line to a hickory tree, two sugartrees, then South-westcorner, of a fifteen hundred acre tract in the name of LiptonLewis, thence with said Lewis' line north, thence west to theaforsaid Campbell's East boundary line, thence with the line tothe beginning, making seventy five acres in the whole tract, tohave and to hold all of our rights, tltles, claims, and interestwith all and singular , the rights. profits, endowments,hereditaments, and appurtenances, of, in, and to the said,belonging, or in anywise appertaining to the only proper, on andbehalf of him the said Reuben Logan, hie heirs and assignsforever, and the heirs, aforesaid, for themselves, their heirs,Executors, we doth covenant and agree to and with the saidReuben Logan, his heirs and assigns, that the before receipt--land and bargained ,promise they will account and foreverdefend against the rights, titles, claims of all and everyperson or persons whatsoever - In testimony whereof the saidMary Martin, B. H. Berry, and Fanny (Ingle) Berry, his wife,and Paul Ingle, heirs aforesaid, hath hereunto set their hands,& affixed their seals, the day and year first above written.Signed, sealed and delivered the presence of us:Wm. LolleyJacob Silvertooth? Mary X Martin(seal)B.H.Berry (seal)Fanny (X) Berry (seal)Paul Ingle (seal)State of Tennessee}Lincoln County } Personally appears before me, FrancisSilverman, Clerk of th County Court of said County, WilliamTolley and Jacob Silvertooth?, subscribing witness the thewithin named deed, who being first duly sworn deposed and saythey are acquainted with Mary Martin, B.H.Berry, Fanny Berry andPaul Ingle, bargainors and that they acknowledge with theirpresence, the same to be their act and did upon the day it beasedate, witness my hand at office the 19th day of January 1835.F.L Riverman?, ClerkReceived Marcy 20th, 1835- by his deputy George W. JonesComments: This document confirms what I had already concluded asto the parentage of the children who were made wards of WilliamIngle, 1822, Lincoln Co, TN. They were listed as Polsir (Paul)Ingle, under 14 years of age, Fanny, Berry, and Rebecca Ingle. Ireached my conclusins based upon a study of the Ingle families,descendants of Paulser Ingle. Jacob was the only one who had nochildren attached. My conclusion was that they had to belong tosome of the Ingle men of Lincoln Co, TN He was the only one whodid not show any children.Floyd H. LawsonThe following for information only. There are several James M.Ingle men in my computer: From Laura Burton of Texas"The Handbook of Texas on line"The first stone business house constructed in Brownwood wasbuilt by the Coggins in 1875 at a cost of $13,000. On March 31,1881, the Coggin brothers established the banking firm of CogginBrothers and Company. They became partners in a successfulmercantile business in 1882. The Coggins were among theprincipal organizers of the Brownwood Roller Flouring Mills in1885. On December 12, 1901, the Coggins and Henry Ford entered apartnership with James M. Ingle of Abilene, Texas, to form theIngle Mining Company in Boise County, Idaho. The principalmineral produced was quartz. "

    Hi Floyd, just a note to let you know I'm still searching for A.J. Inglein the Choctaw & Push. counties area. Nothing yet, but stillpluggin.Below are some Ingles in the Oak Ridge Cemetery, Ft. Smith,Sebastian County, Arkansas:Elizabeth w/o A. G. Ingle Nov 21, 1852 - Feb 15, 1882Four children graves with concrete covering all four graves:Edgar P. Sep 10, 1890 - Oct 27, 1892 s/o A J & M MIngleLillie M. Aug 18, 1884 - Aug 14, 1885 d/o A J & MM IngleDavid W. July 19, 1886 - June 27, 1888 s/o A J & M MIngleIrving A. Jan 19, 1889 - July 22, 1889 s/o A J& M M IngleMartha Ingle Oct 5, 1942 (NT)Fred J. Ingle June 19, 1915 (NT)Houston Ingle Nov 13, 1952 (NT)Oscar s/o N & S Ingle Dec 24, 1906 - Dec 17, 1917William Henry Ingle Mar 7, 1935 (NT)Sarah Ingle Feb 6, 1939 (NT)Noah Ingle Nov 21, 1936 (NT)Carl Ingle July 3, 1968 (NT)Josie P Ingle Jan 11, 1897 - Mar 5, 1970(NT) designates there is no tombstoneThis probably means different families when I have a space inthe names.Ken Nix
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    Father: Ingle

    Marriage 1 Sarah Hallmark b: 1750 in Holland
      1. Has Children Jacob Ingle b: 1760 in Germany
      2. Has Children Peter Ingle b: 1761 in Germany
      3. Has Children John Ingle b: 1761 in Probably Germany
      4. Has Children Mary "Polly" Ingle b: 1761
      5. Has No Children Grover Ingle
      6. Has No Children William Ingle
      7. Has Children Joseph Ingle b: 1771
      8. Has Children George Washington Ingle b: ABT. 1782 in North Carolina
      9. Has Children Elizabeth "Betsy" Ingle b: 1783
      10. Has No Children Sarah "Sally" Ingle b: 1798 in SC
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