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Relatives of Ralph and Pat Roberts

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    Batu Khan Pronounced As: bätoo kän , d. 1255, Mongol leader; a grands on of Jenghiz Khan. In 1 235 Batu became commander of the Mongol army assi gned to the conquest of Europe; his chief ge neral was Subutai. Batu cross ed the Volga, sending part of his force to Bulgaria but most o f it to Rus sia. By 1240 he had Moscow and Kiev in his grasp, and in the following t wo years h e conquered Hungary and Poland and invaded Germany. His reca ll to Karakorum in 1242 to partic ipate in the election of a grand kh an is sometimes said to have saved Europe from subjectio n to the Mongol s. Batu died while preparing additional campaigns. The domain he establish ed i s known as the Kipchak khanate. In Russia it came to be known as t he Golden Horde, because o f the gorgeous tents in which the army camped.

    Father: JUCHI

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