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  • ID: I881
  • Name: David SCANLON
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: [1791] in Ireland 1 2 3 4
  • Birth: in Ireland 5
  • Residence: 1827 Cashelfean, Skull, Cork, Ireland
  • Note:
    All Ireland, Tithe Applotment Books, 1823-1837
    Corne Buse [Hayes?]
    Milk Carty
    Florence Condon
    Daniel Cronin
    Oscar Darley
    Jeny Driscoll
    James Goodwin
    Patt Haggerty
    Jamnes Kingston
    John Mahany
    Danl Millan
    Denis Ming
    David Seaton
    John Shaw
    Jams Staton
    John Swiney
  • Note:

    Tithe Applotment of Skull, 1827
    Florence Condon (1 gneeve)

    Jerry Driscole, Daniel Croneen, Owen Daily, Denis Meig, James Stanton (3 gneeves)

    John Swiney, John Mahony Craigs, John Hean, Pat Heagarty, Denis Mallane, David Scanlon & co (4 gneeves East)

    James Goodwin, Cornelius Buea [Hayes?], James Kingston, Mick Canty & co (4 Gneeves North)
  • Note:
    Ireland, Tithe Applotment Books, 1823-1837 about David Seaton
    Name: David Seaton
    County: Cork
    Parish: Skull
    Townland: Cashelfean
    Year: 1827
  • Note:
    Townlands adjacent to Cashelfean

    Next circle out:
    Shantullig North
    Shantullig South
    Lissacaha North

    Baronry Carbery West
  • Note:

    1 Gneeve = 10 acres
  • Note:
    Parish of Skull - West Division
    Applotment of tithe composition Calculated at the rate of one pound

    Names of Land and Occupiers: Cashelfeane
    John Swiney
    John Mahoney Craigs?
    John Heane
    Pat Heagarty
    Denis Moldun
    David Scanlon
    &c (4 gs East)

    Number of Acres: 260
    Rate or Value per acre:
    14 acres at 30 shillings: 21 0 0
    11 acres at 20 shillings: 11 0 0
    4 acres at 15 shillings: 3 0 0
    50 acres at 2 shillings: 5 0 0
    180 acres at 6 pence: 4 10 0

    Gross Value: 44 10 0

    Amount of composition: 3 2 3
  • Residence: 14 OCT 1830 Skull West, Cork, Ireland 6
  • Residence: 14 DEC 1831 Skull West, Cork, Ireland 6
  • Residence: 2 MAR 1834 Skull West, Cork, Ireland 6
  • Residence: 11 DEC 1836 Skull West, Cork, Ireland 6
  • Residence: 1851 Kingsclear, York, NB 1
  • Note:
    p 25
    David Scandon
    in the 1851 Census of Canada East, Canada West, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia
    Age: 60
    Estimated birth year: abt 1792
    Relation to Head of House: Wife
    Race: Irish
    Province: New Brunswick
    District: York County
    Sub-district: Kingsclear
    Sub-District Number: 93
    David Scanlon Widow 60 Irish Farmer Proprietor 1841
    James Scanlon Son 18 Irish 1841
    Catherine Scanlons Daughter 12 Irish 1841
    Margaret Scanlon Daughter 14 Irish 1841
    Year: 1851; Census Place: Kingsclear, York County, New Brunswick; Schedule: I; Roll: C_998; Page: 24; Line: 39
  • Residence: 1861 Manners-Sutton, York, NB 2
  • Note:
    David Scanlin
    in the 1861 Census of Canada
    Name: David Scanlin
    Gender: Male
    Age: 70
    Birth Year: 1791
    Home in 1861: Manners-Sutton, York, New Brunswick
    Race: Irish
    Religion: Catholic
    Film Number: C-1007
    Page Number: 21
    David Scanlin 70 Irish Farmer Catholic
    James Scanlin 26 Irish Catholic
    Cathrine Scanlin 20 Irish Catholic
    William Blake 6 Grand son Native Catholic
    Library and Archives Canada; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; Census Returns For 1861; Roll: C-1007
  • Residence: 1871 Kingsclear, York, NB 3
  • Note:
    David Scandlivy
    in the 1871 Census of Canada
    VIEW 1871 Census of Canada
    View/Add alternate info
    Report issue
    Name: David Scandlivy
    [David Scanlon]
    [David Scandling]
    Gender: Male
    Age: 80
    Birth Year: abt 1791
    Birth Place: Ireland
    Marital Status: Widowed
    Religion: Catholic
    Origin: Irish
    Province: New Brunswick
    District: York
    District Number: 179
    Division: 02
    Subdistrict: Kingsclear
    Subdistrict Number: h
    Duil Shassey 45 NB Catholic French Farmer Married
    Catherine Shassey 32 Ireland Catholic Irish Married
    Archaye Shassey 7 NB
    Margaret Shassey 6
    Mary Shassey 5
    Agnes Shassey 4
    Ellen Shassey 3
    Catherine Shassey 2
    William Blake 15 NB Catholic Irish
    May Blake 13 NB Catholic Irish
    David Scandlivy 80 Ireland Catholic Irish Widow
    Year: 1871; Census Place: Kingsclear, York, New Brunswick; Roll: C-10382; Page: 47; Family No: 168
  • Immigration: 1841 1
  • Immigration: BEF 1842 7
  • Death: BEF 1881 CENSUS
  • Religion: Roman Catholic 1861 2
  • Religion: Roman Catholic 1871 3
  • Occupation: Farmer (Proprietor) 1851 1
  • Occupation: Farmer 1861 2
  • Note:
    Census 1841: Nil
    Census 1851: widower; James, Catherine, Margaret in household
    Census 1861: James, Catherine and grandson William Blake. Bridget Scanlon Gorman next household
    Census 1871: David Scandling
    NB Newspaper vitals: Nil
    Drouin: Nil
    Death record daughter Catherine: David Scandlon
    Tithe Defaulters: Nil

    Cork Settlers
    Jeremiah Coughlan m Johanna Connor b Cork, Ireland
    Michael Maloney m Margaret Coughlan r Drimoleague, Cork, Ireland two parishes east of Schull
    Daniel Hurley m Catherine Hennessy r Dunmanway, Cork, Ireland three parishes northeast of Schull
  • Note:
    Report of L. A. Wilmot, 2 November 1842, "Return of Crop, Teetotal Settlement, 1842" British Parliamentary Papers, Colonies Canada (1970), 16, p. 152 and page 153.
    Return of Crop, Teetotal Settlement, 1842.
    Name, Bushels of Potatoes, Stooks or Bushels of Oats, Bushels of Turnips,

    David Scanlin, 50, -, 8

    The supplies purchased in the winter of 1841 consisted of porl, fish, flour, potatoes and other articles at the market prces, of the issues of which an account was kept with each settler.

    The settlers having contracted collectively to perform the work at the rates specified in the account, the Commissioner has recredited them for the amount of work done, at the contract rate, agaiunst the supplpies advanced to them for subsistence and aid, in planting their lands with potatoes, oats and turnips.

    Due to Government from 40 settlers, purchasing 50 acres each, at 2s 8d sterling per acre, including survey, 266L 13s 4d.

    1 Value of 200 acres cleared land at 4L sterling per acre...L800
    2 Value of 25 houses built, 20L sterling each, not including camp-houses, root-houses or cellars, &c L500
    Total: L1300

    Probably value of intermediate Crown allotments reserved in the setllement, 2,000 acres, at 8s seterling per acre *00L.

    The average rates of labour in the present year are reduced nearly one-half from the above rates, at which the road-work was contracted to be performed in 1841; and the price of provisions has been subject to an equivalent reduction.

    Title: Journal of the House of Assembly of ... New Brunswick from ... February to ... April, 1843 [i.e. 1844] ...
    Imprint: Fredericton C. Sower, 1844
    Frequency: Sessional
    Document Source: National Library of Canada
    Collection: Colonial Government Journals

    Return of the Teetotal Settlement for the year 1843
    Name, Houses, Out Houses, Acres Cleared, Acres Cropped, Bushels Potatoes, Bushels Turnips, Bushels Oats, Bushels Wheat, Bushels Other Grain, Cows, Other Cattle, Swine, Number in Family, Estimated Value of Improvements (Pounds)

    David Scanlin, 1, 1, 3, 3, 200, 15, 30, 5, 0, 0, 0, 0, 4, 27
    Association Sales
    David Scanlin
    Date of sale 6 March
    Lot 50 acres Teetotal Settlement, York
    8L 2s 6d per lot
    Amount paid Rec Genl 9s 9d

    Title: Journal of the House of Assembly of ... New Brunswick from ... January to ... April, 1846 ...
    Imprint: Fredericton C. Sower, 1846
    Frequency: Sessional
    Document Source: National Library of Canada
    Collection: Colonial Government Journals

    Returns from Crown Land Office
    State of Association Sales
    Teetotal (or Cork)

    Record, Name, Principal, Annual Interest, Interest Paid, Interest Due
    4232, David Scanlin, 8 2 6, 0 9 9, 1 9 3, 0 0 0

    Papers Relative to Emigration to the British Provinces in North America and to the Australian Colonies, 1847, cover pages and pp. 95, 96, 97, 100, and 101. In The House of Lords Sessional Papers, 1847-48, Volume XIII Accounts and Papers.
    Statistical Return of the Cork Settlement for the Year 1847

    p 97
    Harvey, Cork and Mechanics' Settlements

    In the latter part of the year 1841 and beginning of 1842, the commercial affairs of the province were in such a state of embarrassment, that great numbers of mechanics and labourers found it necessary to remove to the United States in quest of that employment which they could no mlonger find in the province; and several of them having been induced to form themselves into associations for the purpose of settling on Crown lands, encouragement was given to them by the survey, at the public expense, of suitable tracts of land for their occupation, and which were generally selected by themselves, credit being given them for the amount of the purchase-money.

    The measure being found to be succesful, the regulations of 2d December 1842 were framed for general application of the principle; and various applications from associated parties for land to be sold on these terms were received (vide Gazette, December 17th same year), on which surveys were made.

    In the Spring of 1842, trade having partially revived, and ship-building been renewed, many of the peopl who had proposed to associate to form settlements in the wilderness, rather than leave the province, having again found employment at their respective callings, were unwilling, whem the emergency had passed, to take possession or go upon the lands perpared for them. The consequence was, that the Mechanics; and Cork Settlements only were permanently located to any extence; the Harvey settlement having been commenced in 1838.

    The survey of the other tracts, nevertheless, was of great advantage, as many of them have since been partially settled by individuals, who have purchased allotments in them under the subsequent regulations of the 11th May 1843.

    A very considerable increase is also yearly made in the quantity of new land cultivated by emigrants and native of the province, who purchase lands contiguous to the older settlements, which are this more and more extended in whatever direction there is good land, the settlers frequently undertaking themselves to open roads to enable them to occupy the lands, in anticipation of any grants of money for that purpose.

    Another class of settlers, again, are those who at once proceed alone into remote parts of the forest, and choose spots of land for themselves, wherever the superior excellence of the soil attracts them. But a great civil attendant upon this latter practice, is the absence of all co-operation and uniformity; and hence the difficulty and delay they experience in forming roads and procuring the means of religious and education instruction, and of obtaining access to markets even of the lumber camps.

    p 100
    Papers Relative to Emigration

    Name, Family, Trade Independent of Occupation of Land, Year in which he commenced settlement, Quality alotted and orginal cost at 2s 6d per acre, Amount paid in cash, Amount still due,

    Acres cleared arable, Acres cleared pasture, Dwelling house, Barns, Other out-houses,

    Cows, Oxen, Horses, Sheep, Swine, Young Cattle,

    Tons Hay and Straw, Bushels Potatoes, Bushels Oats, Bushels Wheat, Bushels Barley and Buckwheat, Bushels Turnips, Other Roots,

    Present Estimated Value of Land, Buildings, Estimated Value of Stock, Crop, Total Value of Stock Crop Land & Improvements

    David Scanlin, 4 Labourer, 1842, 50, 6 5 0, 1 5 6, 4 19 6

    17, 0, 1, 1, 1

    2, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1

    6, 250, 100, 0, 0, 30, 0

    90 0 0, 9 0 0, 9 0 0, 36 0 0, 144 0 0
  • Note:
    Census 1861 Agricultural Schedule
    David Scanlin
    2 male hands 1 female hand
    15 acres improved 185 acres unimproved
    Cash value farm $100
    Cash value implements $7
    2 horses
    2 milk cows
    4 other neat cattle
    4 sheep
    1 swine
    180 pounds pork
    180 pounds butter 8 pounds wool
    3 tons hay from 7 acres
    60 bushels oats from 2 acres
    11 bushels buckwheat from 1 acre
    80 bushels potatoes from 1 acre
    Cloth and other home manufacture: 1 15 0
  • Note:
    St Dunstan's
    14 September 1854
    M 18 p 366
    John Lundy and Catherine Scanlon [probably Scullion d James Scullion see Census 1861] married
    Michael Wells Grace Farmer
    James C McDevitt

    St Dunstan's
    B52 p 110
    22 July 1864
    Sarah Woodward daughter of John Woodward and Bridget Scanlon
    ae 3 weeks
    Jeremiah Sullivan and Catherie McMenihy?

    St Dunstan's
    B65 p 129
    2 June 1865
    Mary Gallagher daughter of John Gallagher and Ann Scanlon?
    ae 1 day
    John and Margaret Lenihan
    James C McDevitt
  • Note:
    "Ireland, Prison Registers, 1790-1924," David Scanlon, 1820
    Name: David Scanlon
    Role of Individual: Prisoner
    Event: Prison
    Event Date: 1820
    Event Place: Cork, Cork, Ireland
    Age: 36
    Estimated Birth Year: 1784
    Prison: Cork
    Offence: Cow Stealing
    Item: 3
    Book: 1/8/1
    County: Cork
    Film Number: 2356518
    Digital Folder Number: 004492625
    Image Number: 00285
  • Note:
    Lot 34 Cork Settlement

    Index to Land Petitions: Original Series, 1783-1918 (RS108)
    Year 1841
    County York
    Microfilm F4255
    See petition of O'LEARY, MILES
    31 other Petitioner(s) were on this Petition

    To His Excellency Lieutenant Colonel Sir William MacBean George Colebroke, Lieutenant Governor and Commander in Chiefe of the Province of New Brunswick

    The Petition of the undersigned humbly sheweth

    That Your Petitioners are all British Subjects, Natives of Ireland, and are desirous of obtaining land for actual settlement. Your Petitioners are thrown out of their ordinary employment by the depressed state of the times and the consequent scarcity of labour and will be compelled to leave the County unless some encouragement is held out to them for settlement by Your Excellency. That, with the exception of two or three, all your petitioners are well acquainted with the mode of clearing land, and with some assistance from your Excellency, your petitioners would immediately go upon such lands as may be allotted to them, and cut down through the winter preparatory to cropping in the ensuing spring.

    Your petitioners are informed that there is vacant land on a road lately explored by B. R. Jouett, esq. on the eastern side of the St. Andrew's road, and your petitioners pray that this land may be laid out in lots, and granted to them under the most favourable conditions which can be imposed by your Excellency.

    Your Petitioners are informed that a part of the said explored Road remains to be cut out-and having had great experience in such work they are willing to open the residue of the said Road immediately by taking out the trees by the roots at two shillings per rod- one half to be paid when the work is stopped and the remainder upon and inspection and approval of the road in the spring- This road Your Petitioners respectfully submit is wanted to be opened immediately and the frost will offer no obstruction for several weeks to come.

    Your Petitioners having been encouraged to hope that some assistance will be afforded them by the evacument during the winter-they pray Your Excellency that thirty three lots may be laid off as the Southern extremity of the said explored Road- and that Your Petitioners may be allowed to purchase the same on such terms and conditions as will afford them the greatest amount of encouragement.

    And Your Petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray

    Miles O'Leary
    Andrew Manahy
    Jerry O'Leary
    Mikel Mehoy
    Dinnish Reardon
    Daniel Sullivan
    Daniel O'Conner
    Patrick Ryan
    James Driscol
    David Scanlin
    Daniel O'Brian
    John Maloney
    Michael O'Brian
    Timothy Daley
    James Killey
    Jeremiah Crowley
    John Sullivan
    John Barry
    Michael Sullivan
    James Barrett
    James Brennan
    John Driscoll
    Jeremiah Coughlan
    John Barry 2nd
    John Kingston
    Patrick Garvey
    Jeremimah Donovan
    Timothy Daley2nd
    Edward Connors
    John McCuddy
    Cornelius McDonald
    James Crowley
    Simon O'Leary

    The last 21 names signed for the petitions by their authority by L A Wilmot
    Fredericton 2nd Dec 1841
    The undersigned has consulted the above Petitioners and has much favour in recommending the prayer of their petition to His Excellency’s favorable consideration- The Petitioners have agreed to call this location the "Tee-total Settlement" and are one and all resolved to act upon the principles of total abstinence.

    L A Wilmot

    May it please your Excellency, Fredericton, December 1841.

    In consequence of ray interview with your Excellency of yesterday, I have convened a number of sober, able-bodied, and industrious labourers in and about the town, to ascertain their wants, and whether they were disposed to settle upon wilderness lands, and I am happy to inform your Excellency that I have procured the names of 36, who, if a little encouragement be afforded them, as I shall take the liberty of suggesting in a subsequent part of this communication, will enter upon their work immediately with enthusiasm.

    The great falling off of lumbering operations and the general scarcity of labour arising from the present depression of trade, have thrown numbers of able-bodied industrious men out of employment, and I would respectfully submit, under favour, that such men under such circumstances, when willing to help themselves, may be legitimately encouraged by the Government out of the ordinary course.

    The site selected for the settlement of these applicants, is on the road lately explored by Mr. Jouett, on the eastern side of the St. Andrew's Road.

    If it be incumbent on the Government to dispose of all lands under the law as it now stands, by auction, of course the lots required must be subjected to this mode of sale, unless your Excellency could give the applicants a mere licence of occupation at present, leaving them an opportunity of availing themselves of any new enactment which may be passed at the next session of the Legislature, for the encouragement of emigrants and settlers.

    If such permissive occupation could not be effected, I would propose that lots of 100 acres each should be laid off and numbered, that they be advertised, and bought in by the applicants; but they should not be required to make any immediate payment, but their bonds to be taken on condition to pay the principal when they are able, and to pay the interest in each year.

    But the main object now is, to obtain the means of subsistence for the present winter should the land be obtained for them; the men are anxious to go to work immediately; they can build their camps and chop down for the spring crop, and I have no doubt from the character of the men that they will average from 6 to 10 acres each by the 1st of May, so that from 200 to 300 acres would thus be immediately reclaimed from a waste howling wilderness, and rendered at once productive of abundant crops for the support of man.

    But while the men are working during the present winter, they will require to be provided with food; and I have, after a full and careful consideration of the subject, concluded that the sum of 200/. at least would be necessary to make such provision.

    This sum could be advanced by the Government as a loan, to be repaid by work upon the road through the settlement, at a fair remunerating price to be agreed upon.

    I have suggested this course to the men, who will gladly bind themselves to repay every shilling in this way.

    This work on the road would of course be exclusive of the work alluded to by the applicants in their petition, and which I hope your Excellency will allow to be done immediately, as the rate is low, and the road will be much wanted even during the present winter should the present settlement be formed.

    Nearly all the men I believe have taken the temperance pledge, and they with one voice have determined to call their location the " Teetotal Settlement," and to utterly exclude all ardent spirits from their neighbourhood. This is highly gratifying, and while it makes me the more anxious to serve them, I am sure it will prove an additional recommendation to the favourable consideration of your Excellency and Council.

    I sincerely hope your Excellency will be enabled to afford the wished-for assistance at an early day, so that the men may immediately commence operations.

    I have, &c.
    His Excellency Sir W. M. G. Colebrooke, K.h. (signed) L. A. Wilmot.
    &c. &c. &c.

    Index to New Brunswick Land Grants, 1784 - 1997 (RS686)
    Name SCANLIN, David
    Volume 36
    Page 40
    Grant number 4856
    Place Kingsclear
    County York
    Date 1851-08-06
    Accompanying plan Yes
    Acres 50
    Microfilm F16335
    4 August 1851 Grant Lot 34 East 50 acres Cork Settlement

    Index to Land Petitions: Original Series, 1783-1918 (RS108)
    Year 1855
    County York
    Microfilm F5932
    Petition for 30 acres Lot 34 Block 36, Kingsclear, York 1853
    Petition for 100 acres in Manners-Sutton, York 1855

    Index to New Brunswick Land Grants, 1784 - 1997 (RS686)
    Name SCANLIN, David
    Volume 49
    Page 0
    Grant number 7731
    Place Kingsclear
    County York
    Date 1856-09-25
    Accompanying plan Yes
    Acres 50
    Microfilm F16348
    22 September 1856 Grant Lot 34 rear 50 acres Cork Settlement

    Volume 43 Page 569
    No 16251
    29 December 1862
    David Scanlin Manners-Sutton
    Dowel Chassie farmer Manners-Sutton
    For and in consideration of his comfortable board and washing during his natural life, well and truly furnished by the said Dowel Chessea
    Lot No 34 East Parish of Manners-Sutton
    Beginning at a spruce tree standing on the southeastern angle of Lot No 35 on the west side of the road from Lyon's Stream to Gardner's Creek
    thence running west 80 chains
    thence south 25 chains and 50 links
    thence east 80 chains toa birch tree standing on the west side of the above road
    thence along said road in a northwesterly direction to the place of beginning
    100 acres
    with all the stock consisting of five cattle of different ages
    three sheep
    one horse and harness
    all farm implements
    household furniture
    Dowel Chessea to pay all debts contracted by the said David Scanlin
    David Scanlin SS
    Wm Gibson
    Fermin Chessea

    Volume 46 Page 66
    No 17532
    10 October 1863
    Dowel Chassey and Catherine Manners-Sutton
    John Russell Manners-Sutton farmer
    51 pounds 10 shillings
    Lot 34
    100 acres
    James Beek
    Martin Burk
    Dowel Chassey [His mark]
    Catherine Chassey [Her mark]
  • Change Date: 15 JAN 2012

    Father: SCANLON

    Marriage 1 Margaret GOGGIN
    • Married: 4 FEB 1812 in Skull East Roman Catholic, Schull, Cork, Kerry, Ireland
    • Note:
      Area - CORK & ROSS (RC) , Parish/Church/Congregation - SCHULL EAST
      Marriage of DAVID SKANLON of N/R and PEG GOGGIN of N/R on 4 February 1812
      Husband Wife
      Recorded Diocesan Area CORK & ROSS
      Recorded Parochial Area EAST SCHULL
      Witness 1 DEN SKANLON
      Witness 3 DICK GOGGIN
      Book Number Page Entry Number Record_Identifier Image Filename
      N/R N/R N/R CR-RC-MA-83956 cork & ross.east schull.p4804.00133
    • Note:
      David Skanlon
      in the Ireland, Catholic Parish Registers, 1655-1915
      Name: David Skanlon
      Gender: Male
      Event Type: Marriage
      Marriage Date: 4 Feb 1812
      Marriage Place: Schull East, Cork, Ireland
      Diocese: Cork and Ross
      Spouse: Peg Goggin
      Catholic Parish Registers, The National Library of Ireland; Dublin, Ireland; Microfilm Number: Microfilm 04804 / 01
      "4 David Skanlon & Peg Goggin Prest Den Skanlon & D??? Goggin"
    1. Has No Children Ellen SCANLON b: in Skull, Kerry, Ireland
    2. Has No Children Denis SCANLON b: in Skull, Cork, Ireland

    Marriage 2 Mary CONNOLLY b: BEF 1810
    • Married: 14 OCT 1830 in Goleen Roman Catholic, Schull West, Cork, Ireland 6
    • Note:
      Area - CORK & ROSS (RC) , Parish/Church/Congregation - SCHULL WEST
      Marriage of DAVID SCANLAN of N/R and MARY CONNELY of N/R on 14 October 1830
      Husband Wife
      Recorded Diocesan Area CORK & ROSS
      Recorded Parochial Area WEST SCHULL (GOLEEN)
      Witness 1 DENIS SCANLAN
      Witness 3 JOHN SWEENY
      Book Number Page Entry Number Record_Identifier Image Filename
      N/R N/R N/R CR-RC-MA-87471 cork & ross.west schull (goleen).p4800.00256
    • Note:
      David Scanlan
      in the Ireland, Catholic Parish Registers, 1655-1915
      Name: David Scanlan
      Gender: Male
      Event Type: Marriage
      Marriage Date: 14 Oct 1830
      Marriage Place: Schull West, Cork, Ireland
      Diocese: Cork and Ross
      Spouse: Mary Connely
      Catholic Parish Registers, The National Library of Ireland; Dublin, Ireland; Microfilm Number: Microfilm 04800 / 02
      "14 David Scanlon Mary Connely Lews Scanlon John Sweeny L O Sullivan"
    1. Has No Children James SCANLON b: [1831] in Skull West, Cork, Ireland
    2. Has Children Margaret SCANLON b: [1834] in Skull West, Cork, Ireland
    3. Has Children Catherine Susan SCANLON b: DECEMBER 1836 in Skull West, Cork, Ireland

    1. Author: Library and Archives of Canada
      Title: Census of New Brunswick 1851
      Abbrev: Census of New Brunswick 1851
      Publication: http://www.collectionscanada.ca/archivianet/1851/index-e.html
      Parish of Saint Patrick: enumerator: Donald McCallum, completed: March 1851
      Parish of Pennfield: enumerator: Isaac Justason, completed: July 1851
      Parish of Saint George: enumerator: Robert Clinch, completed: September 1851
      Parish of Saint Andrews: enumerator: Hugh Morrison, completed: September 1851
      Parish of Saint Stephen: enumerator: James Fink, completed: September 1851
      Parish of West Isles: enumerator: William H. Chaffey, completed: September 1851
      Parish of Saint David: enumerator: John C. Moore, completed: October 1851
      Parish of Grand Manan: enumerator: Josias Winchester, completed: October 1851
      Parish of Campobello: enumerator: John Larnur, completed: November 1851
      Parish of Saint James: enumerator: James Buchanan, completed: November 1851
    2. Author: Ancestry.com
      Title: Census of Canada, 1861
      Abbrev: Census of Canada, 1861
    3. Author: Ancestry.com
      Title: Census of Canada, 1871
      Abbrev: Census of Canada, 1871
    4. Author: Tom Moffatt
      Title: Ancestors of Archangel Chessie
      Abbrev: Ancestors of Archangel Chessie
    5. Author: Department of Health New Brunswick
      Title: Death Certificate of Mrs Duel Chessie
      Abbrev: Death Certificate of Mrs Duel Chessie
      Publication: filed 25 March 1922
    6. Author: Goleen Roman Catholic
      Title: Goleen Roman Catholic Records
      Abbrev: Goleen Roman Catholic Records
      Publication: http://churchrecords.irishgenealogy.ie/churchrecords/
    7. Author: Colleen Kennedy
      Title: Cork Settlement Online
      Abbrev: Cork Settlement Online
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