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RIECKE, Margarethe Elisabeth b: EST 1811 in N.N. d: DEAD in (Etingen,Börde,ST,DEU)
RIECKHOFF, Peter b: EST 1961 in (Berlin,,BE,DEU) d: <2007/2008> in (Berlin,,BE,DEU)
RIEDEL, Agnes Alma Berta b: 12 Nov 1872 in Kyritz,Ostprignitz-Ruppin,BR,DEU d: 7 Aug 1873 in (Kyritz,Ostprignitz-Ruppin,BR,DEU)
RIEDEL, Alma Auguste b: 20 Oct 1875 in Kyritz,Ostprignitz-Ruppin,BR,DEU d: 21 Sep 1942 in Sprottau,,Schlesien,DEU
RIEDEL, Anna Bertha Rosalie b: 31 May 1874 in (Kyritz,Ostprignitz-Ruppin,BR,DEU) d: 16 Mar 1955 in N.N.
RIEDEL, Ernst Emil b: EST 1899 in (Dresden,,SN,DEU) d: DEAD
RIEDEL, Franz b: Jun 1886 in (Kyritz,Ostprignitz-Ruppin,BR,DEU) d: 20 May 1916 in (WK I)
RIEDEL, Franz August b: 17 Sep 1850 in Alt Läst,Liegnitz,Schlesien,DEU d: 18 Dec 1940 in Klein Kreidel,Wohlau,Schlesien,DEU
RIEDEL, Franz August b: 1 Feb 1878 in (Kyritz,Ostprignitz-Ruppin,BR,DEU) d: 28 Mar 1878 in (Kyritz,Ostprignitz-Ruppin,BR,DEU)
RIEDEL, Hedwig Riedel b: 25 Oct 1912 in N.N. d: DEAD in Essen,,NW,DEU
RIEDEL, Hildegard b: EST 1914 in N.N. d: DEAD
RIEDEL, Hulda Amalie b: EST 1859 in (Zscherben,Saalekreis,ST,DEU) d: DEAD
RIEDEL, Karl August b: 31 Jan 1885 in (Kyritz,Ostprignitz-Ruppin,BR,DEU) d: 25 Jul 1885 in (Kyritz,Ostprignitz-Ruppin,BR,DEU)
RIEDEL, Max b: 29 Sep 1880 in (Kyritz,Ostprignitz-Ruppin,BR,DEU) d: 2 Aug 1917 in (WK I)
RIEDEL, Otto Adolf b: 3 Oct 1879 in (Kyritz,Ostprignitz-Ruppin,BR,DEU) d: 4 Dec 1879 in (Kyritz,Ostprignitz-Ruppin,BR,DEU)
RIEDINGER, Alfred b: <1904> in Illinois,USA d: DEAD in USA
RIEDINGER, Edward b: Jan 1893 in Illinois,USA d: DEAD in USA
RIEDINGER, Elsa b: May 1891 in Illinois,USA d: DEAD in USA
RIEDINGER, Jakob b: Nov 1862 in Deutschland d: AFT 1910 in (Illinois,USA)
RIEDINGER, Luella b: <1902> in Illinois,USA d: DEAD in USA
RIEDINGER, Royal C. b: Mar 1898 in Illinois,USA d: 13 Sep 1984 in Cleveland,Cuyahoga,OH,USA
RIEFDORF, Emil b: EST 1883 in N.N. d: DEAD
RIEFDORF, Emil Bernhard Gustav b: EST 1849 in N.N. d: DEAD
RIEFDORF, Grete (Gartenschläger) b: EST 1887 in N.N. d: DEAD
RIEFDORF, Otto b: EST 1885 in N.N. d: DEAD
RIEGG, Margarethe b: 24 Aug 1893 in N.N. d: 27 May 1973 in (Magdeburg,,ST,DEU)
RIEMER, Wilhelmine Albertine Auguste b: EST 1854 in N.N. d: DEAD in (Berlin,,BE,DEU)
RIER, N. b: EST 1819 in N.N. d: DEAD in Schönhausen (Elbe),Stendal,ST,DEU
RIESBERG, Anna Elisabeth b: 21 Sep 1833 in Uchtdorf,Stendal,ST,DEU d: DEAD
RIESE, Agnes b: 10 Sep 1912 in Brodhead,Green,WI,USA d: 17 Jan 1944 in Janesville,Rock,WI,USA
RIESE, Alfred b: 27 Nov 1907 in Janesville,Rock,WI,USA d: 23 Oct 1991 in Janesville,Rock,WI,USA
RIESE, Boyd Albert b: 3 Apr 1921 in Avon,Rock,WI,USA d: 28 Oct 1949 in Great Lakes Naval Fort Sheridan,,IL,USA
RIESE, Ernest b: 19 Oct 1884 in Balls Mill,Green,WI,USA d: 5 Aug 1947 in Janesville,Rock,WI,USA
RIESE, Ernestine b: 27 Aug 1914 in Green,,WI,USA d: 17 Jul 1988 in Kenosha,,WI,USA
RIESE, Marguerite T. b: 26 Dec 1916 in Green,,WI,USA d: 12 May 1986 in Janesville,Rock,WI,USA
RIESE, Marie b: 14 Sep 1910 in Green,,WI,USA d: 5 May 1988 in Janesville,Rock,WI,USA
RIESENBECK, Margaret A. Kelly b: 1904 in Frankreich d: 1983 in Cincinnati,Hamilton,OH,USA
RIESING, Merrill b: EST 1914 in USA d: DEAD in USA
RIESLER, Carl b: EST 1854 in N.N. d: DEAD
RIESLER, Carl Ernst b: 16 Jul 1885 in Schönhausen (Elbe),Stendal,ST,DEU d: DEAD
RIESLER, Elisabeth b: EST 1649 in N.N. d: 15 Feb 1721 in Mühlstedt,Dessau-Roßlau,ST,DEU
RIESS, Aloys b: 1913 in N.N. d: 5 Apr 1991 in N.N.
RIESSEN, Caroline Katherine b: 11 Jan 1912 in N.N. d: 9 Oct 1982 in Stockton,Muscatine,IA,USA
RIGGS, Edna Lettie b: 22 Apr 1890 in Sullivan,,IN,USA d: DEAD in USA
RIGGS, Eugene Augustus b: 31 Oct 1888 in Sullivan,,IN,USA d: 17 Apr 1962 in USA
RIGGS, Lena Cecilia b: 31 May 1885 in Sullivan,,IN,USA d: DEAD in USA
RIGGS, William Voorhees b: 2 Feb 1863 in Indiana,USA d: 6 Jan 1938 in Sullivan,,IN,USA
RILEY, Helen b: 21 Jul 1919 in N.N. d: 23 Dec 1965 in New York,USA
RILEY, Josephine b: 1840 in N.N. d: 1929 in USA
RIMLING, Esther Annie b: 25 Mar 1904 in Missouri,USA d: 30 Jul 2004 in El Cajon,San Diego,CA,USA
RIMLING, Frederick William b: 28 Apr 1868 in Deutschland d: 8 Apr 1959 in San Diego,,CA,USA
RIMLING, Nellie b: Sep 1897 in Illinois,USA d: AFT 1920 in USA
RIMLING, Sarah b: Sep 1893 in Illinois,USA d: AFT 1910 in USA
RINGEL, Anna b: 1882 in N.N. d: DEAD
RINKEL, James b: 9 Mar 1911 in (Ohio,USA) d: 16 Feb 1993 in (Williams,,OH,USA)
RISAR, Elizabeth b: Oct 1864 in Ohio,USA d: DEAD in USA
RITTER, Christian Gottlob b: EST 1846 in N.N. d: DEAD in Hintergersdorf,Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge,SN,DEU
RITTER, Gottfried b: EST 1634 in (Magdeburg,,ST,DEU) d: DEAD
RITTER, Gustav "Emil" b: 27 Feb 1872 in Hintergersdorf,Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge d: 20 Jul 1950 in Mohlis,Meißen,SN,DEU
RITTER, Irmgard Emma Ida Wally b: EST 1922 in N.N. d: DEAD in (Hamburg,,HH,DEU)
RITZAU, Johann Daniel b: EST 1731 in (Magdeburg,,ST,DEU) d: DEAD
ROBERTS, Lena Belle b: 12 Apr 1910 in Kirk,Limestone,TX,USA d: 20 Feb 2007 in Mc Lennan,,TX,USA
ROBERTSON, C. M. b: EST 1898 in N.N. d: DEAD
ROCHAU, Johann Theodor b: EST 1832 in N.N. d: DEAD
ROCKHILL, Virginia b: EST 1917 in USA d: DEAD in USA
ROCKSTEDT, Martha b: 1899 in N.N. d: 1972 in (Magdeburg,,ST,DEU)
RODATZ, "Maximilian" Julius b: 15 Jan 1866 in N.N. d: 28 Jul 1933 in Politzig,Meseritz,BR,DEU
RODATZ, Maximilian b: 1866 in N.N. d: 1928 in Politzig,Meseritz,POS,DEU
RODE, Dorothee Agnes b: EST 1709 in (Maasdorf,Anhalt-Bitterfeld,ST,DEU) d: DEAD
RODEWALD, Bertha Elise Marie Luise b: 12 Feb 1879 in (Hannover,,NI,DEU) d: DEAD
RODEWALD, Johann Carl Hermann b: EST 1853 in N.N. d: DEAD in (Hannover,,NI,DEU)
RODLOFF, Ilsabe b: EST 1643 in N.N. d: DEAD in (Burgstall,Börde,ST,DEU)
ROEBER, Bernita Marie b: EST 1918 in USA d: DEAD
ROEMMER, Fred b: <1893> in London,,,GBR d: DEAD in England
ROEMMER, Frederick b: <1849> in Deutschland d: AFT 1901 in England
ROEMMER, Frederike b: <1884> in Staffordshire,,Wlv,GBR d: DEAD in England
ROEMMER, Harold b: <1895> in Lanes,Liverpool,Lan,GBR d: DEAD in England
ROEMMER, Kate b: <1886> in London,,,GBR d: DEAD in England
ROESICKEN, Eliesabeth b: EST 1692 in N.N. d: DEAD
ROESLER, Anna Christina b: ABT 1774 in Deutleben,Saalekreis,ST,DEU d: DEAD
ROGERS, Frank b: EST 1888 in Australien d: DEAD in Australien
ROGOSCH, Fred J. b: 17 Aug 1849 in Deutschland d: 12 Jun 1940 in Homer,,NE,USA
ROGOSCH, Helen L. b: <1917> in Nebraska,USA d: DEAD in USA
ROGOSCH, Karl F. b: 25 May 1888 in (Ponca,Dixon,NE,USA) d: 15 Sep 1943 in South Sioux City,NE,USA
ROGOSCH, Marie M. b: 23 May 1890 in Nebraska,USA d: Jan 1987 in South Sioux City,Dakota,NE,USA
ROHBRAHN, J. Christina Elisabeth b: EST 1721 in (Magdeburg,,ST,DEU) d: DEAD
ROHLFS, Heinrich Willy b: 27 Jun 1885 in Hamburg,,HH,DEU d: DEAD in (Hamburg,,HH,DEU)
ROHR, Anne Marie Catharine b: 1806 in Dannigkow,Jerichower Land,ST,DEU d: DEAD
ROHR, Catharina b: EST 1808 in (Prödel,Jerichower Land,ST,DEU) d: DEAD
ROHR, Christian Friedrich b: 3 Mar 1797 in Wörbzig,Anhalt-Bitterfeld,ST,DEU d: DEAD
ROHR, Maria Katharina b: <10 Sep 1763> in (Klitzschena,Wittenberg,ST,DEU) d: 25 Jun 1841 in Meuro,Wittenberg,ST,DEU
ROHWER, Mary b: 9 Feb 1855 in Scott,,IA,USA d: 16 Aug 1936 in Davenport,Scott,IA,USA
ROLAND, Edith Gwendolyn b: 28 Nov 1906 in Hiattville,Boubon,KS,USA d: 19 Aug 1972 in Kansas City,,KS,USA
ROLAND, Johanne Franziska b: EST 1850 in N.N. d: DEAD in Halle (Saale),,ST,DEU
ROLLA, Ida b: Aug 1870 in Deutschland d: AFT 1940 in (Union,Hudson,NJ,USA)
ROMMEL, Annie Barbara b: 19 May 1867 in Toowoomba,,QLD,AUS d: 7 Feb 1936 in Toowoomba,,QLD,AUS
ROSE, Mary June b: 13 Jun 1918 in La Salle,,IL,USA d: 31 Dec 2011 in Ottawa,La Salle,IL,USA
ROSENBAUM, Ferdinandine b: EST 1852 in (Attendorn,Olpe,NW,DEU) d: DEAD
ROSENHAHN, Florina E. b: 18 Oct 1899 in Indiana,USA d: 24 Oct 1981 in (Ironton,Sauk,WI,USA)
ROSENKRANZ, Thekla Henriette b: 20 Nov 1846 in Dresden,,SN,DEU d: DEAD in (Dresden,,SN,DEU)
ROSENOFF, Hazel b: AFT 1908 in USA d: DEAD in USA
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