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BRADLY, Beverley Beverly (male) b: 15 MAR 1764 in , Spotsylvania, VA
BRADSHAW, Arabelle b: 23 FEB 1853 in Kentucky, United States d: 19 JUN 1943 in Missouri, United States
BRADSHAW, Elizabeth Jane b: 9 APR 1825 in , Russell, KY d: SEP 1894 in , Coleman, Texas
BRADSHAW, Jean b: ABT 1920 in probably, maybe of MT ?, , USA d: BEF SEP 2013
BRADSHAW, Lewis W b: ABT 1835 in possibly either, , IN, MO
BRADY, Charles b: ABT 1780 in maybe either, PA, VA, WV
BRADY, Elizabeth E "Lizzia" Elisabeth b: MAY 1880 in 1900CrawfordCoKS, , KS d: AFT MAR 1940 in then on usCensus, Spokane, WA
BRADY, James ( 1856 to USA ) b: MAR 1839 in , , , Ireland d: AFT MAY 1900 in on UScensus in, Crawford, KS
BRADY, Temperance Nancy Ore Trail 1853-5 b: 4 JAN 1813 in , Hardin, KY, dtr of Chas d: 13 SEP 1878 in Tangent, Linn, Oregon
BRAINERD, Epaphroditus E b: NOV 1862 in , , MO d: 1934 in Memphis, Scotland, MO
BRAMBLE, William b: 1833 in , , MD d: AFT 1858 in Gorin, Scotland, MO, lastKnownResidnc
BRAMER, Herman b: ABT 1885 in possibly of, , WA d: AFT 1963 in of North Fork, , Idaho
BRAMMER, John Henry b: 3 NOV 1866 in , Fleming, KY d: 17 FEB 1949 in , Mason, KY
BRANBLET, Elizabeth Ann ( Mrs. RIDDLE ) b: BEF 1837 in , Switzerland, Indiana d: 1890 in , , KY
BRANCH, Emma b: 30 JAN 1883 in Kentucky, United States
BRANCH, John b: 22 SEP 1847 in Bedford, Trimble, Kentucky, United States d: 29 OCT 1929 in Marion, Indiana, United States
BRANCH, Maude b: FEB 1891 in Indiana, United States
BRANCH, Ora b: 18 JUN 1885 in Kentucky, United States d: 26 OCT 1961 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, United States
BRANCH, Sadie Fay b: 5 AUG 1893 in Indiana, United States d: 1 JUL 1895 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, United States
BRANCH, Shelby b: 4 FEB 1888 in Trimble, Kentucky, United States d: 1 AUG 1945 in Trimble, Kentucky, United States
BRAND, Elmira Ella b: ABT 1855 in by 1887 of, Scotland, MO d: in probably, , TX
BRANN, (not a son here) (but ?brother?) b: ABT 1790 in of, , KY
BRANN, Andrew b: ABT 1750 in probably of, Richmond, VA, by 1783
BRANN, Ben (notSonOf Joseph & Anna [MOORE]) b: ABT 1800 in maybe of, Pendleton, KY, by 1830
BRANN, Catherine b: 3 MAR 1827 in , Pendleton, KY d: 26 MAR 1908 in Memphis, Scotland, MO
BRANN, Elizabeth N b: 7 OCT 1823 in , , KY d: ABT JAN 1887 in , Scotland, MO, Sand HillTwp1870
BRANN, Joseph War of 1812 b: ABT 1790 in , , VA d: 1836 in Morgan, Pendleton, KY
BRANN, Margaret Jane b: ABT 12 OCT 1817 in , Pendleton, KY, or 30 Sep 1817 d: 4 FEB 1907 in , Scotland, MO, Tobin Twp 1900
BRANN, Nancy E Nannie b: AUG 1850 in , Pendleton, KY, or bef 1847 d: AFT 1900 in , Putnam, MO
BRANN, William Andrew b: 5 SEP 1814 in , Pendleton, KY d: 1 DEC 1893 in Callensville, Pendleton, KY, 1880 residence
BRANNOCK, Charlotte (dtr of Robert & Elizabeth) b: ABT 1821 in probably of, , KY d: 15 OCT 1854 in , Harrison, KY
BRANNON, Benjamin b: ABT 1865 in Ohio, United States
BRANNON, George b: 1869 in Ohio, United States d: 5 FEB 1936 in Sugar Grove Cemetery, Union Township, Clinton, Ohio, United States
BRANT, Elizabeth b: ABT 1710 in possibly of, Westmoreland, VA, by 1736 at least
BRASHEAR, Margaret Elizabeth Brashers b: ABT JAN 1819 in Whitesburg, of Letcher Co., KY
BRATCHER, Margaret Peggy b: ABT 1828 in Campbell, Tennessee, United States d: BEF 1892
BRAWNER, Monica b: 30 DEC 1768 in Emmitsburg, Frederick, Maryland d: 1796 in Frederick, Maryland, United States
BRAY, William Eli b: ABT 1807 in by 1836 maybe of, Franklin, MO d: AFT 1850
BREADWELL, Yelverton b: ABT 1760 in possibly either, , VA, KY
BREEDING, Elisha b: 1788 in probably, , VA d: MAR 1866 in daughter Co. ? :, Letcher, , Knott
BREEDING, John W. b: 1863 in of, Russel Co., Virginia, USA
BREEDING, Wesley b: 22 JAN 1852 in Letcher, Kentucky d: 30 JUL 1941 in Letcher, Kentucky, United States
BREEDING, Winifred Winnie Winney b: 11 JAN 1794 in Russell, Virginia, United States d: 1870 in Wolfe, Kentucky, United States
BREEDLOVE, John b: ABT 13 DEC 1745 in reportedly, Essex, VA d: in maybe of, Charlotte, VA
BREEDLOVE, Patty Martha Mary b: ABT DEC 1779 in of, Charlotte, VA
BRELAND, John E b: ABT JAN 1886 in , , AR d: AFT 1930 in maybe of, McClain, OK
BRELAND, Sybil Louise Ola F b: 29 DEC 1927 in Strong area, Union, AR d: 24 SEP 2011 in Monroe, Ouachita, Louisiana, leftChilders1955
BRENAUGH, Nancy b: 3 MAY 1780 in Lunenburg Parish, Richmond (Independent City), Virginia, United States d: 1855 in Lancaster, Garrard, Kentucky, United States
BRENT, Catherine (dtr of Charles& Hannah INNES) b: BEF 12 JAN 1729 in Overwharton Par., Stafford, VA, bapt. there&then d: ABT 1771 in probably, Fairfax, VA
BRENT, Elizabeth b: ABT 1705 in possibly of, Westmoreland, VA, by 1736 at least
BRENT, William Sr. b: ABT 1670 in by 1705 of, , VA
BRERETON, Elizabeth b: 1693 in , Essex, VA d: APR 1746 in , Essex, VA
BRERETON, Thomas b: ABT 1660 in of, Essex, VA, by 1693 d: 1699 in possibly, Essex, VA, lastKnownResidnc
BRESHEARS, Everett Oren A BRESHERS b: 3 MAY 1891 in of Elgin, Union, Oregon, born Oregon ! d: JAN 1973 in Salem, Marion, Oregon, of there then
BRESHEARS, William Reuben b: 1860 in , Polk, MO d: 1944 in , Union, Oregon
BREST, Ollie Ronald b: 5 NOV 1915 in Sharon, Mercer, Pennsylvania, United States d: 14 NOV 2004 in Sharon, Mercer, Pennsylvania, United States
BREVARD, Joshua S Bravard b: ABT 1821 in by 1841 maybe of, Grant, KY
BREWER, Alice W b: 24 NOV 1879 in of, Grant, KY d: 28 MAR 1968 in Ludlow, , KY
BREWER, Arlie b: 22 AUG 1890 in Illinois, United States d: 6 OCT 1970 in Rushville, Rush, Indiana, USA
BREWER, Carrie b: 2 JAN 1893 in Williamstown, Grant, KY d: 28 SEP 1959 in Madison, Dane, WI
BREWER, Charles Charlie b: JUL 1895 in of, Grant, KY d: ABT 1975
BREWER, Cora b: DEC 1887 in of, Grant, KY d: ABT 1973
BREWER, Darius P b: FEB 1846 in , , OH d: 7 JUN 1933 in Dry Ridge, Grant, KY
BREWER, Edith b: 9 SEP 1920 in Dunreith, Henry, Indiana, United States d: 26 OCT 2011 in Clarksville, Clark, Indiana, United States
BREWER, Elizabeth b: ABT 1871 in of, Grant, KY d: ABT 1953
BREWER, Ida Jane Julia b: 9 JUN 1870 in of Bourbois, Gasconade, MO d: 9 JUN 1953 in of, Gasconade, MO
BREWER, J A b: ABT JAN 1836 in , , Indiana
BREWER, Jefferson "Jepp" Madison b: 10 APR 1843 in , Breathitt, KY, USA d: 31 MAR 1901 in Kentucky, United States
BREWER, Lottie (of Spartanburg SC) b: ABT 1750 d: BEF 1803 in Georgia, United States
BREWER, Lottie Unidyce Uridyce Charlotte b: ABT 1750 in probably either, NC, VA, SC d: ABT 1805 in , , GA, Elbert Co. maybe
BREWER, Sarah b: ABT 1783 in Of, , Elbert, Georgia
BREWSTER, John b: ABT 1688 in , , , MA maybe
BREWSTER, Joshua b: 1844 in New York, United States
BREWSTER, Kenneth Leon b: 26 AUG 1911 in Parsons, Labette, Kansas, United States d: 22 JUN 1984 in Los Alamitos, Orange, California
BREWSTER, Sarah b: ABT 1718 in , , , MA maybe
BREWSTER, William Hollis (called Hollis) b: 1914 in Parsons, Labette, Kansas, United States d: 4 APR 1987
BREWSTER, William Vernon b: 31 AUG 1879 in Hertha, Neosho, Kansas d: 26 APR 1943 in Osawatomie, Miami, Kansas
BREZINA, Ada Emily b: ABT 1915 in by 1939 of, , CA d: AFT 1996 in of Estes Park, , CO
BRICE, Armilda [Mrs H F TEPPER] (dtr of Benoni) b: 1839 in , Pike, MO d: AFT 1882 in , Putnam, MO, her #2 marriage
BRIDGES, Levina b: ABT 25 OCT 1785 in , , VA d: AFT 1850 in probably, , KY
BRIDWELL, Maggie Irene Margaret b: 10 OCT 1868 in , , MO d: 1 JAN 1939 in Pendleton, Umatilla, Oregon
BRIGGS, Anna May b: 31 JUL 1882 in Memphis, Harrison, Scotland, Missouri d: 1965 in Memphis Cemetery, Scotland, Missouri, United States
BRIGGS, Artie Acton b: APR 1878 in probably, Scotland, MO d: 19 NOV 1952 in Campground Cemetery, Scotland, Missouri, United States
BRIGGS, Benjamin b: NOV 1884 in probably, Scotland, MO
BRIGGS, Bessie b: OCT 1876 in Probably, Scotland, Missouri, United States d: BEF JUN 1880 in Missing 1880 Census, Scotland, Missouri, United States
BRIGGS, Charles H b: 8 FEB 1843 in Chandlerville, Cass, Illinois, United States d: 21 APR 1911 in Peoria, Peoria, Illinois, United States
BRIGGS, Charles Kathcart b: 2 JAN 1816 in Thompson, Thompson, Windham, Connecticut, United States d: 21 MAR 1881 in Chandlerville, Cass, Illinois, United States
BRIGGS, Laura B b: ABT 1875 in probably, Scotland, MO
BRIGGS, LaVaughn (adopted) b: ABT 1925 in Probably, Missouri, United States d: BEF AUG 2015
BRIGGS, Mamie May b: 23 MAY 1880 in probably, Scotland, MO d: 14 MAY 1904
BRIGGS, Sadie F Sarah b: ABT 1887 in probably, Scotland, MO d: 21 AUG 1897
BRIGGS, Thomas Hubbard b: ABT 1874 in probably, Scotland, MO
BRIGGS, William Duncan b: 3 MAY 1845 in , , IL d: 20 DEC 1937 in , Scotland, MO
BRIGGS, William Pryor b: NOV 1892 in probably, Scotland, MO
BRIGHT, Edwin Charles (namesakeOglesby b: 30 JUN 1817 in , , VA d: AFT 1850 in then censused in, Pike, MO
BRIGHT, Joshua (son of Charles) b: 1 MAR 1774 in , , VA d: BEF 1827 in , , , spouse remarried
BRIGHT, Susan (or born in SC) b: 1783 in Washington, Tennessee, United States d: 1853 in between 2 states, MO, CA
BRINER, Elisabeth Elizabeth b: 30 JAN 1797 in Somerset, Pennsylvania, United States d: 21 SEP 1878 in Taylor Cemetery, Atwood, Douglas, Illinois, United States
BRINK, Jane b: 24 APR 1777 in Walpeck, Sussex, NJ d: ABT 1850 in , Harrison, Indiana
BRINKLEY, Elizabeth Binkley b: ABT 1768 in of Monocacy, Frederick, MD, PA born maybe? d: AFT 1850 in , Robertson, TN, bef 1860
BRINSON, Martin Luther b: ABT 1870 in by 1906 maybe of, , OK
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