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BUTZ, Mabel Clare b: 23 FEB 1873 in Columbus, Indiana d: 4 MAY 1959 in Clark, Missouri, United States
BUXTON, Lorin Tarbit b: 2 AUG 1903 in Driggs, Teton, Idaho, United States d: 25 JUL 1965 in Pleasant View Cemetery, Burley, Cassia, Idaho, United States
BYERS, Martha b: 24 FEB 1813 in , , Pennsylvania d: 30 SEP 1877 in Humboldt Cemetery, Humboldt, Richardson, Nebraska
BYRNE, Living
BYWATERS, Lucy b: ABT 1793 in possibly of, Madison, KY
CABLE, Olive b: 1866 in , Shelby, IL d: 1941 in Des Moines, Polk, Iowa
CABLE, William (son of Sarah & Jacob KOEBEL ) b: 1836 in , , PA d: 1898 in , Shelby, IL
CABLER, Francis Pryor b: 1785 in Rockingham, North Carolina, United States d: 21 JAN 1845 in Washington, Tennessee, United States
CABLER, James Frederick b: 25 OCT 1833 in Davidson, Tennessee, United States d: 30 OCT 1913 in Rutherford, Tennessee, United States
CABLER, Laura Ann b: 31 DEC 1826 in Rutherford, Tennessee, United States
CABLER, Sarah Ann b: 1829 in Of, Rutherford, Tennessee, United States
CADLE, Abraham Mason b: 1824
CAGLE, Nancy Jane Janney b: ABT 1765 in Maybe Of, North Carolina, British America d: 1856 in York, South Carolina, United States
CAHILL, John b: ABT 1840 in , , , Ireland d: AFT 1870 in Warrensburg, Johnson, MO, alive there then
CAHILL, William Earl (sonOfJohn&Mary) b: JUN 1866 in , , KY, of MO by 1870 d: JAN 1905 in , Dekalb, MO
CAIN, Henry W (or else?) Dennis b: MAY 1853 in or born 1857, , MS, by1880 MemphisTN d: AFT 1919 in of Memphis, Shelby, TN, lastKnownResidnc
CAIN, Herman (Republican Pres Candidate) b: 13 DEC 1945 in Memphis, Shelby, TN d: AFT 2011 in Pres.candidateIn, Fulton, GA, resides there
CAIN, Luther (World War1 Cpl) Sr. b: 1 JUL 1895 in Memphis, Shelby, TN d: 18 MAY 1960 in Memphis, Shelby, TN, Memphis Natl Cem
CAIN, Luther B Jr. b: 16 MAR 1925 in Memphis, Shelby, TN d: 29 MAR 1982 in Atlanta, Fulton, GA
CAIN, Washington (see under KANE) 68th Colored Inf b: 1827 in , , MS, 1870:inMemphisTN d: BEF 16 NOV 1889 in of Memphis, Shelby, TN, Civil War vet.
CAINE, Armstead Armistead b: ABT 1850 in possibly of, Scotland, MO
CAINE, Juanita Ellen b: 12 DEC 1918 in , Benewah, Idaho d: 8 MAR 2004 in Willits, Mendecino, California
CAINE, June E b: 1 JUN 1916 in , Benewah, Idaho d: 1 MAR 2004 in , Spokane, Washington, United States
CAINE, Omer Lesley Omar b: 21 APR 1889 in Memphis, Scotland, Missouri d: AFT 1919 in St Maries, , ID, spouse d. there
CAINE, Vera Kathleen (of Memphis MO) b: 17 JAN 1912 in , Scotland, Missouri d: 16 FEB 2007 in Canton, Fulton, Illinois
CALDWELL, Clara Mrs. Garrison? b: 1892 in possibly either, , MO, WA d: in possibly, , WA
CALDWELL, Clinton b: ABT 1830 in possibly of, Gasconade, MO
CALDWELL, George b: ABT 1720 in Muckamore, Antrim, Ireland, of there by 1650
CALDWELL, Lucetta Ann Lucette b: 1827 in of, Grant, KY, by 1845 at least
CALDWELL, Margaret (Muckamore is SE of Antrim town) b: ABT 1650 in Muckamore (of), Antrim, Ireland, in Masseryne d: 1720 in Muckamore (of), Antrim, Ireland, probate detailed
CALDWELL, Thomas b: 3 NOV 1793 in , Grant, KY
CALDWELL, William Abe Abraham b: 2 OCT 1871 in Luray, Clark, MO, sEdwinR&nVORHIES d: 10 OCT 1949 in Cabool, Texas, MO
CALHOON, Charlotte b: 12 OCT 1808 in of Cornwall, Litchfield, Connecticut d: 25 JUL 1875
CALHOUN, James M b: 1848 in Kentucky, United States
CALHOUN, Van Buren vanburin b: 1869 in Kentucky, United States
CALKIN, Celia Mae Cecelia b: 26 FEB 1876 in Green City, Sullivan, MO, Hickory d: 10 SEP 1973 in Grayette, Benton, AR
CALKINS, Hannah b: 4 APR 1694 in Norwich, New London, CT
CALKINS, Harold Wilbur b: 23 NOV 1917 in Los Angeles, California, United States d: 8 FEB 2003 in Los Angeles, California, United States
CALL, Jonathan b: ABT 1689 in , , , MA prob
CALLAHAN, John b: JUN 1831 in Ireland d: 14 FEB 1901 in York Twp., Switzerland, IN
CALLAHAN, Lucile Lucille b: 13 JAN 1916 in maybe of, , WA d: FEB 1984 in Mead, Spokane, WA
CALLAWAY, Nancy May "Linnie" b: 8 APR 1868 in Weogufka, Coosa, Alabama, USA d: 19 MAY 1913 in Clanton, Chilton, Alabama, USA
CALLEN, Martha Ann b: ABT 1821 in , , KY d: AFT 1880 in Callensville, Pendleton, KY, alive in census
CALLICOAT, Franklin Leon b: 1888 in Arkansas, United States d: 1918 in Atoka, Oklahoma, United States
CALLICOAT, Leon Franklin b: SEP 1917 in Atoka, Oklahoma, United States d: SEP 1979 in Kentucky, United States
CALMES, Alvin b: 8 MAY 1842 in Kentucky, United States d: 5 DEC 1929 in West Plains, Howell, Missouri, United States
CALMES, Nancy b: ABT 1800 in Kentucky, United States
CALTHORPE, Anne b: ABT 1575 in , , , England prob
CAMERON, Geneva G Mrs. GUISINGER b: 8 MAR 1912 in Burl, , ID d: 5 APR 2000 in Spokane, Spokane, WA, SSDIndex
CAMERON, Mary b: ABT 1867 in by 1884 of, Nodaway, MO
CAMPBELL b: ABT 1860 in Kentucky, United States d: BEF APR 1940 in Kentucky, United States
CAMPBELL, Abraham C Adam Abram " Scrap " b: 25 MAY 1873 in , Taylor, KY d: 3 DEC 1939 in , Taylor, KY
CAMPBELL, Anna b: 8 FEB 1832 in , , OH d: 1 FEB 1915 in Vermillion Twp, Appanoose, Iowa
CAMPBELL, Annie McDonald b: 24 SEP 1872 in ,, West Virginia, USA d: 16 MAY 1899 in Chillicothe, Livingston, MO
CAMPBELL, David Henry b: 14 DEC 1856 in Ohio, United States d: 23 MAY 1908 in Elkhart, Elkhart, Indiana, United States
CAMPBELL, Elizabeth b: ABT 1834 in Maybe, Kentucky, United States
CAMPBELL, Eva June b: AUG 1885 in Indiana, United States d: 1952
CAMPBELL, Harry Blaine b: 20 MAR 1934 in Fayette, Kentucky, United States d: 4 NOV 1996 in Of, Bernalillo, New Mexico, United States
CAMPBELL, John Granville b: 19 NOV 1911 in Clinton, Kentucky, United States d: 8 JUL 1998 in Clinton, Kentucky, United States
CAMPBELL, John Richardson b: ABT 1823 in Maybe, Kentucky, United States d: AFT MAR 1842
CAMPBELL, Lelia Charlotte b: 5 AUG 1891 in Mitchell, Wheeler, Oregon d: AFT 1950 in , , Oregon
CAMPBELL, Martha b: ABT 1820 in Maybe, Kentucky, United States d: AFT MAR 1842
CAMPBELL, Mary b: 1690 in , Argylshire, Scotland
CAMPBELL, Mary Polly b: ABT 1796 in New River, Wilkes, NC d: 23 MAY 1830 in Perry, Kentucky, United States
CAMPBELL, Polly b: ABT 1827 in Maybe, Kentucky, United States
CAMPBELL, Polly Ann b: 1866 d: 1960
CAMPBELL, Robert J b: ABT NOV 1864 in , , PA, dadPAmomScotland d: AFT 1930 in Alhambra, Los Angeles, CA, alive there then
CAMPBELL, Robert Milton b: 1848 in Now Wv, Marion, Virginia, United States d: 1931 in Boyd, Kentucky, United States
CAMPBELL, Solomon b: ABT 1830 in Maybe, Kentucky, United States
CAMPBELL, Washington L b: 1 SEP 1860 in Sacramento, Sacramento Co, CA d: 23 APR 1950 in Mitchell, Wheeler Co, OR
CAMPBELL, William b: ABT 1790 in Probably, Kentucky, United States
CAMPBELL, William J b: ABT 1838 in Maybe, Kentucky, United States
CANADA, Amasa Amsay Amsey b: ABT JAN 1802 in Virginia, United States d: AFT MAY 1870 in Trimble, Kentucky, United States
CANADA, Nancy Jane b: 1841 in Kentucky, United States d: AFT MAY 1900 in Oldham, Kentucky, United States
CANADY, Znelda b: ABT 1840 in probably of, , KY
CANFIELD, Lucinda Sarah b: 4 OCT 1856 in Camden, Hillsdale, Michigan, United States d: 9 JUL 1931 in Creston, Union, Iowa, United States
CANNON, Caroline M.
CANNON, Elizabeth ( Jane ?) b: ABT 1700 in probably, Henrico, VA d: BEF APR 1742 in Deed Bk 4: 85-86, Goochland, VA, Albemarle Co.?
CANNON, John b: ABT 1642 in probably, Charles City, VA, aged ~43 Apr1686 d: BEF SEP 1696 in of, Henrico, VA, spouse remarried
CANNON, John (=probably name of father) b: ABT 1600 in probably, , England d: in probably of, Charles City, VA
CANNON, Martha b: ABT DEC 1806 in either, , Ohio, Kentucky d: AFT MAY 1850 in on census, Baltimore, Maryland
CANNON, William b: ABT 1673 in , Henrico, VA, Albemarle now? d: BEF 11 AUG 1747 in OrdBk1744:308-12, Albemarle, VA
CANTWELL, Nancy Jane (dtr of John ?) b: AUG 1832 in of, Boone, KY d: AFT JUN 1900 in Knoxville, Pendleton, KY
CAPERS, Mary b: ABT 1766 in , , , SC maybe
CARBERRY, John Carbery b: ABT JAN 1843 in , , , Ireland d: AFT 1900 in reportedly, Renfrewshire, Scotland, Port Glasgow
CARBERRY, Mary Margaret b: 25 APR 1859 in , , MI, maybe Wayne Co. d: 20 DEC 1928 in , Cook, IL
CARDER, Myriah Alice Mary b: 16 JAN 1860 in , Scotland, MO d: 6 SEP 1938 in , Adair, MO
CARDER, Rebecca b: ABT 1837 in of Williamstown, Grant, Kentucky, United States d: 10 OCT 1917 in Williamstown, Grant, Kentucky, United States
CARDWELL, Napoleon Bonapart Bonaparte b: 16 APR 1847 in , Anderson, KY d: 2 NOV 1922 in , Anderson, KY
CARDWELL, Susan Mary b: 21 JAN 1873 in , , KY d: 20 OCT 1891 in , Lewis, MO
CAREY, Eliza Ann Elizabeth b: ABT JAN 1815 in , , DE d: AFT 1885 in possibly, Boone, KY, 1850 censusThere
CAREY, James H b: 9 MAY 1788 in Cedar Creek 100, , DE d: AFT JUN 1850 in , Boone, KY
CAREY, Mary b: ABT 1825 in of, Mercer, Kentucky
CAREY, Nehemiah b: 7 MAR 1753 in , Sussex, DE d: 11 AUG 1808 in , Sussex, DE
CAREY, William Carry b: ABT 1818 in , , DE d: AFT 1880 in Union, Boone, KY, on us census
CARL, Living
CARLISLE, Cordelia E b: 12 OCT 1819 in possibly of, Grant, KY d: 22 JAN 1891
CARLSON, Andrew Jackson b: ABT 1815 in by 1841 maybe of, Adams, IL
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