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VAN SCYOC, Mary Leuticia Letitia b: ABT 1855 in possibly near, Decatur, Indiana
VAN VELSOR, Francis Frances Franklin b: 1832 in maybe of either, , OH, IL d: 1919
VANARSDALL, Alexander b: 2 MAR 1777 in Somerset, New Jersey, United States d: 14 NOV 1855 in Mercer, Kentucky, United States
VANARSDALL, Jane " Jennie" b: 12 OCT 1812 in Mercer Co., Kentucky d: 2 DEC 1880 in Mercer Co., Kentucky
VANCE, Amanda b: 18 JUL 1819 in Fayette, Kentucky, United States d: 25 AUG 1898 in Williamstown, Grant, Kentucky, United States
VANCE, Margaret b: ABT 1810 in of, Rutherford, TN, by 1828 at least d: BEF 1840 in probably, , TX
VANCE, Robert b: ABT 1794 in , , VA d: JUL 1829 in probated, Grant, KY
VANLANDINGHAM, Harriet b: 1806 in Virginia, United States d: AFT MAY 1860 in Williamstown, Grant, Kentucky, United States
VANLANDINGHAM, Margaret b: 12 FEB 1815 in , Bath, KY d: in possibly, Lucas, Iowa, where spouse d.
VANSCHOIACK, Delbert Hugh (or Van Schoiack) b: 15 AUG 1919 in Oregon, United States d: 3 JAN 1990 in Hermiston, Umatilla, Oregon, United States
VANSYLES, Hannah Hanna b: ABT 1831 in of, Franklin, Indiana
VARANG, Elizabeth Betty b: 1917 in Yakima, Washington, United States d: 24 MAR 2007 in Yakima, Washington, United States
VARDAMON, Mary Polly b: ABT 1755 in Fairfax County, Virginia d: 1833 in Boone, Kentucky, United States
VAUGHAN b: ABT 1845 in by 1900 maybe of, , CA d: AFT 1900
VAUGHAN, Edmund Sr. b: ABT 1750 in probably, , VA d: JUN 1796 in , Scott, KY
VAUGHAN, Eliza b: 1884 in Tennessee, United States d: 1971
VAUGHAN, John b: ABT 1775 in by 1806 of, Goochland, VA
VAUGHAN, Nancy DtrAbraham&Nanny b: ABT 1775 in of, Charlotte, VA
VAUGHN, Betty Jo b: 4 NOV 1917 in of, Umatilla, Oregon d: 19 NOV 1988 in , Spokane, WA
VAUGHN, Bridget b: 1732 d: 27 FEB 1794 in Madison Co., Virginia
VAUGHTERS, Mary Ann b: ABT 1822 in Ohio, United States d: AFT MAY 1880 in Pike, Ohio, United States
VEATCH, Mary Elizabeth b: 1850 in probably, , KY d: 1917
VEREGGE, Albert Ernst Earnest b: 25 SEP 1884 in by 1909 of, Buchanan, MO d: 10 JUL 1943 in St Joseph, Buchanan, MO
VEREGGE, no evidence of children b: ABT 1920 in would've been of, Buchanan, MO d: BEF 2011
VERGUSON, Elizabeth Vergson Fergison b: 25 JUL 1825 in , Ripley, Indiana, 1880:PutnamCo MO d: 5 NOV 1909 in , , MO
VERGUSON, Jesse b: ABT 1796 in , , PA d: in , Ripley, Indiana
VERMILLION, Louise M Lou b: 3 NOV 1912 in Letcher, Kentucky, United States d: 19 OCT 1989 in Whitesburg, Letcher, Kentucky, United States
VERMILLION, Nancy Selena b: 16 MAR 1860 in , , Virginia, USA d: 10 JAN 1951 in Hazard, Perry, Ky.
VERMILLION, Walter b: 1874 in Kentucky, United States d: 1959 in Pike, Kentucky, United States
VERTRIES, Anna Ann s Alice b: JUN 1858 in , , IL, OH in a census d: 22 JAN 1931 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon
VESPER, Maria b: 1859 in maybe Union, Lewis, MO d: 1942 in maybe Union, Lewis, MO
VESSELS, Margaret Francis b: 27 JAN 1926 in Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky, United States d: 12 SEP 2009 in Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky, United States
VESSELS, Nancy Elizabeth b: 1 APR 1924 in Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky, United States d: 18 JUL 2015 in Jackson, Amador, California, United States
VESSELS, Philip Horace b: 16 MAR 1900 in of Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky d: 7 OCT 1978 in Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky, United States
VEST, Elizabeth Betsy b: ABT 1779 in of either Co., Powhatan, VA, Bedford d: 1866 in , Adair, MO
VIA, Margaret b: 3 AUG 1701 in White Hall, Albemarle, Colony of Virginia, British Colonial America d: APR 1789 in Albemarle, Virginia, United States
VIALL, Joseph Vial b: ABT 1790 in possibly, , RI
VICE, Brett b: ABT 1870 in Grant Co., Ky. d: 10 MAY 1942
VICE, Eliza Jane Eliza b: 23 JUN 1864 in Dry Ridge, Grant, KY d: 28 JUN 1928
VICE, Franklin Pierce b: 2 NOV 1866 in Hog Ridge, Pendleton, KY d: 13 APR 1963 in Williamstown, Grant, KY
VICE, George Ann b: ABT MAY 1828 in , Bath, KY, fromCo.DeathRec. d: 28 NOV 1854 in Pendleton Co. or, Grant, KY, aged 26
VICE, James M b: 16 APR 1832 in , Bath, KY d: 12 APR 1904 in Newton, Jasper, IL
VICE, James Milton b: 16 APR 1832 in Bath County, Kentucky d: 12 APR 1904 in Newton, Jasper, Illinois, United States
VICE, Presley b: ABT 1800 in of, , KY, by 1830 at least
VICKERS, Ada A Addie Adie b: ABT 1860 in of Burton area, Adams, IL d: in Burton Cem, Adams, IL
VICKERS, Delila Delilah b: ABT 1834 in by 1852 fo, Adams, IL
VICKERS, Elijah b: 1759 in either state, , VA, NC d: 1834 in reportedly, Wilkes, NC
VICKERS, Ellen Grafton b: 29 OCT 1849 in of Burton area, Adams, IL
VICKERS, John W b: 1829 in , , VA
VICKERS, Joseph Henry b: 11 SEP 1852 in of Burton area, Adams, IL
VICKERS, Mary Ann b: 1798 in of, Loudon, VA, by 1821 anyway d: ABT 1 MAY 1874 in possibly, Adams, IL
VICKERS, Oliva Sarah Olivia b: 12 JAN 1855 in of Burton area, Adams, IL
VIERS, Lawson Raymond b: 20 MAR 1914 in of White Rock, Smith, KS d: 2 APR 1994 in Medford, Jackson, Oregon
VINCENT, Arena Susan Irena Irene b: MAY 1862 in or May 1861, Bates, MO, born MO d: AFT MAR 1940 in US census of, Bates, MO
VINCENT, Thomas Leroy b: 11 OCT 1811 in Rock Hill (St. Louis Co.) Missouri d: 22 APR 1900 in Halfway (Polk Co.) Missouri
VINCIL, John b: ABT 1855 in Maybe, Letcher, Kentucky, United States
VINEYARD, Sarah b: ABT 1788 in , , Tennessee d: BEF 1850
VOCK, Elizabeth Elisabeth b: ABT 14 DEC 1839 in maybe, , Hesse, Germany d: 10 AUG 1904 in Chicago, Cook, IL
VOLK, Fern V b: 23 APR 1910 in San Diego, California, United States d: 29 APR 1989 in Washington, Arkansas, United States
VOLK, Mabel A b: ABT NOV 1906 in California, United States d: BEF JUN 2016
VOLK, Wolfgang Wolfe b: ABT JAN 1874 in Wisconsin, United States d: AFT MAR 1940
VON NIEDA, Margaret N b: DEC 1872 in her parents b.PA, , ND, divorce by 1900 d: AFT MAR 1900 in then living, , MN, ? of WA by 1930?
VORHEES, Sarah Elizabeth b: 12 MAR 1817 in Ohio, United States d: 28 FEB 1893 in Garrard, Kentucky, United States
VOSTINE, John b: ABT 1850 in possibly of, Grant, KY
VOTE, Living
VOYLES, Julia Ann b: ABT 8 ??? 1815 in <Sc> d: 5 JUN 1856
WADDINGTON b: ABT 1905 in maybe Nevada, , Idaho, Oregon, Washington d: AFT 1937 in maybe either, Idaho, Oregon, Washington
WADDLE, David b: ABT 1746 in of, Augusta, VA d: AFT 1790 in maybe, , KY
WADE b: ABT 1890 in maybe of Clayton, Iowa
WADE, George Irvin b: 30 MAY 1815 in Indiana, United States d: 16 OCT 1896 in Grande Ronde Valley, Wallowa, Or, USA
WADE, James S William b: ABT 1845 in of, Bourbon, KY
WADE, Mary C b: JAN 1880 in , , IL d: 29 JUN 1971
WADE, Phares E b: 3 APR 1840 in , Monongalia, VA, WV d: 24 FEB 1891
WADE, Rachel Margaret b: NOV 1841 in West Virginia, United States d: AFT 1919 in Union, Oregon, United States
WADE, Royal D b: ABT 1820 in , , SC
WADE, Verlinda Valinda dtr of Zephaniah b: ABT 1755 in possibly, , VA d: BEF 1804
WADE, William D b: ABT 1795 in of, Henrico, VA d: BEF SEP 1833 in , , , spouse remarried
WADEKAMPER, Leslie Rudolph b: 13 FEB 1912 in , , WA d: 29 DEC 1992 in Union Gap, Yakima, WA
WADHAM, May C Mae b: MAY 1874 in , , NY d: ABT MAR 1930 in , Kit Carson, CO
WAGGENER, Alexander b: 24 DEC 1790 in , Culpeper, VA d: 3 APR 1861 in , Clark, MO
WAGGENER, Ann Anne Nancy b: 3 MAY 1760 in possibly of, Culpeper, VA d: 1761 in , , , no further Rec.
WAGGENER, Anne b: ABT 1712 in , Essex, VA
WAGGENER, Anne Ann b: 3 OCT 1771 in probably, Culpeper, VA
WAGGENER, Burgess Wagoner b: 25 FEB 1798 in , Culpeper, VA d: 20 OCT 1880 in Bloomington, Monroe, Indiana
WAGGENER, Edmund b: ABT 1731 in , Essex, VA d: 1755
WAGGENER, Elizabeth b: ABT 1718 in , Essex, VA d: AFT 1763
WAGGENER, Elizabeth b: 12 FEB 1750 OR 12 FEB 1751 in reportedly, Spotsylvania, VA
WAGGENER, Elizabeth b: ABT 1790 in , , VA d: ABT 1844 in , Maury, TN
WAGGENER, Frances Fanny b: 21 OCT 1782 in , Culpeper, VA d: 21 JAN 1839 in possibly, Christian, KY
WAGGENER, Frances Fanny b: 11 SEP 1789 in , Culpeper, VA d: 1860
WAGGENER, Greensby b: ABT 1727 in , Essex, VA d: ABT 1798
WAGGENER, Herbert b: ABT 1677 in , Essex, VA d: ABT AUG 1743 in , Essex, VA
WAGGENER, Herbert Green Hebert b: 13 APR 1768 in , Culpeper, VA, or 15 Apr 1768 d: 29 JUL 1834 in , Hardin, KY
WAGGENER, Herbert Green Jr. b: 11 APR 1794 in , Culpeper, VA d: AFT 1857 in , Cumberland, KY
WAGGENER, James b: ABT 1774 in , Culpeper, VA d: MAY 1811 in , Barren, KY
WAGGENER, James Herbert Hebert b: BEF 18 APR 1710 in , Essex, VA d: 1808 in , Culpeper, VA
WAGGENER, James Jones b: 6 MAY 1758 in , Spotsylvania, VA d: ABT MAR 1822 in , Todd, KY
WAGGENER, John b: ABT 1643 in , , England d: 1716 in , Essex, VA
WAGGENER, John b: ABT 1710 in , Essex, VA d: AFT 1771
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