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WARNER, Emily b: ABT 1826 in New York
WARNER, Hiram b: ABT 1835 in Pennsylvania
WARNER, Jerome b: ABT 1830 in Pennsylvania
WARNER, John b: 3 SEP 1683 in Hadley, , MA d: 18 SEP 1753 in Somers, , CT
WARNER, John b: 28 AUG 1716 in Enfield, , CT d: BEF 1802 in Stafford, Tolland, CT
WARNER, John Warren:1860cens. (a cooper) b: 28 DEC 1790 in Stafford, Tolland, CT, of Broome?Co. NY d: AFT JUN 1860 in Venango Twp, Erie, PA, Wattsburg P.O.
WARNER, Joseph b: ABT 1837 in Pennsylvania
WARNER, Lucy Hollister b: 27 JAN 1814 in Cattaraugus, New York, United States d: 27 JAN 1899 in Mitchell, Iowa, United States
WARNER, Moses Rev. War probly b: 25 FEB 1758 in Stafford, Tolland, CT d: 17 AUG 1840 in reportedly, Erie, PA
WARNER, Moses Rush b: 29 NOV 1832 in , Erie, Pennsylvania, United States d: 11 JAN 1893 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States
WARNER, Rachel b: 1828 in New York
WARNER, Wareham b: 1815 in <Stafford, Tolland, Ct> d: 1875
WARREN, John Warren:1860cens. Warner:actually) b: 28 DEC 1790 in maybe Stafford?, , CT, of Greene?Co. NY d: AFT JUN 1860 in Venango Twp, Erie, PA, Wattsburg P.O.
WARREN, Joseph b: ABT JUL 1910 in of, Multnomah, Oregon
WARREN, Lawrence H b: AUG 1908 in , , Oregon
WARREN, Luke b: 10 AUG 1804 in Westboro, Worcester, Massachusetts
WARREN, Nancy b: ABT 1825 in of, Garrard, KY, by 1843 at least
WARREN, Richard b: FEB 1918 in of, Multnomah, Oregon d: BEF 2013 in , , , almost certainly
WARREN, Russell b: FEB 1915 in of, Multnomah, Oregon
WARREN, Timothy b: 17 JUL 1776 in Westboro, Worcester, Massachusetts d: 27 JAN 1851 in Northborough, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
WARREN, Velena b: ABT JUL 1913 in of, Multnomah, Oregon
WARREN, William Gilger Bill b: 18 JUN 1915 in Weston, Umatilla, Oregon d: 2 APR 1984 in Pasco, Franklin, Washington
WARREN, William H b: ABT MAR 1880 in , , KS d: AFT 1919 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon
WARRENBURG, Barbara b: ABT 1788 in of, Loudon, VA, by 1805 at least
WARRENDER, Elizabeth (dtr of William & Christian ) b: ABT 1557 in 1574 Newburn Par, Fife, Scotland, 12miNE Kirkcaldy
WARRINER, Elizabeth b: ABT 1790 in probably of, Henrico, VA d: BEF JAN 1811 in , , , spouse remarried
WARRINER, Frances b: ABT 1785 in of, Henrico, VA d: ABT 1816 in of, Henrico, VA
WARRINER, Sarah Margaret Maggie b: 7 DEC 1871 in Bloomington, Monroe, Indiana d: 5 APR 1944 in Wichita, Sedgwick, KS
WASHBURN, Vincent R b: ABT 1805 in possibly of, Grant, KY
WASHINGTON, Mary b: ABT JAN 1830 in , , Indiana d: 14 MAY 1892 in , , Indiana
WASSELL, Robert b: ABT 1823 in maybe either, , IL, KY
WASSON, Elisabeth Elizabeth b: 19 FEB 1817 in , Pettis, MO, d: 1905 in , Brown, TX
WASSON, Joseph b: ABT 1 JAN 1775 in by 1824 of, Preble, OH d: 14 JAN 1845 in probably, Preble, OH, aged 70
WASSON, William K b: ABT 1910 in maybe either, , KY, OH
WATERMAN, Allen B b: 1852 in Juneau, Wisconsin, United States d: 1929 in Juneau, Wisconsin, United States
WATERMAN, Bethena b: JAN 1859 in Tennessee, United States
WATERMAN, Charles Harold b: NOV 1905 in Vilas, Wisconsin, United States d: 1951 in Dade, Florida, United States
WATERMAN, John A (sent to Leavenworth prison 1898) b: 18 FEB 1834 in Bledsoe, Tennessee, United States d: 8 MAR 1924 in Miami, Ottawa, Oklahoma, United States
WATERMAN, Mark b: 1856 in Bledsoe, Tennessee, United States
WATERMAN, Mary Emma (called Emma) b: 25 OCT 1863 in Ft Scott, Bourbon, Kansas, United States d: 13 OCT 1913 in Iantha, Barton, Missouri, United States
WATERMAN, Morris E b: 1858 in Tennessee, United States d: 1936 in Huffit Cemetery, Eldridge, Laclede, Missouri, United States
WATERMAN, Nancy b: 1855 in Bledsoe, Tennessee, United States
WATERS, Abigail b: ABT 1690 in , , , MA maybe
WATERS, Amelia b: 1822 in of, Pendleton, KY d: 1853
WATERS, Augustus b: ABT 1810 in probably of, Worcester, Massachusetts
WATERS, Charles Samuel b: 1869 in Carroll, Missouri, United States d: 1953 in Creek, Oklahoma, United States
WATERS, Emmaline Emmalilne b: ABT 1822 in , Pendleton, KY
WATERS, George H. b: ABT 1835 in Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
WATERS, James Sr. b: 1777 in Atlantic Ocean, , , on a ship d: 26 NOV 1857 in , Preble, OH
WATERS, John III the 3rd b: ABT 1816 in of, Pendleton, KY
WATERS, John Jr. b: ABT JAN 1780 in or b. 1784, , Virginia, by1799 ofPendletonCoKY d: BEF 1860 in , Boone, KY, aft 1850
WATERS, John P b: ABT 1750 in of VA, Hampshire, VA, WV d: 20 SEP 1816 in , Mason, KY
WATERS, John Thomas [called Thomas] b: ABT 7 FEB 1858 in Missouri, United States d: 9 APR 1945 in Norborne, Carroll, Missouri, United States
WATERS, Katharine b: ABT 1689 in , , , MA maybe
WATERS, Living
WATERS, Martha (? same as Nancy J ?) (? married ROBERTS ?) b: FEB 1860 in Cole, Missouri, United States
WATERS, Nancy J b: ABT JAN 1862 in Missouri, United States d: AFT MAY 1880 in Rhea, Carroll, Missouri, United States
WATERS, Philemon b: 8 OCT 1711 in Stafford, Stafford, Virginia, United States d: 20 JAN 1779 in Prince William, Virginia, United States
WATERS, Sarah b: ABT JAN 1853 in Missouri, United States d: AFT MAY 1860 in Cole, Missouri, United States
WATERS, William Isaac [called Isaac] b: ABT JAN 1855 in Missouri, United States d: AFT MAY 1880 in Rhea, Carroll, Missouri, United States
WATERS, William Nathan N. (Union Army 44th Inf Reg) b: MAY 1828 in Illinois Or More Likely, Missouri, United States d: 6 NOV 1901 in Carroll, Missouri, United States
WATHEN, Mary b: ABT 1775 in maybe of Dowling, Queen, Ireland
WATKINS, Elizabeth b: ABT 1715 in , Henrico, VA
WATKINS, Elizabeth b: ABT 1746 in Chickahominy, Henrico, VA d: in maybe of, Charlotte, VA
WATKINS, Elma Oneta (TWIN) b: 2 OCT 1890 in of Monticello, Lewis, MO, by 1910 at least d: 29 NOV 1974 in Hannibal, Marion, MO, St Eliz Hospital
WATKINS, Emma L (not birth mom of George) b: MAR 1860 in of North Union, Montgomery, Indiana, is one guess d: 1940 in Oak Hill Cemetery, Montgomery, Indiana, United States
WATKINS, Isham (son Ann & John of NewKentCoVA ) b: 1752 in , Hanover, VA, of Louisa 1788 d: 1816 in , Louisa, VA, or 1812
WATKINS, John son of Henry III b: ABT 1684 in possibly of, Henrico, VA d: ABT 1743 in or 1763 inEither, Henrico, VA, Halifax
WATKINS, Martin Henry Mart b: 3 NOV 1863 in , Lewis, MO d: 21 JUL 1952 in La Grange, Lewis, MO
WATKINS, Nancy b: 1816 in Hardin, Kentucky, United States d: 1848
WATKINS, Pina Piney Peany b: 1 OCT 1770 in , Louisa, VA d: 20 MAR 1845 in on Green River?, Ohio, KY, of Hartford area
WATSON, Bernice Louise b: 10 JUL 1922 in Maybe, New Mexico, United States d: 21 FEB 2008 in Burleson, Johnson, Texas, United States
WATSON, C A MdHattiesSister? b: ABT 1890 in by 1915 ofEither, , Oregon, WA
WATSON, Charles (1stName=guess?) b: ABT 1800 in probably, , , Ireland
WATSON, Harriet Jane Jennie b: 22 JUN 1847 in Dublin, , , Ireland d: 19 JUN 1931 in Osage, Mitchell, IA, boreKidThere1887
WATSON, Jemima Jamima A Gemima b: ABT 1839 in b. MO for sure, Franklin, MO, parents b. KY TN d: AFT 1880 in then living, Tarrant, TX
WATSON, Living
WATSON, Mary b: ABT 1745 in possibly either, MD, PA, Ireland
WATSON, William Dr. b: ABT 1865 in possibly of, , OH
WATTLES, Bertha Bertie b: 1907 in Knott, Kentucky, United States d: 1991 in Knott, Kentucky, United States
WATTS, Helen Louise b: 16 NOV 1879 in Peacham, Caledonia, Vermont, United States d: 31 AUG 1945 in New London, Merrimack, New Hampshire, United States
WATTS, John M b: ABT 1900 in Of, Knott, Kentucky, United States d: BEF 2016
WAY, Norma Maxine b: ABT 1926 in by 1946 maybe of, Asotin, WA d: BEF 2011
WEATHERBEE, Andrew Jackson b: 26 MAR 1846 in Alabama, United States d: 16 AUG 1912 in Waco, McLennan, Texas, United States
WEATHERINGTON, Hattie E Harriet Hallie b: MAY 1864 in , , Georgia, United States d: AFT 1899 in Thomas, Georgia, United States
WEATHERS, Joseph b: 5 OCT 1833 in , Orange, Indiana d: 13 SEP 1900 in of, Union, Oregon
WEATHERSBEE, Andrew Jackson b: 7 JAN 1880 in Moody, Mclennan, Texas d: 4 MAY 1951 in Old Rogers Cem, Rogers, Bell, Texas
WEATHERSBEE, Annie Eliza b: 23 DEC 1881 in Moody, Mclennan, Texas d: 20 APR 1946 in Eureka, Humboldt, California
WEATHERSBEE, George Washington b: 17 JAN 1884 in Gatesville, Coryell, Texas d: 6 MAY 1946 in Waco, McLennan, Texas
WEATHERSBEE, Gideon Albert b: 13 OCT 1869 in Somerville, Burleson, Texas d: 13 MAR 1953 in Rogers, Bell, Texas
WEATHERSBEE, John Rowland b: 10 JUN 1875 in , , Texas d: 24 SEP 1949 in Bokchita, Bryan, Oklahoma
WEATHERSBEE, Mary Elizabeth b: 30 MAR 1873 in Rogers, Bell, Texas d: 27 APR 1959 in Moss Hill, Liberty, Texas
WEATHERSBEE, Rosa Lee b: 13 FEB 1886 in Turnersville, Coryell, Texas d: 15 NOV 1936 in San Angelo, Tom Green, Texas
WEATHERSBEE, Thomas Jefferson b: 15 DEC 1867 in Rogers, Bell, Texas d: 1 DEC 1943 in Rotan, Fisher, Texas
WEATHERSBEE, Winifred Amanda b: 2 MAR 1871 in Caldwell, Burleson, Texas d: 10 JUN 1918 in Chalk Bluff, McLennan, Texas
WEAVER, Daniel b: ABT 1800 in by 1832 of, , AL
WEAVER, Elizabeth b: 1 DEC 1772 in , Lancaster, Pennsylvania
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