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WHARTON, Margaret (dtr of Wm ) b: 1795 in of, , KY d: in probably, , KY
WHEATLEY, (? maybe these 2 Fayette Co men aren't related?) b: ABT 1745 in by 1780 near ?, Culpeper, VA
WHEATLEY, Adelina Adaline b: 28 FEB 1812 in , , VA, maybe of Culpeper Co d: 2 APR 1876 in , Bourbon, Kentucky, 1870 Location
WHEATLEY, Amanda M Wheatly b: ABT MAR 1823 in death cert. says, Fayette, KY, of Bourbon Co.KY d: 12 SEP 1876 in death. certif., Bourbon, KY, Age56Consumption
WHEATLEY, Amanda W b: 17 DEC 1870 in possibly of, Johnson, MO d: 21 AUG 1874 in possibly of, Johnson, MO
WHEATLEY, Charles b: ABT 1785 in probably either, , VA, KY d: AFT 1825 in then of, Fayette, KY, Lexington area
WHEATLEY, Daniel b: BEF 1780 in by 1800 of, Culpeper, VA, of Fayette Co KY d: BEF JUN 1850 in , Fayette, Kentucky, United States
WHEATLEY, James C b: ABT 1853 in , , KY d: AFT 1880 in possibly, , MO
WHEATLEY, James Madison (not of WashCoKY b: ABT JAN 1822 in grew up in, Fayette, KY, & of Bourbon Co. d: 3 JAN 1879 in , , MO, not Wash Co KY!
WHEATLEY, John Henry b: 3 MAY 1855 in , , MO d: 23 JUN 1916 in Hazel Hill, Johnson, MO
WHEATLEY, Josephine Eloise b: 19 FEB 1920 in Dunkirk, Hardin, Ohio, United States d: 15 FEB 1993 in Delphos, Allen, Ohio, United States
WHEATLEY, oldest 2 daughters & one son b: BEF 1810 in of, Culpeper, VA
WHEATLEY, Robert Benjamin b: 26 MAR 1871 in Warrensburg, Johnson, MO d: 29 JUN 1947 in Chicago, Cook, IL
WHEATLEY, Susan Susanna Susannah b: ABT 1825 in probably, Fayette, KY, of Bourbon Co.KY d: AFT 1870 in last record probably, Bourbon, Kentucky, United States
WHEATLEY, Ugene S Grant b: ABT SEP 1864 in , Johnson, MO
WHEATLEY, Walter Albert b: 2 NOV 1877 in Warrensburg, Johnson, MO d: 27 JAN 1955 in Pittsburg, Crawford, KS
WHEATLEY, William D b: 27 MAR 1850 in , , KY d: AFT 1930 in possibly, , MO
WHEELER, Edward b: ABT 1672 in , , , MA maybe
WHEELER, Elizabeth b: ABT 1805 in of, Harrison, KY, by 1822
WHEELER, Mary Ann b: 16 FEB 1842 in , Wayne, IL d: 26 FEB 1923 in La Grande, Union, Oregon
WHEELER, Mildred C (a waitress1930) b: ABT NOV 1901 in of, Lewis, WA d: AFT 1930 in US census, Lewis, WA
WHEELER, Sarah b: 24 FEB 1714 in , , , MA maybe
WHEELER, Sarah b: 1 JAN 1811 in reportedly, Pendleton, KY d: 1885 in , Schuyler, MO
WHEELER, Susanna b: ABT 1685 in , , , MA maybe
WHEELER, William M b: MAR 1875 in , Webster, Iowa d: AFT 1930 in US census, Lewis, WA
WHELAN, James M Mexican War vet b: ABT JAN 1823 in Bardstown, Nelson, KY, Whelen_1900_cens d: 2 DEC 1900 in Etna, Scotland, MO, Mexican War vet
WHELAN, John b: ABT 1785 in either county?, Tipperary, Killarney, Ireland d: in Bardstown maybe, Nelson, KY, (where_son_born)
WHETSTONE, Michael b: 26 DEC 1811 in either state, , KY, PA d: 30 SEP 1845 in , Coles, IL
WHETSTONE, Phebe May Phoebe WHITSTONE b: 7 JUN 1840 in , Cumberland, IL, 1900 Athena Ore. d: 5 JUN 1925 in Farmington, Whitman, Washington, United States
WHETSTONE, Phebe WHITSTONE b: 7 JUN 1840 in , Cumberland, Illinois d: 5 JUN 1925 in Farmington, Whitman, Washington
WHITE b: ABT 1710 in probably of, , VA d: AFT 1741
WHITE b: ABT 1750 in probably of, , VA d: BEF 1791 in possibly near, Charlotte, VA
WHITE, Ada Lily b: ABT 1910 in of Almira, Lincoln, WA, by 1954 at least
WHITE, Adell b: 1853 in Erie, Pennsylvania, United States d: 9 APR 1930 in Seattle, King, Washington
WHITE, Alice M. b: 1908 in Genoa, Nance, Nebraska d: 1965
WHITE, Bob Winfred Winford b: 14 JUL 1932 in Abilene, , TX d: 28 MAY 1973 in Amarillo, , TX
WHITE, Carrol Neil (sonOf Shannon O b: 2 OCT 1924 in , , WA d: BEF OCT 2011 in , , , probably
WHITE, Catherine b: 1780 in Albemarle, Augusta, Virginia, United States d: 1823 in Campbell, Virginia, United States
WHITE, David b: 22 MAY 1806 in New York, United States d: 19 SEP 1897 in Mitchell, Iowa, United States
WHITE, David Evan b: ABT DEC 1769 in , , NY, by 1850 usCensus d: AFT JUN 1850 in Wayne Twp, Erie, PA, alive there then
WHITE, David Evan (marr=justGUESS) b: ABT JAN 1770 in of Windham, Green, NY, 1810 US census d: AFT 1850 in Wayne, Erie, PA, in census then
WHITE, Edwin H. b: JUN 1857 in Erie, Pennsylvania, United States d: 4 APR 1938 in Mitchell, Iowa, United States
WHITE, Elizabeth b: ABT 1703 in , , , MA maybe d: 1779 in Lancaster, , MA, d@76
WHITE, Esther b: 1 APR 1807 in New York, United States d: 10 JAN 1892 in Jasper, Jasper, Iowa, United States
WHITE, George Francis b: 21 NOV 1905 in Genoa, Nance, Nebraska d: 13 NOV 1971
WHITE, Grace b: ABT 1910 in possibly, , KY
WHITE, Harriet Frances b: 20 APR 1873 in Milton, Umatilla, Oreg. d: 15 DEC 1900 in Stanfield, Umatilla, Oregon
WHITE, Hazel Louisa b: 1 APR 1898 in Circleville, Jackson, Kansas, USA d: 1 NOV 1977 in Clarks Cemetery, Clarks, Merrick Co., Nebraska, USA
WHITE, Helen b: 1903 in Soldier, Jackson, Kansas d: 1980
WHITE, Jean Jane Whyte b: ABT 1690 in of, Dublin, Ireland, by 1709 at least d: in possibly either, , MD, PA
WHITE, John b: ABT 1760 in probably, Culpepr, VA d: ABT 1815 in , Madison, VA, 1810-1820
WHITE, John M. b: 1899 in Soldier, Jackson, Kansas d: 1967
WHITE, Living
WHITE, Louisa T. b: ABT 1815 in <, Giles, VA.> d: in Cove Creek Cemetery - Saxon, Raleigh Co, West Virginia
WHITE, Lucinda b: ABT 1807 in of, , KY d: ABT 1866
WHITE, Lydia b: 21 AUG 1843 in Wayne Twp, Erie, PA, 1840-50 UScensus d: ABT 1916 in Upper Naches, Yakima, WA, ca.1914-1918
WHITE, Marilla b: 2 DEC 1847 in Pennsylvania, United States d: 6 NOV 1940 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, United States
WHITE, Marjorie b: ABT JAN 1911 in Kentucky, United States d: BEF 2015
WHITE, Martin E. b: 1839 in Pennsylvania, United States
WHITE, Marvin b: 10 AUG 1841 in Pennsylvania, United States d: 25 JUN 1899 in Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa, United States
WHITE, Mary b: 1743 in Mecklenburg, Virginia
WHITE, Mary C b: 14 MAY 1841 in of, , TN d: 25 SEP 1880 in , Carter, TN
WHITE, Maude Elizabeth Maud (bore no kids) b: APR 1885 in , , Kansas, parents IA&KS d: AFT MAR 1930 in , Alameda, California
WHITE, Melvin b: 1845 in Erie, Pennsylvania, United States
WHITE, Mildred b: ABT 1730 in Albemarle Co., Va. d: 2 AUG 1824
WHITE, R A b: ABT 1870 in probably of, , TX
WHITE, Rebecca A dThos&SaraSHELTN b: ABT 1800 in either state, , TN, NC d: 1 SEP 1887 in on gravestone in, Coles, IL
WHITE, Richard b: ABT 1660 in perhaps of, Richmond, VA
WHITE, Rufus (son of Talmon & May "Mag" PERRY) b: 30 OCT 1812 in , Lawrence, OH d: 1886 in , Gallia, OH
WHITE, Sarah Ann b: FEB 1837 in of, Gallia, OH d: AFT 1880 in , , MO
WHITE, Susannah Susanna b: ABT 1779 in of, Pulaski, Ky. d: BEF 1815 in , , Kentucky, United States
WHITE, Ted G. b: 1913 in Genoa, Nance, Nebraska d: 1950
WHITE, William b: ABT 1750 in probably, , VA
WHITE, William b: 1877 in Of, , De Kalb, Missouri d: 1936
WHITE, William F b: 1830 in , Gallia, OH d: 1858 in , Gallia, OH
WHITE, William J b: MAY 1860 in , , Kentucky, United States d: AFT MAY 1900 in on census, , Oklahoma
WHITE, William S b: ABT 1765 in of, Prince Edward, VA
WHITE, Winford Ulmer Winfred [used "Ulmer"] b: 17 DEC 1891 in , , TX d: 4 MAR 1971 in , Potter, TX
WHITESELL, David b: ABT 1958 in Of, Oklahoma, United States d: ABT 31 OCT 2016
WHITESELL, Marion Marie b: 2 NOV 1918 in Usa d: 5 DEC 1941
WHITESELL, Virgil Marion Jr. (of Edmond OK) b: 31 OCT 1922 in Lewisburg, Tennessee, United States d: 20 NOV 2013 in Edmond, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, United States
WHITESELL, Virgil Marion Sr. b: 22 FEB 1885 in Tennessee, United States d: 1951 in Davidson, Tennessee, United States
WHITESELL, William Childress b: 22 FEB 1858 in Marshall, Tennessee, United States d: 9 AUG 1919 in Bedford, Tennessee, United States
WHITESIDE, Robert John "Jack" b: 14 NOV 1876 in maybe MN, or else, Michigan d: 7 DEC 1933 in St Louis, Minnesota, United States
WHITLOCK, Preston b: 1815 (ae 45) in Kentucky d: 24 JAN 1875 in Smithville, Platte Co, Missouri
WHITLOCK, Rosa Bell b: 20 JUL 1860 in Missouri, United States d: 31 JAN 1890 in Plattsburg, Missouri
WHITLOW, Washington Whitler b: ABT JAN 1788 in , , VA d: AFT 1850 in then living, Halifax, VA
WHITNEY, Betsey Betsy Elizabeth b: ABT 1792 in of, Garrard, KY, stepkid of Ailsy d: ABT 1840
WHITNEY, Elijah b: 1760 in reportedly, Washington, Virginia, d: AFT 1830 in Christian, Kentucky, United States
WHITSETT, Elizabeth Whitsitt dJohn&SarahTHOMP b: ABT 1775 in of Murfreesboro, of Rutherford, of TN, b. either? NC TN d: 25 MAY 1863
WHITSON, Sophia Elizabeth " Lizzie" b: 1853 in , Jackson, IL d: AFT JUN 1880
WHITTEMORE, Joseph b: ABT 1687 in , , , MA maybe
WHITTEMORE, Mehetabel b: 1 FEB 1718 OR 1 FEB 1719 in Charlestown, , MA, [bapt] d: 10 MAR 1747 in Boston, , MA, @30
WHITTEN, Ernest Richard b: 1891 in Oregon City,Clackamas,Oregon d: 1961
WHITTEN, Frances W Fanny Fannie b: ABT 1780 in of, Amherst, VA d: AFT 4 JUN 1827 in then living, Mercer, KY
WHITTEN, Jeremiah b: BEF 1730 in possibly of, Essex, VA d: ABT 1804 in , Amherst, VA
WHITTEN, Norma Eldona b: 30 JUN 1913 in Stafford, Clackamas, Oregon d: 27 DEC 1999 in Washington, Oregon, United States
WHITTINGTON, John b: ABT 1784 in probably, , VA d: ABT 1840 in Lynchburg area, , VA, bef 1842
WHITTINGTON, Martha J b: 28 JUL 1820 in , Bedford, VA d: 30 APR 1899 in Lynchburg, , VA, Spring Hill Cem
WHITTLE, Jessie Loris b: 8 JUL 1888 in Beulah, Malheur, Oregon, United States
WHITTLE, Thomas L b: 1855 in Of, Oregon, United States
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