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WRENN, John Wren b: 17 OCT 1793 in of, Spotsylvania, VA d: 17 JUN 1856 in Greenbush, Warren, IL
WRENN, John oldest of 9 kids Jr. b: ABT 1720 in possibly of, Lancaster, VA, or abt 1725 d: BEF 6 AUG 1752 in Hanover Parish, King George, VA
WRENN, Sarah b: 29 JUN 1746 in either county, Essex, VA, King George d: AFT 1820 in , Clark, KY, lastKnownResidnc
WRENSHALL, Virginia Jeanne (genealogist!) b: 2 NOV 1919 in Hilo, , HI d: 18 DEC 2005 in SSDI benefit to, Mendecino, CA
WRIGHT b: ABT 1838 in maybe of, , IL
WRIGHT b: ABT 1845 in maybe of, , IL
WRIGHT, Andrew Rev. War (Widower by1779) b: 25 DEC 1748 in probably of, Albemarle, VA d: 25 NOV 1816 in , Amherst, VA
WRIGHT, Benjamin b: 1730 in , , VA d: ABT 1750 in , , VA
WRIGHT, Benjamin b: 2 JUN 1783 in , Amherst, VA d: ABT 1861 in reportedly, Nelson, VA
WRIGHT, Edith A b: ABT 1835 in probably, , KY
WRIGHT, Eliza Jane b: 4 JUL 1886 in Kentucky, United States d: AUG 1969 in Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona, United States
WRIGHT, Elizabeth b: 1732 in probably, , Virginia d: APR 1812 in , Green, Kentucky, USA
WRIGHT, Elizabeth b: 22 APR 1782 in , Berkeley, VA, WV d: 24 FEB 1862 in Spencer, Owen, Indiana
WRIGHT, Elizabeth Ann Betsy b: ABT 1791 in of, Pendleton, KY d: AFT 1854 in , Adams, IL
WRIGHT, Elizabeth Betsy dtr of Isaac b: ABT 1771 in of, Amherst, VA d: FEB 1803 in Amherst County, Virginia
WRIGHT, Elizabeth Frances b: 17 DEC 1870 in Hustonville, Lincoln, KY d: 1957 in , Douglas, IL
WRIGHT, George b: 1705 in probably of, , VA
WRIGHT, Helen (dtr of Mike & Effie Wright ) b: ABT 1906 in , , Iowa d: 1990 in Galesburg, Knox, IL, Memorial Cem
WRIGHT, Isaac b: ABT 1740 in maybe later of, Amherst, VA
WRIGHT, James K b: 20 MAR 1846 in Johnson, Kentucky, United States d: 26 MAR 1919 in Carter, Kentucky, United States
WRIGHT, John b: 17 APR 1885 in maybe of, , MO d: 9 NOV 1976 in Leslie, Franklin, MO, Woodman Cem
WRIGHT, John Jonathan b: 4 MAR 1754 in , Jefferson, VA d: 10 MAR 1824 in Shelbyville, Shelby, KY
WRIGHT, Joseph b: 1819 in , , KY d: 29 APR 1894 in Hale, Chautauqua, KS
WRIGHT, Living
WRIGHT, Living
WRIGHT, Lucy b: 29 AUG 1768 in , Culpeper, VA d: BEF AUG 1793 in probably, Culpeper, VA
WRIGHT, Margaret b: 20 JAN 1877 in Carter, Kentucky, United States d: 1919 in Boyd, Kentucky, United States
WRIGHT, Margaret Belle Bell b: 22 JUL 1869 in Dry Fork, Carroll, AR d: 28 NOV 1935 in Elk City, Montgomery, KS
WRIGHT, Martha b: ABT 1835 in probably, , KY
WRIGHT, Mary Eloise (just ashes in her grave) b: 1860 in Illinois, United States d: 21 OCT 1934 in San Diego, California, United States
WRIGHT, Nancy Ellis b: 9 FEB 1803 in Amherst Co., VA d: 24 MAY 1888 in Johnson Co., MO
WRIGHT, Robert Joseph b: 1923 in possibly of, , KY d: BEF 2011
WRIGHT, Samantha b: 13 JUL 1880 in Carter, Kentucky, United States d: 11 DEC 1969 in Olive Hill, Carter, Kentucky, United States
WRIGHT, Samuel Rev. War b: ABT 1767 in by 1790 of, Pendleton, KY d: AFT AUG 1834 in then living in, Adams, IL
WRIGHT, William b: ABT 1720 in probably near, Henrico, VA, of Goochland Co. d: 1791 in of, Amherst, VA
WULFF, Living
WUNEBURGER b: ABT 1915 in Maybe, Arkansas, United States d: BEF 2015
WYATT, James b: ABT 1785 in probably, , VA
WYATT, Lucy b: ABT 1865 in possibly of, , KY
WYLIE, Elizabeth Wilie Wily b: ABT 1724 in possibly of, Spotsylvania, VA
WYLIE, Living
WYTHE, Ann b: 1712 in Belfast, Antrim, Northern Ireland d: 1736 in Belfast, Antrim, Northern Ireland
YANCEY, Stephen Wood b: 18 FEB 1870 in Kansas, United States d: 5 JAN 1946 in Crook, Oregon, United States
YANTIS, Ida b: 15 OCT 1894 in Lancaster, Garrard, KY d: 1 APR 1959
YATES b: ABT 1925 in possibly of, Union, Oregon d: BEF OCT 2011 in , , , probably
YATES, J C. b: ABT 1830 in of, , IL d: in , , KS, lastKnownResidnc
YATES, Susan C b: ABT 1840 in of, , IL
YAUKEY, Jesse Baer b: 13 AUG 1897 in Elbrook, Quincy, Pennsylvania, United States d: SEP 1981 in Sandy Spring, Montgomery, Maryland, United States
YAUKEY, Raymond Stulting b: 1925 in Changsha, China d: 2012 in Silver Spring, Montgomery, Maryland, United States
YEARNS, Albert Carl Charles b: 4 MAR 1866 in , Schuyler, Missouri d: 7 JAN 1940 in probably of, Schuyler, Missouri
YEARNS, Heinrich Henry b: 1831 in Prussia, Preussen, Germany d: 1901 in , Schuyler, Missouri
YEARNS, John Franklin Frank b: 1 JUN 1879 in , , Missouri, United States d: 18 JAN 1970 in Queen City, Schuyler, Missouri
YEARSLEY, Zeneophen b: 15 NOV 1880 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States d: 12 JAN 1966 in , Butte, California, United States
YELTON, Charles W b: 1858 in or 1859, Pendleton, KY d: 1933 in Florence, Boone, KY
YELTON, Elmer Sidney Jack b: 1882 in , Kenton, KY d: 1957 in Covington, Kenton, KY
YENAWINE, Catherine b: ABT 1845 in of,, Indiana, USA d: 23 OCT 1930 in Montgomery, Indiana, United States
YERKES, John b: ABT 1750 in of, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, British America
YERKEY, John Edmond YERKES Rev. b: 1787 in Montgomery, Pennsylvania, United States d: 9 OCT 1865 in , Harrison, West Virginia, USA
YERKEY, Margaret b: ABT 1780 in of, Harrison, Virginia d: AFT 1820
YETTEN, Margaret b: ABT 1854 in maybe of, Adams, IL
YOCKEY, Louis Theadore Theodore b: 9 JUN 1879 in Helmsburg, Brown, Indiana, United States d: NOV 1955 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, United States
YORK, Living
YOST, Arthur Delancy b: 16 FEB 1884 in Ottumwa, , Iowa d: 10 MAY 1953 in , Alameda, CA
YOST, James Walter b: ABT 1926 in , , Oklahoma, United States, maybe of there d: ABT 2000 in , , Oklahoma, United States, maybe of there
YOST, Katharine Elizabeth b: 20 NOV 1887 in Harvard, Nebraska d: 28 OCT 1946 in Ritzville, Washington
YOST, Larane V V b: ABT 1850 in evidently, , Quebec, Canada
YOUNG, D. b: <1786> in <,, Va> d: in Des Moines, Polk, Iowa, United States
YOUNG, Elizabeth McKay b: 1782 in Virginia, United States d: AFT MAY 1850 in Pendleton, Kentucky, United States
YOUNG, Elva Cornelius b: 7 JUL 1892 in Oelwein, Fayette, Iowa d: 17 JUN 1957 in Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa, United States
YOUNG, James b: ABT 1854 in , of Grant Co, Kentucky
YOUNG, James Roland Jim USMC Col. b: 23 AUG 1926 in Fort Collins, Laramer, CO d: 30 MAR 2009 in resided, Laramer, CO, survivors liveCA
YOUNG, Josephine Eliza b: 1851 in , , Virginia, USA d: 1881
YOUNG, Julius b: 1878 in Knott, Kentucky, United States d: 1966 in Knott County, Kentucky, United States
YOUNG, Living
YOUNG, Living
YOUNG, Mary Ann Minerva b: 24 MAR 1854 in Virginia, United States d: 16 JAN 1892 in Carroll Co, Virginia, United States
YOUNG, Maude b: 25 MAY 1890 in , , IA d: 23 MAY 1941 in Oelwein, Fayette, IA
YOUNG, Minnie b: ABT 1896 in Kentucky, United States d: AFT 1947 in Then Of, Jefferson, Kentucky, United States
YOUNG, Nancy Ann Anne b: 18 NOV 1798 in , , VA d: in possibly, , KY
YOUNG, Roland Alphonso b: 17 JUN 1893 in , , CO, of Larimer Co. d: 19 JUN 1963 in Grandview Cem, Larimer, CO
YOUNG, Sarah b: ABT 1790 in of, Jefferson, KY, by 1806
YOUNG, Stephen Elmer b: 26 OCT 1865 in Hazelton, Buchanan, IA d: 1922 in Hazelton, Buchanan, IA
YOUNG, Theoda M b: 19 MAR 1921 in Oelwein, Fayette, Iowa d: 22 NOV 1978 in Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa, United States
YOUNT, Joseph b: 2 MAR 1818 in , Howard, MO d: 3 JAN 1907 in , San Bernardino, CA
YOUNT, Laura Amelia b: 1 JUN 1854 in of Oregon, b. Holt Co. MO?, Missouri, dad b.MO &mom KY d: 9 DEC 1923 in Woodland, Yolo, CA, resided Jan 1923
YOWELL, Mary Francis b: 15 DEC 1804 in , Lincoln, KY d: 20 SEP 1885 in Albia, Monroe, Iowa
ZAHLER, Edna Mary Ann b: 1 JAN 1901 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT, dtr Friedrich & d: 7 APR 1991
ZAHN, Annie Leona b: 22 MAY 1884 in , Marion, MO d: DEC 1978 in Kansas City, Jackson, MO, SSDI residence
ZAHN, Jacob b: 1851 in maybe Union, Lewis, MO d: 1927 in maybe Union, Lewis, MO
ZASTROW, Eugene Earl b: 30 SEP 1912 in , , Wisconsin, of Dodge Co. d: 24 OCT 1994 in Reno, Washoe, Nevada
ZEARING b: ABT 1780 in probably of, , PA
ZELLMER, Emma b: ABT 1895 in by 1916 of, Lincoln, WA`
ZENOBIA, Emma J (ptsVA&EngCanada b: 4 NOV 1867 in both on census, , Michigan, Indiana d: 11 MAR 1948 in , Kootenai, ID
ZEUNER, Johanna b: ABT JUL 1802 in Gollendorf, maybe ?, Schlesien, Germany d: 18 JAN 1865 in Gollendorf, Silesia, Schlesien, Germany
ZILLHART, Sophia dtr of Philip b: 26 MAR 1783 in , , MD d: 23 NOV 1869 in , , Iowa
ZIMMERMANN, Anna Mary b: 6 JUN 1829 in Mels, Canton St. Gallens, Switzerland d: 13 MAY 1908 in Spokane, Spokane, Washington
ZINN, Hariett Newell b: ABT 1826 in Of Crittenden, Grant, KY
ZINN, John b: 21 JUN 1763 OR 3 SEP 1763 in , Berks, Pennsylvania d: 17 APR 1847 in Bourbon, Grant, Kentucky
ZUERCHER, Martha M b: 1901 in Oregon, United States d: 1983 in Tillamook, Oregon, United States
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