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WELCH, Ernest b: 1930 in Jackson, Kentucky, United States d: 1984 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio, United States
WELCH, Galen Haines b: 5 NOV 1865 in Attica, , Iowa
WELCH, Lee O b: MAY 1899 in Oregon, United States
WELCH, Living
WELCH, Melvin Mark (alive sept 2011) b: 24 JAN 1925 in possibly of, , Oregon d: in Days Creek, , Oregon, lastKnownResidnc
WELCH, Nellie Elnora b: 13 MAY 1893 in Oregon City, Clackamas, Oregon, United States d: 15 JAN 1962 in Kennewick, Benton, Washington, United States
WELCH, Ora belle b: ABT 1885 in Clackamas Co., Oregon d: 30 OCT 1957 in MILTON-Freewater, Umatilla, Oregon, USA
WELKER, Salome (dtr Daniel & Nancy [REAGAN] ) b: 8 AUG 1810 in , , KY d: 14 JUN 1890
WELLBORN, Cecil Carlyle b: 1 MAR 1892 in Iowa City, Wright, Iowa, United States d: 15 MAY 1970 in San Diego, California, United States
WELLENDORF, Ella Catherina b: 15 MAR 1911 in Iowa, United States d: 2 JUL 2002 in Holstein, Ida, Iowa, United States
WELLENDORF, Emil b: 11 SEP 1873 in Hayes, Ida, Iowa, USA d: 16 JUN 1941 in Schleswig, Crawford, Iowa, USA
WELLS, Ed D b: JAN 1872 in , , KY
WELLS, Elizabeth b: ABT 1900 in by 1900 of, Union, Oregon d: 1972
WELLS, Elizabeth [ Lizzie] b: 10 JAN 1868 in Jordan Twp, Green, WI d: 1951 in Hazelton, Buchanan, IA
WELLS, John b: 1787 in Of, , , Alabama d: 8 OCT 1857 in , Madison, Alabama
WELLS, Lora Virginia b: 25 JUL 1908 in Mercer, Missouri, United States d: 5 AUG 2003 in Polk, Iowa, United States
WELLS, Martha A b: ABT 1830 in Pendleton, Kentucky, United States d: AFT MAY 1880 in Callensville, Pendleton, Kentucky, United States
WELLS, Mary b: ABT 1807 in by 1821 of, Caswell, NC d: 1857 in Jefferson Twp, Wayne, MO
WELLS, Nancy b: 1810 in Virginia, United States d: 1861 in Wise, Virginia, United States
WELSH, John Moses Cooper b: ABT 1850 in Of, Adams, Illinois, United States d: 9 JAN 1903
WELSH, William b: ABT 1775 in possibly of, , KY d: in , , , 4 kids by Eliz
WENDEL, Alvin Enoch b: 7 AUG 1892 in Sprague, Spokane, WA d: 30 AUG 1964 in Centralia, , WA
WENDEL, Wilma Olive b: 15 JUN 1916 in Arlington, Gilliam, Oregon, of Tyler WA 1934 d: 27 JUN 1952 in Newport, Pend D'Oreille, WA
WENT, Eleanor dtr of James (his #2 wife) b: ABT 1760 in by 1776 of, King George, VA d: AFT 1806 in , Fayette, KY
WENTWORTH, Gladyce Florence Gladys (Cpl USArmy) b: 21 MAY 1918 in , , Montana d: 16 DEC 1994 in Portland, Willamette, Oregon, Willamette Natl Cem
WENTWORTH, Violet Jean b: 14 FEB 1922 in Conrad, , Montana d: 30 DEC 2004 in Coos Bay, Coos, Oregon
WENTWORTH, William Goulding b: ABT 1880 in , , Maine, United States d: AFT MAR 1940 in on us census, Polk, Oregon
WENZELL, Matha Susan Wendell b: ABT 1860 in by 1880 of, Pulaski, MO
WERHAN, Chester E (son of Marion&AltaADAMS b: 29 OCT 1904 in of Bennington, Ottawa, KS d: 12 MAY 1976 in of Bennington, Ottawa, KS, our only guess
WERNER, Samuel b: 30 MAY 1826 in Bushkill tsp, Northampton, Pa
WERNER, William Henry b: 17 JUL 1852 in Allentown, Lehigh, Pennsylvania, United States d: 29 SEP 1893 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon, United States
WESSON, Isaack b: 14 SEP 1699 in Reading, , MA
WESSON, John b: 19 OCT 1707 in Reading, , MA d: 27 JAN 1708 in Reading, , MA
WESSON, Stephen b: 1667 in , , MA prob d: 30 APR 1753 in , , , @86
WESSON, Stephen b: 10 APR 1697 in Reading, , MA
WEST b: ABT 1790 in probably of, Spotsylvania, VA
WEST, Clarissa Jane b: 30 OCT 1860 in Walbert, Franklin, MO d: 29 MAR 1907 in Gerald, Franklin, MO, had many kids
WEST, Eliza Elizabeth b: ABT 1860 in maybe either, , KY, MO d: in her spouse d., Clackamas, Oregon
WEST, Elmer b: DEC 1882 in Kentucky, United States d: MAR 1940 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, United States
WEST, Evertje Everts b: 30 APR 1830 in Eilsum, Hanover, Prussia, Germany d: 23 SEP 1908 in George, Lyon, Iowa, United States
WEST, Francena b: ABT 1735 in of, , VA d: BEF 21 JUN 1804 in will proven, , VA, probably in VA
WEST, George b: ABT 1630 in probably of, Antrim, Ireland
WEST, George b: 5 DEC 1787 in Tennessee d: FEB 1859 in Lafayette Co. Mississippi
WEST, George b: JUL 1853 in , Gallatin, Kentucky d: 24 OCT 1936 in Banklick Hosp, Florence, Boone, KY
WEST, James b: ABT 1880 in Of Lexington, Fayette, Kentucky, United States
WEST, Josephine (dtrCharlesWEST& MargaretROBINSON b: 5 JAN 1828 in , Garrard, KY d: 1 JAN 1901 in Covington, Kenton, KY
WEST, Lula Rule Rae b: 5 JAN 1906 in of, , KY, by 1929 d: BEF 2011
WEST, Monte Merle b: 26 FEB 1904 in Downing, Missouri, United States d: 10 AUG 1967 in Tucson, Pima, Arizona, United States
WESTBROOK, John Wiley b: 10 DEC 1888 in Red River, Texas, United States d: 18 JUL 1966 in Shafter, Kern, California, United States
WESTON, John b: ABT 1637 in , , , of Salem or Read
WESTON, Stephen b: ABT 1728 in , , , MA maybe
WETZEL, John M b: OCT 1806 in , , PA d: 28 NOV 1858 in , Hancock, IL, Bethel Cem
WETZEL, Mary Margaret b: 1861 in Basco, Hancock, IL d: 4 SEP 1950 in Wilbur, Lincoln, WA
WETZEL, Nelson Marion b: 1836 in or 1838, , Indiana d: 1907 in , , IL
WEYGANDT, Elizabeth C b: ABT 1850 in maybe by 1880 of, , Nebraska
WEYLAND, Marion (son of Joseph & Amanda ) b: ABT 1850 in of, Grant, KY d: 12 JAN 1893 in resided then?, Grant, KY
WHALEN, Carrie Frances b: 1860 in probably, Scotland, MO d: 1861 in , , MO
WHALEN, Catherine b: 1805 in , , MD d: in either, , KY, MO
WHALEN, Edna Mae b: 1916 in Centerville, Appanoose, IA d: BEF 1956
WHALEN, Ellen B b: ABT JUL 1846 in of MO by 1860, Nelson, KY, age 14 June 1860 d: ABT 1870 in 1860 UScensus MO, KY maybe?, MO, of childbirth
WHALEN, Emeline Emaline b: ABT 1843 in , Nelson, KY d: AFT 1912 in Clarkston, , WA, probably
WHALEN, Emma Dale Dood b: 6 JAN 1865 in Memphis, Scotland Co., Missouri d: 4 AUG 1950 in Springfield, , MO
WHALEN, James M (blacksmith & Mexican War vet) b: ABT JAN 1823 in Bardstown, Nelson, KY, Whelen_1900_cens d: 2 DEC 1900 in Etna, Scotland, MO, Mexican War vet
WHALEN, John b: ABT 1782 in either county?, Tipperary, Killarney, Ireland d: in Bardstown maybe, Nelson, KY, (where_son_born)
WHALEN, John (no wife&no Kids listed: probate) b: ABT 1845 in , Nelson, KY d: MAR 1912 in St. Maries area, Benewah, ID, shot at his mine
WHALEN, John Breckenridge (TWIN) b: 4 AUG 1862 in sisters d.certif, Scotland, MO, d.certif&1900cen d: 1885 in possibly, , Idaho, mining camp?
WHALEN, Jonathan W John b: 26 AUG 1814 in , , Maryland, 1854ScotlandCoMO d: 1 FEB 1894 in , Scotland, MO
WHALEN, Lindwell b: FEB 1893 in , , MO d: BEF 1920
WHALEN, Margaret Bell Belle b: 5 FEB 1861 in either county, Scotland, MO, Lewis d: 13 MAY 1932 in Memphis, Scotland, MO
WHALEN, Martha Washington b: 8 NOV 1856 in either county, Scotland, MO, Lewis d: 12 AUG 1890 in Memphis, Scotland, MO
WHALEN, Mary A (M.in1850KyCens) b: 1810 in , , MD d: AFT 1850 in census in, Nelson, KY, lastKnownResidnc
WHALEN, Mary Catherine b: 2 APR 1859 in , Scotland, MO d: 24 SEP 1947 in Memphis, Scotland, MO
WHALEN, Mary Jane b: ABT SEP 1848 in of, Nelson, KY d: 18 OCT 1853 in KY maybe or, , MO, of "flux" aged 5
WHALEN, Mary Jane Mollie b: 24 MAY 1859 in Lewis, Missouri, United States d: 24 MAR 1914 in Canton, Lewis, Missouri, United States
WHALEN, Nancy (N.in1850KYcens) b: 1819 in , , KY d: AFT 1900 in , Rice, KS
WHALEN, Nancy Adaline Nan b: 3 AUG 1873 in of, Scotland, MO d: 25 NOV 1969 in Almira, Lincoln, WA
WHALEN, Opal Lee b: 1918 in Centerville, Appanoose, IA d: BEF 1956
WHALEN, Robert E Lee b: 6 FEB 1867 in , Scotland, MO d: 1935 in Stockton, , CA, unconfirmed
WHALEN, Sally Bell (TWIN) b: 4 AUG 1862 in Memphis, Scotland, MO, d.certif&1900cen d: 21 MAY 1950 in Almira, Lincoln, WA, her home there
WHALEN, William Riley (inButtonFactory b: 12 SEP 1871 in Memphis, Scotland, MO d: 1 NOV 1956 in Centerville, Appanoose, IA
WHALEY, Edward Eugene [called Eugene 1930 etc] b: 17 OCT 1922 in Wells, Indiana, United States d: 27 OCT 2000
WHALEY, Estella M. b: OCT 1880 in Kentucky
WHALEY, Flora Belle b: 1875 in Kentucky, United States d: 1909
WHALEY, Harriett L.
WHALEY, Herbert Gilbert E. b: 26 APR 1902 in Wells, Indiana, United States d: 14 DEC 1953 in Toledo, Lucas, Ohio, United States
WHALEY, Jasper Cleveland b: 30 SEP 1884 in Pendleton, Kentucky, United States d: 19 OCT 1973 in Dry Ridge, Grant, Kentucky, United States
WHALEY, Jasper Newton b: 1843 in Of, Grant, Kentucky, United States d: 1931 in Pendleton, Kentucky, United States
WHALEY, Joseph L b: 1850 in Ohio, United States d: 1920 in Wells, Indiana, United States
WHALEY, Nancy Gay b: 1933 in Ohio, United States d: 1987 in Lucas, Ohio, United States
WHALEY, Virgil Thomas b: DEC 1890 in Kentucky d: 19 JAN 1975
WHARTON, Margaret (dtr of Wm ) b: 1795 in of, , KY d: in probably, , KY
WHEATLEY, (? maybe these 2 Fayette Co men aren't related?) b: ABT 1745 in by 1780 near ?, Culpeper, VA
WHEATLEY, Adelina Adaline b: 28 FEB 1812 in , , VA, maybe of Culpeper Co d: 2 APR 1876 in , Bourbon, Kentucky, 1870 Location
WHEATLEY, Amanda M Wheatly b: ABT MAR 1823 in death cert. says, Fayette, KY, of Bourbon Co.KY d: 12 SEP 1876 in death. certif., Bourbon, KY, Age56Consumption
WHEATLEY, Amanda W b: 17 DEC 1870 in possibly of, Johnson, MO d: 21 AUG 1874 in possibly of, Johnson, MO
WHEATLEY, Charles b: ABT 1785 in probably either, , VA, KY d: AFT 1825 in then of, Fayette, KY, Lexington area
WHEATLEY, Daniel b: BEF 1780 in by 1800 of, Culpeper, VA, of Fayette Co KY d: BEF JUN 1850 in , Fayette, Kentucky, United States
WHEATLEY, James C b: ABT 1853 in , , KY d: AFT 1880 in possibly, , MO
WHEATLEY, James Madison (not of WashCoKY b: ABT JAN 1822 in grew up in, Fayette, KY, & of Bourbon Co. d: 3 JAN 1879 in , , MO, not Wash Co KY!
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