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WOLFE, Henry Huff b: 23 AUG 1789 in probably, Northumberland, PA, of KY d: 1868 in , Marion, Iowa
WOLFE, Jacob b: 1769 in probably, , PA d: ABT 1823 in maybe Co. either, Stark, OH, Pickaway
WOLFE, John Joseph b: 4 OCT 1791 in probably, Northumberland, PA, of KY d: 10 FEB 1859 in , Harrison, IN
WOLFE, John (unconfirmdRumor Johann b: 17 JUL 1747 in of some Co. near, Dauphin, PA d: BEF 1848 in apparently, Pickaway, OH
WOLFE, John Henry Joseph b: 4 OCT 1791 in probably, Northumberland, PA d: 10 FEB 1859 in maybe either?, Harrison, Indiana, Floyd
WOLFE, Lester P b: 19 OCT 1917 in , Pendelton, Kentcuky, USA d: 13 JUL 1969 in , Kenton, Kentucky
WOLFE, Living
WOLFE, Margaret b: 1775 in probably, , PA d: in maybe Co. either, Stark, OH, Pickaway
WOLFE, Margaret A b: ABT DEC 1816 in , , KY d: 1890 in , Floyd, Indiana
WOLFE, Margaret Peggy b: ABT 28 DEC 1806 in Brunnerstown, Jefferson, KY, Indiana McQ says d: 14 JUN 1881 in Knoxville Twp, Marion, IA, but 77Y 9M 15D
WOLFE, Peter b: 5 MAY 1799 in of, Jefferson, KY d: 16 AUG 1868 in , Harrison, IN
WOLFE, Philip Jacob b: ABT 1772 in probably, , PA d: in maybe Co. either, Stark, OH, Pickaway
WOLFE, possible ancestry? b: ABT 1790 in guessed only of, , KY
WOLFE, possible asserted line b: ABT 1700 in of either, , PA, Germany
WOLFE, Samuel b: 4 AUG 1793 in probably, Northumberland, PA, of KY d: 24 APR 1861 in , Harrison, IN
WOLFE, Sarah Sara b: 27 OCT 1805 in of, Jefferson, KY d: BEF 1900 in , , Oregon
WOLFE, Susannah b: ABT JAN 1808 in of, Jefferson, KY d: BEF 1905
WOLFE, William b: ABT 1815 in , , PA
WOLFF, George Michael Georg b: 29 DEC 1703 in Steinsfurt, Steinfurt, Baden, Germany d: BEF 6 FEB 1756 in Earl Twp, Lancaster, PA
WOLFF, Hans Bernhard Johann b: 2 JAN 1673 OR 2 JAN 1674 in Steinsfurt, Steinfurt, Baden, Germany d: NOV 1756 in Berks, Lancaster, PA, or 1748
WOLFF, Isaac b: ABT 1650 in Steinsfurt, Steinfurt, Baden, Germany
WOLFORD, Albert Alexander b: 22 APR 1823 in Liberty, Casey, Kentucky d: 24 JUL 1897 in Hustonville, Casey, Kentucky
WOLL, Aasta Asta b: 6 JAN 1912 in Korsvik, , , Norway d: 13 MAR 2000 in Tacoma, Pierce, WA
WOMACK, Golden [dtrLeonard&AnnaMcKenzie] (Mrs. SCHEEL)div b: 21 NOV 1892 in Springfield, , MO d: 27 NOV 1984 in , Pondera, Montana
WOMACK, Jacob b: BEF 1747 in maybe, Henrico, VA
WOMACK, Jane b: ABT 1635 in possibly either, , VA, England
WOMACK, John b: ABT 1747 in maybe, Henrico, VA
WOMACK, Lenard Ach b: 25 OCT 1857 in Springfield, Green, Mo. d: 4 JUN 1938 in Ritsville, Adams, Washington
WOMACK, Richard II b: JUN 1674 in Bristol Parish, Henrico, VA d: 5 OCT 1723 in Bristol Parish, Henrico, VA
WOMACK, Richard III b: 10 DEC 1710 in , Henrico, VA d: 25 JUL 1785 in , Hancock, GA
WOMACK, Richard Sr. b: ABT 1650 in of, Henrico, VA
WOMACK, William b: ABT 1605 in , Kent, England d: 1 AUG 1697 in Bristol Parish, Henrico, VA
WONSER, Living
WOOD, Cordelia Talbott Talbot b: 27 MAR 1853 in Franklin, Kentucky, United States d: 28 JAN 1915 in Santa Barbara, California, United States
WOOD, David b: ABT 1835 in married in, Franklin, Indiana
WOOD, Eva May b: 28 JAN 1863 in , Clark, MO d: 13 FEB 1888 in , Clark, MO
WOOD, Gladys b: MAR 1882 in , , MO d: 1904 in 1900 census Loc., Prowers, CO, Lamar
WOOD, Harley E G b: ABT 1871 in maybe, , Oregon d: AFT 1919 in Nampa, Canyon, ID, 1920 us census
WOOD, Harley H b: ABT NOV 1905 in of Sumpter, Baker, Oregon d: AFT DEC 1919 in of Nampa, Canyon, ID
WOOD, Henry b: ABT 1670 in probably of, , VA
WOOD, Henry M Harry b: ABT 1868 in , Clark, MO
WOOD, Herman b: ABT 1910 in maybe either, , Oregon, WA d: in Colville, , WA, lastKnownResidnc
WOOD, James W b: OCT 1850 in Missouri, United States
WOOD, James Walter b: OCT 1850 in , Clark, MO, of Lamar CO 1900 d: 1916 in Lamar, Prowers, CO
WOOD, Jennie A b: 1849 in by 1869 of, Adams, IL d: 1889
WOOD, Jeremiah b: 11 NOV 1815 in Clark, Ohio, United States d: 7 AUG 1898 in Cambria, Wayne, Iowa, United States
WOOD, John D b: ABT 1845 in by 1880 of, Linn, Oregon
WOOD, John M b: 8 AUG 1846 in Frankfort, Franklin County, Kentucky d: 24 JAN 1926 in St. Louis, St. Louis County, Missouri
WOOD, John W b: ABT 1865 in , Clark, MO
WOOD, Lethena A b: ABT 1824 in maybe near, Gallatin, KY
WOOD, Lola b: 15 JUN 1877 in Probably, Clark, Missouri, United States d: 24 SEP 1897 in probably either, , MO, CO
WOOD, Macajah Macijah Micajah b: 1821 in , Fayette maybe, KY d: AFT 1864 in then living, Clark, MO
WOOD, Martha Matilda b: 6 DEC 1859 in Fairmont, Clark, Missouri, United States d: 4 FEB 1947 in Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ, State Hospital
WOOD, Mira Ellen b: 27 MAR 1856 in Craford County, Indiana d: 22 DEC 1894
WOOD, Norma Donna ? b: ABT 1923 in of, Wallowa, Oregon, living aft 2000? d: BEF 2010 in Center Inland ?, , WA, hard to readWord
WOOD, Oliver b: 23 FEB 1881 in Sweet Home, Linn, Oregon d: 21 SEP 1963 in Enterprise, Wallowa, Oregon
WOOD, Opal G b: ABT JAN 1898 in of Sumpter, Baker, Oregon d: AFT MAR 1910 in alive inUScensus, Baker, Oregon
WOOD, Rebecca S b: ABT 27 APR 1837 in , , IL, IDs ?confused? d: AFT 1869 in child born 1870, Sullivan, MO, ?abt 1 Feb 1904?
WOOD, Richard Julian Julius (a banker) b: 17 AUG 1824 in Frankfort, , KY d: 25 AUG 1902 in , Santa Barbara, CA
WOOD, Robert Julian b: ABT 1850 in Franklin, Kentucky, United States d: 1858 in Clark County, Missouri
WOOD, Ruth Olive b: 10 JUN 1921 in Lostine, Wallowa, Oregon, at home d: 28 JAN 2006 in Richland, Benton, WA
WOOD, Sarah Elizabeth b: 1853 in , Clark, MO d: 1895 in , Clark, MO
WOOD, Stella Ella Estella b: 7 JAN 1865 in Clarence, Wayne, Iowa, United States d: 23 APR 1930 in Garden City, Finney, KS, USA
WOOD, Stephen Riley b: 24 FEB 1794 in Sineca, Montgomery, MD d: BEF 1840
WOODBRIDGE, Abigail b: ABT 1737 in , , , CT maybe
WOODBRIDGE, Paul b: 1631 in , , VA d: BEF 2 SEP 1691 in Farnham Parish, Rappahannock, VA
WOODBRIDGE, Sarah b: ABT 1653 in , Richmond, VA d: 1708 in , Richmond, VA
WOODCOCK, Emma (of Lewis Co MO) b: 22 FEB 1860 in Fowler, Adams, IL, sonFrankBirthRec d: 13 SEP 1935 in , Lewis, MO, d. Diabetes
WOODCOCK, Joseph b: ABT JAN 1825 in either state, , PA, VA d: 1863
WOODEN, Mary J b: 19 SEP 1865 in Morris, Carroll, Missouri, United States d: 1 DEC 1938 in Crook, Oregon, United States
WOODFORD, Catesby b: 1738 in probably of, James River, VA d: 1791 in Williamsburg ?, James River, VA, of there anyway
WOODFORD, Judith Thornton b: 5 DEC 1772 in probably of, James River, VA d: 9 JAN 1803 in probably, King George, VA
WOODLEY, Mary Elizabeth b: 1675 in , Isle of Wight, VA d: JUL 1726 in Chuckatuck Par., Nansemond, VA
WOODLIEF, Katherine Susan (JustSpeculation b: ABT 1762 in probably, , VA d: in possibly, , KY
WOODLIEF, Susan b: ABT 1770 in probably of, , Virginia d: in possibly either, TX, KY, MO
WOODMAN, Judith b: ABT 1668 in , , , MA/England prob d: 5 FEB 1700 OR 5 FEB 1701 in Malden, , MA, [d 1 mo aft son]
WOODRUFF, Lillian Mae May b: 1 OCT 1914 in , Alcorn, Mississippi d: 1991 in , Prentiss, Mississippi
WOODRUM, Lucy b: ABT 1755 in by 1772 of, Goochland, VA
WOODRUM, Martha Susanna Susannah b: ABT 1780 in , , MD d: in maybe either, , TN, AR
WOODS, Adam b: ABT 1770 in of, Albemarle, VA, by 1797 at least d: in reportedlyEither, Howard, MO, Boone
WOODS, Alice Francis b: 5 OCT 1858 in Cameron, West Virginia d: 27 APR 1947 in Shannon City, Ringgold Country, Iowa
WOODS, Amarilla Selina b: MAY 1842 in Avon, Fulton, IL, Woodsville d: JUL 1907 in Winona, Idaho, ID
WOODS, Archibald Col. b: ABT 29 JAN 1748 OR 29 JAN 1749 in possibly near, Albemarle, VA, of Montgomery Co d: ABT 1836 in Fort Estill, Madison, VA
WOODS, Frances b: ABT 1793 in possibly of, Madison, KY d: AFT 1850 in possibly, , , had 3 husbands
WOODS, Hannah b: ABT 1797 in , Albemarle, VA d: 1857 in , Franklin, TN
WOODS, Kaziah Acklin Kizziah b: 16 SEP 1813 in , Blount, TN d: 25 MAR 1890 in Knoxville, Marion, IA
WOODS, Living
WOODS, Mary b: ABT 1720 in possibly either, Spotsylvania, VA, Albemarle
WOODS, Mary b: 31 JUL 1780 in Monroe Co WV now, Montgomery, VA, WV d: 23 JUL 1822 in , Franklin, TN
WOODS, Michael b: 1684 in , Meath, , Ireland d: ABT 1761 in , Albemarle, VA, reportedly
WOODS, Theessa b: 7 OCT 1902 in Kentucky, United States d: 3 SEP 2001
WOODS, Thomas Jefferson b: <1894> in <Iredell, Bosque Co, Texas>
WOODS, William b: ABT 1780 in possibly either, SC, NC, VA
WOODS, William Sr. b: 2 NOV 1715 in Dunshauglin, Meath, , Ireland d: 12 APR 1782 in either county, Greenbriar, VA WV, Pocahontas
WOODSMALL, George Lasley b: 1777 in Virginia, USA d: ABT 1840 in Jefferson Co., KY
WOODSMALL, Sally Sallie b: ABT DEC 1814 in Kentucky, United States d: AFT MAY 1870 in Trimble, Kentucky, United States
WOODSON, Elizabeth b: ABT 1685 in Probably Of, Henrico, Virginia, British America d: AFT APR 1747 in Deeds1744-48:247, Henrico, VA, of Albemarle Co.
WOODSON, John b: ABT 1715 in of, Henrico, VA
WOODSON, Josiah b: 1702 in Of, Goochland, Virginia d: BEF 16 NOV 1736 in Stoney Creek, Goochland, Va
WOODSON, Judith (dtr Robert & ElizabethFERRIS) b: ABT 1680 in of Curles, Henrico, VA d: BEF 19 MAR 1738 in Deed Bk 3: 192-3, Goochland, VA
WOODWARD, Ernest II b: 26 DEC 1917 in Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky, United States d: in Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky, United States
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