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Ronald Scott Hemsley: Birth: 31 Jan 1955 in Augusta,Richmond,Georgia. Death: 25 Oct 1989 in Rancho Cordova,Sacramento,California
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Sarah or Mary Hendley: Birth: Abt 1663 in of Marblehead,Essex,Massachusetts.
Karen Henriksen: Birth: Abt 1706 in Udsholt,Frdrksbrg,Denmark.
Jenet Henry: Birth: Abt 1460 in of Radyr,Glamorgan,Wales.
Elizabeth Verch William Herbert: Birth: Abt 1427 in of Ragland,Monmouth,England.
Richard Herbert: Birth: Abt 1425 in Coldbrook,Monmouth,England. Death: 1469
Thomas ap Guillem Herbert: Birth: Abt 1372 in Wernddu,Monmouth,England. Death: 4 Jul 1438
William ap Thomas Herbert: Birth: Abt 1401 in of Ragland Castl,Monmouth,England. Death: 1446
William Herbert: Birth: Abt 1423 in of Pembroke,Hereford,England. Death: 27 Jun 1469 in Banbury,Northampton,England
Elizabeth Hercye: Birth: Abt 1348 in of Strelley,Nottingham,England.
John Hercye: Birth: Abt 1322 in ,England.
Mrs John Hercye: Birth: Abt 1325 in ,England.
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Elizabeth Hersey: Birth: 26 Mar 1671 in Hingham,Plymouth,Ma. Death: 4 Jan 1717/1718
Mary Hersey: Birth: 30 Aug 1676 in Hingham,Plymouth,Ma. Death: Aft 1753
William Hersey: Birth: 1635 in Abington,Plymouth,Ma. Death: 28 Sep 1691 in Hingham,Plymouth,Ma
Miss Heytesbury: Birth: Abt 1287 in of Heytesbury,Wilts,England.
Rebecca Hildreth: Birth: 31 Mar 1726 in Chelmsford,Middlesex,Ma.
Agnes Hill: Birth: Abt 1531 in of Houndstone,Somerset,Eng.
Anna Hill: Birth: Abt 1522 in Houndstone,Somerset,Eng.
Anne Hill: Birth: Abt 1537 in of St Mabyn,Cornwall,Eng.
Anthony Hill: Birth: Abt 1520 in Houndstone,Somerset,Eng.
Baldwyn Hill: Birth: Abt 1512 in Houndstone,Somerset,Eng.
Brysse Hill: Birth: Abt 1514 in Houndstone,Somerset,Eng. Death: Abt 1588
Catherine Hill: Birth: Abt 1543 in of St Mabyn,Cornwall,Eng.
Dorothy Hill: Birth: Abt 1524 in Houndstone,Somerset,Eng.
Dorothy Hill: Birth: Abt 1533 in of St Mabyn,Cornwall,Eng.
Elizabeth Hill: Birth: 7 Aug 1710 in Billerica,Mdlsx,Ma. Death: 26 Mar 1786
Giles Hill: Birth: Abt 1489 in Houndstone,Somerset,Eng.
Giles Hill: Birth: Abt 1525 in of Houndstone,Somerset,Eng.
Hugh Hill: Birth: Abt 1516 in Houndstone,Somerset,Eng.
Humphrey Hill: Birth: Abt 1541 in of St Mabyn,Cornwall,Eng.
Isabel Hill: Birth: Abt 1535 in of St Mabyn,Cornwall,Eng.
Jane Hill: Birth: Abt 1518 in Houndstone,Somerset,Eng.
Jane Hill: Birth: Abt 1648 in Charlestown,Washington,Ri.
Jane Hill: Birth: Abt 1587 in of Taunton,Somerset,Eng.
Jane Hill: Birth: Abt 1539 in of St Mabyn,Cornwall,Eng.
Jane Hill: Birth: Abt 1491 in Houndstone,Somerset,England.
Joanna Hill: Birth: 6 Apr 1707 in Billerica,Mdlsx,Ma. Death: 17 Jan 1767
John Hill: Birth: Abt 1539 in Houndstone,Somerset,England. Death: 21 Jul 1646 in ,England
John Hill: Birth: Abt 1510 in Houndstone,Somerset,Eng.
John Hill: Birth: Abt 1581 in of Houndstone,Somerset,Eng.
John Hill: Birth: Abt 1424 in Spaxton,Somerset,England. Death: 1455 in ,Somerset,England
John Hill: Birth: 26 Sep 1401 in Spaxton,Somerset,England. Death: 1434
Jonathan Hill: Birth: 20 Apr 1646 in Plymouth,Plymouth,Ma. Death: in Billerica,Mdlsx,Ma
Jonathan Hill: Birth: 21 Aug 1669 in Billerica,Mdlsx,Ma. Death: 15 Dec 1743
Joseph Hill: Birth: 29 May 1683 in Billerica,Mdlsx,Ma.
Joyce Hill: Birth: Abt 1532 in of St Mabyn,Cornwall,Eng.
Margaret Hill: Birth: Abt 1487 in Houndstone,Somerset,England.
Martha Hill: Birth: 1641 in Plymouth,Plymouth,Ma.
Mary Hill: Birth: 10 Dec 1717 in Billerica,Mdlsx,Ma. Death: Abt 1754
Mary Hill: Birth: 9 Sep 1667 in Billerica,Mdlsx,Ma.
Mary Hill: Birth: Abt 1587 in Taunton,Somerset,England.
Mary Hill: Birth: Abt 1549 in of St Mabyn,Cornwall,Eng.
Maud Hill: Birth: Abt 1532 in Houndstone,Somerset,Eng.
Mrs Persis Hill: Birth: Abt 1614 in of Plymouth,Devon,Eng.
Mrs Ralph Hill: Birth: Abt 1448 in Gloucester,Gloucester,England.
Nathaniel Hill: Birth: Abt 1643 in Plymouth,Plymouth,Ma. Death: 14 May 1706 in Chelmsford,Mdlsx,Ma
Peter Hill: Birth: Abt 1527 in of Houndstone,Somerset,Eng.
Philippa Hill: Birth: Abt 1545 in of St Mabyn,Cornwall,Eng.
Ralph Hill: Birth: 1587 in of Wellingsly,Somerset,Eng. Death: 29 Apr 1663 in Billerica,Mdlsx,Ma
Ralph Hill: Birth: 1639 in Plymouth,Plymouth,Ma. Death: 29 Dec 1663 in Billerica,Mdlsx,Ma
Ralph Hill: Birth: Abt 1447 in Houndstone,Somerset,England.
Rebecca Hill: Birth: 1650 in Plymouth,Plymouth,Ma. Death: 1669 in Billerica,Mdlsx,Ma
Robert Hill: Birth: Abt 1508 in Houndstone,Somerset,Eng. Death: 4 Oct 1578 in St Mabyn,Cornwall,Eng
Robert Hill: Birth: Abt 1375 in of Spaxton,Somerset,England.
Robert Hill: Birth: Abt 1467 in Houndstone,Somerset,England.
Samuel Hill: Birth: 22 Feb 1671/1672 in Billerica,Mdlsx,Ma. Death: 17 Feb 1762 in of Concord,Mdlsx,Ma
Samuel Hill: Birth: 1 Mar 1698/1699 in Billerica,Mdlsx,Ma. Death: 26 Jun
Sarah Hill: Birth: 28 Mar 1703 in Billerica,Mdlsx,Ma.
Sarah Hill: Birth: 10 Oct 1674 in Billerica,Mdlsx,Ma.
Susanna Hill: Birth: 26 May 1715 in Billerica,Mdlsx,Ma.
Thomas Hill: Birth: Abt 1583 in of Houndstone,Somerset,Eng.
Thomasine Hill: Birth: Abt 1547 in of St Mabyn,Cornwall,Eng.
Esther or Hester Hilliard: Birth: 25 Mar 1642 in Boston,Suffolk,Massachusetts. Death: 3 Jun 1709
Mary Hilliard: Birth: 7 Jun 1644 in Boston,Suffolk,Ma.
Mary Hilliard: Birth: Abt 1640 in Hingham,Plymouth,Massachusetts. Death: Bef 1691 in Hingham,Plymouth,Massachusetts
Mrs Deborah Hilliard: Birth: Abt 1652 in of Little Compto,Newport,Ri.
Mrs Hester Hilliard: Birth: Abt 1622 in of,,England.
William Hilliard: Birth: 1614 in ,England. Death: in ,England
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Daniel Hitchings: Birth: Abt 1707 in of Lynn,Essex,Ma.
Alice Hobart: Birth: 22 Mar 1607 in Hingham,Nrflk,Eng. Death: 20 Feb 1674 in Hingham,Plymouth,Ma
Edmund Hobart: Birth: 1 Jan 1573 in Hingham,Nrflk,England.
Edmund Hobart: Death: 1686
Elizabeth Hobart: Birth: Abt 1613 in Hingham,Nrflk,Eng. Death: 1654/1660
Joshua Hobart: Death: 28 Jul 1682
Mary Hobart: Birth: 1608 in Hingham,Nrflk,Eng.
Mehitabel Hobart: Birth: Abt 1612 in Hingham,Nrflk,Eng.
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