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Marriage: Children:
  1. Josiah Hart: Birth: 18 Aug 1748 in Windham Co, CT.

  2. John Hart: Birth: 23 Apr 1750 in Windham Co, CT. Death: Bef 1830

  3. Benjamin Hart: Birth: 4 Mar 1752 in Windham Co, CT. Death: 4 Mar 1752 in Windham Co, CT

a. Note:   From Jan Hart �u�[email protected]
 �/u�Aaron Hart of Newmarket, N. H., is on pay-roll as a soldier in Rhode Island, Aug. 31,1779, p.286;
  Brownell Hart of Tiverton, R.1., was a private soldier on payroll, 1778, in Captain Cook's company, Col. Nathan Miller's regiment of Rhode Island, p.227
  Constant Hart of Charlestown, N. H., was a private soldier, on pay-roll June 28, 1777, Col. Benjamin Bellow's regiment. p.234 [served in Saratoga Battle, 1777]
  Another paragraph I copied:
 "On the 7th of December, 1779, the town voted to pay Constant Hart the sum of sixty pounds for going to Newbury, in Coos, to engage and pay the bounties of several continental soldires, who enlisted during the war for said Charlestown; also, to pay said Hart eighteen pounds for keeping a continental woman, while sick, and for transporting said woman to Walpole."
  Constant Hart died before July 5, 1792 when his will was filed. Josiah and Samuel were administrators. No word as to where JOHN HART and family were living when Constant died.
b. Note:   HI1
Note:   (Research):
 Powers Family, Robert Dorsett:
 Nathaniel Powers, Corp. was born in 1754 at Brattleborough, Windham, CT and married in 1776 Madrid, St. Lawrence, NY to Jerusha Hart b. 1757, daughter of Constant Hart who served in the Revolutionary War with Nathaniel Powers at Ticonderoga. Nathaniel served in the New Hampshire 1st Regiment from Jan 1777 to July 1782. From "Rolls of Soldiers in the Revolutionary War, Vol III, pg 934" at age 28 his height was given as 5' 9 �" tall. He resided in Charlestown, NH from 1778 to 1792 and is listed in the 1790 census there. In 1791 he is listed in Ferrisburg, VT. He bought 30 acres of land in Ferrisburg, VT for 30 dollars on 6 July 1792 and he is listed in the 1796 census in Augusta Township, Grenville, Ontario and in Yonge, Leeds, Ontario in 1802 and 1803. He died shortly before 4 Mar. 1804, in Yonge, Leeds, Ontario. as his probate record was proved on this date. (The information on Nathaniel and his children and some of his grandchildren was taken from a 9 pg. letter written by Ivy Powers Bradford to her niece about the family dated 9 Sept. 1929. I have a copy.)
 Children of Nathaniel and Jerusha (Hart):
 38. Sarah (Sally) Jane b. 15 Nov 1777 Madrid, St. Lawrence, NY, d. 6 May 1838 Madrid, St. Lawrence, m. Samuel Russell Allen.
 39. Simon b. 1781 of Brockville, Ontario.
 40. Jerusha b. 1783.
 41. Constant Hart b. 1785.
 42. Nathaniel Hart b. 25 Feb 1787 Charleston, Cheshire, NH, d. 6 Jun 1862 Orono, Durham Co., Canada,
 m. Rebecca La Rue.
 43. Phoebe b. 1789.
 44. Sophia b. 1791.
 45. Susan b. 1793.
 46. Thomas Hart (cont.)
 47. Samuel Weatherhead b. 1797 Charlestown, NH, d. Vernon Springs, MN, m. Catherine Walpole Doran. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.