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Marriage: Children:
  1. Stanley Herbert Russell: Birth: 1895 in Whiteminster, Gloucester, England.

  2. Sydney Henry Ernest Russell: Birth: 1896 in Standish, Gloucester, England. Death: 20 Jul 1918

  3. Kathleen Lucie Russell: Birth: 1897 in Stonehouse, Gloucester, England.

  4. Nora Russell: Birth: 1898 in Stonehouse, Gloucester, England.

a. Note:   t at the Newcastle Chronicle and then the Daily Express from its foundation in 1900. As a war correspondent to Reuters he reported the Gallipoli campaign of 1915 and was on the western front until the armistice of 1918. He accompanied the Prince of Wales on a tour of India and Japan. He publsihed novels and wrote on naval subjects. In 1942, Herbert wrote "Ark Royal" about the aircraft carrier.
  "The War Illustrated" 7 June 1917 -
 "Lastly, but not least, for he is the biggest man of all the correspondents at G.H.Q., France, comes Mr. Herbert Russell, the representative of Reuter's and the Press Association. Big, bluff, and hearty, he is known among his colleagues as "The Genial Russell." He has the sailor rather than the soldier manner, which is fitting, perhaps, for he is the son of Clark Russell, the sailor and famous writer of sailor stories.
 It is to the sea and sailors and especially to the Navy that Russell has devoted his enthusiasm as a journalist. But his despatches of late, with their quick, common-sense surveys of what is happening at the war, have shown that he is as "handy" a correspondent on land as on sea — and they say that Russell can give you from memory the size, armament, and equipment of any ship in the British Navy with details of its personnel, which, as the Yankees would say it 'going some'."
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