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Marriage: Children:
  1. Christian BETTS: Birth: 15 Oct 1777 in Lancaster Co. PA. Death: 21 Jun 1853

  2. John BETTS: Birth: 1780 in PA. Death: 26 Dec 1863

  3. Emmanuel BETTS: Birth: 28 Jan 1781 in Manheim, Lancaster, PA.

  4. Andrew BETTS: Birth: 1783. Death: 31 Jan 1856

  5. Mary Catharine BETTS: Birth: 1785. Death: 1845

  6. Jeremiah BETTS: Birth: 1787. Death: 14 Aug 1864

  7. Sarah BETTS: Birth: 1791. Death: 1845

  8. Reason BETTS: Birth: 1794. Death: 9 Jun 1869

  9. Elias BETTS: Birth: 1794.

  10. George BETTS: Birth: 1796.

a. Note:   �u�1800; Census�/u� Place: Luzerne, Fayette, Pennsylvania; Roll: ; Page: ; Image: .
 Text: Residence date: 1800 Residence place: Luzerne, Fayette, Pennsylvania
  �u�1810; Census �/u�Place: Shenango, Crawford, Pennsylvania; Roll: 47; Page: 419; Family History Number: 0193673; Image: 00165.
 Text: Residence date: 1810 Residence place: Shenango, Crawford, Pennsylvania, United States
 What if the Crawford Co., PA History is Incorrect?
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  Some researchers might wonder if the Crawford County History from 1899 is incorrect as it relates to the time period that Andrew Bates and Miss Shibondi were married ("the dawn of the century"). Some might also suspect that it may be inaccurate about the place of their marriage. Perhaps it should have said their marriage took place in Fayette County, PA in the 1770's rather than in a tavern in Crawford County, PA in the dawn of the century.
  After all, there are errors in County Histories and sometimes they are hard to identify.
 We looked at some of the other statements in this sentence to see if there are errors. We received the tax records of Andrew Betts in Shanango Township, Crawford County, PA from 1800 to 1822. Did a "mill," a "still," and a "tavern"exist?
  �b�We found a mill and a still. Here is a recap:
  �/b�1801, no Andrew but George, Christian and John Bates appear
 1802, And Batts, 400 acres, 1 oxen
 1803, Andrew Bates, 400 acres, 2 stiles(?), 2 oxen, 1 horse, 1 cow�b�
 �/b�1804, Andrew Bates, 400 acres, 2 stills, 1 horse, 1 mare, 4 oxen, 3 cows
 1805, Andrew Betts, 400 acres, 1 distillery, 1 horse, 2 oxen, 2 cows�b�
 �/b�1806, Andrew Betts, 400 acres, 1 gristmill, distillery, 2 oxen, 1 cow
 1807, Andrew Betts, 400 acres, gristmill, distillery, 4 oxen, 2 cows, 1 horse
 1809, Andrew Betts, 400 acres, gristmill, distillery, 1 gelding, 3 cows
 1810, Andrew Betts, 200 acres, 200 exempt acres, gristmill, distillery, 3 cows, 1 horse�b�
 �/b�1811, Andrew Betts, 200 acres, gristmill, distillery, 2 horses, 4 oxen, 2 cows
 1812, Andrew Bettz, 200 + 400 acres, gristmill, distillery, 2 horses, 4 oxen, 1 cow
 1814, Andrew Betts, 200 acres, gristmill, distillery, 2 horses, 3 cows, 1 steer
 1815, Andrew Betts, 200 acres, gristmill, distillery, 3 horses, 3 cows
 1816, Andrew Betts, 200 acres, gristmill, 2 horses, 3 cows
 1817, Andrero Betts, 75 acres, gristmill, distillery, 1 horse, 3 cows
 1819, Andrew Betts, 75 acres, 1 horse, 3 cows
 1818, Andrew Betts, 75 acres, 1 horse, 3 cows
 1820, Andrew Betts, 100 acres, 2 cows
 �b�1821-1822, Andrew no longer appears.
 It appears that the tax records confirm existence of a mill and a still in Crawford County after 1800. A tavern could not be found. You could conclude since most other information in this sentence is accurate, then the statement about Miss Shibondi must be accurate, too. You could also conclude that since no tavern was confirmed, then the part about Miss Shibondi could be inaccurate or incomplete.
 Please let us know if you find any records that add clues about this or other statements made on this Andrew Bates web page �b�( ).�/b�
b. Note:   HI66
Note:   (Research):�b�
  Probable Conclusion. Use with CAUTION.�/b� . I have found information from the Pennsylvania Archives that has Martin BETZ and Andrew BETZ listed as owning a tavern in 1779 in Manheim Town. In the Pennsylvania Archives Series 5 Vol. 7 there are listings for Andres BETZ and Marten BETZ as privates in Capt. Abraham Forey's Co. for the Middle District Rappo Township commanded by Col. Alexander Lowery for the Third Battalion of Militia in Lancaster County, Manheim, August 16, 1777. I also found listings for Andrew BETZ (5th class) and Marten BETZ (8th) class for the same company on March 17, 1778. In a family history that was written for a family reunion in 1887 it stated that " Sometime during the seventeen hundreds our great-grandfather, who was a native of Germany, emigrated to America and settled in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He was married to a sister of General Heintzleman, who held a command in the Continental Army during our struggle for independence. He and his brother joined the army under General Heintzleman and were both killed at The Battle of Brandywine." Through research, I believe that we have narrowed down who the two brothers were..and I believe that they were Andreas BETZ and Martin BETZ. Martin, I believe is the father of Andrew BETZ born about 1756 in Lancaster county, Pa. There is a church record from Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, Manheim, Pa. Parish Register of 1771, confirmed on Pentecost Sunday 1771, #13 Andreas Beets, age 15, Father Martin Beets. Andrew Betts/Bates, as the name was later changed to, moved to Fayette County, Pa. about 1785 and then to Crawford County, Pa. in 1800.
  Source Subject: [PALANCAS-HISTORY-L] Martin and/or Andreas BETZ Date: Tue, 08 Dec 1998 20:24:22 EST Tina Wininsky
  Probable Conclusion. Use with CAUTION. Andrew Betts was born in Manheim Town, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania about the year 1755. His father is believed to have been Martin Betts from Luxemburg, Germany. Andrew, his father and his uncle fought in the Revolutionary War. His father and uncle served under General Heintzleman and perished in the battle of Brandywine. Andrew Served in the Lancaster Militia, 1 Co. 6 Batt.
  About the year 1785, Andrew moved from Lancaster County to Fayette County, Pennsylvania with his wife and ten children: Christian, Emmanuel, Andrew, John, Mary, Jeremiah, Sarah, Elias, George and Reason. There he bought a farm and built a grist mill and a still house. Andrew Betts claimed a 200 acre land grant near the State Line Methodist Church in Jamestown in 1798 and in 1800 moved from Fayette County with his wife and children. Andrew owned a mill and distillery in Crawford County. He donated the land for the cemetery and the original site for the State Line Methodist Church. The marker on Andrew and Cathorine's grave is a millstone from the gristmill owned and operated by Betts as early as 1810. The stone had been in the possession of Andrew Bett's 3rd great grandson Ellis Higgins of Jamestown, Fa. After Ellis' death his daughters Marian and Nell fulfilled their fathers wishes and had tine millstone erected on Andrew and Catharine's grave. Three fourths of those buried in this cemetery are descended from Andrew and Catharine Betts (Bates).
  Source:�i� Memorial Dedication for Andrew Betts. Patriot of the American Revolution. New Castle Chapter, Pennsylvania Society Sons of the American Revolution. May 22, 2004 �/i�
  �b�Andrew Bates �/b�came from Westmoreland in 1799 and located on the farm near the Ohio line. A clear, rushing brook ran through the old farm, and the first Andrew, in the dawn of the century, made a dam, and erected a "noisy" mill and "still" house and kept a tavern, �b�in witch he was married to a Miss Shibondi.�/b�
  �b�History of West Shenango Township, Pa. �/b� Andrew Betts operated a grist-mill on his place as early as 1810. It was fed by a strong spring, and did the grinding in that neighborhood for a number of years. He also owned a distillery in 1810, and a little later built a saw-mill. Edward Hatton built a little corn-cracker on Hatton's Run, and kept it open for many years. There are no mills now in the township. Henry Difford and sons own a cheese factory in the southwest part. Edward Ratton was one of the earliest school teachers. Polly Moss, of Ohio, about 1820 taught a school in the southwest part, which the Hattons, Yokes, Rovals and Bettses attended. Schools were rare in early times, and the children often attended schools in what is now South Shenango.
  Source:�i� From: History of Crawford County, Pennsylvania Published ByWarner, Beers & Co., Chicago 1885 �/i�
  �b�Probable Conclusion... Use with CAUTION�/b� Andrew's first wife was also named Catherine. (Sirname Unknown) was mother of all his children. Andrew and 2nd. wife Catherine Sherbondy had no children. �b��i� SOURCE: Sherbondy Family Association ( �/b��/i� is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.