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Marriage: Children:
  1. Elizabeth Ann Hartley: Birth: Oct 1829 in Fort Francis, Cape, South Africa. Death: 17 Sep 1852 in Grahamstown, Cape Province, South Africa

Marriage: Children:
  1. Mary Anna Hartley: Birth: 4 Apr 1834 in Bathurst, Cape Of Good Hope, South Africa. Death: 2 Jan 1906 in "Longlands", Barkley West, Cape, South Africa

  2. Martha Hartley: Birth: 11 Jun 1841 in , , Cape, South Africa. Death: 1841 in , , Cape, South Africa

  3. John Cawood Hartley: Birth: 17 Jan 1843 in Grahamstown, , Cape Province, South Africa. Death: 1848

  4. Susannah Smith Hartley: Birth: 2 Mar 1845 in Of Tarka District, Cape, South Africa.

  5. Fanny Hopkins Hartley: Birth: 4 Jan 1847 in , , Cape, South Africa. Death: May 1848

  6. John Hartley: Birth: 1851 in , , Cape, South Africa.

a. Note:   Roll of the British Settlers in South Africa by E. Morse JONES HARTLEY, William - 1796-1866, A son of Thomas HARTLEY he sailed in Albury in 1820. In 1846 he was elected a Municipal Commissioner for Grahamstown. He composed the "Trials and Troubles of the Settlers" in verse.
b. Note:   DI273
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