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Marriage: Children:
  1. Sarah Jane Cawood: Birth: 1838 in Bathurst, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Death: in , , , South Africa

  2. Mary Louisa Cawood: Birth: 13 Aug 1839 in , Port Elizabeth, Cape, South Africa.

  3. Emily Smith Cawood: Birth: 19 Oct 1841 in , , Cape, South Africa.

  4. Elizabeth Ann Cawood: Birth: 13 Aug 1842 in Grahamstown, Cape, South Africa.

  5. Charlotte Martha Cawood: Birth: 30 May 1844 in Bathurst, Cape Of Good Hope, South Africa.

  6. Joseph Cawood: Birth: 1846 in Bathurst, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Death: 1862 in , , Cape, South Africa

  7. Jessie Usher Cawood: Birth: 10 Jan 1846 in Bathurst, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

  8. David Joseph Barrett Cawood: Birth: 8 Oct 1847 in At Sea. Death: 15 Nov 1847 in Cape Town, Cape, Cape, South Africa

  9. Fanny Sophia Cawood: Birth: 5 Dec 1849 in Bathurst, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

  10. Sarah Barrett Holmes Cawood: Birth: 19 May 1851 in , , Cape, South Africa. Death: 1890

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a. Note:   XI314
Note:   Old Grahamstown Cemetery, Grahamstown, Western Cape.
  Frances Cawood. Died 19-07-1887. Aged 70 years. Widow of Joseph Cawood.
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