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Marriage: Children:
  1. Newland Martin: Birth: 27 Nov 1827 in Salehurst, Ticehurst, Sussex, England. Death: 26 Jun 1866 in Northam, Wheatbelt, Western Australia, Australia

  2. John Martin: Birth: 4 Jan 1836 in Perth, , Western Australia, Australia. Death: 28 Jun 1911 in Northam, Wheatbelt, Western Australia, Australia

  3. Hannah Martin: Birth: 24 Dec 1837 in Swan, Western Australia, Australia. Death: 18 Aug 1926 in Northam, Wheatbelt, Western Australia, Australia

  4. Samuel Martin: Birth: 5 Jun 1843 in Swan River Settlement, Perth, Western Australia, Australia. Death: 7 Oct 1926 in Meenar, Western Australia, Australia

  5. Ellen Martin: Birth: 21 Apr 1850 in Northam, Wheatbelt, Western Australia, Australia. Death: 18 May 1903 in Northam, Wheatbelt, Western Australia, Australia

1. Title:   Ancestral File (R)
Author:   The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Publication:   Intellectual Reserve, Inc., 1999-2005
2. Title:   Momumental inscriptions
Page:   William Martin monumental inscription, Northam Cemetery, 7 Feb 2012.
Author:   Lorraine's Burial Records (Western Australia, Australia)
3. Title:   Personal research of Neil Bradley
Page:   Pedigree Chart of Mabel Jane Martin, Author, Neil Bradley <[email protected]>, Created 20 Jan 2010
Author:   Neil Bradley

a. Note:   Father John MARTIN b. 1774, England Mother Hannah Watson B. abt 1776 William arrived in Western Australia on the ship Hooghly 12/2/1830, coming out as indentured servants to Peel Settled in Northam labourer in 1840's in the Swan district areas.
b. Note:   NF1522
Note:   Children 1. Newland Martin, b. 27 Nov 1827, Salehurst, Sussex, England 2. William Martin, b. 8 Jul 1831, Clarence, Western Australia, Australia 3. Lucy Martin, b. 24 Jul 1833, Swan, Western Australia, Australia 4. John Martin, b. 4 Jan 1836, Perth, Western Australia, Australia 5. Hannah Martin, b. 24 Dec 1837, Swan, Western Australia, Australia 6. Mary Ann Martin, b. 5 Jan 1840, Northam, Western Australia, Australia 7. Harriet Martin, b. 5 Jun 1841, Perth, Western Australia, Australia 8. Samuel Martin, b. 5 Jun 1843, Swan, Western Australia, Australia 9. Edward Martin, b. 8 Sep 1845, Guildford, Western Australia, Australia 10. George Martin, b. 16 Aug 1847, Henley Park, Western Australia, Australia 11. Ellen Martin, b. 21 Apr 1850, Northam, Western Australia, Australia 12. Frances (Fanny) Martin, b. 31 Jan 1853, Guildford, Western Australia, Australia
  It was known that they were tennants of Woodley farm which was later known as Oakover in 1850 York census mentioned him as a well established farmer and grazier by 1857. In 1871 they purchased 697 acres of location 6(2) is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.