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Marriage: Children:
  1. John Jobe: Birth: 26 JAN 1807 in Russell Co., Virginia. Death: BET 1860 AND JUL 1870 in Adams Co, Ohio

  2. Lydia Sidney 'Liddy' 'Liddie' Jobe: Birth: 16 AUG 1816 in Russell Co, Virginia. Death: AFT 1870 in Lawrence Co, Kentucky

  3. Mary Ann 'Polly' Jobe: Birth: 21 APR 1822 in Russell Co, Virginia. Death: 1908 in Greenup, Kentucky

a. Note:   BIRTHPLACE: From Earl Jobe per research trip to Virginia
  "I�m now completely convinced that my gggrandfather Jonathan, Nathan�s firstborn, was born there in Shenandoah Co.,, despite the information shown in the 1850 Lawrence Co.,, KY census which shows Tennessee.
  I think that simply means his young, developing years were spent in Tennessee and it was from his home in Tennessee that he went to Russell Co., Virginia as a young man to seek his fortune. Thus when he talked of his home, he referred to Tennessee. Therefore, when the census taker visited in 1850, Jonathan was perhaps not in the house nor available (he was 75 yrs old) and he or the person answering the census taker�s questions gave Jonathan�s birthplace as Tennessee. I can understand that wrong answer and I no longer have a problem with it." ------------
  1804-RUSSELL COUNTY, VIRGINIA LAW ORDER BOOK 3 (1799 - 1808) Part 1 -<> -Abstracted By Rhonda Robertson [email protected]
  P309 - Court of Quarterly Session, June 26, 1804. Present: Harry Smith, John Fugit, John McClellan & Nevil Wayland .... P313 - Commonwealth vs Thomas & James Friley, indictment, def. pleads not guilty.
  Jury: Joseph Carter, Robert Vickers, Jacob Castle, William Cocke, Jonathan Job, Isaac Cooksey, Henry Fuller, William Wharton, Joseph Damron, John Counts, Ambrose Hamon & Thompson Mobley,
  def. found guilty. Judgement granted the pltf ----------------------------------- 1810 -Russell Co, VA ----------------------
  1820 -Russell Co, VA, p. 146
  Roll 141, page 146 JOB, Jonathan -1 M 26-44 1776-1794 -1 F 26-44 1776-1794 -1 F 16-25 1795-1804 -1 M 10-15 1805-1810 -1 F <10 1810-1820 ---------------
  1820'S -settled on Cotts Fork of the Bib Blain Creek. ---------
  1827 -Lawrence Co., KY
  signed a survey document for 100 acres in Lawrence Co., in 1827. He signed his surname with out the 'e'. ----------------
  1830 -October 13, Deed Book 20, p. 17 (Washington Co., TN)
  The Heirs of Nathan Job dec'd to Nathan Job - two tracts of land 13 Oct 1830
  Jonathan Job Enoch Job Rachel Job John Copass & Nancy, his wife Thomas Copass & Hannah, his wife Lydda Job Elisa Job Sarah Ann Job, dau of Elizabeth Job, dec'd to Nathan Job, son & heir of Nathan Job, dec'd
  For $400.00 paid by Nathan Job (to) his father Nathan Job, dec'd in his lifetime & also for and inconsideration of the sum of $100.00. All of two tracts in Washington Co., TN on a branch of Kendricks Creek 1 tract 75 a conveyed by Saml Job to Nathan Job, dec'd 25 Oct 1786 bounded by land formerly Joseph Barron's now Amon Hale's. Other tract 40 a conveyed by Jacob Job to Nathan Job, dec'd 15 Aug 1800 - Beginning Samuel Job's line
  Wit: John Cox Enoch Job Chase (X) Hale Rachel (X) Job John Copass Nancy (X) Copass Lydda (X) Job Thomas Copass Hannah (X) Copass
  13 Oct 1830 Nancy Copass & Hannah Copass acknowledged they conveyed the land of their own free will.
  Proved April Session 1832, Registered 4 July 1832 ----------------------------------------------
  1830 -Lawrence Co, Ky p. 294
  showing himself, Elizabeth and his two daughters. Jonathan's son John is not counted there. ---------
  1835 -April 29 (Lawrence Co, KY)
  Jonathan Jobe was a witness in a court case in which Jacob Beck and wife accussed Samuel Sellards of attacking them with 'intent to do bodily harm'. Sellard's wife was so badly hurt that 'her life was feared for.' The jury found for the plantiff and damages were awarded. --------
  1840 -Lawrence Co,KY
  Jonathan Job
  1 male age 60- 70 (1770-1780)
  1 female age 20 - 30 (1810-1820)
  1 female age 50-60 (1780-1790) ----------
  ------------------------ 1850 -Lawrence Co, Ky Census - Roll 209, page 83, #431-433, Lines 27-34(enumerated Sept 2, 1850)
  JORDON, James 1795 VA (age 55)-Farmer , Lydia 1824 VA (age 26) , Hiram 1836 Ky (age 14) , Delila 1839 KY (age 11) , Mary J 1848 KY (age 2) -might be age 12? (?) , Green 1844 KY (age 6) LIONS, Martha 1848 KY (age 2) JOBES, Jonathan 1784 TN(age 76) Occupation (avono?) can't read/write
  Jonathan, age 76, is living with daughter and son-in-law.
  Note from descendant Earl Jobe: "In the census of 1850, either Jonathan or someone speaking for him gave his birthplace as Tennessee. While his young years (from about age four on) were likely spent in Tennessee, it is fairly obvious that his birthplace is Virginia and, most likely, Shenandoah Co., Virginia. There is no way to account for the answer given in the 1850 census. - Earl M Jobe" --------------------------
  SOURCES: 1)Earl Manford Jobe (March 2000) (descendant/researcher) <mailto:[email protected]> 2) Bill Jobe Joural 3) Research of Katharine Reynolds (1968-1975) 4) Randy Jobe - BOOK OF JOBE is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.