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Marriage: Children:
  1. Odolia Bunn: Birth: NOV 1883 in Wilson Co., Nc.

  2. Palmer J. Bunn: Birth: DEC 1887 in Wilson Co., Nc.

  3. Herbert B. Bunn: Birth: JUN 1889 in Wilson Co., Nc.

  4. Cova H. 'Covy' Bunn: Birth: JUN 1891 in Wilson Co., Nc.

  5. Pearl R. Bunn: Birth: SEP 1892 in Wilson Co., Nc.

  6. Roman F. Bunn: Birth: 20 JUN 1894 in Wilson Co., Nc. Death: JAN 1974 in Wilson Co., Nc

  7. Talmage N. Bunn: Birth: OCT 1898 in Wilson Co., Nc.

  8. Velman Bunn: Birth: 1900 in Wilson Co., Nc.

a. Note:   NI19807
Note:   1860-Wilson Co., NC, Old Fields, written page 138, #1032-1037 (enuermated July 28, 1860)
Briant BUNN35 m farmer $600 $1740 NC Jinsy 34 f NC Lorine 16 f NC Needham A. 14 m NC C---? 11 f NC Albert J 9 m NC Francis 6 m NC Penicia 4 f NC Lawrence B. 10/12 m NC
*he is age 6 with parents. -------
1870-Wilson Co., NC, Old Fields, page 514a, #38-37 (enuermated Aug 13, 1870)
Bryant BUNN35 m w farmer NC Sallie 45 f w keeping house NC Cecero 20 f w at home NC Frank 16 m w works on farm NC James 7 m w NC Dora 13 f w works on farm NC Walter 5 m w NC
*he is age 16 with father and stepmother. ---------
1880- Old Fields Wilson NC pg 304a
A.Budd BUNNhead28m m w NC NC NC Sallie wife 32 m f w NC NC NC Denson M son 8 s m w NC NC NC Lullen dau 7 s f w NC NC NC Duncan F son 5 s m w NC NC NC Willie F son 3 s m w NC NC NC Minnie M dau 2 s f w NC NC NC John G son 2/12 s m w NC NC NC Cieco sister 31 s f w NC NC NC Ary Cora niece 3 s f w NC NC NC Frank Bunn bro 26 s m w NC NC NC
*Frank is age 26 with his brother. ---------
1900-Old Fields Wilson Nc ed 116 pg 9b, #159-160
Frank M. BUNNhead Oct 1853 46 m 17yrsNC NC NC farmer Estella wife July 1863 36 m 17yrs 7 children 7 living NC NC NC Odolia dau Nov 1883 16 NC NC NC Palmer son Dec. 1887 12 NC NC NC Hubert son Jun 1889 10 NC NC NC Cova son June 1891 8 NC NC NC Pearl dau Sept 1892 7 NC NC NC Roman son June 1894 5 NC NC NC Talmage M son Oct 1898 1 NC NC NC ------------
1910-Old Fields Wilson NC ed 107 pg 11a, #55-55 ( April 21, 1910)
Francis M BUNNhead 56 m1 27yrs NC NC NC farmer Estelle wife 45 m1 27yrs 9 children 8 living NC NC NC Odolia dau 26 NC NC NC Palmer J. son 22 NC NC NC Herbert B son 20 NC NC NC Covy H .son 18 NC NC NC Pearly R. dau 17 NC NC NC Roman F son 15 NC NC NC Talmage N son 11 NC NC NC Velman dau 9 NC NC NC -----------
1920-Bailey Nash NC ed 69 pg 3a, #42-42 ( Jan 8, 1920)
Frank M. BUNNhead 64 m NC NC NC farmer Estelle wife 54 m NC NC NC Palmer J son 31 s NC NC NC jeweler Covie H .son 27 s NC NC NC presser Tal.N son 21 s NC NC NC laborer is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.