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Marriage: Children:
  1. John BLUNDELL: Birth: 10 MAR 1902 in Southport U.D., Lancashire, England (Europa). Death: 7 JUN 1961 in Southport, Lancashire, England (Europa), [Jun 1961 Southport 10f 583, 59 yrs]

  2. Annie Elizabeth BLUNDELL: Birth: 13 APR 1904 in Southport, Lancashire, England (Europa), [Jun 1904 Ormskirk 8b 895]. Death: AUG 2004 in Croston, Lancashire, England (Europa), [Aug 2004 Chorley 95E 200]

  3. Edward BLUNDELL: Birth: 10 APR 1906 in Southport, Lancashire, England (Europa), [Jun 1906 Ormskirk 8b 886]. Death: 1969 in Bury District, Lancashire, England (Europa), [Dec 1969 Bury 10b 2122, 63 yrs]

  4. Peter BLUNDELL: Birth: 5 AUG 1908 in Southport, Lancashire, England (Europa), [Sep 1908 Ormskirk 8b 892]. Death: 5 JAN 1983 in Southport, Lancashire, England (Europa), [Mar 1983 Sefton North 37 1006]

  5. Thomas BLUNDELL: Birth: 5 OCT 1909 in Southport, Lancashire, England (Europa), [Dec 1909 Ormskirk 8b 819]. Death: 15 OCT 1991 in Formby, Lancashire, England (Europa), [Oct 1991 Sefton North Merseyside 37 389, 82 yrs]

  6. Joseph BLUNDELL: Birth: 31 MAY 1911 in Southport, Lancashire, England (Europa), [Sep 1911 Ormskirk 8b 1696]. Death: 11 SEP 1911 in Southport, Lancashire, England (Europa), [Sep 1911 Ormskirk 8b 1271]

  7. Margaret BLUNDELL: Birth: 3 OCT 1912 in Southport, Lancashire, England (Europa). Death: 9 DEC 1913 in Southport, Lancashire, England (Europa)

  8. James BLUNDELL: Birth: 8 OCT 1915 in Southport, Lancashire, England (Europa). Death: NOV 1994 in Southport, Merseyside, England (Europa), [Nov 1994 Sefton North 42B 261, 79 yrs]

  9. Robert BLUNDELL: Birth: 4 JAN 1919 in Southport, Lancashire, England (Europa), [Mar 1919 Ormskirk 8b 1155]. Death: 23 OCT 1978 in Southport, Lancashire, England (Europa), [Dec 1978 Southport 37 0353, 59 yrs]

  10. William BLUNDELL: Birth: 12 NOV 1924 in Southport, Lancashire, England (Europa), [Dec 1924 Ormskirk 8b 1428]. Death: 16 APR 2008 in Southport, Merseyside, England (Europa)

1. Title:   [UK] <b>Registration District</b> [LAN] - Ormskirk Sub-district North Meols - birth
Page:   Copy (hand written) in personal archive issued on 24 May 1990 in London; Birth registered on 05 Nov 1877
2. Title:   [UK] <b>Registration District</b> [LAN] - Southport Sub-district Southport - death
Page:   Copy in personal archive issued 04 Aug 1993 GRO London; registered 25 Mar 1935, informant Edward Blundell (son) present at the death of 41 Guildford Road, Southport
3. Title:   [UK] <b>Family Bible</b> [LAN] - John Blundell and Elizabeth Blundell-Parker
Page:   "Our Dad Died March 22/ 1935 EB" "John Blundell"
4. Title:   [UK] <b>Private Corr. Letter</b> [LAN] - William Blundell (3 letters)
Page:   Letter of 26 Mar 1990 via visit to gravestone gives: "John Blundell died March 22 -1935 Aged 57 years son of above"
5. Title:   [UK] <b>Registration District</b> [LAN] - Ormskirk - marriage
Page:   Copy in personal archive issued on 12 Apr 1984 GRO London; Witnesses: John Edward Twist and Elizabeth Birch
6. Title:   [UK] <b>Family Bible</b> [LAN] - John Blundell and Elizabeth Blundell-Parker
Page:   "E. J. Married April 13th 1901"

a. Note:   N19272 <html>
 <img src="">
 <b>John Blundell and family in 1913 (John junior on right, Peter second from right)</b></br>
 <img src="">

 <b>Blundell grave in Duke Street Cemetery (photo by Paul C. Nov. 2013)</b>
 <img src="">

 <b>Blundell grave in Duke Street Cemetery</b>
  Money earned in Canada was used to buy house and coal company in Guildford Road. His wife Elizabeth didn't dare to follow him to Canada [Titanic disaster?], so he came back and stayed. The family did however go hungy during his absence, the children used to "chew on a blanket so as to be able to fall asleep on an empty stomach" [via John Blundell jnr & his daughter Margaret Bos-Blundell]. Elizabeth used to work in cleaning jobs and used to have to take the younger children with her to "the labour club".
b. Note:   64 Lorne Street; 13 yrs in 1891; 23 yrs in 1901; 34 yrs in 1911; 35 yrs in 1912 immigration;
c. Note:   44 Guildford Road; died of Carcinoma of stomach
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