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a. Note:   N19716 1891 Census 104 Boundary Street, Southport, Lancs Peter Blundell, head, marr, age 37, carter, born in Southport, Lancs Annie Blundell, wife, marr, age 38, charwoman, born in Manchester, Lancs John Blundell, son, age 13, errand boy, born in Southport, Lancs Alice Ann Blundell, dau, age 11, scholar, born in Southport, Lancs <b>Robert Blundell, son, age 8, errand boy, born in Southport, Lancs</b> Joseph Blundell, son, age 5, scholar, born in Southport, Lancs Ada Blundell, dau, age 1, born in Southport, Lancs Richard Rockliffe, lodger, widow, age 71, general labourer, born in Southport, Lancs
  1901 Census 118 Boundary Street, Southport, Lancs Peter Blundell, head, marr, age 50, carter/builder, born in Southport, Lancs Annie Blundell, wife, marr, age 49, born in Southport, Lancashire John Blundell, son, s, age 23, carter/builder, born Southport, Lancs Alice A Blundell, dau, s, age 21, housemaid/domestic, born Southport, Lancs <b>Robert Blundell, son, s, age 18, cab driver/groom, born Southport, Lancs</b> Joseph Blundell, son, age 15, errand boy, born in Southport, Lancs Ada Blundell, dau, age 11, born in Southport, Lancs
  1911 census BLUNDELL, Annie Head Married F 61 1850 Manchester BLUNDELL, Peter Head Married 36 years M 62 1849 Coal Carter Southport <b>BLUNDELL, Robert Son Married M 28 1883 Cab Driver Southport</b> << just visiting? BLUNDELL, Joseph Son Single M 26 1885 Cab Driver Southport WOOD, Ann Lodger Widow F 69 1842 St Helens MOOS, Thomas Lodger Single M 31 1880 Coal Carter Southport
  Work of Pamela Blundell [Cardiff 3/3/2012]:
  "I've had a look to John, Robert and Joseph Blundell, the sons of Peter and Annie, [] There are probably some coincidences of name but I think that Robert and Esther Rawlings are on a 1916 census in Canada. They are childless and emigrated in 1911. That may explain why they were living apart on the March 1911 census - saving money to go. Even more intriguing are records for a John and Joseph leaving Oregon in 1912 and returning to Liverpool. There are quite a few records for John ( as a teamster) coming and going from Canada to the USA, and back and forward to the Uk. One record shows his wife as Elizabeth and his address as 118 Bowden Street, Southport. This street still exists. On the same manifest for entry to Canada from America are a Peter and Alice Ball of Birkdale, he's also a teamster. I'm sure not all the records belong to this John.."
  "Staying at no.1032 Athabascka St. East, Moose Jaw in 1921 [taken from information on Peter and Alice Ball's entry documents."
  [Mar 1910 Ormskirk 8b 993] others on page: Margaret Ann Ball & Esther Rawlins (& Peter Wright) >> an Esther Blundell residing in Southport is 27 years in 1911 [born ca 1883] but only Ball gives children in Ormskirk District in index
  1911 census Southport Formby 11, no.18 Gloucester Rd, Birkdale Sydney Caldwell Parker Head 37 Married Shipping Merchant of P..r Goods Employer Manchester Lancs Sylvia Maude Parker Wife 37 Married 3 yrs 1 child born, Farnsworth Lancs Nevil Varley Parker Son 2 months Single Southport Lancs Florence Mary Moore Servant 28 Single Trained Nurse Stockport Cheshire <b>Esther Blundell Servant 27 Married 1 year, no children General Servant (Domestic) Southport Lancs</b>
b. Note:   8 yrs in 1891; 18 yrs in 1901; 28 yrs in 1911 with parents but married!; 32 yrs in 1916 [Moose Jaw, born England]; 38 yrs in 1921;
c. Note:   "The Sask. Gen. Soc. death index shows Robert buried in Moose Jaw in 1935, but I cant find him in the cemeteries." Butch
d. Note:
e. Note:   no children, both immigrated 1911, Canadian nationals, born England
f. Note:   Robert Blundell 38 yrs, Ester; no children
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