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1. Title:   [UK] <b>Registration District</b> [LIN] - Gainsborough Sub-district Gainsborough - birth
Page:   Copy in personal archive issued 15 Aug 2000 GRO London; father informs on 26 Aug 1878;
2. Title:   [UK] <b>Private Corr. Letter</b> [LIN] - Roland Hunter
Page:   gives place and date of death
3. Title:   [UK] <b>Registration District</b> [LIN] - Gainsborough - death
Page:   aged 72 years

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 <b>Benjamin Blow and family</b>
  no children of their own; they raised the daughters Lilian Mable (Masey) and Marjory (Madge) of Ben's brother Fred Blow
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