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Marriage: Children:
  1. John BLUNDELL: Birth: 12 OCT 1877 in Southport, Lancashire, England (Europa). Death: 22 MAR 1935 in Southport, Lancashire, England (Europa), [Mar 1935 Ormskirk 8b 1043, 57 yrs]

  2. Alice Ann BLUNDELL: Birth: 17 JUL 1880 in Southport, Lancashire, England (Europa). Death: 26 NOV 1937 in Southport, Lancashire, England (Europa), [Dec 1937 Southport 8b 969, 58 yrs]

  3. Robert BLUNDELL: Birth: ABT 1883 in Southport, Lancashire, England (Europa), [Mar 1883 Ormskirk 8b 858]. Death: ABT 16 JUN 1935 in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada (America)

  4. Joseph Alfred BLUNDELL: Birth: 3 JAN 1886 in Southport U.S.D., Lancashire, England (Europa), [Mar 1886 Ormskirk 8b 789]. Death: 1966 in Southport, Lancashire, England (Europa), [Mar 1966 Ormskirk 10f 840, 80 yrs]

  5. Ada BLUNDELL: Birth: 20 MAY 1889 in Southport U.S.D., Lancashire, England (Europa). Death: 1978 in Southport, Merseyside, England (Europa), [Sep 1978 Southport 37 0343]

1. Title:   [UK] <b>Registration District</b> [LAN] - Manchester Sub-district Market Street Manchester - birth
Page:   Copy in personal archive issued 21 Sep 2007; 35 Saint James' Street; father informs, registered 6 Mar 1852
2. Title:   [UK] <b>Registration District</b> [LAN] - Ormskirk Sub-district Southport - death
Page:   Copy in personal archive issued 4 Aug 1993 GRO London; 71 years, widow of Peter Blundell Coal Carter; Gastria, Carcinoma Metastases in Liver; John Blundell son present at the death 144 Upper Aughton Road Southport; reg. 26 Feb 1923
3. Title:   [UK] <b>Private Corr. Letter</b> [LAN] - William Blundell (3 letters)
Page:   Letter of 26 Mar 1990: from visited gravestone: "Wife Annie Blundell died Feb 23 - 1923 Aged 71 years"
4. Title:   [UK] <b>Gen. Web-site Public</b> [UK] - FREE BMD (Index of Births, Marriages & Deaths)
5. Title:   [UK] <b>Census Returns</b> [LAN] - North Meols 1871
Page:   [Folio 142 verso Page 32] North Meols District 14 "190" no.20? Bold Street Annie Burtles 20 yrs b.Manchester servant, with Joseph W.Bibby 33 yrs Cashier (Calico Warehouse) b.Manchester
6. Title:   [UK] <b>Registration District</b> [LAN] - Ormskirk - marriage
Page:   Copy in personal archive issued 29 May 1990 GRO London; Witnesses Robert Ball and Ellen Ball; bride and groom do not sign; bride's father: Charles (sic) Burton Labourer, deceased

a. Note:   N14326 <html>
 <img src="">

 <b>Blundell grave in Duke Street Cemetery</b>
 <img src="">

 <b>Blundell grave in Duke Street Cemetery (photo by Paul C. Nov. 2013)</b>
b. Note:   35 Saint James Street; 9 yrs in 1861 (with dad, born Manchester); 38 yrs in 1891 [Southport, born Manchester]; 49 yrs in 1901 [Southport, born Manchester]; 61 yrs in 1911 [Ormskirk district, born Manchester];
c. Note:   71 years; 144 Upper Aughton Road (home of her son John); died of Gastric Carcinoma
d. Note:   Annie BurtLES 20 yrs born Manchester servant with Joseph W. Bibby 33 yrs Cashier (Calico Warehouse) born Manchester; not sure if this is the same person as Ann/Annie Burton who married Peter Blundell
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