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Marriage: Children:
  1. Richard TALBOTT: Birth: ABT 1630 in England. Death: 1663 in West River, Anne Arundel Co., MD

  2. Frances TALBOTT: Birth: ABT 1634. Death: 1718

  3. Edward TALBOTT: Birth: ABT 1643.

  4. Elizabeth TALBOTT: Birth: ABT 1648.

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a. Note:   According to the Armistead Family History, Richard TALBOTT - whocame to Maryland in 1649 - was the son of Sir Robert Talbott,the 2nd Baron of Carlton Co., in Kildare; and Grace Calvert.Grace Calvert was the daughter of Sir George Calvert, 1st BaronBaltimore.
b. Note:   According to the Armistead material, Richard TALBOTT was next inline to become Earl of Shrewsbury, however because of hisloyalty to King Charles, his estates were confiscated by theCromwell Party, and hecame to Maryland by invitation of GovernorStone in 1649.
c. Note:   He settled in Maryland at the same time period as Sir WilliamTalbottand Colonel George Talbott - all relatives of LordBaltimore. Sir Robert Talbott's nephew became Earl ofShrewsbury. In 1649 Richard received a patent from theproprietary government of the province for a tract of land knowas Timber Neck. In 1655 he married Elizabeth Ewen. In 1656 hebought Poplar Knowle, a plantation on West River,Anne ArundelCounty. He died about 1662.Other sources to support the above info:"Descendants of Richard and Elizabeth (Ewen) Talbott by IdaShirk
d. Note:   Interesting note about the court case in the 1800's where manymemebers of the Talbott famlily were wanting to claim the titleof of the Earl of Shrewsbury. Evidently, the court had tofinally settle the case as to who would get the title :After the death of the 8th Earl of Shrewsbury, Edward Talbot,the heir to the earldom of Shrewsbury was determined to be adescendant of Gilbert Talbotof Grafton, brother of John Talbot, 3rd Earl of Shrewsbury.There is a controversy about the number of sons that Gilbert'sson John Talbot (first of Albrighton, later inherited Grafton)had, supposedly 3 sons by his first wife Margaret Troutbeck and4 sons by his second wife Elizabeth Wrottesley. A branch of thefamily that had a Robert Talbot who "went to Ireland and died,or..." may have possibly been more in direct line to inherit theearldom. I think Richard Talbott's will mentioned the propertyof Poplar Knoll and also the Shrewsbury link and John Talbot ofLongford (brother of the 9th Earl and father of the 10th Earl).The succession of the earldom eventually became extremelycomplicated and was determined by a court case as to whichdescendant of which branch was to inherit the title and estatesby the mid 1800's.
e. Note:   If, as some claimed, inscriptions on tombs had been altered andrecords changed at anearlier date, it still would not have been possible under anytheory to have changedall records, especially personal family records.
f. Note:   Richard received a patent for "Poplar Knoll" in 1659. He madehis will 21 Apr 1663 while living at West River. He left hisplantation to his wife during her lifttime. He gave the landthey were living on called "Poplar Knoll" to his eldest sonRichard and another parcel called "Talbots Timber Neck". Hissons Edward and John were to share 300 acres called "Talbott'sRidge"; if either died before reaching age 21, then the landwould be divided amongst his other two sons. He left hisdaughter Elizabeth (when she reached aged 16) a cow called"Spott" and a heifer. He gave his sons Richard and Edward thecattled which their grandfather had given them. See MarylandCalendar of Wills, Book 1:180.
g. Note:   Land Patents:Received patent for "Timber Neck" on south side of West River,Anne Arundel Co. - 1649 --Received patent for "Poplar Knoll" - 1659 ---*******Anne Arundel Land Records: ---Book WH:46 - he buys 100 acres of land on north side of WesternRiver next to Capt Ewen - 1656 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.