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  1. Eleanor Campbell Daniel: Birth: 11 SEP 1846 in Oglethorpe Co., Georgia. Death: 21 JUL 1922 in Oglethorpe Co., Georgia

1. Title:   Florrie C. Smith, "History of Oglethorpe Co. GA" Vol.I & II
Page:   Daniel Family Record
2. Title:   The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Ancestral File
3. Title:, Various data listed on Rootsweb
Page:   Nancy Dillard <[email protected]>

a. Note:   uried in the Daniel Family Cemetery behind "The Globe," which was built around 1830. When the house was built, a 2nd floor bedroom was so constructed that the only entrance was a door concealed in a closet of the master bedroom on the first floor. It is reported that General Sherman passed through Philomath on his march through Georgia and made 'The Globe" his quarters for the night. He spared the town. When Jefferson Davis was fleeing ahead of Union Troops, he is reported to have spent a night at "The Globe" and slept in the secret bedroom. Capt John J Daniel (son of Robert Cunningham Daniel), reported that the breakup of the CSA Government took place at "The Globe" and he witnessed it. The remaining cabinet members decided that it was a needless expenditure of blood to continue the struggle thus the Stars and Bars of the CSA were forever furled. Isn't it ironic that by sparing the house and the town, Sherman made it possible for Jefferson Davis to have a place to hide. There are other reports of "official" last cabinet meetings. May 1, 1865 at Abbeville, SC; also a meeting May 3, 1865 at Washington, Georgia. Jefferson Davis Memoirs state he arrived in Washington on May 4. Regardless, Davis and his cabinet could have easily arrived May 2nd or 3rd and have been hiding at 'The Globe" prior to the 'official' meeting. And the decision could have been made at the informal cabinet meeting at "The Globe" . I tend to believe Davis didn't want to give away 'the secret bedroom' of his hosts and thus put in his memoirs that he arrived May 4.
  Future President Woodrow Wilson also slept in the secret bedroom when his daddy Joseph Ruggles Wilson came from Augusta, Georgia on occasion to preach at Philomath. Young Woodrow Wilson was so enamored of the house's history, he reported said "this house is my universe" . From that statement, Young Woodrow and hid daddy decided to name the house "The Globe" and it stuck.
  The name of the community was Woodstock but was changed to Philomath because another post office in Georgia already had the name of Woodstock. The name Philomath is derived from two Greek Words which mean 'the love of' and 'learning mathematics'. The name suggestion may have come from Alexander H Stephens (VP of the CSA). Before the War Between the States, there was a school for young men at Philomath which had 200 pupils who boarded with local families.
  Robert Cunningham Daniel's brother, Samuel Ewing Daniel allegedly told of a small group of Union Soldiers making camp across the road from his brick house (now known as Kettle Creek Manor). Samuel Daniel proved food and water for the Union horses but cautioned them that his house was off limits as were all the females (black and white) on his plantation. Samuel Ewing Daniels CSA service was 1862-1864 so this probably took place late in the war.
  Carlton Dillard who wrote BACK TO VIRGINIA WITH DILLARD DANIEL AND KIN; has wondered if the Union Soldiers were keeping the wrong Daniel house under surveillance watching for Jefferson Davis. The Samuel Ewing Daniel house is 4-5 miles from the Richard Cunningham Daniel house. He also wondered if Jefferson Davis own security people dropped an intentional leak that Jefferson Davis would be heading for the Samuel Ewing Daniel House in Wilkes County, Georgia.....thus causing a watch to be put on the wrong house on purpose.

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