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a. Note:   lin was J.P. for the City of Dublin, County Tipperary and King's County. He married Elinor Maxwell the daughter of Richard Maxwell, a merchant of Pill Lane. She bore him two sons and two daughters. On the death of his first wife he married Mary Crosthwaite the daughter of Leland Crosthwaite of Dollymount, Clontarf, who was the Governor of the Bank of Ireland from 1808-10. They had five sons and four daughters. Their eldest son (also Joseph) lived at 1 Fitzwilliam Square and at Saint Doulough's Park, Raheny. During the 1780s, the size of the ivory support gradually increased allowing for a larger portrait to be painted. This portrait of Joseph Hone exemplifies Horace Hone's mature individual watercolour on ivory style which is painted with characteristic curving parallel linear brush strokes. The shading of the face is done using minute blue parallel lines. Washes of colour are applied thinly in the areas of the face and background. The washes of colour and lightly applied brush strokes allow more ivory to show through which gives the surface luminosity and fully exploits the watercolour on ivory technique. The details of the uniform are highlighted in gouache.
Note:   oseph Hone was a merchant of Mountjoy Square and 47 Harcourt Street and Rockfield, County Dub is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.