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Marriage: Children:
  1. Mary Maxwell: Birth: 29 JUN 1796 in Ashe County, North Carolina. Death: 29 JAN 1873 in Daviess County, Missouri

  2. Ann Maxwell: Birth: 29 JUN 1796 in Ashe County, North Carolina. Death: ABT 1849 in DeWitt County, Illinois

  3. William Maxwell: Birth: 28 NOV 1797 in Ashe County, North Carolina. Death: 26 FEB 1839 in McLean County, Illinois

  4. Elizabeth Maxwell: Birth: 30 JAN 1800 in Ashe County, North Carolina. Death: 17 NOV 1893 in McLean County, Illinois

  5. Jane Maxwell: Birth: 11 OCT 1801 in Ashe County, North Carolina. Death: 24 FEB 1883 in Daviess County, Missouri

  6. Susan Maxwell: Birth: 27 JUL 1804 in Ashe County, North Carolina. Death: 21 JAN 1878 in Petaluma, Sonoma County, California

  7. Delitha Maxwell: Birth: 12 SEP 1805 in Ashe County, North Carolina. Death: 14 APR 1885 in Daviess County, Missouri

  8. John A. Maxwell: Birth: 18 AUG 1807 in Ashe County, North Carolina. Death: 5 JAN 1891 in Waynesville, DeWitt County, Illinois

  9. Lucinda Maxwell: Birth: 16 JAN 1809 in Ashe County, North Carolina. Death: 11 MAR 1831 in DeWitt County, Illinois

  10. David Maxwell: Birth: 16 JAN 1809 in Ashe County, North Carolina. Death: 22 SEP 1875 in Ogle County, Illinois

  11. Mahala Maxwell: Birth: 14 MAR 1811 in Ashe County, North Carolina. Death: UNKNOWN

  12. Obedience Maxwell: Birth: 23 OCT 1812 in Ashe County, North Carolina. Death: 1901 in San Luis Obispo, California

  13. Phebe Maxwell: Birth: 25 AUG 1816. Death: 20 AUG 1844 in McLean County, Illinois

1. Title:   Brandenburg-Maxwell
Page:   page 197, page 231-236

a. Note:   MAXWELL: Scottish: habitational name from a place near Melrose in Roxburghshire. The place name is first recorded in 1144 in the form Mackeswell �Mack�s spring or stream (Old English well(a))�.
  A John Maxwell, not necessarily the John Maxwell, born July 25, 1765 in Maryland, served during the Revolutionary war as a soldier with Captain Dysart's Company of Light Horse in service on tour to North Carolina under the command of Colonel William Campbell, as a wagoner to General Polk, Morgan District, North Carolina. He is listed on the pay roll, 21 May 1781, page 1252, volume 3, Virginia Soldiers of 1776 by Louis A. Burgess. Pay Voucher, Morgan District, North Carolina.
  John moved from Maryland to South Carolina with his parents. He took up 300 acres of land in District 96, South Carolina, 12 June 1784. He sold part of his land to William Vaugh, 1 June 1792, no spouse signed this deed, so it is assumed he had not married by 1792.
  MAXWELL, John, is listed in the 1779 census in the Old 96th District, South Carolina, no township listed. He is also listed in the 1790 Pendleton County, District 96, South Carolina census.
  The Old "Ninety-Six" District of South Carolina was created (original) in 1769 and was abolished in 1798. (The 96th District. from 1785 to 1798 consisted of present day Union Co.)
  It consisted of (present-day) Abbeville Co. (formed 1785) Part of Abbeville Co. to Greenwood Co. (formed 1897) Part of Abbeville Co. to McCormick Co. (formed 1916) Edgefield Co. (formed 1785) Part of Edgefield to Aiken Co. (formed 1871) Part of Edgefield to Greenwood Co. (formed 1897) Part of Edgefield to Saluda Co. (formed 1896) Laurens Co. (formed 1785) Newberry Co. (formed 1785) Spartanburg Co. (formed 1785) Part of Spartbg. Co. to Cherokee Co. (formed 1897) Union Co. (formed 1798) Part of Union. Co. to Cherokee Co. (formed 1897) HISTORICAL NOTE: Ashe County was formed from Wilkes County in 1799. Ashe helped to form Watauga County in 1849 and Allegheny County in 1859. Surrounding Ashe County are Allegheny County, Watauga County, and Wilkes County.
  It is thought he married and moved to North Carolina soon afterwards. He is living in Ashe County, North Carolina by 1800 with a wife and four children under 10 years of age. On 25 Dec 1802 he was granted 150 acres of land in Ashe County on the top of Peach Botim Mountain, survey number 783 was made in 1803. John bought 100 acres of land from William Maxwell, 29 Sep 1801, on the West Fork of Elk Creek.
  State of North Carolina No 783 Micajah Penington- Entereny offices of Claims for Lands in the County of Ashe to the surveyor of said county greeting you are heir by required to survey according to law for John Maxwell one hundred and fifty acres of land lying in the County afour said lying on a branch of Little????cove running East including of Aron Collins's claim. Entered the 23 of September 1802 and made Due return their of agreeably given under my hand at offices the 25 of December 1802 Micajah Penington E T
  I heir by cairtefi that John Maxwell entered No 783 one hundred and fifty acres of land in Ashe County in my offices September the 23 day in 1802. Micajah Penington Eos
  State N Carolina Ashe County June the 1803 surveyed for John Maxwell one hundred and fifty acres of land lying on the top of Peach Botim Mountain beginning at a Locust on the top of said Mountain near the which nettle Cove running North one Hundr and twenty poles a Ash then East tu Hundred poles to a stake then South one hundred and Twenty poles to a Chesnut then to the first station. Eli Clevel'd es
  John Maxwell Plan and Certifi William Reves 150 acres Thomas Collins 1 June 1803 Ashe T
  Book V - page 246
  William Maxwell deed to Jn Maxwell 100 acres this Indenture made this twenty ninth day of September Anno Domini one thousand Eight hundred and one by and between William Maxwell of the State of North Carolina $ Ashe County of one part and John Maxwell of the State and County aforesaid of other part witnesseth that the said William Maxwell for and in consideration of the Sum of Eighty pounds good and lawful money of the State aforesaid to him the said William Maxwell in hand paid by the said John Maxwell the receipt the said William Maxwell doth hereby acknowledge, and himself therewith fully satisfied and paid, he the said William Maxwell hath granted, bargained and Sold, and by these presents doth freely clearly and absolutely grant, bargain, Sell, convey and confer, unto the Said John Maxwell a certain tract of land containing one hundred acres be the same more or less, lying and being in the County aforesaid on the West fork of Elk Creek of New River being the lower end of a tract of three hundred and twenty acres, beginning on an agreed line at a branch. Joining land conveyed by the said William Maxwell to Henry Poe, and on the North end of said tract of land, and runs east to a Spanish oak the beginning corner of said tract of land, then south sixty poles to a white oak, then west forty six poles to a white oak, then south ninety to a Spanish oak, then west to the aforesaid agreed line, then on said line to the first station, together with every right, title, claim & emolument to said premises belonging. Or wise appertaining, and the said William Maxwell doth surely bind himself his heirs, executors and administrators well and truly to warrant and forever defend all and singular the premises above mentioned to said John Maxwell his heirs and assigns forever free and clear from encumbrances and claims whatever. In testimony whereof he the said William Maxwell hath hereunto set his hand and affixed his seal, the day and year first above written. Signed, sealed and delivered In the presents of Wm. Maxwe ll (Seal)
  Ja Maxwell
  James x Chesser mark
  North Carolina May Term 1812 the within deed was duly acknowledged Ashe County in open Court by William Maxwell in order to register. District Council E???????????
  The present township of Orleans was organized with the county, and a large part of it was formerly embraced in what was then known as Lost River Township. It is situated in the best part of Orange County for agricultural pursuits, and the land was early and eagerly taken up by the first settlers. Lost River sinks in the southeastern part. and the dry bed or channel extends on across a considerable of the southern part of the township. Up to and including the year 1812, there were nearly 1,300 acres of land entered in this township, and all of it within six sections immediately along the Lost River channel. The following is a list of the entries that comprise that amount of land, and they are the only ones made in this township up to that time. In Township 2 north, and Range 1 east William Brooks. April 13, 1812, 158.40 acres in Section 3; Daniel Findley, May 16, 1812, 153.20 acres in Section 3; Benjamin Freeman, April 11. 1812. 160 acres in Section 4; James Maxwell, October 10, 1809, 160 acres in Section 5; Benjamin Freeman, April 19, 1812, 160 acres in Section 7; Robert Field, April 21, 1812, 176 acres in Section 7; Benjamin Freeman, April 18, 18 12, 160 acres in Section 8. In Township 3 north, and Range 1 east David Findley, November 14, 1811, 160 acres in Section 34. Other entries of land in this township before the year 1820 were as follows: In 1813, Simon Denny, Joseph Maxwell Jr., Roger McKnight, John Boggs and Samuel Gunthoy. In 1814, Peter Mahan, David Findley, Elizabeth Lee and Samuel Lewis. In 1815, Isaac Kimbly, Lindsley Ware, James Lewis, John and Jacob Elrod, Roger McKnight, Joseph Maxwell, Jr., William Lindley, Sr.. James Sprow, John Besey and George Blair. In 1816, John Crow, Benjamin Freeman, Christian Hostetler, William Kerr, John Sears, William Holman, Henry Sanders, John McVey, William Kirtman, Thomas Tate, Samuel Wood, Henry Speed and John Maxwell. In 1817, Henry McGee, John Mayall, Elisha Walling, Joseph Sullivan, Thomas Edwards, Garret Voris and Samuel Lewis. In 1818, William Salee, Fendes Sutherland, Thaddeus Fisher, Abraham Hentman, Hiram and Absalom Gross, James Roberts and Francis Bland. In 1819, R. McLean, Jonathan Wright, J. G. Carr, William G. Berry and Phillip Sutherland.
  John acquired 80 acres of land, 30 Sep 1816 in Orleans Township, Orange County, Indiana (W1/2 of SW1/4 of Sec 35, Township 3N, Range 1W). John and Jane sold this land to Joseph L. McNight in 1828. Also in Orleans Township in Section 5 is James Maxwell. October 19, 1809, 160 acres and in 1813 and 1815 Joseph Maxwell Jr. The relationship for these Maxwell's is not clear. Source for this information is the History of Orange County, Indiana Volume I, page 33.
  In 1817 John Maxwell is listed as a Justice of the Peace, page 86, of the History of Orange County, Indiana, also Joseph Maxwell in 1822 and James Maxwell in 1816.
  State of Illinois Land Purchase, Record Number 219218, John Maxwell, dated 10 October 1829. John purchased 80 acres of land at $1.25 per acre from the Federal Government in McLean County, Section 5, Township 23N, Meridian 3, Section Part W2SE, Range 02E, Purchaser Residence, Tazewell County. Archive Volume Number 145, Volume Page Number 008.
  State of Illinois Land Purchase, Record Number 219217, John Maxwell, dated 30 October 1829. John purchased 80 acres of land at $1.25 per acre from the Federal government in McLean County, Section 8, Township 23N, Meridian 3, Section Part W2NE, range 02E, Purchaser Residence, Tazewell County. Archive Volume Number 145, Volume Page Number 009.
  Page 197 The first petit jury called together in this county, in the spring of 1832, was composed as follows: Andrew Brock, Gabriel Watt, Thomas Cuppy, John Moore, Esq., David Noble, Silas Waters, Amos Conaway, Henry Ball, Eli Frankerberger, Benjamin Hains, John Kimler, John H. S. Rhodes, JOHN MAXWEL L, SR., James Canada, Henry Hains, John Durley, Lewis Soward, Patrick Hopkins, Jacob Spawr, Absalom Funk, John Dixon, David Wheeler, JAMES TOLIVE R, Mathew Robb.
  Page 216 At the January term, 1832, a petition was presented to the court signed by DAVID MAXWELL, and others, praying for a road to be established, commencing at the west end of Front Street, in the town of Bloomington, thence to JAMES TOLIVER'S, JOHN MAXWELL'S, Samuel Rhodes, Timothy M. Gates, Nathan Low's, John Hougham's, and thence to Funks Grove. The petition was granted, and Isaac Baker, James Allen and James Latta were appointed to view and the same and report.
  Page 219 At the December term, 1832, and at the February term, 1833, the County Commissioners' Court granted deeds to the following named gentlemen, who had bought town lots in Bloomington at the public sale of said lots on the 4th of July, 1831. The record of the sale appears not to be obtainable; but the following are believed to be substantially the names of the purchasers; James Latta, MARTIN SCOTT, A. Gridley, Nathan Low, William R. Ro berson, JOHN MAXWELL, Ebenezer Rhodes, Cheney Thomas, Solomon Dodge, Caleb Kimler, Jesse Frankerberger, Jesse Havens, Frederick Trimmer, M. L. Covell, John W. Dawson, David Wheeler, Alvin Barnett, JONATHAN CHENEY, Joseph B. Harbert, Eli Frankerberger, Hezekiah M. Harbert, Richard Gross, William Harbert, Samuel Durley, Orman Roberson, Baily Kimler, Baily H. Coffey, Lewis Soward, John W. Harbert, Isaac Baker and Absolom Funk.
  Page 317 The following heads of families were living within what are now the city limits of Bloomington before the town was laid out, in 1830, while it is probable a few others among them Dr. Baker and Rev. Mr. Latta- should also be included in this list; but we have placed them in the list of those living in the Grove. In the whole settlement, there were fifty families: Henry Miller, JAMES TOLLIVER, James Allin, John Greenman, WILLIAM EVAN S, JOHN MAXWELL, John Kimler and James Mason lived in what is now the city of Bloomington.
  Page 328 JOHN MAXWELL and JAMES TOLLIVER lived in the southwest part of the city, where their land is in part now known as the Tolliver Addition to the city of Bloomington. Upon the death of his son William Maxwell in 1839 the executors of his estate required verification of all out standing unpaid bills. His father John Maxwell was owed $1.75 as per the below statement. William Maxwell Estate 1838 To John Maxwell Nov 20= To part of side upper leather $1.75 John Maxwell being duly sworn doth depose and say that the above amount is just and unpaid. Signed John Maxwell Sworn and Subscribed before me this 17th day of February. 1840. Wells Colton Probate Justice
  According to the tombstone markings John was 92 years 26 days old at the time of his death and was buried in the Woodlawn (Rhodes) Cemetery just south of Bloomington, Illinois.
  From the Daily Pantagraph, Bloomington, Illinois newspaper, 19 August 1857. John Maxwell, SR died at his residence 'west end of front street' in Bloomington, age about 100 years.
  "Daily Pantagraph" Tuesday, August 20, 1857, Page 2 Col. 3. DIED: On Wednesday at 9 A.M. at his residence West end of Front Street Old father John Maxwell age about 100 years.
  "Daily Pantagraph" Thursday, August 22, 1857. Page 3 Col. 1. Father Maxwell was born about a century ago in the province, now state of Maryland, from there he with his parents moved to South Carolina. He then married and moved to North Carolina where he lived for 21 years and where 14 of his children were born. From North Carolina he moved to Indiana and thence to the site on which Bloomington now stands in the year 1828. Soon after which he settled on the place where he died which makes 20 years in this place.
  His religious life was consistent as all testify who knew him. He was first Baptist and 29 years ago connected himself with the Christian Church in which faith he remained to the day of his death. He was a peaceable citizen, respected by all who knew him. He died full of years leaving two maiden daughters at home and numerous family of children and grand- children to mourn his loss. He died on the 19 day of August 1857.
  Ref.: "Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in Illinois." John Maxwell Born: August 19, 1765 in Kent County, Colony of Maryland. Buried: Woodland Cemetery (or Rhodes), South of Bloomington, Illinois. Spouse: Jane Brazelton. Service: Soldier: North Carolina; 1775-1783. Marker: The grave was marked on May 4, 1974 by DeWitt Clinton Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), Clinton, and Letitia Green Stevenson Chapter, DAR, Bloomington. Sources: DAR Patriot Index.
  DAR slates ceremony for cemetery plaque
  Letitia Green Stevenson and DeWitt Clinton Chapters of DAR will mark the grave of a Revolutionary War soldier, John Maxwell, in Woodland Cemetery, south of Bloomington, on Saturday.
  The bronze plaque denotes the soldier's name, years of the war and the names of the chapters placing the marker. It will be set on the present white gravestone in a 2 P.M. ceremony Saturday.
  This is the 150th year anniversary of the arrival of the first Rhodes family to McLean County. Descendants of the Rev. Ebenezer Rhodes, first minister in McLean County, are buried in Woodlawn Cemetery and the family cemetery organization has assumed maintenance and improvements of it. Benjam in Rhodes, 2008 E. Oakland, great-great-grandson of Rev. Rhodes will give the history of the family.
  Joe Dowell of Bloomington will sing a ballad he composed called "Two Warriors".
  The ceremony will be conducted by the two regents, Mrs. Clyde Fry of Clinton and Mrs. Emerson Scholl of Arrowsmith. Historians Mrs. Howard Anderson of Bloomington and Mrs. John Gibson of Clinton; Chaplains Miss Frances Pillsbury of Bloomington and Mrs. Floyd Thomas of Heyworth, will also participate.
  A descendant of the soldier, Miss Lena Maxwell, Bloomington, will give the family connection to the Bloomington area. Another descendant, Mrs. Ernest Hamilton of Farmer City, will review the service record of the soldier.
  Invocation will be given by Mrs. Cleland Leaman of Willmette, Illinois State Regent of DAR, Mrs. Robert Flynn, state DAR historian from Sterling, will tell of the graves being marked by DAR.
  Dr. Robert Young's of Second Presbyterian Church will give the benediction .
  Mrs. Paul Meyers of Springfield, vice president general of Illinois, will attend. Also invited are members of the Bloomington-Normal Genealogical Society and relatives of the Maxwell family from Kansas, Iowa and surrounding towns.
  The American Legion Color Guard Post 56 will close the ceremony, with taps played.
  Officers, members and guests will have a luncheon at the Sinorak at 12 noon, with those attending the graveside ceremonies leaving the parking lot at 1;30. Parking space at the cemetery is limited.
  Miss Maxwell is hosting refreshments at Brandtville afterwards.
  Individual: Maxwell, John County/State: Pendleton District., South Carolina Page #: 085 Year: 1790 Age ranges in household: 01-00-00-00-00 (one male over sixteen)
  The 1800 Ashe County Census was the first for the northwestern most county in the Tar Heel State. This county was formed in late 1799 and included all of Wilkes County west of the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountain. The 977 square miles that then composed Ashe County has been further divided, first in 1849 to form Watauga County, North Carolina and again 10 years later to form Alleghany County. The primary reason for the structure of the census, in addition to the constitutionally mandated reason was to determine the number of men available for military service if this should be required. During this period all white males between 16 and 45 years of age were considered to be in the potential military pool and were de facto militiamen.
  Individual: Maxwell, John County/State: Ashe Co., North Carolina Page #: 83 Year: 1800 Age ranges in household: 1001000-30100 (one male 0/10, one male 26/45, three females 0/10, one female 16/26)
  Individual: Maxwell, John County/State: Orange Co., Indiana Location: Greenfield Township Page #: 130 Year: 1820 (2 males 10/16, 1 male 45 up, 3 females 0/10, 2 females 10/16, 3 females 16/26, 1 female 26/45, 1 female 45 up)
  1830 Tazewell County, Illinois Maxwell, John: 178/20 2 males 20/30, 1 male 60/70, 1 female 10/15, 2 females 15/20, 3 females 20 /30, 1 female 50/60
  Individual: Maxwell, John County/State: Mc Lean Co., Illinois Page #: 275 Year: 1840 (2 males 15/20, 1 male 70/80, 1 female 30/40
  1850 Federal Population Census, M432, Roll 117, City of Bloomington, McLean County, Illinois, date 15th day of September 1850, page 24A, line 18, dwelling 588, family 601 Maxwell, John, 89 year old, Male, White, farmer, value of real estate owned $1500, born Maryland. Jane, 47 year old, Female, White, born North Carolina. Delitha, 43 year old, Female, White, born North Carolina. PAIN, John M., 12 year old, Male, White, born Illinois, attended school within the year. (Son of Phebe Maxwell) Mary J., 9 year old, Female, White, born Illinois, attended school within the year. (Daughter of Phebe Maxwell.)
  Tombstone inscriptions from Woodlawn Cemetery: John Maxwell, July 26, 1765 -Aug 19, 1857, husband of Jane. Rhodes Cemetery in McLean County outside Bloomington is also known as Woodlawn. 402612N, 0885751W, Bloomington East USGS map. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.