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Individual Page

Marriage: Children:
  1. Edward H. THOMPSON: Birth: AUG 1869 in Oregon.

  2. Zenah H. THOMPSON: Birth: ABT 1871 in Oregon.

  3. Hurburt THOMPSON: Birth: ABT 1873 in Oregon.

  4. Fred F. THOMPSON: Birth: ABT 1875 in Oregon.

  5. Mary F. THOMPSON: Birth: NOV 1877 in Oregon.

  6. Henry F. THOMPSON: Birth: NOV 1879 in Oregon.

  7. Clarence A. THOMPSON: Birth: ABT 1882 in Oregon.

  8. John W. THOMPSON: Birth: JUN 1884 in Oregon.

  9. Chester Howe THOMPSON: Birth: JAN 1889 in Oregon.

a. Note:   based on 1870 Federal Census
b. Note:   see family note for Francis W. THOMPSON and Mary A. BLAKNEY
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