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Anthony Thomson: Birth: 7 JAN 1778 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Death: 3 JAN 1849 in Ealing, Middlesex, England
Azubah Thomson: Birth: 3 MAR 1765. Death: 13 JUN 1851
Barnabas Thomson: Birth: 1705 in Middleboro, Massachuesetts. Death: 1789 in Middleboro, Massachuesetts
Caleb Thomson: Birth: 5 NOV 1737 in Bellingham, Massachuesetts. Death: 1829 in Monson, Massachuesetts
Caleb Thomson: Birth: 1712 in Middleboro, Massachuesetts. Death: 1787 in Middleboro, Massachuesetts
Dorothy Thomson: Birth: 1591 in Maidstone, Shropshire, England.
Elizabeth Anne Thomson: Birth: 1821 in Barford, Warwickshire, England. Death: 16 OCT 1915 in Barford, Warwickshire, England
Elizabeth Thomson: Birth: 28 JAN 1654 in Plymouth, Massachuesetts. Death: 14 JAN 1717 in Sandwich, Massachuesetts
Esther Thomson: Birth: 28 JUL 1652 in Plymouth, Massachuesetts. Death: 26 OCT 1706 in Weymouth, Massachuesetts
Esther Thomson: Birth: 1707 in Middleboro, Massachuesetts. Death: 1776 in Middleboro, Massachuesetts
Hannah Thomson: Birth: 10 MAR 1709 in Middleboro, Massachuesetts. Death: 27 NOV 1787 in Abington, Massachuesetts
Jacob Jr. Thomson: Birth: 1695 in Middleboro, Massachuesetts. Death: 1789 in Middleboro, Massachuesetts
Jacob Sr. Thomson: Birth: 24 APR 1662 in Plymouth, Massachuesetts. Death: 1 SEP 1726 in Middleboro, Massachuesetts
John Jr. Thomson: Birth: 24 NOV 1647 in Plymouth, Massachuesetts. Death: 25 NOV 1725 in Middleboro, Massachuesetts
John Sr. Thomson: Birth: 10 SEP 1614 in Wales, England. Death: 16 JUN 1696 in Middleboro, Massachuesetts
John Thomson: Birth: 1701 in Middleboro, Massachuesetts. Death: 1790 in Middleboro, Massachuesetts
Joseph Duncan Jr. Thomson: Birth: 24 JUN 1932 in Collie, Australia. Death: 10 FEB 2003 in Perth, Australia
Lydia Thomson: Birth: 5 OCT 1659 in Plymouth, Massachuesetts. Death: 14 MAR 1742 in Middleboro, Massachuesetts
Lydia Thomson: Birth: 1703 in Middleboro, Massachuesetts. Death: 1789 in Middleboro, Massachuesetts
Mary Thomson: Birth: 1650 in Plymouth, Massachuesetts. Death: 3 MAY 1723 in Plymouth, Massachuesetts
Mary Thomson: Birth: 1711 in Middleboro, Massachuesetts. Death: 1769 in Middleboro, Massachuesetts
Mercy Thomson: Birth: 1671 in Plymouth, Massachuesetts. Death: 19 APR 1756 in Halifax, Massachuesetts
Mercy Thomson: Birth: 1699 in Middleboro, Massachuesetts. Death: 1799 in Middleboro, Massachuesetts
Moses Thomson: Birth: 23 DEC 1728. Death: 24 DEC 1794
Patience Thomson: Birth: 1701 in Chelmsford, Massachuesetts.
Peter Thomson: Birth: 11 MAY 1649 in Plymouth, Massachuesetts. Death: 29 APR 1731 in Barnstable, Massachuesetts
Thomas Thomson: Birth: 19 OCT 1664 in Plymouth, Massachuesetts. Death: 26 OCT 1742 in Halifax, Massachuesetts
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Della Thone: Birth: 1899 in Spring Hill, Minnesota.
Frederick Thone: Birth: 1871 in Spring Hill, Minnesota.
Gertrude Thone: Birth: 1897 in Spring Hill, Minnesota.
May Thone: Birth: 1903 in Spring Hill, Minnesota.
Octavia Thone: Birth: 1901 in Spring Hill, Minnesota.
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Gunnar Thoraldssen: Birth: 1333 in Hackas, Jentland, Sweden.
Gunnhild Thorasdatter: Birth: 928 in Vestfold, Norway.
Ulfihild Thorasdatter: Birth: 955 in Kvam, Gudbrandsdalen, Norway.
Jorunn Thorbergsdatter: Birth: 1019 in Giske Iasle, Norway.
Thora Thorbergsdatter: Birth: 980 in Oppland, Norway.
Eystein Thorbergssen: Birth: 1018 in Giske Isle, Ramsdal, Norway. Death: 1066 in Riding, Yorkshire, England
Ogmund Thorbergssen: Birth: 1021 in Giske Iasle, Norway.
Arne Thorbergsson: Birth: 984 in Oppland, Norway.
John Thorbergsson: Birth: 1121 in Osteraat, Yrje, Norway.
Ogmund Thorbergsson: Birth: 982 in Oppland, Norway.
Ogmund Thorbergsson: Birth: 996 in Voss, Norway.
Gunhild Thorbjornsdatter: Birth: 1750 in Ylmeim, Norway.
Thordis Thorbjornsdatter: Birth: 904 in Oppland, Norway.
Gaute Thorbjornsson: Birth: 1555 in Ylmeim, Norway.
Olav Thorbjornsson: Birth: 1560 in Ylmeim, Norway.
Hans Thorbjorsson: Birth: 1550 in Berdal, Norway.
Jorunn Thorburgsdatter: Birth: 1033 in Oslo, Norway.
Thora Thorburgsdatter: Birth: 1020 in Giske Isle, Sunnmore, Norway. Death: 1055 in Oslo, Norway
Eyestein Thorburgsson: Birth: 1025 in Oslo, Norway.
Ogmund Thorburgsson: Birth: 1029 in Oslo, Norway. Death: 1077 in Oslo, Norway
James Arthur Thorburn: Birth: 19 OCT 1890 in Gore Bay, Ontario, Canada. Death: 21 NOV 1968 in Daysland, Alberta, Canada
William Mack Thorburn: Birth: 19 DEC 1938 in Strome, Alberta, Canada. Death: 13 JUL 1958 in Strome, Alberta, Canada
Gudrun Thordsdatter: Birth: 1027 in Voss, Norway.
Martha Thordsdatter: Birth: 1658 in Hamre, Norway.
Marit Thordsdtr: Birth: 1720 in Hedemarkens, Wingers, Naes, Norway.
Arnfinn Thordsson: Birth: 1640 in Hamre, Norway.
Jedvard Thordsson: Birth: 1187 in Sweden.
Jon Thordsson: Birth: 1648 in Hamre, Norway. Death: 1729 in Hamre, Norway
Jon Thordsson: Birth: 1581 in Hamre, Norway. Death: 1664 in Hamre, Norway
Lasse Thordsson: Birth: 1655 in Hamre, Norway. Death: 1720 in Hamre, Norway
Olluf Thordsson: Birth: 1650 in Hamre, Norway.
Olluf Thordsson: Birth: 1570 in Hamre, Norway. Death: 1639 in Hamre, Norway
Groa Thordursdatter: Birth: 900 in Hof, Iceland.
Thordis Thordursdatter: Birth: 904 in Hof, Iceland.
Eyvindur Thordursson: Birth: 898 in Hof, Iceland.
Orn Thordursson: Birth: 897 in Hof, Iceland.
Ospak Thordursson: Birth: 1006 in Hof, Alpafirdi, Iceland.
Alfgifu Thoredsdotter: Birth: 973 in Wessex, England. Death: FEB 1002 in London, Middlesex, Ebgland
Bergljot Thorersdatter: Birth: 914 in Maer, Trondelag, Norway.
Berthe Thorersdatter: Birth: 1785 in Spydeberg, Troms, Norway.
Oluffa Thorersdatter: Birth: 910 in Maer, Trondelag, Norway.
Ljot Thorersson: Birth: 912 in Maer, Trondelag, Norway.
Thorbard Thorersson: Birth: 907 in Maer, Trondelag, Norway.
Anne Thoresdatter: Birth: 14 FEB 1860 in Prestegard, Trondelag, Norway. Death: 7 AUG 1895 in Hillsboro, North Dakota
Bergliot Thoresdatter: Birth: 920 in Oppland, Norway.
Elgiva Thoresdatter: Birth: 963 in Wessex, England. Death: FEB 1002 in Winchester, England
Erikka Karoline Thoresdatter: Birth: 1882 in Tromso, Troms, Norway.
Erikka Karoline Thoresdatter: Birth: 12 MAY 1884 in Tromso, Troms, Norway. Death: 28 JUN 1956 in Tromso, Troms, Norway
Ingeborg Thoresdatter: Birth: 18 SEP 1842 in Verran, Trondelag, Norway.
Mari Thoresdatter: Birth: 1795 in Hedmarkens, Stroms, Melgaarden, Norway.
Ragnild Thoresdatter: Birth: 1801 in Hedmarkens, Stroms, Melgaarden, Norway.
Severine Andrea Thoresdatter: Birth: 1880 in Tromso, Troms, Norway.
Barbro Thoresen: Birth: 1739 in Hedemarken, Wang, Norway.
Ole Thoreson: Birth: 1796 in Hedmarkens, Stroms, Melgaarden, Norway.
Anders Thoressen: Birth: 1620 in Verran, Trondelag, Norway.
Anders Thoressen: Birth: 1559 in Verran, Trondelag, Norway.
Petter Thoressen: Birth: 1819 in Trondheim, Norway.
Sivert Thoressen: Birth: 1821 in Inderoy, Troms, Norway.
Torlaf Alfred Kristian Thoressen: Birth: 1 SEP 1870 in Berg, Troms, Norway.
Paul Martin Thoresson: Birth: 1878 in Tromso, Troms, Norway.
Amvid Thorfarinnsson: Birth: 900 in Giske, Norway.

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