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Marriage: Children:
  1. Archaleus Durham: Birth: ABT 1812 in South Carolina. Death: AFT 1870 in Cherokee County, Georgia

  2. Miles Durham: Birth: 22 FEB 1814 in Spartanburg County, South Carolina. Death: 17 OCT 1888 in Anderson County, South Carolina

  3. General Osborn Durham: Birth: 26 MAR 1819 in South Carolina. Death: 6 DEC 1884 in DeKalb County, Alabama

  4. Susan Durham: Birth: ABT 1820 in South Carolina.

  5. Lucinda Durham: Birth: ABT 1822 in Anderson County, South Carolina. Death: 16 AUG 1897 in Jackson County, Alabama

  6. David Monroe Durham: Birth: 8 DEC 1824 in Spartanburg County, South Carolina.

  7. John S. Durham: Birth: ABT 1826 in Anderson County, South Carolina. Death: ABT 1864 in Camp Douglas, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois

  8. Malissa Durham: Birth: ABT 1829 in Anderson County, South Carolina. Death: 14 JUL 1899 in Anderson County, South Carolina

  9. Sarah A. Durham: Birth: 22 DEC 1830 in South Carolina. Death: 5 AUG 1913 in DeKalb County, Alabama

  10. Nancy Emaline Durham: Birth: 3 FEB 1833 in South Carolina.

  11. Dorcas Elizabeth Durham: Birth: 14 APR 1837 in Anderson County, South Carolina. Death: JAN 1921

  12. James M. C. Durham: Birth: ABT 1838 in South Carolina.

1. Title:   Information provided by Cole Owen - via Email 2009 - Research of Byron K. Durham
2. Title:   1850 Census for Anderson County, South Carolina 2008 - Research of Byron K. Durham
3. Title:   1840 Census for Anderson County, South Carolina 2014 - Research of Byron K. Durham

a. Note:   etween 40-50 age), is listed as head of household. He is shown with 5 young males and 5 young females).
  In the 1850 Census for Anderson County, South Carolina (Eastern Subdivision), David Durham, age 65 South Carolina, is listed with wife, Dorcas and 3 children, John (21), Emaline (14), and James (12).
  ----------------------------------------------------- Descendants of Dorcas Shands (Generation No. 6) compiled by Jack Shands. (sent to me via Email by Larry Clyde Durham of Fair Play, South Carolina.) Excerpt: The administration of estate of David Durham in Anderson County on 13 August 1856 identifies the following heirs:
  Miles Durham John S. Durham David M. Durham Osmond Durham Archelus Durham Dorcas Durham, Jr. Lucinda, wife of John Pressley James M. C. Durham Sarah A., wife of Zadock Smith Nancy E., wife of William Glasbey Melissa, wife of Milton Barrett Susan, wife of William White
  ----------------------------------------------------- On Sep 1, 2009, at 9:30 PM, Cole Owen wrote:
  Byron, Thanks for your activities to build the Durham site - and congratulations on a nicely done site.
  My maternal Grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Durham, married Joseph Oliver McCracken in Dekalb Co AL, 12/23/1906. She was the daughter of Warren E. Durham, as you note in your database. I think I can provide a bit more detail for this continuing family for your Durham database and possibly a correction or two.
  Warren E. Durham m (1) Barbara E. Warren Whited on 9/22/1869 in Jackson Co AL, Jackson Co MARRIAGE BOOK A 1859-1871. He married (2) Messina E. McCarroll, 12/19/1878 in Dekalb Co AL. Durham and McCarroll had four children, as you note.
  Warren E.'s father, as you note, was General Osborn Durham (1819 S.C. - 1984 Dekalb Co AL). On 2/3/1848, in Forsyth Co GA he married Mary Ann Lofton, correctly Lofton but recorded in the Forsyth Co Marriage Book as "Loftan". ("General" was a given name, not a military title.)
  I disagree with the suggestion of Osborn's father in the database. I believe with good confidence that Osborn was a son of David Durham (1785 Spartanburg area S.C. - 1856 Anderson S.C.) who married Dorcas Shands (born ca 1779 S.C. died before 1856 S.C.). David died leaving a Will and his estate was administered 13 Aug 1856. Since his wife is not mentioned, it is my assumption (not documented) that her death preceeded his. The couple married ca 1810 in Spartanburg, S.C. (Note there are several reports one can find that David Durham was born either in England or in Scotland. I believe those reports are in error and stem, I believe, from a single early story published in a county "Heritage Book" years ago with - a typical "three brothers" genealogy narrative.)
  At this time I have not identified documentation confirming the father of David Durham - and David may have been an immigrant, of course. Or, his father may have been a Matthew Durham, born ca 1750 in Orange Co S.C., or one of his brothers or other male relatives but again, that is conjecture. There were Durhams proximal to "my" Durham line in Dekalb Co AL who listed the birthplace for certain older males as "North Carolina", so it may be that David was born in S.C. but his father was in N.C. - again, conjecture.
  I had a quick look at the Durham DNA site but I wasn't successful in identifying any individual form David/Osborn's continuing line. Do you know have contact info for the project coordinator of the Durham DNA Project? I would like to see if I can chase down a Durham male or two form David/Osborn's continuing line toward getting specimens submitted.
  Thank you for your time, Cole Owen San Diego, CA
  ------------------------------------------- Information provided by Larry Clyde Durham via Email:
  Byron: Greetings and Good Morning. I am searching for any information/trail of my Durham Line ancestors. Any assistance or guidance would be appreciated. To give a little information about who I am and the information that I have proved or been given, but not proved. I shall start with my son and work backwards.
  1. William Clyde Durham: Born 2/12/2013 in Gainesville, Ga. Resides in Fair Play, SC. Proved 2. Larry Clyde Durham: Born 1/30/1960 in Seneca, SC. Resides in Fair Play, SC. Proved 3. Willie Clyde Durham: Born 10/7/1909 in Fair Play, SC. Died in Fair Play on 9/28/1987. Proved 4. Tugaloo Anderson Durham: Born 4/19/1887 in Arkansas after the family had moved there. Moved back to maternal family in Fair Play, SC in 1891. Died 12/20/1961 in Fair Play, SC. Proved 5. William D. Durham: Born in 1852 probably in Spartanburg or Anderson County, SC. Probably died in Arkansas. Partially Proved. 6. Archelaus Durham: Born abt 1812 probably in Spartanburg County, SC. Lived for a period of time in Anderson County, SC. Probably died in Cherokee County, Ga. Not Proved, but what is known is deemed reliable at this point. 7. David Durham: Born abt 1785 possibly in Spartanburg County, SC. Died abt 1856 in Spartanburg County, SC. Not Proved, but suspected.
  Direct known lineage is unknown from that point either proved or believed. Based on unverified research, it is suspected that this line immigrated to SC from the upper pennisula of Virginia just before or just after the Revolutionary War. It has been postilated by some that this line of Durhams came to Virginia from Scotland during the 1680 - 1690 time frame because of the 'Killing Time' that was going on between the Presbyterians and Charles II. It has also been postilated that this line of Durhams are related to the Rev. James Durham (1622-1658), a Presbyterian Minister, and thus linealy descended from Sir William Durham of Grange who received a Grant of Lands in Grange from Robert I of Scotland in 1322.
  Based upon my Y DNA, I am J2a1e. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  Sincerely, Larry Clyde Durham

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