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Marriage: Children:
  1. Paulina Jane CHANDLER: Birth: JAN 1818 in North Carolina. Death: 20 JUL 1901 in Mount Airy, Surry County, North Carolina

  2. Priscilla Chandler: Birth: ABT 1820.

  3. Lucinda Chandler: Birth: ABT 1822.

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1. Title:   Information provided by Nancy Chandler 2007 - Research of Byron K. Durham

a. Note:   arried. Mary Chandler is mentioned in the Will of Thomas Beasley (Beazley). Thomas Beasley may be the father of Mary's four youngest daughters: Jane (Paulina Jane Chandler), Priscilla, Lucinda, and Judith. ------------------------------------- Information provided by Nancy Chandler
  There is no census data for Patrick Co VA until 1820. In the 1820 census, Mary Chandler is shown as head of household age 45+. She has 1 male under 5, 2 males 5-10, 2 females under 5 (probably Jane and Lucinda), and one female 5-10. This would mean that Mary had at least 3 sons and one daughter by her marriage/relationship prior to her one with Thomas Beasley.
  There is a Clanton Chandler living next door. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- In 1830 Mary Chandler is still in Patrick county and head of household. Her age is givien as 40-50. In the home is one male 10-15, 3 females 5-10 (Lucinda, Priscilla, and Judith), 1 female 10-15 (Jane) and one female 15-20. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- In 1840 Mary Chandler is in Patrick Co, head of household, age 50-60. Also in the home are 3 females 15-20 ( Lucinda, Priscilla, and Judith). All three girls marry within the next year according to marriage records and/or census data. Her daughter Jane begins selling her mother's property as early as July 1840

Note:   It's most likely that Thomas Beasley and Mary (Harris) Chandler never m
b. Note:   t just appears that Thomas Beasley fathered the four youngest daughters of Mary Chandler while still married to Hannah Goins. (Source: The Will of Thomas Beasley - 1835).
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