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Marriage: Children:
  1. Phebe A Frazer Frazee: Birth: abt 1832 in Sullivan Co NY.

  2. Amelia Frazee: Birth: abt 1834 in Sullivan Co NY. Death: aft 1870

  3. Emma Emelinda Frazer Frazee: Birth: abt 1836 in Sullivan Co NY. Death: aft 1900 in prob Omaha, Douglass Co NB

  4. Hannah Maria Frazer Frazee: Birth: March 23, 1840 in Sullivan Co NY. Death: June 24, 1930 in Lincoln, Lancaster Co NB

  5. Laura E Frazer Frazee: Birth: abt 1844 in Sullivan Co NY. Death: aft 1880 in Kendalville, Noble Co IN

  6. Lucy "Elsie" Frazer Frazee: Birth: May 11, 1845 in Bethel, Sullivan Co NY.

  7. Mary A "Jennie" Frazer Frazee: Birth: abt 1848 in Sullivan Co NY.

a. Note:   N9 --1820 Sullivan Co NY census, Bethel, BENONI FRAZER
 --1840 Sullivan Co NY census, Cohecton, BENONI FRAZER
 --1850 Sullivan Co NY census, town of Bethel, listed a B FRAISER, age 50 occupation shoemaker, wife & daughters
 --1860 Sullivan Co NY census, town of Bethel, listed as BENONA FRAZIER, age 61, occupation shoemaker, wife & daughters; daughter AMELIA married to JOHN CARPENTER, same page
 --1870 Hudson Co NJ, town of Jersey City, listed as BENONA FRAZIER, age 71 occupation boot maker, wife & daughter EMMA, a teacher, and daughter AMELIA CARPENTER, granddaughter ATTA? MATA? CARPENTER
 --1880 Wayne Co NB, LaPorte, BENONI FRAZEE, age 86, wife LAURA age 82, daughter JENNIE age 24 teacher, in household of daughter HANNAH (FRAZEE) CRAWFORD & son-in-law RALPH CRAWFORD.
 Notes from descendant Diane Graham:
 --BENONI FRAZEE/FRAZER lived at White Lake, Sullivan County, New york, and possibly at Damascus,Wayne County, Pennsylvania in about 1865. At age 86, (1880 census) he was in Wayne, County Nebraska, with daughter, HANNAH MARIA CRAWFORD, and son in law, Dr. RALPH B. CRAWFORD, living with wife LAURA J.(E.?) FRAZEE, age 82. She dissapeared from the census report 1885. There was a new person, last name Frazee, much younger, listed as Mother-in-law in the household. ? In 1883, BENONI FRAZEE was living with Miss EMMA M. FRAZEE (daughter) in Omaha, Nebraska (milliner) , residence, Saunders, and Grace. Hannah Maria was said to be the second daughter in this family. (I think that is incorrect).
 --BENONI FRAZEE/FRAZER is buried at Prospect Hill Cemetery in Omaha Nebraska. There is no grave marker. (lot owner is Ralph Crawford)
 --Newspaper clip from Omaha paper �Frazee...In this city, March 7th, at 3 am , J. BENONI FRAZEE, aged 88 years and 6 months. Funeral Friday, March 9th at 2 p.m. from residence, No. 116 South Seventeenth Street. Friends invited.�
 --Apparently this is the military record (war of 1812?) of BENONI FRAZEE (also listed as BENONA FRAZER). He enlisted in U. S. Army at age 21 in 1814. Private. Under Captain Clark. 5 1 1/2 inches. Blue eyes. Brown Hair. Light complected . Cord Wainer (shoe maker) New York, New York. Prior to the Peace Establishment May 17, 1815. September 1814, discharged by civil process, being a minor. ?
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