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Marriage: Children:
  1. Elizabeth Hutchison: Birth: ABT 1825 in Canada. Death: UNKNOWN

  2. Abial Fairchild Hutchison: Birth: 10 MAY 1828 in Ontario, Canada. Death: 13 MAR 1913 in Aylmer, Elgin Co, Ontario

  3. Edwin James Hutchison: Birth: ABT 15 MAR 1830 in Canada. Death: 15 MAR 1899 in Aylmer, Elgin Co, Ontario

  4. Noah Phillip Hutchison: Birth: 04 JAN 1832 in Ontario, Canada. Death: 04 DEC 1924 in Aylmer, Elgin Co, Ontario

  5. Alfred Hutchison: Birth: ABT 1844 in Upper Canada (Ontario). Death: 10 FEB 1924

  6. Lewis Ezard Hutchison: Birth: 18 DEC 1846 in Ontario, Canada. Death: 13 JUN 1926 in Aylmer, Elgin Co, Ontario

  7. Helen Hutchison: Birth: ABT 1847 in Upper Canada (Ontario).

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a. Note:   1842 Ontario Census, Elgin Co, Malahide Twp, Lot 32 N, Con.6, Occupation Farmer. Origin Canada. 8 in family.
  1851 Census - Canada West (Ontario), Elgin Co, Malahide Twp, Part 2, Concessions No. 6, 7, 8, 9, & 10., page 41, line 36. Shown with wife Rebecca and 5 children and Ruth Esworth (age 35). Age is 62, born New Brunswick. Religion is Church of England. Occupation is Farming. Married. Male Member of Household. House is Frame, 1 1/2 stories, 1 family living in it.
  1851 Agricultural Census - Canada West (Ontario), Elgin Co, Malahide Twp, Part 2, page 90. Concessoin 6, Lot 32. 300 acres with stats on crops and animals and other products.
  1861 Census - Canada West (Ontario), Elgin Co, Malahide Twp, page 9 (sheet 62, image 332 on Shown with wife Rebecca and 6 children. Age is 71, born New Brunswick. CofE. Farmer. Living in a 1 story frame house. Possibly living with them, 2 non-family members, Mary Hayes and Sarah Boice. ------------------------------------------------------ From Elgin Co. Surrogate Court Records:
  1. LNAME: ORTON FNAME: JOSEPH H. RESID: BAYHAM DATE: 1823 FILE: 110 MFNO: 1154 NOTES: - death date uncertain - date of will February 7, 1823 WITNESSES TO WILL: - Joseph DeField, Bayham, Esquire; - Peter DeField, Bayham; - William Orton, Bayham - date of affidavit November 26, 1823 - executors were Horlinde Orton, Bayham, and Melinda Orton, Bayham - father of Joseph H. Orton was William Orton - brother was William Orton - brother was Horlinde Orton - sister was Melinda Orton - nephew was William N. Orton, son of William - inventory of estate completed March 12, 1825 - appraisers were ***David Hutchison*** and Caleb Cook
  2. LNAME: CASCADDEN FNAME: ALEXANDER RESID: MALAHIDE DATE: 1841 FILE: 67 MFNO: 1465 NOTES: - death date uncertain - wife was Nancy Cascadden, who lived on Lot 106, North of the Talbot Road East, Malahide CHILDREN: - William Cascadden, oldest son; - Hugh Cascadden, second son; - Robert Cascadden, third son; - Mary Cascadden; - Nancy Cascadden; - Betsey Cascadden; - Eleanor Cascadden; - Margaret Cascadden; - Lydia Cascadden; - Maria Cascadden; - Sarah Jane Cascadden - will dated April 10, 1841 EXECUTORS: - Nancy Cascadden; - William Cascadden the Younger, Malahide, nephew WITNESSES TO WILL: - ***David Hutchison***; - John Toimel?; - R.S. Kennedy - appointment re executors by Surrogate Court dated June 10, 1856
  3. LNAME: HUTCHISON FNAME: DAVID RESID: MALAHIDE DATE: APR 13, 1865 FILE: 170 MFNO: 1376 NOTES: - executors: Rebecca Hutchison, Malahide, widow; Thomas William Dobbie, Bayham, Provincial Land Surveyor; Abial Fairchild Hutchison - sons: Abial Fairchild Hutchison; Lewis Ezard Hutchison; Edwin James Hutchison; Noah Phillip Hutchison; Indiana? Hutchison
b. Note:   Early London District Marriages (
  15 June 1820. David Hutchison of Walsingham and Rebecca Fairchild of Charlotteville by Thomas Bowlby, JP. Witnesses- Aquila M. Walsh and George Hutchison. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.