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Marriage: Children:
  1. Joseph J. DEVELSKI: Birth: 17 MAR 1904 in Wisconsin. Death: 9 JUN 1951 in Mellen, WI

  2. Walter DEVELSKI: Birth: 25 APR 1905 in Rib Lake, Wisc.. Death: JUN 1978 in Bessemer, Gogebic, Michigan

  3. Margaret DEVELSKI: Birth: ABT 1909 in Wisconsin. Death: AFT 1960

  4. Mathilda DEVELSKI: Birth: 26 JUN 1911 in Wisconsin. Death: 29 DEC 1999 in Racine, Wisconsin

  5. Anton W. DEVELSKI: Birth: 2 JUN 1913 in Wisconsin. Death: 30 JUL 1994 in Genoa City, Walworth, Wisconsin

  6. Marcella DEVELSKI: Birth: ABT 1924 in Wisconsin. Death: AFT 1940

1. Title:   Walter Develski of Escanaba, Mich., Family Info
2. Title:   1920 U.S. Federal Census
3. Title:   Find A Grave
4. Title:   Registration of Marriages
5. Title:   Wisconsin Marriages, 1836-1930

a. Note:   N121 Jacob DeValska/Develski's second wife Sophie was known by the family to be much younger than Jacob. After Jacob's death in 1937 she remarried again to a man named Downer, but she did not have more children with him. His name may have been Ernest Downer, according to the search result bolded below. Ernest seems likely because he was also in Mellen at the same time.
  She is buried in the same cemetery as Jacob, but in a different plot. She also had a first child, a daughter, out of wedlock and that child was named Marion. This would have been terribly scandalous in those times. ____________
  Info from
  Sophie Downer Birth: 1883 Death: 1959   Burial: Mellen Union Cemetery Mellen, Ashland County, Wisconsin, USA   Created by: Paul Wilcox Record added: Jan 08, 2006 Find A Grave Memorial# 12935779 ______________
  United States Census, 1920 for Sophie Develski: name: Sophie Develski residence: , Ashland, Wisconsin estimated birth year: 1884 age: 36 birthplace: Wisconsin relationship to head of household: Wife gender: Female race: White marital status: Married father's birthplace: Germany mother's birthplace: Germany film number: 1821975 digital folder number: 4390435 image number: 00985 sheet number: 19   Household - Gender - Age spouse Jacob Develski M 55y Sophie Develski F 36y child Joe Develski M 16y child Walter Develski M 14y child Margaret Develski F 11y child Mathilda Develski F 9y child Anton Develski M 6y
  1880 Census info is a possible Sophie but differently spelled name:
  Sophie M. KOLBO Household Female
  Birth Year <1879> Birthplace WI Age 8M Occupation Marital Status S <Single> Race W <White> Head of Household Chrestian KOLBO Relation Dau <Daughter> Father's Birthplace NOR Mother's Birthplace WI
  Source Information: Census Place Christiana, Vernon, Wisconsin Family History Library Film 1255448 NA Film Number T9-1448 Page Number 211A
  Info relating to the Downer family (Sophie’s second husband):
  Full Context of Michigan Deaths, 1971-96:
  Surname: DOWNER Given Name: Sophie Sex: Female Alias: 1 Day of Birth: 18 Month of Birth: January Year of Birth: 85 Day of Death: 07 Month of Death: November Year of Death: 71 City of Residence: Grand Rapids County of Residence: Kent State of Residence: Michigan City of Death: Grand Rapids County of Death: Kent State of Death: Michigan Death Certificate No.: 67489
  SSDI Search Results re Downer family -
  SOPHIE DOWNER Request Information SSN 480-12-1976 Residence: 64507 Saint Joseph, Buchanan, MO Born 16 Feb 1911 Last Benefit: Died May 1996 Issued: IA (Before 1951) --------
  ANN DOWNER Request Information SSN 387-40-4038 Residence: 53228 Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI Born 23 Jul 1907 Last Benefit: Died 17 Feb 2001 Issued: WI (1957 And 1958)
  CHARLES DOWNER Request Information SSN 396-12-1130 Residence: 54729 Chippewa Falls, Chippewa, WI Born 23 Feb 1904 Last Benefit: 54729 Chippewa Falls, Chippewa, WI Died Oct 1985 Issued: WI (Before 1951)
  DORA DOWNER Request Information SSN 390-48-7988 Residence: 54732 Cornell, Chippewa, WI Born 2 Aug 1880 Last Benefit: Died Oct 1967 Issued: WI (1963)
  ERIS DOWNER Request Information SSN 408-22-1171 Residence: 53212 Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI Born 16 Jul 1898 Last Benefit: Died May 1982 Issued: TN (Before 1951)
  ERNEST DOWNER Request Information SSN 393-12-4747 Residence: 54546 Mellen, Ashland, WI Born 14 Jun 1881 Last Benefit: Died Aug 1971 Issued: WI (Before 1951)
  EULA DOWNER Request Information SSN 395-22-2428 Residence: 54635 Hixton, Jackson, WI Born 24 May 1895 Last Benefit: Died Jan 1978 Issued: WI (Before 1951)
  FLORENCE DOWNER Request Information SSN 396-18-2174 Residence: 53227 Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI Born 28 Jan 1924 Last Benefit: 53227 Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI Died 2 Mar 2001 Issued: WI (Before 1951)
  FLORENCE DOWNER Request Information SSN 387-26-0180 Residence: 53227 Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI Born 1 Apr 1901 Last Benefit: Died Dec 1976 Issued: WI (Before 1951)
  FRANK DOWNER Request Information SSN 388-28-0846 Residence: 54436 Granton, Clark, WI Born 30 Aug 1880 Last Benefit: Died Dec 1965 Issued: WI (Before 1951)
  GEORGE DOWNER Request Information SSN 392-18-9437 Residence: 54635 Hixton, Jackson, WI Born 4 Mar 1894 Last Benefit: Died Jun 1983 Issued: WI (Before 1951)
  HAROLD DOWNER Request Information SSN 387-12-6744 Residence: 54611 Alma Center, Jackson, WI Born 6 Oct 1919 Last Benefit: Died Feb 1972 Issued: WI (Before 1951)
  MADELINE DOWNER Request Information SSN 397-03-7689 Residence: 54729 Chippewa Falls, Chippewa, WI Born 8 Apr 1904 Last Benefit: Died Sep 1986 Issued: WI (Before 1951)
  NEIL DOWNER Request Information SSN 389-22-2831 Residence: 54436 Granton, Clark, WI Born 4 Sep 1884 Last Benefit: Died Mar 1967 Issued: WI (Before 1951)
  OLIVE DOWNER Request Information SSN 390-12-4569 Residence: 54971 Ripon, Fond Du Lac, WI Born 7 Nov 1908 Last Benefit: 54971 Ripon, Fond Du Lac, WI Died Jun 1980 Issued: WI (Before 1951)
  PEARL DOWNER Request Information SSN 399-12-5580 Residence: 54235 Sturgeon Bay, Door, WI Born 23 Oct 1901 Last Benefit: Died Feb 1987 Issued: WI (Before 1951)
  ROSS DOWNER Request Information SSN 390-32-9811 Residence: 54456 Neillsville, Clark, WI Born 24 Feb 1912 Last Benefit: Died 28 Apr 1989 Issued: WI (1951 And 1952)
  RUTH DOWNER Request Information SSN 357-14-4054 Residence: 53147 Lake Geneva, Walworth, WI Born 5 Nov 1888 Last Benefit: Died Nov 1972 Issued: IL (Before 1951)
  SANDERS DOWNER Request Information SSN 387-28-0347 Residence: 54614 Bangor, La Crosse, WI Born 28 Jul 1919 Last Benefit: Died Apr 1987 Issued: WI (Before 1951)
  VICTOR DOWNER Request Information SSN 389-36-2869 Residence: 54456 Neillsville, Clark, WI Born 12 Jan 1909 Last Benefit: Died Jan 1974 Issued: WI (1955) is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.