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Carolyn "Carrie" Payne: Birth: 15 MAR 1846 in Louisiana. Death: 17 MAR 1942 in Louisiana
Jacob U. Payne
Joseph C. Payne: Birth: ABT 1864 in Tennessee.
Joseph Payne: Birth: ABT 1833 in Tennessee.
Mariam Payne: Birth: ABT 1867 in Tennessee.
William Payne: Birth: ABT 1866 in Tennessee.
Anne Pearce: Birth: ABT 1818 in Sturbridge, Worcestershire, England.
Andrew Peebles: Birth: ABT 1858 in Tennessee.
Annie S. Peebles: Birth: 1880 in Tennessee.
Daniel Vaulx Peebles: Birth: 21 SEP 1842 in Tennessee. Death: 15 DEC 1861 in Rutherford Co, TN
David Mitchell Peebles: Birth: 30 JAN 1850 in Tennessee. Death: 12 MAY 1920 in Rutherford Co, TN
Elisa Peebles: Birth: ABT 1857 in Tennessee.
Emerson Peebles: Birth: ABT 1859 in Tennessee.
Felix Lamar Peebles: Birth: 14 JUN 1894 in Tennessee. Death: 16 OCT 1982
Isham R. Peebles: Birth: 14 NOV 1847 in Tennessee. Death: 24 OCT 1872 in Tennessee
Isham R. Peebles: Birth: 07 APR 1810 in Tennessee. Death: 26 MAR 1881 in Tennessee
Isham Peebles: Birth: ABT 1870 in Tennessee.
Jacob Peebles: Birth: DEC 1845 in Tennessee.
James C. Peebles: Birth: ABT 1825 in Tennessee.
John Nathan Peebles: Birth: ABT 1830 in Tennessee. Death: BEF 1870
Leonard P. Peebles: Birth: 03 FEB 1846 in Tennessee. Death: 21 FEB 1916 in Rutherford Co, TN
Mallie Peebles: Birth: 16 DEC 1876 in Tennessee. Death: 16 SEP 1963 in Rutherford Co, TN
Martha Peebles: Birth: ABT 1832 in Tennessee.
Mary Peebles: Birth: 1844 in Tennessee. Death: 1909
Mary Peebles: Birth: ABT 1836 in Tennessee.
Milton Harvey Peebles: Birth: 11 DEC 1871 in Tennessee. Death: 20 JUN 1897 in Rutherford Co, TN
Mitch Peebles: Birth: ABT 1850.
Morna Leslie Peebles: Birth: 13 NOV 1882 in Rutherford, Tennessee, United States.
Nancy Peebles: Birth: ABT 1839 in Tennessee.
Nathan Peebles: Birth: ABT 1770 in Bute Co, NC. Death: BEF 03 APR 1819 in Davidson Co, TN
Nathaniel Peebles: Birth: 1803 in Warren Co, North Carolina. Death: 07 JUL 1883 in Benton Co, TN
Nathaniel Peebles: Birth: 13 APR 1731. Death: 1775
Samuel Watkins Peebles: Birth: 11 DEC 1857 in Tennessee. Death: 02 SEP 1897 in Tennessee
Samuel Peebles: Birth: ABT 1852.
Tabitha Peebles: Birth: ABT 1828 in Tennessee.
Thomas Peebles: Birth: ABT 1854 in Tennessee.
Venora Peebles: Birth: ABT AUG 1859 in Tennessee.
Warmuth Peebles: Birth: ABT 1875 in Tennessee.
William Peebles: Birth: ABT 1857 in Tennessee.

Catherine Perdue: Birth: 28 JUN 1904. Death: 04 AUG 1998
Preston Rose Perrenot: Birth: 06 SEP 1896. Death: 04 MAY 1954 in Los Angeles, CA

Mary Anne Perry: Birth: 12 OCT 1823. Death: 05 FEB 1884
O. H. Perry: Birth: 29 SEP 1822.

William F. Petree: Birth: 03 OCT 1887 in Alabama.
William F. Petree: Birth: 13 JUN 1924 in Dallas, Dallas Co, TX. Death: 13 JUN 1924 in Dallas, Dallas Co, TX

Benjamin Rush Pettus: Birth: BET 1839 AND 1840 in Spartanburg Co, SC.
Charles B. Pettus: Birth: 1867 in Madison County, TN.
George Baxter Pettus: Birth: 1869 in Arkansas.
Hannah Jane Pettus: Birth: ABT 1832 in South Carolina.
Robert M. Pettus: Birth: 1873 in Arkansas.
Thomas Fenner Pettus: Birth: 1871.

Dawson Phillips: Birth: ABT 1871 in Tennessee.
Etheldred Laurence Phillips: Birth: 05 DEC 1890 in Tennessee. Death: 09 MAR 1977
Felix H Phillips: Birth: APR 1892 in Tennessee.
Fenner D Phillips: Birth: ABT 1888 in Tennessee.
James D Phillips: Birth: DEC 1886 in Tennessee.
John Allen Phillips: Birth: 15 JUL 1866 in Tennessee. Death: 22 OCT 1927 in Madison Co, Tennessee
Joseph T Phillips: Birth: SEP 1889 in Tennessee.
Joseph Thomas Phillips: Birth: ABT 1862 in Tennessee.
Joseph Thomas Phillips: Birth: MAR 1837 in Halifax Co, NC. Death: 27 OCT 1914 in East Chester, Madison, Tennessee
Pick J Phillips: Birth: APR 1892 in Tennessee.
Pickering Jones Phillips: Birth: 05 OCT 1861 in Tennessee. Death: 11 AUG 1941 in Jackson, Madison, Tennessee

Harriet Elizabeth Pierce: Birth: 13 MAY 1835 in Tennessee. Death: 05 JAN 1919

Elizabeth Porter: Birth: ABT 1831 in Lancashire, England.
Mary Louisa Porter: Birth: ABT 1839 in Lancashire, England.
Thomas Porter: Birth: ABT 1804 in Lancashire, England. Death: 01 AUG 1863 in West Derby, Lancashire, England

Benjamin Prater: Death: 1850 in Roane Co, TN
Clarissa Prater: Birth: ABT 1810 in Tennessee.

Ella Prather: Birth: 23 JUN 1880 in Arkansas. Death: 14 OCT 1943

Sarah Ann Puckett: Birth: 24 DEC 1824 in Tennessee. Death: 13 AUG 1884

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